Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You #2020

Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You Simon Doonan Eccentric Glamour Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You This text is intended as an antidote to the epidemic of slutty dressing and porno chic which has taken over since the arrival of Paris Hilton and Tara Reid Simon Doonan offers a tongue in cheek guide

  • Title: Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You
  • Author: Simon Doonan
  • ISBN: 9781416535430
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You Simon Doonan This text is intended as an antidote to the epidemic of slutty dressing and porno chic which has taken over since the arrival of Paris Hilton and Tara Reid Simon Doonan offers a tongue in cheek guide to personal style for good humoured, non conformist women everywhere.
    Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You Simon Doonan

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    One thought on “Eccentric Glamour: Creating an Insanely More Fabulous You”

    1. Ok, so I have both a problem and a strange fascination with fashion books Fashion books are mostly name droppy, classist, expensive, dictatorial twaddle that make women feel bad while purporting to make them feel good Oh, honey, you can t have square glasses with that square face One Balenciaga handbag should be kept as an investment piece SERIOUSLY PLEASE STOP Even those books that supposedly take an irreverent look at fashion or whatever fall prey to at least some of this Yet I continue to occ [...]

    2. To those of you who like yours truly have been scorned, mocked and ostracized for their unique sense of style and otherwise bizarre penchant for utterly weird and wicked wardrobes then this, I say, is the book for you.Simon Doonan not only validates but praises my fabulous fellow fashion freaks, while blatantly pooh poohing the Paris Hiltons of the world with absolute candor and such a wonderfully twisted sense of humor For this, I must give him 5 rhinestone encrusted stars and two vixen painted [...]

    3. I am really feeling Simon Doonan s overall message that dressing the eccentric glamor style is a way of sharing yourself with the world I agree with this, because since I adopted a sort of French New Wave Grandma aesthetic in my dress people respond to me in this amazing way, like they re just happy this random stranger in a black lace headscarf and leopard print coat exists It s a really life affirming phenomenon but I m afraid I sound ridiculously fatheaded now, so back to the book Doonan s th [...]

    4. I don t know if you ll take the advice in this book, but you should read it How can you not read a book buy a gay British guy who both impersonates Queen Elizabeth and quotes Flava Flav Okay, some of the advice you shouldn t take Ignore the permission to wear a gold leotard with your lesbian aunt Sylvia s mauve nylon fanny pack Unless you live in NYC, people will talk about you and not in a good way At least they will if you live in Southwest Michigan.Still, Doonan is hilarious I laughed out lou [...]

    5. A fun, whimsical book I love Doonan s three types of those having it socialite, gypsy, or existentialist Everything is tongue in cheek and he has such a sly wit without being vicious or damaging I love when he says, say no to ho saying no to the stripper look that some think is hot Part of the book is profiles of various people celebrities, hipsters, and fashion eccentrics but I m shocked that he interviewed Malcolm Gladwell I mean, Blink was great, but sorry, Malcolm, I rather see Johnny Depp o [...]

    6. What fun and with original insights about what style is and does What did I learn Just say no to ho and to buy a case of lipstick And to watch how I enter a room To stick with one purse Shop vintage oh, and did I mention, to have fun with what I wear I thought the interviews were a little weak, but it did sharpen my appreciation of glamorous eccentrics in my own environment I m glad he sang the praises of those folks in his life.

    7. If you know me, I m just about the least glamourama gal out there save for the occasional sparkle skull pin Yet, I ve got a sweet spot for high fashion and reading about these iconoclasts was entertaining I m gonna show up to work some day in a purple chinchilla jacket, just wait and see.

    8. Tongue in cheek, but enhanced my creativity with wardrobe decisions, which makes life fun in the long run.

    9. Not for everyone But I re read it whenever I need cheering up Any one who says that Miss Piggy epitomizes eccentric glamour is okay with me.

    10. A charming style guide written by a charismatic gay man While his love of drama, bad advice, and loud cell phone conversations may make me recoil in fear should I ever meet him in real life, I am in love with Simon Doonan s sharp witted writing persona His warm personality oozes out from the ink squiggles On top of everything that I love about Doonan, he is also the husband of Jonathan Adler, one of the coolest stationery designers out there What does being husbands with Jonathan Adler say about [...]

    11. I feel a little sheepish giving so many stars to a book that s not literature but Simon Doonan is hilarious I laughed out loud so many times I can t count I didn t get this book for style tips, rather, I d heard about him for a while in the fashion business and was curious He d be in the same category as David Sedaris for me And now I need to go get his other books and check em out Say no to ho Simon Doonan

    12. This book was full of slut shaming, Gypsy is a synonym for romantic , and be your own person but if you don t shave your legs you re repulsive ideas Unfortunate The adorable stories about Doonan s marriage to Jonathan Adler are what saved this book from one star, but I doubt I ll read another of Doonan s books.

    13. After reading this book, I realized how much I was trying to look like everyone else No I purchased from a consignment shop in Georgetown a wonderful Twiggy style dress for the summer I laughed a lot reading this book.

    14. I absolutely loved this book Told with wit, wisdom and a few cheeky celebrity anecdotes, the Shelley Winters story is hysterical it s the perfect rainy day on the sofa read Slip on a glamorous satin robe, open up a box of yummy chocs, kick off your marabou mules and dive in Simon Doonan totally nails the joys of unapologetically eccentric, quirky, unique and over the top glamour As he rightly says, why wear one string of pearls when you can wear ten and remain in people s memories Lovers of ecce [...]

