The Girl Before Eve #2020

The Girl Before Eve Lisa J. Hobman The Girl Before Eve Unrequited love is the biggest heartache Lily and Adam have been best friends since the dawn of time Okay since primary school to be exact They have always been accepted as a double act a package deal

  • Title: The Girl Before Eve
  • Author: Lisa J. Hobman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Ebook & Paperback
  • The Girl Before Eve Lisa J. Hobman Unrequited love is the biggest heartache Lily and Adam have been best friends since the dawn of time Okay since primary school to be exact They have always been accepted as a double act a package deal and they like it that way Until one fateful day in the summer they are 18, when Lily makes a terrible discovery she is head over heels in love With Adam Lily s unrequiteUnrequited love is the biggest heartache Lily and Adam have been best friends since the dawn of time Okay since primary school to be exact They have always been accepted as a double act a package deal and they like it that way Until one fateful day in the summer they are 18, when Lily makes a terrible discovery she is head over heels in love With Adam Lily s unrequited feelings are hard to deal with as it is but this is further compounded when she inadvertently introduces Adam to the love of his life Eve Many years later and Adam is once again single, dealing with heartbreak and Lily is there to pick up the pieces Her methods are sometimes a little unorthodox but what do you do when you re in love with your best friend and he sees you as his rock Can Lily help Adam move on and find happiness again And can either of the friends recover from losing the love of their lives Sometimes the one thing you want is way out of reach.
    The Girl Before Eve Lisa J. Hobman

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      Lisa J. Hobman

    One thought on “The Girl Before Eve”

    1. Disappointing I never quite loved the book but I waited til the end in the hopes of a good climax And finally at 95% I think it got my attention a bit I thought, Yeah,it might have potential, afterall But alas,no Instead of Lily coming to realise that she will always come second to other women, love wise, and showing a head strong heroine breaking down and getting up and letting the love go, the writer made Adam finally gain a brain cell or two and realised she had loved him for all these years [...]

    2. The Girl Before Eve by Lisa J Hobman5 stars Always together but never TOGETHER Sometimes you open a book or flick on your kindle and just by reading the first few lines you know you are going to love a book and that is exactly how I felt when I started The Girl Before Eve I love a best friend to lover s book, I love a weepy, I love humour and this book had it all, in spades it is official, I was in book love and author love.This book is set in the UK and is written by a British author, the setti [...]

    3. The Girl Before Eve is a story of friendship, loss, healing, self discovery and unrequited love It s different to Lisa s other books, I loved that about it It takes you through many different emotions When I started reading I didn t know I d laugh, cry and be sucked into the story like I was Adam and Lily childhood best friends and that s how their story begun but nowhere near the end.Adam isn t only Lily s friend he s her protector, you can t help but feel the connection they share from the beg [...]

    4. In The Girl before eve, Lisa s third novel, the combinations of tears laughter and frustration is quite perfect Unrequited love is a bi h Especially when you have to spend every day in his company Lily is someone who I think a lot of readers will recognise She is just the right mix of cute and gobby a Totally unassuming character, you will fall in love with her She is head over heels in love with with her best friend and everyone else can see it but him I laughed throughout, there were tears, at [...]

    5. This book should have been called The Girl After Eve I really like best friends to lovers stories but it seems like the story never really connected the two of them until the very end I didn t want to read about Adam and Eve or Lily and other men which I totally skimmed over those parts I wanted to read the love story between the two of them We really didn t even get much about the relationship between Adam and Lily prior to Eve The whole book was really reading about an unrequited love and that [...]

    6. It was ok but the plot was SLOW moving 2.5 stars This made for a decent romance read but at tines I found myself tiring of the slow paced plot It was frustrating Not one I d personally recommend I usually love friends to lovers reads but this one just seemed to drag on way too much for my preference.

    7. With names like Adam, Eve, and Lily Lilith I was all set for a modern take on the biblical trioe me, I have wants and needs This was not that at all Not even close Regardless, this was just a pointless read Girl and boy childhood friend girl loves boy he falls for another blah blah it s been done before and better I do not like any of these characters and the writing is subpar even for these types of books which I am oh so lenient on wow zZz

    8. Ok now where do I start Laughing and crying simultaneously is what this story made me do Laughing for all the cheesy jokes that Adam makes and the come backs from Lily, I mean cheesy head and Mr Pee Pants that just had me in stitches hahaha It also made me ugly cry for the heart break that both Adam and Lily go through, from losing a loved one through to the selfless act of Lily wanting to see her best friend be happy even if it means breaking her own heart all over again, for the missed opportu [...]

