Antiques Roadkill #2020

Antiques Roadkill Barbara Allan Antiques Roadkill Determined to make a new start in her quaint hometown on the banks of the Mississippi Brandy Borne never dreams she ll become the prime suspect in a murder case Moving back in with her eccentric lar

  • Title: Antiques Roadkill
  • Author: Barbara Allan
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Antiques Roadkill Barbara Allan Determined to make a new start in her quaint hometown on the banks of the Mississippi, Brandy Borne never dreams she ll become the prime suspect in a murder case Moving back in with her eccentric, larger than life mother, Brandy Borne finds small town Serenity anything but serene It seems an unscrupulous antiques dealer has swindled Vivian out of the family s heirloDetermined to make a new start in her quaint hometown on the banks of the Mississippi, Brandy Borne never dreams she ll become the prime suspect in a murder case Moving back in with her eccentric, larger than life mother, Brandy Borne finds small town Serenity anything but serene It seems an unscrupulous antiques dealer has swindled Vivian out of the family s heirlooms But when he is found run over in a country lane, Brandy becomes Murder Suspect Number One with her mother coming in a very close second The list of other suspects is impressive the victim s business seems to have been based on bilking seniors out of their possessions And when the Borne girls uncover a few very unsavory Serenity secrets, they become targets for a murderer whose favorite hobby seems to be collecting victims.
    Antiques Roadkill Barbara Allan

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      178 Barbara Allan
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    1. Rating 2.5 of fiveThe Publisher Says Brandy Borne and her mother Vivian find themselves investigating the murder of a crooked antiques dealer who just happened to take Vivian for all she was worth Now they are in a race to find the murderer before he or she strikes again because they could very well be next My Review meh Pleasant enough, I suppose, nothing at all wrong with it except that there s nothing to like It s mildly amusing It s a mystery about the same way any book is a mystery, in that [...]

    2. Do you like mysteries Probably or why would you be reading this review If so, you might find this one tolerable or not The plot was good but not fantastic , and the antique tips were cute but not all that necessary The main character was marginally likeable but I thought it was odd that the son she was separated from was mentioned only casually Are you tired of my overuse of parentheses This is just a glimpse into what is in store for you in this book The darn things were so distracting I someti [...]

    3. This first book in the Trash N Treasures series sets everything up, and keeps you wanting After ending her marriage with a stupid action, Brandy Borne is back in her old hometown, living with her sanity challenged mother There s an antiques dealer ripping off old people, and like always in these things, the punishment for being a jerk is death The mother, Vivian, reads a lot of mysteries, and tries to solve this one, while Brandy tries to rein her in.Great stuff.

    4. Read the free Kindle edition, and while cozy little mysteries aren t my favorite, I enjoyed it It was a quick entertaining read, I even bought the second in the series right after finishing it The in depth clothes and brand rambling was annoying but not enough to make me give up on it I just skimmed over those sentences really really quickly I found myself smiling at the humor and the main character was someone I liked.

    5. Reading an article about e books recently, I found myself thinking, Why would anyone prefer to read a book on an electronic screen rather than on paper Then I realized I was reading this article on my cell phone For all the decades of my adult life, until recently, I tended to spend a significant amount of time daily in the company of books I usually had three or four going at once often one on science, one on poetry or writing, a history or biography, and the brain candy I lovingly refer to as [...]

    6. Truly, in rating this I m between it was ok and didn t like I ve read novels by Max Collins before, but none by just Barbara Allan, who I think is mostly known for short stuff There are two main things that annoyed me about this novel The first is that the main character, Brandy, has just moved back in with her mother after a divorce ends her 10 yr marriage We learn that the marriage ended after her husband found out about a one night stand affair Brandy had with an old high school boyfriend dur [...]

    7. This was a DNF for me I kept thinking I should enjoy it, I liked the premise lots of antiques, small mid western town, women as investigators but it fell apart for me I think the reason I couldn t finish it was the interruptions The main character is Brandy and she tells us most of the background and fills in the history of her life and life in her town But, she doesn t seem to be able to tell a story without at least one if not three or five side comments and stories Often stacked one on anothe [...]

    8. Cute little mystery The writing was very casual and pretty funny The author s isn t shy about letting us know all the heroine s parenthetical thoughts Brandy, the leading lady, is very believable It wasn t my favorite book of all time, but it was cute and I d read the rest of the Trash n Treasures Mystery if they ever got cheap enough on Kindle.

    9. This book nearly got thrown at the wall thanks to the author s handling of bipolar disorder whee it makes you kooky and unpredictable Uh, no , but I persevered It s good for what it is a cute, cosy mystery, and I ll probably read the rest I m reading for the bipolar mom than the protagonist though.

    10. A mentally ill hoarder first moves in with with her mentally ill hoarder mother, and then solves crimes in her spare time, while caring for her elderly blind dog that pisses all over the house No thank you.

    11. This book has a different writing style than many cozy mysteries, at times I wasn t sure I liked it and at other times I laughed out loud Not sure that cozy mysteries are humorous like that, but I ll give the next one a shot.

    12. Well well well, it has been some time since I tried a new series in the cozy mystery genre For most of the book, I had the rating pegged at 2 5 But the story came good in the last few chapters The book has a few logical hiccups The behavior of the main heroine, the cops, the murderer, were unconvincing, if not far fetching Some of the adventures ran into dead ends or were too isolated to belong really to this book This is the book that most resembles to a Frankenstein novel other than the Franke [...]

