Pruutneitsi (Maailma krimiklassika; #23) #2020

Pruutneitsi (Maailma krimiklassika; #23) Ruth Rendell Tiiu Viljamaa Pruutneitsi Maailma krimiklassika Philip on igati normaalne ja kena inimene kes elab koos ema ja ega Tema naiseideaaliks on n mf Flora raidkuju nende aias Kui Philipi de abiellub kohtab Philip ht tema pruutneitsit Sentat kes on va

  • Title: Pruutneitsi (Maailma krimiklassika; #23)
  • Author: Ruth Rendell Tiiu Viljamaa
  • ISBN: 9789985328569
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pruutneitsi (Maailma krimiklassika; #23) Ruth Rendell Tiiu Viljamaa Philip on igati normaalne ja kena inimene, kes elab koos ema ja ega Tema naiseideaaliks on n mf Flora raidkuju nende aias Kui Philipi de abiellub, kohtab Philip ht tema pruutneitsit, Sentat, kes on vapustatavalt sarnane Flora kujuga Philipi ja Senta armulugu v tab aga s nge p rde, kui Senta soovib, et nad m lemad tapaksid kellegi oma armastuse t estamiseks.
    Pruutneitsi (Maailma krimiklassika; #23) Ruth Rendell Tiiu Viljamaa

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      322 Ruth Rendell Tiiu Viljamaa
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    One thought on “Pruutneitsi (Maailma krimiklassika; #23)”

    1. I read THE BRIDESMAID because I recently saw the French movie from Claude Chabrol and I loved it I just had to read the original thriller It s not bad, although I miss the Chabrol style.The story is not really a mystery at all, but seems like a very dark character study A young man, living at home with his mother and two sisters, becomes fascinated with one of the bridesmaids at his older sister s wedding He is not only intrigued by her exotic appearance, but she has an insatiable appetite for [...]

    2. The idea explored had potential that two lovers would kill to prove their love but I don t think it was really successful in Ruth Rendell s The Bridesmaid For a start, it just didn t seem likely that Phillip and Senta the lovers would be attracted to each other Senta, the creepy, somewhat slovenly, yet beautiful and passionate girl with silver hair, and Phillip gentle, particular, mother s boy, trainee interior decorator There s no doubt that the novel had atmosphere, but it seemed as if Senta w [...]

    3. A bizarre love story filled withkinda dark, very quirky characters.I found it strange but captivating.Narrator William Gaminara did a nice job.Not clean Foul Language.

    4. Philip lives a rather ordinary life with his family and he abhors violence of any kind When accounts of murder appear in the news, he changes the channel or closes the newspaper At his sister s wedding, he meets his sister s bridesmaid, Senta, a beautiful and enigmatic girl with long silvery hair, and the two start a hot and heavy romance almost immediately Senta does not live like a normal person She lives in the basement of a filthy, seemingly abandoned house, and doesn t view the world in the [...]

    5. There ought to be a two tiered rating system, because this book was stylistically wonderful atmospheric, evocative, kept me reading to the end On the other hand, it had no plot and it didn t make a bit of sense But, if you want to enjoy a really well written exercise in style, and want to close the book and do something realfast before you have a chance to think about what you just read, this book will engage you, entertain you and haunt you Once.

    6. Ruth Rendell aka Barbara Vine , that s Baroness Rendell of Babergh CBE to you, has long been my favorite mystery writer It all started the day I picked up a copy of the Bridesmaid twenty years ago The Bridesmaid changed the way I view mysteries I would even go so far as to say The Bridesmaid is the book that initially inspired me to write mysteries.Although Rendell writes the fine Chief Inspector Wexford Police procedurals, it is her psychological crime novels that set her apart at least for me [...]

    7. What He Did For Love or something like it Suffice to say that THE BRIDESMAID is one of Rendell s darkest, most relentless novels of obsession The revelations of the final two pages should evoke an audible gasp from even the most hardened suspense reader Several re readings have not diminished the sense of surprise and horror.

    8. 3.5 stars Not as exciting as many other Rendell novels, but has all her signature marks lower middle class British existence, gentle men, psychotic individuals who pass of as normal, quirks of human characters Bridesmaid the term refers to a statue Philip s dead father gifted his mother when in Venice, which is now languishing in their small garden, which has exquisite features that attract Philip who thinks that any human figure such endowed would be irresistible And soon such a girl enters his [...]

    9. A suspense book that is completely predictable with a little too much romance novel thrown in Generally I like Ruth Rendell quite well, and she s still a good writer so I give this two stars rather than one, and I suppose everyone is allowed a bad day General plot Man meets clearly bonkers but attractive woman who is willing to have sex The sex is good, for him, not the reader that part gets very tedious and repetitive Relationship is obviously only about her beauty and sex Surprise Things go ba [...]