    9. This is the third book I ve read from Lisa J Hobman and as always she delivers a fantastic book that tugs at the heart strings I couldn t put it down I loved the characters in this book From oblivious Adam to heart broken Lily and understanding Eve I wanted to hate Eve but I couldn t I really couldn t This book had me sad, happy, laughing, frustrated It took me through the roller coaster of emotions that I have come to expect from a Lisa J Hobman book.The pacing was great, very well done and nev [...]

    10. I m really undecided on what I really think about this story It was refreshing that it was truly unrequited love And that the coupling in the beginning was a good one No moles here But that was also so very frustrating One party didn t get anything and the other got so much It made me wish for something else for the first one And at the end I felt a bit robbed And since I don t want to spoil anything I can t say why The story kept me interested even if I skimmed a few bits here and there But imp [...]

    11. Okay so I know I wrote it but this is one of my faves I love the friendship between Adam and Lily and I hope that readers get my silly sense of humour D

    12. When I first picked up this book, I never thought I would enjoy reading it The first thing that makes me want to continue reading this book was the sweetness between Adam and Eve As for Lily, I think she resembles me a lot in this book I mean that part where she s in love with someone but need to keep it to herself and watched that person being in love and happy with someone else.However, I got to say that I didn t quite like her I didn t like her for Adam I liked Eve for Adam I really like Eve [...]

    13. Some say it is better to have loved and lost than never have loved at all However when that love is unrequited, is there anything painful This story broke my heart and I felt for Lily as she has been in love with her best friend Adam since she was eighteen Then to make matters worse, she introduced him to the love of his life Eve Her wedding speech had me in absolute tears, you felt her struggle and could empathise with her shattered heart She dealt by shutting herself off from ever feeling or [...]

    14. Girl before EveThis book takes you on a journey Not an easy one at times Sad, heart breaking, funny, even hilarious, loving and gentle and so frustrating at times that I wanted to strangle Adam and especially Lily We follow the beat friends through primary school, high school, university and into adulthood.We see their lives of loves, tragedy and triumphs All the while they maintained their funny, caring wonderful best friendship This book is just beautiful, well written , clever and keeps you o [...]

    15. Lily and Adam have been best friends since grade school Lily is in love with Adam but doesn t ever tell him After tragedy brings them close again Lily finds it harder to keep her feelings from him Adam has also had feelings but pushed them down because he didnt think she felt the same When the truth comes out will they be able to remain the same, or will things get awkward I voluntarily received an advanced copy of this book for a honest review

    16. LOVED the title and premise of this book Lily and Adam have been friends forever, since they were really young kids Adam is her protector and best friend and has always been like a big brother she never had She realizes in high school that she is attracted to him and actually loves him but keeps that to herself, not wanting to cross the friendship line in case the friendship line breaks because of it Anyway, the two are as close as can be Fast forward, they go to the same college and one day, Li [...]

    17. Reviewer Donna Rating 5 Stars Copy received from Author in exchange for an honest review This book has left me speechless and i m not sure whether this review is going to give it enough justice as to how fantastic i found it.The book is about to childhood friends who grow up together, Adam and Lily They do everything together and they are very close best friends but during a fun tennis match in their twenties, Lily releases she is in love with Adam and probably has been for a long time She belie [...]

    18. The Girl Before Eve was my first novel from Lisa I had high expectations and she did not disappoint I love her writing Lisa described the Scottish settings so vividly I almost thought I was there I also love that each chapter was titled with a song Lisa wrote characters that you can t help but fall in love with I felt like I was Lily, Eve and Adam s best friends and I could relate to them Lily is the type of friend that puts her friends happiness first and whom you can always count on Adam is de [...]

    19. What a beautiful story ,,, after reading the synopsis I was sure I d enjoy this book ,,, it didn t take long for me to know I was really liking this book This is a story about 2 friends ,,, best friends of the opposite sex ,,, their together through thick and thin being each other s shoulder, support and anything else they need ,,, except for anything romantic Lilly has spent so much time loving someone that she couldn t have ,,, that loved someone else ,,, tragedy brings them closer but still n [...]

