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Double Act Jacqueline Wilson Double Act Overall winner of the Smarties Book Prize Ruby and Garnet are twins Since their mother died they have lived with Dad and Gran but now nasty Rose is moving in and they must deal with their new h

  • Title: Double Act
  • Author: Jacqueline Wilson
  • ISBN: 9780440863342
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Paperback
  • Double Act Jacqueline Wilson Overall winner of the Smarties Book Prize 1995 Ruby and Garnet are twins Since their mother died they have lived with Dad and Gran, but now nasty Rose is moving in, and they must deal with their new home and new mother, who turns out not to be so nasty after all.
    Double Act Jacqueline Wilson

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      Jacqueline Wilson

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    1. Oh, what I will read in the chase for that elusive and dubious honour of having read all the BBC s Big Read books I have 13 to go If not for that, I probably never would have discovered Jacqueline Wilson I missed these books when I was young, and they re not the sort of things I would have otherwise stumbled upon as an adult.Note The rest of this review has been withdrawn due to the changes in policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meantime, you can read the [...]

    2. A lot of people loved Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson Regarded by many as being one of her better written titles, it s still popular nearly twenty years after it was first published.In fact, I ve seen a lot of people lately clamouring for a sequel What, they ask, happened to the twins afterwards But as for me, I don t want to know I m not interested in a Double Act sequel, for one perfectly good reason.Ruby will probably end up dead.After you ve finished reading that sentence a few times and no, [...]

    3. Read as part of The Infinite Variety Reading Challenge, based on the BBC s Big Read Poll of 2003.Better than her other tripe but still a bit naff Full review to follow.Blog Instagram Twitter Pinterest Shop Etsy

    4. I got this book as a Christmas present from my mother It was kind of a joke because I have a twin sister and my mother knows I like to read a lot It s a short book and quick to read, so it was the first of the books I got this Christmas, that I decided to read SPOILER ALERT This book was exactly what I expected it to be A fun story with and important theme about growing up and finding one s own identity I can imagine I would have liked it a lot when I was younger It still had some appeal, mostly [...]

    5. I love Jacqueline Wilson books because they don t shy away from real life She gets deals with real things many kids go through on a daily basis, in an easy to understand way and accessible way This book is about identity How to be yourself when you are considered by all even yourself to be inextricably part of a pair This is true for all relationships not just the identical twin stars of this book It also touches on a new member joining a family after a loss As an adult reader I was not only ent [...]

    6. Double act by Jacqueline WilsonThis book is about two young twins Ruby the lively confident one and Garnet the shy quiet one It appears that ruby is the twin that makes all the decisions and it is Garnet that follows her lead Whilst the the two were young their mother died which resulted in them and their dad moving in with their gran.Sooner their dad meets a someone called rose and they end up moving to the village to open a book shop, much to the annoyance of the twin girls and their gran The [...]

    7. I am a big Jacqueline Wilson fan and as a child read her books continuously, over and over again Double Act is about 2 twins and there mum died when they where little and they live with their dad and Nan But one day her dad comes home saying he has met this lady called Rose The twins Ruby and Garnet hate her the first time she sees her, which is when their dad brings her home to have tea, out off the blue and their Nan tried her best to be nice to Rose Then her dad suddenly announced that they w [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book when I was going through my Jackie Wilson phase I think I perhaps read it four or five times throughout my childhood and early teenage years I also recall listening to the fantastic audio book on tape Ruby and Garnet are identical twins, but couldn t be different They live with their dad and stepmother, their own mum having died some time before Wilson is an expert at creating realistic characters and is probably the closest thing you can get to actual being inside a [...]

    9. Hi everyone My first book review is on Jacquline Wilson s Double Act As a child I was never a big fan of the Jacquline Wilson books I found her matter of fact attitude towards reality somewhat bleak I was therefore pleasantly surprised that I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Double Act The Double Act is about ten year old identical twins Ruby and Garnet who are exactly the same Or are they They look the same, act the same and weigh the same and yet their personalities are very different Ruby is fu [...]

    10. Wilson is great at making realistic characters that you can quickly come to term with, giving realistic reactions to events.Her books are great at getting children to really think about actions and their consequences, really opening the eyes of children to the world Some of her books are sensitive reads yet they are all great at sending life messages to children.I feel as though Wilson books are a must in the lives of young children, a way of opening their eyes to the real world in the right way [...]

    11. I love this book so much, it really shows different personalities and can teach younger children to not let their differences with their friends or family get in the way of achieving their dreams.

    12. It s a great premise and is well executed Twin girls who are polar opposites but who rely on each other, Ruby and Garnet are faced with upheaval when their widower father finds a new girlfriend and uproots them to move to a bookshop in the country They struggled to come to terms with change, their own different desires and with their own individual identities It s a great story for kids, with engaging but often frustrating child narrators who each write in their own style with their own slant on [...]

    13. Ruby dan Garnet adalah saudara kembar Mereka selalu bersama sama Melakukan apa pun bersama sama Ruby cenderung tomboi dan pembangkang, Garnet melankolis dan manis Ruby menyukai akting, Garnet menyukai buku Mereka tinggal bersama Dad dan Gran Mum sudah 3 tahun meninggal Namun mereka sekeluarga hidup bahagia bersama.Tapi segalanya berbeda ketika Rose datang dalam kehidupan mereka Rose itu pacar Dad Ruby dan Garnet membenci Rose karena dialah yang membawa perubahan dalam kehidupan mereka Dad tiba t [...]

