Liberated: A Novel of Germany, 1945 #2020

Liberated: A Novel of Germany, 1945 SteveAnderson Liberated A Novel of Germany Can a lone American captain rescue justice in war torn Germany It s May the war s just over and Harry Kaspar an American captain in Germany is about to take a new posting in the US occupation

  • Title: Liberated: A Novel of Germany, 1945
  • Author: SteveAnderson
  • ISBN: 9781631580017
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Liberated: A Novel of Germany, 1945 SteveAnderson Can a lone American captain rescue justice in war torn Germany It s May 1945, the war s just over, and Harry Kaspar, an American captain in Germany, is about to take a new posting in the US occupation running a Bavarian town named Heimgau When Harry loses the command to Major Membre, he ll do almost anything to win the job back.When Harry discovers a horrific scene threeCan a lone American captain rescue justice in war torn Germany It s May 1945, the war s just over, and Harry Kaspar, an American captain in Germany, is about to take a new posting in the US occupation running a Bavarian town named Heimgau When Harry loses the command to Major Membre, he ll do almost anything to win the job back.When Harry discovers a horrific scene three German men tortured and murdered he reckons that solving the crime could teach the conquered townspeople about American justice, as well as help him reclaim that better posting The only problem is that Harry s quest for the real killer will lead him straight back to his commander, Membre, and eventually to his mentor, a can do rebel US colonel named Spanner Spanner is a gangster run rampant, plundering the war torn land for all its grim worth.Harry s lover, Katarina, a gutsy German actress, helps him realize he must fight back Recognizing that absolute power corrupted and then destroyed Major Membre and Colonel Spanner, Harry takes it upon himself to overcome any obstacle that gets in his way and set a new American example by which a terrorized town and a mix of battered peoples can rise up from the ashes of a brutal, demoralizing war If you like reading about World War II, you will enjoy reading about its immediate aftermath If you like the noir novels and films of the mid 20th century, you will enjoy the prose and the femme fatale of Liberated Historical Novels Review, Historical Novel Society Brilliant, frightening, and, for me, too reminiscent of my USO tour in Kessell in 1945 6 Here is the compelling, always frightening, reality of the unwanted conqueror, the American victor in enemy country, once homeland for many GIs hated yet vital, trying to stay ahead of the dangers, violence, and corruption and always the sour taste of combat or revenge lurking in every survivor on all sides Steve Anderson has revealed the endgame of war, tinged with GI passion a passion twisted to violence by so many who did not want to change Maria Riva, bestselling author of Marlene Dietrich
    Liberated: A Novel of Germany, 1945 SteveAnderson

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    1. Note I was given an advance review copy by the author.The immediate aftermath of WWII seems to be an unusual setting for a book at least, I ve never read one set then , but it also makes for an interesting plot In the past, there has been a tendency in WWII novels to portray the Allies as nothing but good and the Axis as nothing but bad That seems to have changed recently, which I like, and is very evident in this book.The depiction of life in Germany immediately after the surrender isn t pleas [...]

    2. We re not exactly the Gestapo Oregon author Steve Anderson is a noteworthy young author, a man with history in his veins and wars in his imagination To date his novels have dealt with WW II in the Germany setting and he knows that period and that country well he as lived in Germany as a Fulbright Fellow and his knowledge of the atmosphere and landscape of that country are evident he has recently become a translator of German to English books whose focus is on crime and mystery But Anderson has a [...]

    3. An inexperienced American soldier with the US Military Government is assigned to administer a village in Bavaria just after the end of World War II Upon arriving, he finds orders changed, a distrustful populace, and a shocking secret in the waning days of SS rule Disclosure I was a beta reader for this novel, and as such, received my copy for free The author is also on my Friends list as we share similar interests in fiction Much has been written about World War II the lead up, the conflict, the [...]

    4. Ethics and PoliticsA suspenseful read sometimes a bit overdone but takes you through life choices.For a traveler, the location descriptions are entertaining.The books cover picture reminds me of the view from the Deutch Museum

    5. I received this book for free as Giveaway in exchange for a honest review.A fantastic book about a horrible time This was the first time I read a book by Steve Anderson really liked his writing style and the way how it made you feel like living through the book instead of just reading it Usually I shy away from books about war, but this post war setting was, though unsettling, very interesting as well.Since I was born and still live in not in Germany but in Austria, which was occupated as well,I [...]

    6. Ends somewhat earlier than I expected and I was a little dubious about the plot by then However the ending occurs around 90% of the book and that is because the final pages are the background to the novel I stopped being dubious I also reflected upon the nature of when a war is over and how we then are able to create order out of chaos and the chaos that is engendered Recommend this.

    7. In a story reminiscent of The Monument Men, Steve Anderson used research that he performed on a Fulbright Graduate Research Fellowship in Munich from 1993 94.It tells of actions in Munich, Germany in 1945 Capt.Harry Kaspar, U.S.Army, is appointed military leader of Heimgau, a Bavarian town Upon arriving at his assignment and with plans of the good he would be doing, he finds three men on the road, recently killed Upon entering the town, he meets Maj.Robertson Membre who is also assigned as MG Mi [...]

    8. I received this copy in a Giveaway I am giving my own honest review.Historical Fiction is one of my favorite genres Ratings in this area tend to be tougher then in other genres But this book definitely receives a 5 star rating I would definitely recommend this book to other readers, not only historical fiction readers, but romance and others as well This book is brilliantly written, and the reader can imagine the horrors of war and the effects or war on any city or town How war can turn even the [...]

    9. I don t really know what I think The craft of the story is all there Open vivid mysterious characters Somewhere in the reading I started to feel as if I was missing a subplot of important significance Perhaps it is the concept of the conqueror s bureaucracy assuming the responsibilities of putting day to day survival together amid the populace s reluctant acceptance and inherent mistrust Within the overriding chaos there are opportunities for petty and not so petty crimes Thus our story.I will b [...]

    10. Well written and well researched story set in the Germany of 1945, after the war but before law, order and civil administration were established This is a story of corruption and war profiteering, and of a young German American Captain, trying to do right in a wild west type environment I also enjoyed the anecdote about Nixon Secretary of State Henry Kissinger s dubious role in the occupation.

    11. I received this book through a giveaway I tried to just read a little at a time, because I didn t want it to end Sadly I just finished it, but I loved it

    12. Liberated, A Novel of Germany, 1945, by Steve AndersonLiberated is fiction, a novel, but it is very well informed by history The action is immediate, closely observed, and fast moving But if it is fiction it is based on extensive research and experience The beginning of the narrative launches several plots all at once a young American Captain has been appointed Commanding Officer CO of a German town in 1945 Within minutes I d be running a whole Bavarian town on my own It is a tall order He is a [...]

    13. In one word Brilliant I was only part the way through my first Steve Anderson book Lost Kin , when I knew I would need to read everything he has written I enjoyed it that much, and this book is no exception There are so many things that make this story interesting For me characters are what really makes or breaks a good book Each character in Liberated is quite unique, and I really enjoyed the detail the Author has put into each one of them The main character is Harry Kasper, an American Captain [...]

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