Peter and the Shadow Thieves #2020

Peter and the Shadow Thieves Dave Barry Ridley Pearson Peter and the Shadow Thieves In this riveting and adventure packed follow up to Peter and the Starcatchers we discover Peter leaving the relative safety of Mollusk Island along with his trusted companion Tinker Bell for the cold

  • Title: Peter and the Shadow Thieves
  • Author: Dave Barry Ridley Pearson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Unknown Binding
  • Peter and the Shadow Thieves Dave Barry Ridley Pearson In this riveting and adventure packed follow up to Peter and the Starcatchers, we discover Peter leaving the relative safety of Mollusk Island along with his trusted companion Tinker Bell for the cold, damp streets of London On a difficult journey across the sea, he and Tink discover the dark and deadly, slithering part man part creature Lord Ombra It seems that the dreaIn this riveting and adventure packed follow up to Peter and the Starcatchers, we discover Peter leaving the relative safety of Mollusk Island along with his trusted companion Tinker Bell for the cold, damp streets of London On a difficult journey across the sea, he and Tink discover the dark and deadly, slithering part man part creature Lord Ombra It seems that the dreaded Ombra has a variety of mysterious powers including the ability to make shadows disappear When Peter reaches London, he sets out to find the indomitable Molly Together they must combat Ombra s terrible forces to both protect the Starcatchers and the treasured starstuff and most importantly to rescue Molly s mother from the clutches of evil Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have done it again written a compulsively readable, impossible to put down tale that will delight readers of all ages.
    Peter and the Shadow Thieves Dave Barry Ridley Pearson

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      Dave Barry Ridley Pearson

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    1. This book, like the one before it, was absolutely delightful I read it in an effort to take a small angst vacation Peter Pan is my all time favorite children s story fairy tale, so these books are right up my alley In this one, we are starting to see Peter struggle with the fact that the other Lost Boys are growing up, as is Molly, but Peter never will I m interested to see how Barry and Pearson will develop this part of the storyline, because in J M Barrie s book, the Lost Boys are children for [...]

    2. Sort of a modern adaptation of the classic Peter Pan, this book is the second in the series, wonderfully written and telling the story of a boy called Peter and his best friend, Tinker Bell, as they go through numerous adventures.

    3. I love this series I m a huge Peter Pan fan and this take on the classic story is awesome Part 2 really managed to expand the world of Pan and works as a perfect prequel to beloved story by J.M Barrie Really looking forward to the next chapter

    4. My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved it Borrowed the audiobook CD s from the libraryThe cover is definitely reminds you of Peter Pan with the flying out the window scene I really like this series and so does my son I know the library has the first 4 books in audio, so we will be borrowing them all to listen in the car This is such a fun series with tons of adventure My son and I love listening to it in the car before and after school If I could nail my son down longer than this, we would list [...]

    5. I actually liked this offering better than the first book in this series, Peter and the Starcatchers The pirate, Black Stache returns with his new moniker, Captain Hook Slank returns to Mollusk Island searching for starstuff with the villainous Lord Ombra and the adventure continues when Peter learns Molly and her family are in danger.Failing to locate the coveted starstuff on the island, Lord Ombra sets sail for England with two stowaways Peter and Tinker Bell, who hide themselves on his ship O [...]

    6. I read this whole giant thing in one sitting I m so in love with this version of Peter Pan that I didn t even realize I had spent over 5 hours reading this There was so much adventure in this book, and a lot of new characters that helped make the story better, and it was such a good read I love Peter so much, and it was really fun reading the scenes between him and Tinker Bell I m excited to read what happens in the next book, as there wasn t a cliffhanger at the end, so I m no sure what to expe [...]

    7. This book wasn t fun like the first one, at least not on that same level I didn t fall off the couch laughing or get funny looks as I chuckled to myself in the breakroom But this book was better than the original in some ways Better story, tension, some unexpected emotions, fewer seemingly annoying villain POV scenes at least in the second half of the book Although I don t know that that counts because the villain POV scenes in both books are well written and rather entertaining OTHER HAPPY THO [...]

