Some Came Running: The Definitive Edition #2020

Some Came Running: The Definitive Edition JamesJones Some Came Running The Definitive Edition James Jones s saga of life in the American Midwest newly revised five decades after it was first published After the blockbuster international success of From Here to Eternity James Jones retreated

  • Title: Some Came Running: The Definitive Edition
  • Author: JamesJones
  • ISBN: 9781306601979
  • Page: 427
  • Format: ebook
  • Some Came Running: The Definitive Edition JamesJones James Jones s saga of life in the American Midwest, newly revised five decades after it was first published After the blockbuster international success of From Here to Eternity, James Jones retreated from public life, making his home at the Handy Writers Colony in Illinois His goal was to write something larger than a war novel, and the result, six years in the making,James Jones s saga of life in the American Midwest, newly revised five decades after it was first published After the blockbuster international success of From Here to Eternity, James Jones retreated from public life, making his home at the Handy Writers Colony in Illinois His goal was to write something larger than a war novel, and the result, six years in the making, was Some Came Running, a stirring portrait of small town life in the American Midwest at a time when our country and its people were striving to find their place in the new postwar world Five decades later, it has been revised and reedited under the direction of the Jones estate to allow for a leaner, tighter read The result is the masterpiece Jones intended a tale whose brutal honesty is as shocking now as on the day it was first published This ebook features an illustrated biography of James Jones including rare photos from the author s estate.
    Some Came Running: The Definitive Edition JamesJones

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    1. I read James Jones first novel, From Here To Eternity, a few years ago, and was impressed by it, and finally recently got around to reading his second, Some Came Running Long out of print, I found some copies on half and ordered one up, only to find, upon its arrival in the mail, that I d ordered the abridged version I did a little research and found that the abridged version was first published in 1958, the year after the novel came out, in order to coincide with the film adaptation released at [...]

    2. They were all like runners, runners with enormous feet They were dependent upon their feet to run But those same feet were always tangling them up and tripping them And if they ever did win a race, it was both because of their feet and in spite of them.But none of them knew this All they knew was that they loved their big feet, for making them different, while they hated them bitterly for making them conspicuous Such children Dave Hirsch is a writer running back from the war to his hometown of P [...]

    3. I am yet under the spell Some Came Running put on me fifty two years ago If James Jones wasn t himself a sorcerer, he surely must have tapped into some magic reservoir of imagination when he created the most poignant romantic tragedy I ve ever read.I ve kept the paperback copy from 1963 but haven t opened it since Was afraid Jones s story might no longer affect the profound emotions it did back then in me a small town Midwesterner on the verge of running away to the Army to flee his failures I v [...]

    4. I d wanted to read this for some time, but I ve never actually seen a copy in the UK, and also there are three different versions of it out there, making it difficult to decide which to read Decided to go with this new definitive version as an eBook as this is a seriously weighty tome of over 1000 pages, and I thought it would be easier than lugging the actual thing around Also, from what I understand, there s a lack of punctuation in the original which is apparently annoying, but I didn t reall [...]

    5. I borrowed this book from the local library, believing it to be another great World War II novel, because the writer was James Jones, the author of From Here to Eternity Only when I started to read it later that evening, did I discover that it had nothing at all to do with war or the military.Too stubborn to admit my mistake, even to myself, I continued reading and I am very glad I did.It is difficult to describe very much about this story without inadvertently leaking a spoiler so I won t.I wil [...]

    6. Terribly long FIFTY SIX HOURS AND TWENTY NINE MINUTES on Audible I waded through the whole thing but it was wasted time all the same.

    7. 2nd from jones for mehaving recently read his From Here to Eternitya long, long story, one w a nice conclusion, the end of a journey, the beginning of anotherrhaps this is a continuance of that journey i dunno t would appear there s several variations of this story abridged version.ough this one, the definitive edition seems to be theoriginal lengthlong kindleere s a quote, 1st off sir walter releigh one book among the rest is dear to me as when a man, having tired himself in deed.nst the world, [...]

