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Forever Yours Elizabeth Reyes Forever Yours Angel Moreno and Sarah Fiero fell in love in Forever Mine but for a couple of high school sweethearts forever is a really long time Catch up with them and the whole gang in college as past insecurit

  • Title: Forever Yours
  • Author: Elizabeth Reyes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Forever Yours Elizabeth Reyes Angel Moreno and Sarah Fiero fell in love in Forever Mine, but for a couple of high school sweethearts, forever is a really long time Catch up with them and the whole gang in college as past insecurities resurface As if dealing with her best friend Sydney wasn t enough, Angel now has two men to deal with in Sarah s life There s no shortage of edge of your seat,Angel Moreno and Sarah Fiero fell in love in Forever Mine, but for a couple of high school sweethearts, forever is a really long time Catch up with them and the whole gang in college as past insecurities resurface As if dealing with her best friend Sydney wasn t enough, Angel now has two men to deal with in Sarah s life There s no shortage of edge of your seat, angsty drama, tears, and laughter as Angel and Sarah s love is put to the ultimate test in this addition to the Moreno Brother series Forever Yours is a full length novel over 100k words long.
    Forever Yours Elizabeth Reyes

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      120 Elizabeth Reyes
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    One thought on “Forever Yours”

    1. WARNING I m hung the fuck over So DON T read if you are sensitive and don t like profanityN T whine to me about it if you still choose to continue and then get your panties in a twist.The above applies to most of my reviews, but this one has than most and, sadly, is probably a accurate reflection of how I actually speak IRL Because CLASSY But I digress.The Review I would rather beat my head continuously against a fucking brick wall before ever reading this again In fact, I deserve having my he [...]

    2. WowummmmI JUST finished this book and I have tears running down my face I like to write my reviews as soon as I finish, so that everything is fresh in my mind, but I m not sure I have the words right now First off, I will admit that I am a HUGE Elizabeth Reyes fan, and I LOVE the Moreno series But, I never saw this one coming I always felt like there was to Angel and Sara s story, but I NEVER could have imagined this I am an emotional wreck right now I love these two together They couldn t be [...]

    3. As usual Elizabeth Reyes did not disappoint at all And yes Nas I did shed a few tears there at the end lol

    4. Forever Yours, by Elizabeth Reyes, is the continuing story of Forever Mine, in the Moreno Brother s Series In Forever Mine, the reader gets the beginning of the romance between Angel and Sarah, as they fall in love, and go through the high school years In Forever Yours, the reader gets the dual perspectives of both characters as they are going through the college years and working very hard at the Moreno s restaurant I love knowing what is going on through both characters heads at the same time, [...]

    5. This book was so frustrating I enjoyed the first book and knew there would be some degree of jealousy but this book was just too much The paranoia, jealousy, and over protectiveness goes way over the top It made me angry to read it because it was so frustrating It was annoying that Angels friends were often the ones egging him on to put doubts in his mind I also thought there was a few double standards it seemed Angel could get away with so much than Sarah Whenever anything happened with Angel [...]

    6. If you liked Forever Mine you ll like this one I m so glad the author decided to write another bk featuring Angel Sarah as they re my favorite couple This story is an NA one with Angel Sarah in college Angel is at his all time most jealous as only a Moreno can be and he has plenty of cause Angel thought Sarah s friend Sydney was a problem but he s got bigger problems now Sarah s dad and brother who she s never met suddenly surface looking for Sarah What brother you ask That s what Angel s thinki [...]

    7. 3 stars Hmm Where to start Lemme just say that i freakin LOVE The Moreno Brothers series Angel, Alex, Sal, Romero and even Eric Love them all Elizabeth Reyes is one of my favourite Authors So i d read anything she writes, without question But Forever Yours was not what i expected Angel His jealousy possessive nature was abit overbearing It got to the point where it was down right annoying At times i could see where he was coming frombut other times, im like wtf He honestly can t be that narrow m [...]