    14. This book s cover was really colorful which also made me pick it.Thanks to Oumie.This book has a lot of illustrations which made it a good book to read Sometimes the illustrations made me and my friends, Oumie LOL This book was basically about 2 identical twins who are motherless They look the same but have different personalities Ruby is the oldest twin and Garnet is younger So remember that Ruby and Garnet always stick to each other and Ruby s the one who bosses Garnet around Ruby likes to act [...]

    15. Ruby and Garnet Barker are ten year old identical twins who live with their dad and grandmother following the death of their mother The girls are each other s best friend and believe they will stay together forever They tell us their story through a series of both entertaining and emotional diary style entries in their accounts book The girls are inseparable, always dressing the same and even have their own special made up language of words and signs only they know However, although identical, t [...]

    16. I believe that this book would be really relatable for a twin As a fan of Jaqueline Wilson s books, Double Act is one of my favorites The book has described the rivalry and caring between two twin sisters very well, and it shows the good and bad for being a twin Having a twin sister brother means there is always someone next to you to keep you company, but it could also mean that they have to learn to become an independent person too The twin shown in the book Double Act has grown up basically l [...]

    17. Double Act follows the lives of identical twins Ruby and Garnet Barker Ruby is the dominant twin, born 20 minutes before Garnet, and dreams of being an actress Garnet is much timid and prefers to let Ruby take the limelight while she focuses on her studies However, despite their differences they are best friends and love being twins and spooking people out by doing exactly the same things all the time Sadly, Ruby and Garnet s mum died when they were little so they live with their Dad and Nan wh [...]

    18. I absolutely adored this book when I was growing up, I cannot recall the amount of times I read it While the title of this book is Double Act both Ruby and Garnet could not be different Ruby is loud, lively and ambitious Garnet is quiet, clever and thoughtful But despite being total opposites in personality, they re still the best of friends The Girls mother died when they were young and so they live with their Dad and their Gran Their father has a new girlfriend Rose who the girls really don t [...]

    19. Double Act by Jacqueline Wilson is about ten year old identical twins called Ruby and Garnet These twins do quite literally everything together, however since the death of their mother things are constantly changing around them In the story Dad meets a new woman and the girls find themselves having to adapt to the changes of moving house and making friends in a new a school The girls find themselves coping with these changes differently and begin to question whether being a double act will reall [...]

    20. This is a book about two twins One of the twins is very smart her name is Garnet and the other is called Ruby There are very few people that can tell them apart When they were babies their mother passed away A few years later their Dad meets up with a woman named Rose The twins hate her, and so does their gran Ruby Garnet adore their gran but one day they had to leave her and they were very upset and angered by this They plot to see the back of Rose The book is action packed and exciting It is s [...]

    21. The cover of the book is brightly coloured which made me pick it up as I thought it looked a fun book to read The story is about a set of twins and their life and what they think and feel Although they are very different in how they dress and how they think they support each other and have been through a great deal together It can be quite sad in places but it is really funny too I think it can be read by 9 15 year olds I like the way that not all the pages are full of words and have really grea [...]

    22. This one was okay but not too memorable to me I didn t really like the back and forth twin dialouge I think I would have rather heard the story from Garnet s p.o.v But as usual I loved the illustrations.

    23. This is definitely a book that I don t think transcends age ranges unlike some other children s books I didn t really like the characters and although the morals and messages were strong, I didn t enjoy this book.

    24. I thought this book was very good because it wasn t to long and each chapter they had something exciting I liked how it didn t have to many characters because it becomes to complicated I liked how the ending ended up being happy and they finally separate and both do something without their twin.

    25. Double ActNoelle YoungerPer.1 Sept 9, 2017The main characters in Double Act is Ruby and Garnet, they are twins and can t live without each other The twins mom died and their dad has a new girlfriend named Rose A little later in the book the twins, their dad, and Rose moved a couple hours away They hated it, they didn t fit in at all The twins ran off to London to audition for a twin part in a movie Garnet was going to go to a new fancy school But then decided not to go because she didn t want to [...]

    26. This is the first novel I ve ever read I was eight then I grew up reading a lot of Jacqueline Wilson books They usually cover the themes of adoption, separation, divorce, mental illnesses and death of a loved one Reading her work always felt like I was exploring all sorts of problems people have to deal with at home I started reading them at such a young age and I was so deeply invested in the stories It really did play a role on shaping me as a growing child When children start to explore these [...]

    27. .I had a week before me, during which I was planning and packing for a very big trip, two thick books lined up in the queue which would be the wooden box between my front door and the couch , and Dustbin Baby already read I was not that impressed, and took a stroll through the giant spreadsheet of my Best Books to Read, where I found a total of twelve Jacqueline Wilson books I was not pumped But I was surprised.Who is this Jacqueline Wilson character that she makes the top 1200 or so books thir [...]

    28. Another good book by Jacqueline Wilson, who I m reading now in my 40 s as part of completing The BBC Big Read list This one is an interesting look at twins Would be interested to see what twins of the age this book is written for think of this book To me, it seems like it would be a book that would encourage individuality even when people around you just want you to be The Twins including when one of the people encouraging that is your own twin.

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