The Wish Giver #2020

The Wish Giver Bill Brittain Andrew Glass The Wish Giver When a strange little man comes to the Coven Tree Church Social promising he can give people exactly what they ask for three young believers in magic each make a wish that comes true in the most unex

  • Title: The Wish Giver
  • Author: Bill Brittain Andrew Glass
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Wish Giver Bill Brittain Andrew Glass When a strange little man comes to the Coven Tree Church Social promising he can give people exactly what they ask for, three young believers in magic each make a wish that comes true in the most unexpected way.
    The Wish Giver Bill Brittain Andrew Glass

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      189 Bill Brittain Andrew Glass
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    One thought on “The Wish Giver”

    1. I first read this book when I was in grade school I remembered being captivated by both the story and the way the frogs in the book croaked, jug a rum I was thinking about this book a few weeks ago and decided to give it another read to find out what had captivated me so much as a child As with many things I have found magical as a child, I cannot say for sure what it was about this book that moved me to ask my parents for a copy of it to call my own I had to get the copy I read from a library b [...]

    2. Don t waste your time with this book How it won a Newbery I ll never know Must have been a really bad year for literature But 180 pages to say, be careful what you wish for because you just might get it is a little excessive I hated this book when I read it in college as part of a Children s Lit course on the grounds that it had nothing to offer children I hated it when I read it this time on the grounds that it was just a waste of paper.

    3. I wouldn t have chosen this book as a Newberry Award honoree, nor would I ever considering banning it If I supported banning books, which I don t The subject matter is wishes, not witchcraft or devil or occult anything as some may believe from the town name and early description of the town The characters in the story all get what they wished for with unintended consequences These consequences are hammered home with a heavy moral If anything, this is a moral tale for the young.It was hard to tel [...]

    4. I first heard this book in elementary school and I absolutely fell in love with it The stories are clever and have the twist of being written in the same style as folklore tales like The Devil and Daniel Webster and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow a style I absolutely love.The story is somewhat predictable strange little man comes to town offering wishes, but the wishes don t go as planned, and everyone learns a lesson in the end but it is written with such charm and wit and the predictability actua [...]

    5. at the begining of the book they are at a church social and see this tent that had a sign infront of it saying i can make all your wishes come true they all pay 50cents to make a wish but the thing is all there wishes are turned around cause they didnt word them right so the first chapter is about rowina and her wish is that people woluld pay attention and wants to get invited to agatha and eurnices housee second one is all about rowina her wish is that henry would plant roots but what she actu [...]

    6. When The Wish Giver comes to the Coven Tree church social, four townspeople exchange 50 cents each for one wish They can t even begin to dream how their wishes will affect their lives.I remember loving this book when I was in about fifth grade I couldn t remember a thing about the story but I remember how much I loved this book.It held up well As a young reader, I doubt that I noticed that the story is a cautionary tale about being careful what you wish for, I just liked the fanciful way that th [...]

    7. Genre FantasyFour people from the town of Coven Tree stumble across a tent at the church social Inside is a stubby little man named Thaddeus Blinn who claims he can make any wish come true He gives each of the four a card and tells them to wish if they would like Three of them decide on their own time to do it Interestingly enough their exact wishes come true, but not in the way they intended They must figure out a way to reverse the magic that has happened.I thought this was a cute book with a [...]

    8. I love be careful what you wish for stories The plot is a little predictable for adults, but this was written for children, and is a five star book for kids Not only do the characters wishes turn out EXACTLY as they wish, but they all end up with what they SHOULD have wished for at the end A fun, quick read.

    9. This book was SO good FANTASTIC I love middle school and elementary school reading level books, because of what they teach you As a kid you are learning how to be a good person and live a good life, so all the books you read teach you that YA books and adult books, as good as they may be, are most of the time filled with a bunch of crap Whereas children s books and middle school easy reads are for pretty much 99% of time clean, and wholesome They are straightforward, teach you a lesson and moral [...]

    10. Coven Tree is a small village somewhere in New England which was named for a huge, twisted tree in the area around which covens of witches once gathered The local storekeeper, Stewart Meade, known locally as Stew Meat, tells the story of the mysterious Thaddeus Blinn who sets up a tent at the town s church social and sells tickets promising to grant any wish for fifty cents.Stewart buys one of the tickets, and so do three young people Eleven year old Polly Kemp has the bad habit of speaking her [...]

    11. The book The Wish Giver tells three stories of three different wishes, that have many troubling consequences for the wishers The wish giver grants any wish you can think of, and travels around the world granting people s wishes One day three kids are at a town festival and discover a mysterious tent that wasn t very popular because it seemed like a scam But the three kids gave him a chance and most of the money they had for the festival on the wishes The wish giver gave the kids a card that woul [...]

    12. This book is an interesting version of ones I have heard before It seems like a story my dad would tell It s set far enough in the past that it was interesting to me I personally enjoyed it very much and would suggest it to an older child to read I like that it followed the different characters, I think it gave a good sense of the town and all the different kinds of people in it.The issue of magic makes it understandable that it was on the banned list I think the different characters show how pe [...]

    13. This novel tells the story of young people who hang their hopes on wishes and what happens when wishes come true This children s book was recommended to me by my brother, who commented that it has some good lessons without being preachy, and I agree There are good morals hidden in entertaining tales of hopes and dashed hopes and lessons learned I think it ties together a bit too cleanly at the end, but overall a good read My brother suggested it is a good read aloud and I can see that as well, e [...]

    14. Loved the book and it has many great learning scenarios for the classroom The choices that the children made and the consequences of their choices would be an excellent lesson to incorporate into the classroom I liked how each child s wish and their consequence was highlighted by their own story And of course how the wishes gone wrong were fixed by the last wish was a point that could be made both positive and negative in a classroom.

    15. Read aloud to my 7 year old son He gives it 4 stars and says his favorite character is Polly he loved doing loud, dramatic jug a rums during her chapters He was often confused by the old timey phrases and turns of speech, but he seemed to enjoy it I remember reading and loving this book when I was in elementary school, so it was fun to read it together with him.

    16. Luke and I read this one together and it was really enjoyable It s a cautionary tale of what wishes made can truly backfire when taken literally Three kids get a wish from a mysterious peddler in Coven Tree and they all go a bit sideways, leaving the grown man with the final wish to save the day with his wish Fun

    17. Delightful morality taleTold in three small interlocking stories, all with the theme of getting what one wants, and the prices we pay for our fantasies, this is a fun little read for the middle children who would love such magic, and who would identify with yearnings, longings and fear of not being accepted Nice job, both entertaining, and instructive.

    18. The Wish Giver is about three children and one shopkeeper from Coven Tree, a town which has previously experienced magic One day, a Wish Giver comes to town and things start to go wrong when the children start wishing.

    19. I really enjoyed this book but sometimes it was really predictable for me Sometimes it was funny and sometimes its serious You get the moral of the story towards the end of chapter 1 because its all about what you wish for and how you wish, but its so well written and creative you want to know what happens to the next person.

    20. This is a disappointing book Maybe in 1983 they didn t have enough choices for the Newbery Honor The writing is fine enough for a children s book but sadly the plot has been done over and over and over again and nothing about this version of wishes gone wrong is particularly original Maybe it was 30 years ago, but considering the careful what you wish stories of the past hundreds of years, I m doubtful I just would like to see a wishes story that was different, it always ends up that the people [...]

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