    13. Brandy heads home to live with mom after her divorce is final Her mother needs someone to kind of keep an eye on her and make sure she is taking her medication When she arrives home she finds out that a local antique dealer had swindled her mom out of many of her antiques, taking advantage of her during one of her spells Brandy confronts the man at a Red Hat Society event Shortly after that confrontation the antique dealer winds up dead and Brandy s mom is a suspect When things start hitting clo [...]

    14. I am surprised by how much I enjoyed this book I ve never thought much about the antiquing mystery genre, but I m so glad I picked this up The main character is fun, sarcastic, smart, and a really lovable character Her dysfunctional family really adds to the book and are also characters you can really like even prissy Peggy Sue The mystery was different and very interesting, especially when the main character is first suspected of murder then becomes a target victim I love the snarky, smart writ [...]

    15. I have found this first in the series novel to be fun, entertaining, and a good mystery to boot We are introduced to Brandy Borne returning home to live with her mother, Vivian, after a divorce Vivian has some challenges, Manic Depression for one Brandy discovers that Mom s home has been pilfered by an unscrupulous Antique buyer Next thing you know, The Antique buyer is dead and both Vivian and Brandy have confessed.This book moves at a sonic pace and I thoroughly enjoyed the voyage.

    16. Another novel I wanted to like but just didn t I actually had to check to see if it was self published It s not because the style was so annoying I couldn t believe it was from a publisher I can t even fathom who thought this style was a good one I can see I m not the only one who hated it All these parenthesis That s how the whole book is written Early on I counted up 28 in under three pages in fact some were back to back no seriously back to back The annoying style was coupled with Brandy main [...]

    17. Written by a husband and wife team Barbara Collins and Max Allan Collins and using the name Barbara Allan as the author this book begins the Trash n Treasures mystery series Set in an eastern Iowa community near the Mississippi River a 40s Brandy returns from Chicago after a divorce She is there to put herself back together and to help her sister Peggy Sue keep her bipolar mother under control An antiques dealer who had been bilking older residents of the community dies and the fun begins as Mot [...]

    18. If you don t enjoy ADHD type rambling asides, you probably will be frustrated than you will enjoy this first book in the series As I fully relate to and resemble such rambling asides, I enjoyed the squirrel moments That said, I did have some issues with the telling of this story Small editing gaffes were annoying, but at issue for me was that some scenes seemed to come out of nowhere, with very little segue Having not done my research, I realized at the end that this could have been due to two [...]

    19. Since the main character is taking Prozac, I think there is a lot to her own story about what really happened in her marriage and why her husband has custody of their 10 year old son and they live in another state than what we hear in this first book in the antiques series More important in Antiques Roadkill is getting family antiques back from an unscrupulous dealer and solving a murder mystery before either Brandy or her mom get killed One person s death is very distressing not gory but that [...]

    20. At first I didn t care for this book at all I picked it up thinking the antiques would make for a fun background, but there was barely anything about antiques in the story Instead, there was a lot of talk about fashion clothes, shoes, handbags and quite a bit about mental illness mild but almost in a making fun kind of way, which kind of was off putting for me However, as the book progressed, there were definitely some surprises and I had not even remotely figured out who done it before it was r [...]

    21. Like most cozy mysteries this one concerns an amateur sleuth with an interesting back story and eccentric secondary characters However, the eccentricity here was cutesy and forced than believable A mother with a serious mental illness is not funny or amusing Lots of other characters seemed to have real mental illnesses as well, including the character ultimately revealed to be responsible for all the killings It s expected in a cozy that the sleuth character will be put in harm s way by the kil [...]

    22. Fun, easy murder mystery What happens when Brandy moves back to her hometown after a divorce and finds her eccentric mother has lost a house full of antiques to an unscrupulous dealer Of course, they next stumble or drive across his dead body and then interfere with the police as they investigate on their own.

    23. This is an amusing group of characters which will make the reader laugh once or twice while solving the mystery The setting is Iowa and the ending invites you to look for tales from this series.

    24. The main character was extremely unlikable in the beginning Her marriage fell apart because she cheated, and she doesn t ever seem to miss her son, who lives with his dad The authors writing style was ADHD on speed The book was unnecessarily wordy It did get a bit better toward the end.

    25. Review WorthyQuirky characters and humorous drama Just the type of series I ve been looking for and now on to book 2.

    26. I kept seeing the Trash n Treasures mystery series at my local Barnes Noble I didn t realize that Barbara Allan was the pseudonym for Barbara Collins new collaboration with noir specialist Max Allan Collins The covers looked pretty feminine and I suppose the conceit of antiquing would also appeal to a female audience Well, I had read some of my mom s Benni Harper quilting mysteries and I sort of enjoy those Amish cozy mysteries by Laura Bradford, so I figured I was comfortable enough with my ma [...]

    27. Holy hell, this book was a complete slog to read Between the absolute crazed use or I really should say, overuse of parentheses seriously overused , and the almost obnoxious need to describe the clothing the main character is wearing or trying to decide between, or populating her if I win the lottery list with merely by naming the brand and the thing, I very nearly didn t finish this thing It didn t make the book cute, it didn t make it quirky, it just made it sound like the author spent FAR too [...]

    28. This was such a fun read Told in first person by Brandy Borne, a recent divorcee who really did go home to mother, leaving Chicago and returning to her small hometown on the banks of the Mississippi to try to put the pieces together again It was like you were reading a story being told over coffee with the story teller, including all the parentheticals and side note opinions and remarks It s a serious story, there is murder, there are priceless antique heirlooms and there is definitely some ment [...]

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