Thanksgiving Day #2020

Thanksgiving Day Gail Gibbons Thanksgiving Day The origins and traditions and how it is celebrated today

  • Title: Thanksgiving Day
  • Author: Gail Gibbons
  • ISBN: 9780823404896
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Thanksgiving Day Gail Gibbons The origins and traditions, and how it is celebrated today.
    Thanksgiving Day Gail Gibbons

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      320 Gail Gibbons
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    One thought on “Thanksgiving Day”

    1. We watched this one as a library video from Overdrive I m happy about this new capability It was a great ten or so minutes of quiet time around here while the girls got to watch and learn about Thanksgiving Day and the traditions it holds We re always glad to experience a Gail Gibbons book.

    2. Ages 4 8Cleanliness an Indian is shown in a loincloth thanksgivingLike my reviews I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book, so you ll know just how clean it is or isn t I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar.

    3. Here is a retelling of the traditional Thanksgiving story for an elementary audience, with an explanation of modern observances of the holiday It s illustrated in Gibbons usual style simple drawings that get the point of the text across It s not as compelling or engaging as some books of the same kind, and since half the book is devoted to modern observances, it s surprising that she leaves out the fact that Thanksgiving was only instituted as a national holiday 200 years after the Pilgrims orig [...]

    4. Gail Gibbon s THANKSGIVING DAY is definitely a blast from the past The color choices of the art plus the fabulous 1980 s moustaches sort of date this book.At the beginning, it s pretty good It tells in simple words, without a lot of sentences, a simplified story of how the pilgrims came to new continent The Pilgrims wanted to worship God in their own way,which they had not been allowed to do They left their homes in England and saled across theocean to the New World in a ship called the Mayflowe [...]

    5. This books teaches the first Thanksgiving in a way that children can understand The color are really bright It really helps to explain the reason why we celebrate the holiday today It has historical facts, but is it still a fun read This book seemed to be an accurate description of the first Thanksgiving for children I liked the colors in the illustrations It really explains why we celebrate this holiday today This is a great holiday seasonal book It brings out historical facts but it is still f [...]

    6. This is a basic book about the history of Thanksgiving I put history in quotes because it s a watered down, very simplistic, probably mostly false children s version of Thanksgiving history But considering it s a children s book, that s okay The illustrations are extremely bright and colorful, but also very dated It s funny, as I read this I found myself thinking, This has to have been written in the late 70s The publication date is actually 1983, but close enough

    7. This looks like something I would have read in my elementary school library, and it caught my eye for that reason At nearly 30 years old, it s obviously quite dated, but will amuse adults looking for a retro fix Veg n parents note As might be expected with an older book, only turkey is mentioned as the Thanksgiving centerpiece everybody prepares No other food traditions are discussed.

    8. Read this one with the lower school this week to highlight the upcoming holiday Gibbons is very good at this type of book introducing different aspects of a holiday A little history, some cultural facts, and the human aspects kindness, empathy a perfect fit for launching further exploration of Thanksgiving.

    9. This book seemed to be an accurate description of the first Thanksgiving for children I liked the colors in the illustrations It really explains why we celebrate this holiday today This is a great holiday seasonal book It brings out historical facts but it is still fun to read.

    10. It s only major flaw is in its historical inaccuracies concerning Thanksgiving I did like that the Thanksgiving myth was not hyper focused on Instead, an overall was done on how most modern Thanksgiving Days are celebrated.

    11. This a very good summary of Thanksgiving for children It s simple to understand and interesting to follow The pictures are kind of ugly and outdated, but nonetheless, this is a very good and informative book.

    12. I read this book on Thanksgiving Day as part of my thanksgiving traditions I love how cute the pictures are and the good messages there are to remind children AND adults as to what Thanksgiving Day is really about.

    13. This is a simple book for young readers about the history of Thanksgiving as well as current traditions With simple sentences and helpful pictures, this book covers everything from the Mayflower to pumpkin pie

    14. This is a good book to read to teach children not only about the first Thanksgiving but also how similiar it still is today.

    15. This book is a great book to read around Thanksgiving It talks a lot about the Indianas and Pilgrims and how they celebrate Thanksgiving.

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