    15. I am a very serious panda Subjects I read about include but are not limited to existentialism, dark subcultures, dangerous cults, atheism, deeply disturbing true crime, and shockingly brutal medieval history My personality just gravitates towards serious and often bleak subjects So I like to cleanse my palette with books like this one What could be frivolous than a book about fashion For me, it s the equivalent of eating a whole bag of potato chips I loved this book I love glamour and drag quee [...]

    16. One to chuckle over, sometimes because the fashion advice is ridiculous, or because the author truly believes it I did appreciate the overall message of non conformity though Clothing is a reflection of you, so wear what you love Own it

    17. Seems like Mr Doonan was writing my life story in the intro An excellent read if you are one of us that dresses eccentrically.

    18. simon doonan has guests a time or two on america s next top model, which is why i picked up this book delightfully enough, his experiences on ANTM were recounted remember short haired crybaby catie remember when he told her to go down to the docks, look at what the hookers were wearing, not wear that she cried because she thought he d called her a hooker on national TV awesome the concept of the book is that one should make an effort to be glamorously eccentric he has three categories of glamoro [...]

    19. I learned Grace Jones allegedly would use a drop or two of red food coloring on her lips Genius But I do wonder if makeup remover is enough Of course, if you re a Glamorous Eccentric, who cares Basically Simon Doonan says what I and MANY of my friends already believe Fashion is powerful and the way you dress is the first way to communicate who you are especially upon making an entrance Be an individual Conformity is boring Don t be afraid to stand out from the crowd Even if the masses don t like [...]

    20. Doonan was a guest on The Fashion Show where this book was mentioned so I decided to give it a whirl His segment of FShow revolved around the designers being assigned a piece of eccentric glamour from a vintage shop to center their designs around The book started off really well He defines Eccentric Glamour and describes its various forms and sub forms Gypsies, Existentialists, and Socialites Fun and practical advice on what best exemplifies each style and attitude , how to find the requisite fa [...]

    21. I have read this book multiple times and I love it to pieces It is part glamour guide how to, part fashion history retrospective and part autobiography Doonan is an expert on glamour and he is very inclusive, intent on nurturing your fashion tendancies He wants you to be your best self inside and out, weather your fashion identity is posh, goth or boho or some combination of different looks He was inspired to combat the epidemic of Pamela Anderson style hoochie dressing, which he cleverly reffer [...]

    22. Not dissing people who do read books like this on a regular basis why though but I only read stuff like this when I m feeling shit and want to rest Simon Doonan is funny, irreverent, and has a healthy respect for women, who are mostly the target audience for this book And he loves his mum.Some parts straight on up asking people what gender they are not having off days from your eccentric glamourous lifestyle tend to make me raise my eyebrows, but I guess being an eccentrically glamourous person [...]

    23. An odd book in that I m not sure who this book is directed to the women who need to read won t and the woman who don t need it won t be interested and I hit the wrong button on my Kindle, which is how I ended up reading it Simon Doonan is an surprisingly OK writer, although I m not sure everyone is going to get every one of his references Especially interesting is the end of the book where he offers a meditation on the late Isabella Blow and his misunderstanding of who she was as a person, not j [...]

    24. While the title suggests this is a fashion book in the vein of many other how to guides, this book only contains a smidgy bit of detailed fashion advice The rest is a collection of Doonan s clever, catty anecdotes and musings on life and all folks fabulous While I would be frustrated by his meanderings if I were his editor, as a reader I became solidly convinced that this is a man I d love to get drunk with.

    25. Reading Doonan is like sitting around listening to your fabulous, sassy aunts for an afternoon His books are delightful and although this one is technically a style manual, I also see it as just a fun book as his writing allows it to read like a novel than a guide Plus the man is adamantly against the current style that women seem to be embracing far too often Porno Chic Hip Hip Hooray to that

    26. This book was a lot of fun It was campy, and Doonan s writing reminded me of James St James Basically, the premise of the book is to teach you to celebrate being eccentrically glamourous There are some interesting points, and interviews with eccentrically glamourous style icons throughout Very fluffy, but a great summer read.

    27. It s a complete fluke that I read this book I pay no attention to fashion, and didn t recognize any of the names he mentioned except Coco Chanel Eccentric I got down, Glamour ha ha ha ha ha.But I adore this book Funny, witty, and it made me actually think about what I m wearing I recommend this as a fabulous book for travel or the beach.

    28. Fun for fashion and non fashion folk alikeAlthough I am not sure everyone fits in Simon Doonan s 3 categories of fashion sense Gypsy, Existentialist and Socialite , it doesn t matter This book is great fun and had me laughing out loud all the way thru I always read a little something from him when I need a pick me up

    29. A wickedly hilarious railing against the homogenization and pornification of fashion and glamour Doonan encourages women to eschew the big lipped bimbo look and or the monochromatic uniform French Chic and cultivate their individual, eccentric glamour Bring on the leopard print mules and the maribou trim

    30. Frivolous, fluffy and full of exclamation marks but who cares Simon Doonan will make you forget about toxic assets and boring bailouts even if it s only for a bit Anyone who loves fashion of any kind will appreciate this technicolor diversion Simon Doonan is every girl s best gay friend.

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