    8. A fun addition to the first one I like that they threw the original author J.M Barrie in there, like a cameo I think I enjoyed this one a little than the first one Maybe it s because I knew the characters a little better, or maybe it s because Peter is a bit mischievous and playful as we know him to be, or because we get to know Tinker Bell better and see her relationship with Peter Regardless it s another quick read about a fun twist on a classic story I do wish there had been with Captain H [...]

    9. I m reading this series out loud to my daughters at bedtimes My eldest already read the first three but both are enjoying this run, as an I This is a wonderful retelling of the Peter Pan story, providing additional depth and background to an already fun framework It s a fun read for this adult but very enjoyable for my 9 and 11 year olds.

    10. Second in the Peter and the Starcatchers children s fantasy adventure series about a boy who will never grow up and can fly The Story Peter has gotten just a bit too cocky on Never Land, teasing Captain Hook and the pirates when he s the only one who can fly He s not setting a very good example as a leader and because of it, James gets caught by Hook and his crew Rescuing James leaves the Mollusk peoples compound unguarded which enables Lord Ombra to steal away Fighting Prawn s daughter, Shining [...]

    11. I enjoyed it, for the most part My biggest complaint is that it was excessively long There was an awful lot of filler Lots of unnecessary, superfluous details and even side stories that just filled pages We don t really need to know exactly what is happening every single minute to every single character I will continue with the series, because I heart Neverland I just have to take breaks in between installments.

    12. Peter leaves the safety of Mollusk Island, along with his trusted companion, Tinker Bell, for the dark and dangerous streets of London On a difficult journey across the sea, he and Tink discover the mysterious and deadly Lord Ombra, who is intent on recovering the missing starstuff In London, Peter attempts to track down Molly, hoping that together they can combat Ombra s determined forces But London is not Mollusk Island, and Peter is not the boy he used to be, and to make things worse, Lord Om [...]

    13. I absolutely love the idea behind this series Instead of retelling the old version of Peter Pan, Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have simply imagined a background for Peter This series goes through the days before Peter became the legendary Peter Pan It s great, because those who aren t familiar with the story can follow, and those who do know the story can be amused by references to what Peter will eventually become.Aside from the history behind the characters, this is an entertaining and delight [...]

    14. This sequel to Peter and the Starcatches is a definite nail biter Peter and Molly face a seemingly indestructable enemy which can take control over someone merely by touching their shadow Peter must help Molly s father get rid of the dangerously miraculous Starstuff before the evil Lord Ombra the shadow stealing enemy takes it for himself and use it to take over the world or something I would compair this book to The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins because they both had a reasonable amout of blo [...]

    15. I wanted to like this book, I really did But overall, I found it tiresome.As I said in the review for the first book, I felt like they could have cut at least 25% without any damage to the overall story How many times do we need to read about Peter and usually Tink and sometimes Molly barely escaping yet another danger Another reviewer mentioned the Harry Potter franchise when commenting on the length I found other parallels the name of Peter s school St Norbert s School for Wayward Boys and the [...]

    16. In this riveting and adventure packed follow up to the award winning New York Times bestseller Peter and the Starcatchers, Peter leaves the relative safety of Mollusk Island along with his trusted companion, Tinker Bell for the dark and dangerous streets of London On a difficult journey across the sea, he and Tink discover the mysterious and deadly Lord Ombra, who is intent on recovering the missing starstuff celestial dust that contains unimaginable powers In London, Peter attempts to track dow [...]

    17. This is an absolutely terrific book, and much scarier than Barry and Pearson s first installment While the elements of humor and whimsy still abound, the stakes are higher and the tone is quite dark at times The authors also do an admirable job of making Peter both relatable and quite complicated It had never occurred to me before reading this series that there is a sadness inherent in Peter Pan even though he gets to be forever young, he is also doomed to watch his friends age and move forward [...]