    20. Lisa Hobman The Girl before Eve 5stars Lily and Adam have been friends since childhood.Lily now 18 is totally in love with Adam.They go off to uni together Lily meets Eve,who she introduces to Adam so the heartache begins, Adam and Eve are instantly attracted to one another,Lily tries to find her own happiness by working her way through various men but not are Adam,struggling to keep her friendship with Adam she goes off to travel the world.Tragedy strikes and Lily is back helping Adam pick up t [...]

    21. This was a really sweet yet emotional read It drew me into feeling so much for Lily and Adam and the heart breaks they were suffering.Adam and Lily, best friends since primary school, completely inseparable Everyone accepted them as best friends, never crossing the line to Until Lily realises she is in love with Adam, only to realise she has introduced him to the love of his Adam and Eve settled down, got married and where so much in love that Lily couldn t begrudge her friends happiness Until [...]

    22. Honestly speaking, I am not quite sure how to rate this bookI mean , though the trope is not new, yet I found no similarity with any of the books that I read with the same trope that is quite refreshing.About the writing style of the author, again I m confused.I did not particularly like her style yet I found myself engaged with itI found the characters to be quite well developed.The major part of the story is mainly focused on the two MCs.We get to see very little interaction of the MCs with th [...]

    23. Sweet torment I am an avid reader but don t write reviews of all the books I ve read unless the book really jolts my me this one did So much so I could not get it out of my mind The storyline of unrequited love was so gutwrenching, yet at times could be so hilarious By hilarious I am talking about the relationship and banter between best friends Adam and Lily Seeing her best friend Adam fall in love and marry someone else without letting him know how she felt about him was Lily s heartbreak Goin [...]

    24. Well yet again Lisa has blown me away with yet another fantastic book.Very emotional so have tissues lots of laughs just brilliantLily and Adam are the best of friends and have been since they were small, they were inseparable and everyone knew how close they were.Adulthood changes people and at 18 Lily realises something that could change everything completely Lily and Adam go off to the same collage and its here that Lily introduces Adam to the love of his life.But things don t go the way we a [...]

    25. caught this one for.99 the other day and happy I did First this book is set in Scotland which I totally dig the accents This story is about soulmates and best friends Lily and Adam have been best friends since they were little kids and always together at 18 Lily discovers she is in love with Adam but fear of losing her best friend she hides her true feelings Adam seems to feel an attraction towards Lily but worried about losing her friendship and thinking she doesn t return his feelings he also [...]

    26. I am blown away by quite how much I loved this book I ve read both of Lisa J Hobman s other books and really enjoyed them giving them 5 stars but this, this is a writer who has really developed her craft.The plot, following the relationship between Adam and Lily that started when they were small children, is beautifully structured, with enough well developed secondary characters thrown in that it isn t completely predictable.If Adam a sexy English teacher is my new favourite book boyfriend,Lily [...]

    27. Wow, I Can t Get Enough of Lisa s BooksI have kind of read Lisa s books backwards as this is the last of her books that I have read but will certainly not be the final one There are so many emotions in every one of her books, and I enjoy it all.This book really left you wondering how it was going to end up to the very end, a lot of romances you basically know how it s going end but I have to tell you I just wasn t sure I couldn t put it down If you haven t read any books by this author I highly [...]

    28. 5 this is yet another fantastic book by Lisa Hobman I only discovered Lisa as an author when her publisher was looking for a few reader to review one of her other books I am so glad I took that opportunity to read her first book because I feel in love with her writing and her book characters This book is no exception it is amazing how Lisa can bring her characters feelings out and make you feel them This book made me laugh and cry but it was yet another amazing story and one I would recommend.

    29. Love Lilly OK I had to stop reading this book part way through because it was breaking my heart Yep sucked me in big time Phew I don t want to give anything away so I can t say much than YOU HAVE TO READ THIS BOOK Yes shouty capitals it s that good This was probably my favourite of all of Lisa s books I can t express how much I loved it in the right way Please read it then you will understand.

    30. I really, really liked this book, but I needed something at the end All through the book we re bombarded with Adam s feelings for Eve, and then all of a sudden we get to the end with no explaining whatsoever on his behalf of his feelings for Lily I just needed a good conversation between them explaining how they actually Adam got to this point, and maybe a little grovelling from him That would ve made it a 5 star.

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