Fire & Flood #2020

Fire & Flood Victoria Scott Fire Flood Tella s brother has cancer and she is helpless to save him Or so she thought When an invitation arrives for her to compete in the Brimstone Bleed a deadly competition that will lead her through trea

  • Title: Fire & Flood
  • Author: Victoria Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fire & Flood Victoria Scott Tella s brother has cancer, and she is helpless to save him Or so she thought.When an invitation arrives for her to compete in the Brimstone Bleed, a deadly competition that will lead her through treacherous jungle and scorching desert, she doesn t think twice Because the prize is a cure But Tella will be facing than the elements
    Fire & Flood Victoria Scott

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      432 Victoria Scott
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    1. WARNING LONG, BORING, WHINY RANT AHEAD REVIEWER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR WOUNDS SUSTAINED DUE TO SUDDEN ONSET OF NARCOLEPSY minor spoilers below Brief summary Tella receives a cryptic message telling her that she s been entered into a race that could save her sick brother s life The message could very well be from a serial killer but she buys it hook, line, and sinker She doesn t tell her family what she s doing and drives off in search of the first clue in the middle of the night, without so much [...]

    2. The woman pauses dramatically I d like to officially welcome you to the Brimstone Bleed May the bravest Contender win Wait, what Put this on your shirt It s a small gold serpent pin, and it s fairly heavy.Well, isn t that just fucking special This book is half Hunger Games, half Digimon Pok mon hybrid, and 100% terrible The writing and the main character is absolutely juvenile without all the sexual scenes, this book would feel like it was written for a middle grade audience because of the utter [...]

    3. There s something familiar about this storyA group of people must compete against one another in a game of survival, an epic race across jungle, desert, ocean and mountain They face the danger of their fellow competitors, as well as the various threats of nature There can be only one winner.Where have I heard this before During this competition, some of the competitors choose to form teams in order to increase their chances of survival out in the wilderness There s flirtations between the MC and [...]

    4. So excited to share this new series with you It couldn t be different than the Dante Walker books I suppose I like to keep you guys guessing.

    5. Fire Flood is a VERY disappointing read Of course, I ve read some reviews and saw that many said it had a lot of similarities to The Hunger Games I may be one of the few who thought that, but I didn t mind that fact before picking it up.As long as it s good and not 100% similar to that book Fortunately, it s not The Hunger Games all the way Tella is a normal teenager who just moved out to Montana with her family She is loved by her parents but unfortunately, her brother is ill and she wants to s [...]

    6. one of my best friends wrote this she s awesome she s hilarious she s got killer descriptions therefore, this book is awesome got it

    7. This is a mini review that actually turned out not too mini in length, but it s got the same feel as one , because this book was painfully forgettable, and other reviews have already discussed its problems in great length.Guys, I hate to be that person, but this book is The Hunger Games But then also add Digimon And yeah, that might sound awesome, but it s really, really not There have been a few reviews to point out the glaring similarities between Fire Flood and The Hunger Games the Effie char [...]

    8. Does it bother you to think about being covered in bugs, bugs that eat your flesh and blood Then prepare yourself because this book is nightmare inducing I m not sure what it says about me to know that this is part of why I enjoyed it so much I guess a book that can prompt such horrific images in my head to the point of making me shudder is up there with the awesome Or maybe I should be on medication That s up for debate Fire Flood surprised me in many ways At first it had a lot of similarities [...]

    9. When I am given the opportunity to read a book that hasn t been released yet, it means I am going into it without having been influenced by reading other reviews on It means going into it with no expectations, either positive or negative and leaving myself open to the possibility of finding a wonderful book And that is exactly what happened when I read Fire and Flood by Victoria Scott This is the first book I have read by Ms Scott so I had no idea what to expect and what a surprise I was in for [...]

    10. Very good indeed Not my normal read but I enjoyed it thoroughly I thought the pace was fantastic and something needs to be said about the increasing amount of new literature, that uses the short, sporadic chapter lengths Some of the chapters in this book were 4 pages I am used to epics which sometimes have chapters of 50 pages, so having short chapters makes the book seem to fly by Ultimately I fell in love with the story, and I will admit, the characters I have a gripe against romance in novels [...]

    11. Oh, wow Get ready for an intense first installment to this new series, y all I m a little stunned by it all And a lot impressed.I have an author crush on Tori Scott For reals.

    12. The Hunger Games meets The Amazing Race meets How to Train Your Dragon, and the result is freaking outstanding.Sixteen year old Tella is just an ordinary girl with extraordinary problems Her older brother is dying of a mysterious illness and the only way she can save him is to enter an epic race across desert, jungle, mountain, and ocean Tella s not much of an outdoorswoman her idea of roughing it is going without internet access but not trying means letting her brother die, and that ain t happe [...]

    13. Meine Mei nungBereits als das eng li sche Ori gi nal auf dem Buch markt erschie nen ist bin ich durch die vie len begeis ter ten Stim men und die inter es sante Hand lung auf das Buch auf merk sam gewor den Mitt ler weile ist die deut sche ber set zung auf dem Markt und der Auf takt band um das geheim nis volle Brims tone Bleed hat u erst viel ver spre chend begonnen.Die Geschichte ist eine Mischung aus Dysto pie und Fan tasy in hal ten was in die sem Fall rich tig gut funk tio niert hat Ver sch [...]