    18. Peter and the starcatchers have a second book Peter and the shadow theives An unexpected visitor arrives at the island with a few of the others They came for the stardust, but one of the others are absolutly not normal He wears a cape and through the hood all you can see are two red orbs, and did i menchin when you are near him you are shivering cold and when he touches your shadow he takes over you He will know everything you know After taking the mulusk cheifs shadow they diside to go to a pas [...]

    19. I really liked the Peter and the Star Catchers, but this book was even better The plot was tighter and quite unpredictable , the characters developed, and the story just raced along The bad guys were scarier to me than the previous ones, and the situation was both fantastic and desperate than the last book I loved that George Darling was introduced into the story I literally could hardly put this book down I was so anxious to see what was going to happen next This book is, however, fairly dar [...]

    20. awalnya saya skeptis dengan buku ini.entah ngerasa skeptis aja hehetapi ternyata lumayan seru jugayang versi terjemahan yang saya baca kurang memuaskan terjemahannya kurang konsisten ada satu kata yang pada redaksi aslinya disebut The Return dan pada awalnya penerjemah membiarkan kata tsb dibiarkan seperti apa adanya namun hal itu berubah pada bagian tengah cerita The Return diterjemahkan menjadi Pengembalian sebagai pembaca awam saya cuma bisa baca aja sambil mengerutkan dahima mau mengingatkan [...]

    21. Man, I thought this book would never end I didn t enjoy this one nearly as much as I did the first book in the series Just couldn t get into the story at all and it seemed to go on FOREVER My 10 year old son and I read this together and he felt favorably toward it than I did He said he d give it 4 stars and couldn t believe I was only going with 2 LOL Having moved right on to our next book, The Shattering by Kathryn Lasky sorry, add book isn t working for some reason so can t post the link , I [...]

    22. I LOVED this audiobook The book is SO good Then you add Jim Dale s remarkable performance and it just zings This is the continuing story of Peter Pan s adventures, pre Wendy The first book told how he arrived on the island and set up the situation of his never growing up This picks up several months maybe a year later and the Captain Hook and the boys have settled into a routine of mutual harassment and hatred This is interrupted by a new villain aided by some previously met varmints And it soar [...]

    23. Peter, the lost boy left with magical powers on an Island called the Never Land, wanted to see his friend Molly again back in England Unfortunately, he had no reason to go there and there was no way he could get there So, one day he went exploring and found that a boat full of evil men had come to steal the magic What the men didn t know was that the magic was in England with his friend s family Then, the men figured out and set sail to England Peter, wanting to warn Molly, hid on their ship and [...]

    24. Possibly an even better adventure story than the first Peter and the Starcatchers book, this installment takes place in cold, foggy, dangerous London These books are wonderfully creative and full of detailed descriptions of the unique characters, haunting landscapes, and exciting escapades of Peter, Tink, and Molly You will never think of Peter Pan the same way again This will appeal to anyone who enjoys Harry Potter or the Percy Jackson books Don t let the fact that it is written for children d [...]

    25. I was interested to see whether Dave Barry could keep the cracking pace and level of a jolly good read that he set in Peter and the Star catchers I am pleased to say that he definitely achieved this If anything this was of a chair gripping rollercoaster than the first of his prequels to Peter Pan Along with the cast of the last book the author manages to give George Darling an appearance in this one Jolly good read.

    26. I liked this installment even less than the first one and I am not even going to bother with the third, Secret of Rundoon My little sister read it and informed me that it didn t end very happily, which I had seen coming for quite a while Again, I think that they would have done better to have told the story originally than within the framework of the accepted official version, or, better, to have left it at Peter and the Starcatchers.

    27. This series is a prequel to the Peter Pan story we all know Quite enjoyable 5 year old will love these in a few year They are wonderful adventures for young readers and adults will enjoy them as well.

    28. A strange dark creature is searching for starstuff, and he is not gonna give up Alarmed by what has happened at the island, peter flies to London to tell Molly, only to find out that she is being followed by the shadow to.

    29. We loved listening to the audiobook of this series because it is narrated by Jim Dale, who also narrated the Harry Potter audiobooks He s amazing, and I think could make a reading of the phone book entertaining

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