    10. I have read a lot of Ruth Rendell Barbara Vine though I don t read the Inspector Wexford series I like all of them, but some are absolutely amazing This is my favorite watching this obsessive love take over the main characters so slowly and believably, the reader can almost totally sympathize with the horrific crime that it leads to

    11. This is a terrifically creepy psychological thriller Rendell layers the doubt, lies, and truth so well that only bits of each show through at very specific gaps The narrator, Philip, is a fairly likable character, and when he goes wrong we are sympathetic, if not patronizing because we see truth than he does Rendell makes him just naive enough it s his youth, really, and that youthful hope is believable so that the reader is just a bit up on him most of the time, although we don t get the whole [...]

    12. What I loved.I was drawn into this book by the very first line Violent death fascinates people By the end of the first page, it s revealed that the main character has a phobia of violent death and he tries to hide it The perfect setup for the kind of story I love, where characters try to hide their weaknesses and make themselves someone they re not.The introduction of The Bridesmaid, Senta Pelham, and Philip s immediate attraction that grows to obsession starts the long, slow descent into the da [...]

    13. Ruth Rendell.e woman knows how to write books that keep your attention Her Wexford series is one of my favorites, as are her books written under the nom de plume Barbara Vine This book, which belongs in neither category, borders on the surreal, as a naive young man falls in love with a bridesmaid at his sister s wedding who resembles a much loved statue in his garden The object of his affection lives in a fantasy world, or does she Although the stories she tells him of her life seem to be nothin [...]

    14. My enthusiasm for Ruth Rendell novels is always rewarded, and The Bridesmaid is no exception The familiar tropes are all in place an awkward young man with an unhealthy interest in an inanimate object, an unhinged young woman, a dysfunctional family, an inept police force and reports of a killer on the loose in the background.The fact that I could sort of guess what to expect does the novel no harm at all Rendell has a real talent for wrong footing the reader and showing that they don t actually [...]

    15. Like all RR books, this is a really focused character study We re always in the pov of Philip, the protagonist, as his family changes around him Philip himself isn t so focused on that as he falls obsessively in love with one of the bridesmaids from his sister s wedding, a strange girl named Senta Philip s never quite sure when Senta is telling the truth or lying, and whatever he guesses he s usually wrong his great regret.As the book nears the end the feeling of dread just grows and grows You k [...]

    16. i usually LOVE ruth rendell s murder mysteries this one was just weird it spent too much tme in psychological buildup and motivation that didn t make sense to me i don t recommend this book to anyone although from a critical standpoint i can appreciate the range of ruth s writing and am glad that it is not always the same predictable story every time and for that i will keep reading books by this author.

    17. I am a voyeur in her world and in such I am delighted, frightened, anxious, horny, sexy, murderous, overtaken by madness and one with all and none.

    18. I generally really enjoy Rendell Her use of psychological mystery and the depth of perception she has regarding people and their flaws is something I tend to gravitate toward when reading a mystery But The Bridesmaid was one of her less enjoyable reads Without going into detail so as to avoid spoilers, I felt as if Rendell was trying too hard here, something that is not a normal problem for her Her writing often seems effortless, but not so in this piece.My largest problem is I got her gist Poss [...]

    19. Nightmares come grinning or What a Fool Will Do For Love As usual, there were several twists I wasn t expecting no disappointment there I m giving it 4.5 stars due to the ending which I would ve liked to see a little better wrapped up, although any simpleton could figure out what was to follow Perhaps it was just the repeated clich d cheesy phrasing of the final two sentences which bothered me.Several have complained about this story having a flimsy plot I heartily disagree I found the plot quit [...]

    20. Perhaps I don t enough about love to decide whether or not the two lead characters in this story could really get that involved with each other and that the nice, quite, sensitive young man could really play the role he played But nevertheless, I kept reading and reading because like any good thriller, I had no idea where it was going to end.

    21. Interesting, suspenseful, atypical Phillip meets the titular Senta cousin to the bridegroom at his sister s wedding They become involved and the book takes its sweet time building up the stomach turning feeling of dread Satisfying story.

    22. Great readAnother great read by Ruth Rendell Was a bit slow going there at first, but picked up pace beautifully Excellent

    23. What to say about this book It was tedious the twists and turns were predictable it went on and on and on, and my willing suspension of disbelief was put to a very strenuous testAnd then at last came the ending, the last chapter was it all worth this while I don t know judge for yourselves.

    24. Another five star story from a huge talent, I absolutely loved this book about the creepiest wedding drama, ever I don t think I ve ever felt so bad for a guy, this story will surprise you and keep you riveted until the end Thanks, as always to Ms Rendell for sharing her incredible talent, and to the wonderful narration of Ms Barbara Rosenblat

    25. Eh this book was just okay and while it had such promise it actually reminded me of a couple of books I read before which was cool Fall by Colin McAdam, The Drowning People by Richard Mason and Killing Me Softly by Nicci French though this one wasn t done the best as the plots revolved around a singularly obessive relationship where a person goes over the deep end for someone with tragic resultsLike all these other characters the main character Phillip is unreasonably infatuated with a woman who [...]

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