    14. I really enjoyed this book It was majorly lacking in the world building department, but it was an enjoyable read and just what I needed I will be continuing this series

    15. 3.5 stars For a fleeting moment, before the woman speaks, I pray that the orange pack I m wearing holds Chanel makeup And a brush And a mirror Welcome to the Prada sale of a lifetime, people Instead of fighting past the Black Friday crowd for shoes, the teenage Becky Bloomwood will take part in the Brimstone Bleed without makeup for a cure for her brother, Cody She will be helped along by a steadfast, raised on Man vs Wild Luke 2.0 Join our heroes as they trek across jungles and deserts and ulti [...]

    16. If you re hearing this message, you are invited to be a Contender in the Brimstone Bleed All Contenders must report within forty eight hours to select their Pandora companions If you do not appear within forty eight hours, your invitations will be eliminated.The Brimstone Bleed will last three months and will take place across four ecosystems desert, sea, mountains, jungle The winning prize will be the Cure a remedy for any illness, for any single person.There will only be one champion I ve been [...]

    17. See reviews at YA Midnight Reads1.5 starsAfter the endless praise and fangirling for the Dante Walker series, I was hoping Fire Flood would deliver correspondingly Instead, I got a cheap version of The Hunger Games with a dash of Pokemon.No second thoughts aside, Fire Flood was lacking originality We got a pin, an Effie replica, a rush to the Cornucopia but this time for eggs The main character s motive to enter the game was to save her sibling, the competitors were thrown into an unknown envir [...]

    18. 4 5 Sterne mit einer Tendenz nach unten.InhaltTellas Bruder Cody ist krank und es scheint keine Heilung mehr f r ihn zu geben.Doch dann bekommt sie ein mysteri ses Ger t, dass ihr einen Weg zeigt, ein Heilmittel zu bekommen Das Brimstone Bleed Sie wei erst nicht, was es ist, doch z gert nicht.Es entpuppt sich als Wettstreit zwischen ber hundert Kandidaten und sie alle wollen das Gleiche Den Hauptgewinn, um ihre Geliebten zu retten Und einige von ihnen sind bereit, alles daf r zu tun.Mit ihrem Pa [...]

    19. 4.5 StarsOh, where do I even begin FIRE FLOOD amazed me Seriously, I was not expecting FIRE FLOOD to be as amazing as it was It is definitely a MUST READ OF 2014 I have to admit, the beginning drove me insane The main character Tella, was SO annoying, whinny and the most childish Main Character that I have read, maybe even ever BUT, as the book progressed and Tella actually found out that there was a way to save her brother, she changed She became determined, stronger, motivated, and SO much les [...]

    20. Someone much crueller than me would describe this book as a Survivor Reality show meets YA Giant race, one winner, only instead of a cash prize and not so eternal glory, the winner of the Brimstone Bleed gets a cure to save their dying relative That s the situation every contestant, including Tella our protagonist, is in.With only their Pandoras to rely on, each contender has to run the game with no rules and make it to the finish line first to claim a prize Fire Flood covers the first two locat [...]

    21. 2.5 STARSThere s a part of me that doesn t like her considering us tools in this race I just want for these people to be my friends.Take that as fair warning should you decide to pick this one up Also Do NOT expect The Hunger Games depth.Do NOT look for Dante Walker s charming snark.Do NOT expect to like the heroine Only a few will get this analogy but she s Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi with a cuddly view spoiler wolf like hide spoiler Pokemon shoved to survive a Lord of the Flies The Amazing Race h [...]

    22. I GIVE UP.I SURRENDER.JUST ANYTHING TO STOP GOING THROUGH THIS BOOK.This wasn t even the worst book I ve gone through on my blog, but that just contributed to its utter boredom There wasn t even much for me to rag on It was just bland event after bland event, all of it poorly described, with no context, no detail, and no consequences Tella gets a rash, then forgets about Tella gets chased by monkeys, then after they re gone never mentions them again Tella gets an illogical ever bleeding wound th [...]

    23. Whoa, what a wild ride I have seen other reviewers say that this book is like a mix between The Hunger Games and The Amazing Race, and yeah, I can absolutely see that The thrills and excitement are non stop as we follow a very special girl through an extraordinary journey.16 year old Tella has been dragged out to the middle of Montana by her parents Her older brother, Cody, is sick with a mysteriously degenerating disease, and they felt that the fresh air would be good for him Now Tella is witho [...]

    24. Read March 2014 The Hunger Games meets Pok mon in this addictive new series about a race against jungle and desert Tella Holloway s brother is sick When the doctors can t determine what s wrong, Tella s family moves to Montana for a change of scenery and fresh they hope will help her brother One day Tella receives a mysterious box with an earpiece giving her instructions to become a contender in the Brimstone Bleed It s an epic race against Jungle and desert, that will help her win the cure she [...]

    25. 4,5 Sterne Es hat nicht lange gedauert, bis mich dieses Buch begeistert hat und ich mochte es auch eigentlich gar nicht mehr aus der Hand legen Die Geschichte ist fesselnd, es ist toll erz hlt und die Charaktere sind auch eine super Mischung Ich musste pers nlich beim Lesen oft an die Tribute von Panem denken, wer diese B cher also mochte, dem wird auch dieses gefallen.Die Hauptfigur ist allerdings gelegentlich ein wenig seltsam und meines Erachtens nach ein wenig widerspr chlich, aber wirklich [...]

    26. melissa413readsalotSo I was loving the beginning of the book because Tella was so funny with her snark Then she gets the little ear piece thingy that says she can join the Brimstone Bleed if she gets to so and so by so and so time There are things about the book I liked and others were just I loved when Tella got there, got her egg and got on with where they had to start the game And I fell in love with her Pandora, which comes from the egg they get in the beginning, he was a little fox, but he [...]

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