    8. Loved it I just love all of elizabeth Reyes books The Moreno Brothers The Fate Series The 5th Street Series I have them all They are must reads

    9. It has been over a year since I ve read a Moreno book and it is good to be back I nearly forgot how protective Angel is and how crazy Romeo acts It really feels like a family reunion, reading Forever Yours The main focus is of course Angel and Sarah, but the gang is all here and I m loving it Angel and Sarah are now in college and life is pretty good for them They are still happily in love and all is going very well between them Though that might change when Sydney comes to visit with some big n [...]

    10. Okay, let s just take a second to appreciate that the author actually listens to what the readers want I know I wanted to read about Angel and Sarah I think she could write 100 books about them and I still wouldn t be satisfied especially after the quick ending in the first book I don t think I could have loved this book I was scared to death when I first picked it up because of how mean Elizabeth Reyes can be to some characters coughs Brandon coughs but I had little to worry about We all know [...]

    11. Forever Yours is the follow up to Elizabeth Reyes Forever Mine It further explores Angel and Sarah s relationship in college Angel is still the jealous football player trying to overcome all his suspicions Sarah is still the beautiful, sweet girl with Sydney as her best friend What s new is Sarah s dad and half brother come looking for her Sarah is excited to have another family connection Angel s not so sure he trusts her new found family or their intentions Forever Yours was a fun read If you [...]

    12. I really enjoyed this book Even though at times I found myself rolling my eyes at Sarah a little less because she was not as gullible like last book, which I was proud of Even tho she knew something was not right she still wanted to move forward but I completely understood why Being in her shoes and feeling the way she felt I might have continued just like she had But omg That ended tho the BEST in book history Never have I read anything being done like that and I was just floored I swear Angel [...]

    13. OK I have to start this review by stating that I am majorly biased because I have a thing for Angel Moreno he was one of my first book boyfriends and this book did not disappoint some have claimed in their reviews that Angel s behavior in this book was over the top and petty his jealousness and over protectiveness , but I say that behavior is exactly what makes Angel s character so appealing I myself kept flipping back and forth and whether or not Leo was a good guy or bad guy And Romero Love th [...]

    14. I love to revisit a couple and a series that I am very fond of Angel and Sarah are in their 2nd year of college and are working through a new situation Her father and brother have surfaced and want to connect with her Turns out that there is much to be wary of considering Angel finds it all very suspicious He was right Can t get over how much Facebook, texting and phones are a part of this story but it is very much a part of their lives and how instantly things can be misconstrued The ending wit [...]

    15. I love the Moreno Family It was an amazing read, this one told us about Angel and Sarah during college and some of the difficulties they went through as a couple, if you are a fan of the series I know you will love it and the epilogue was amazing I was crying happy tears at the end Like always I was left wanting .

    16. Totally enjoyed it We get to revisit Angel and Sarah during their college years Angel is still territorial and the new issue that arises and throws a kink in their relationship is the mysterious presence of Sarah s father and brother from her past.Great story with an awesome HEA It was the perfect conclusion to their epic romance.

    17. Wow this book was amazing I love Sarah and Angel They been together for three years Sarah friend Sydney had a stranger who said that he is Sarah father She also has a brother Leonard Leo is causing a lot of drama.

    18. Forever YoursThis book was the second one of the Moreno Brother s series I have read, it is simply amazing.It was just turning and twisting you don t know how it goes until the end.

    19. Amazing I loved this one so much This book and series is just so well written and I love LOVE the Morano brothers

    20. WowI m speachless never tought that the second part would be so good I fell in love with Sarah and Angel and I also cry so I m just saying I don t regret about buying this book.

    21. Loved reading about Sarah and angle loved this book I read all Elizabeth s books and I can t wait for

    22. I ve said it before and I ll say it again, I can never get enough of the Morenos Hope this isn t the last book to the series 5 stars 3 Loved the mention of Felix in this book

    23. This book brought out so much emotion from me that I could not take it, lol I loved it, Elizabeth Reyes has another big hit on her hands.

    24. I ve said it before and I ll say it again.I have a love hate relationship with Elizabeth Reyes booksI LOVE them soooooo much, I HATE to see them end

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