    8. Like many other reviewers, I was attracted to this epic novel following From Here to Eternity The writing is loosely structured this made sense when I read that Some Came Running was written first published later.James Jones sense of the unhurried story is similar to Herman Wouk s novels, in a way that I do not find in current writers As a reader, I am content to sit in a scene if life can be brought forth I don t need to rush away to another distraction.I hope to find and enjoy of his works. [...]

    9. In Some Came Running James Jones, author of From Here to Eternity , takes a seemingly personal and at times depressing look at the dark side of veterans returning home after WWII Using the fictional town of Parkman, Illinois as a backdrop, Jones takes the reader deep into the Psyche of of the townspeople, returning GI s and civilians alike, showing the trauma of readjustment as well as the social changes happening in post war U.S A very long and at times dark story, the book nonetheless is a mus [...]

    10. I ve had a cold for 2 weeks, this kept me entertained for at least 5 days since it was over a thousand kindle pages long About a World War Two veteran coming home, and the less then top notch people he found to hang around with There was so much booze flowin I think I have a hangover Yes, I think it was unnecessarily looooong, but now that it s over, I m reading James Jones other novel From Here to Eternity that s almost just as long thanks Kindle Unlimited

    11. I really enjoyed this book, though he does get long winded at times and the conversations or thoughts are not interesting I read this as an ebook I got for 1.99, and it was the unabridged version I saw the movie several years ago and was astonished by how much was changed from the book version I do recommend this book, and will probably read From Here To Eternity.

    12. Did not finishI got to page 530 out of 1266 and just couldn t continue No narrative drive and just didn t keep my interest Jones first book, From Here to Eternity was one of my favorite reads last year, but this just didn t do it for me.

    13. I seen the movie when I was a teenager different I thought it had a tendency to drag a little in written form James Jones a world class writer could have added so much to this story to make it a real page turner I am sad

    14. His first book, even though published after his two runaway hits I enjoyed it, despite the structural flaws.

    15. Having thoroughly enjoyed From Here to Eternity , I looked forward to this read According to my eReader, I read 35% of the book before I packed it in There were three reasons 1 Recognizing that Jones made a conscious decision to use spelling and grammar that reflects the lowbrow characters, I just couldn t hack it I could only take so many shed she would and redbrick and the like I felt it eventually became unreadable 2 I read the abridged edition, which reduced approximately 1200 pages to aroun [...]

    16. Ambitious but flawed novel published in 1957 but written about the after WWII period and ends at the Korean Conflict Might also be named The Town of Liars The story of Parkman IL fictional town and it s inhabitants Drinking liquor seems to be the town sport Dave, the main character is the person the story revolves around He is a novelist struggling with his process I do feel as if I know the people in the novel Could have done with some serious editing even though it is the abridged version Psyc [...]

    17. Fantastic character driven novel centered around a small town in Illinois between World War 2 and the Korean War A sprawling rambling novel that explores a few themes but even though it can be very melodramatic is one of the most human novels I ve read.

    18. Added 8 31 16 First published January 1st 1957 On 8 31 16, on TCM TV, I caught the tale end of the film version of this bookLM Some Came Running 1958 title tt0052218.on Some Came Runn Frank Sinatra, Shirley MacLaine and Dean Martin star in this powerful drama about the challenges facing a veteran when he returns home to deal with family secrets and town scandals dvdflix Search oq am When soldier and writer Dave Hirsch Frank Sinatra returns from World War II, he finds that his seemingly quiet hom [...]

    19. This was the book that didn t end It just went on and on, my friend Some people started reading it, not knowing what it was and they ll continue reading it forever just because I bought this on my Kindle and had no idea it was over 12,000 pages long By the time I realized, I just decided to keep reading it Overall, it was a good story but there were no moments of real excitement It just felt like a plodding life and maybe that was the point I guessed part of the ending when I wasn t even halfway [...]

    20. I discovered James Jones Asking the librarian for The Naked and the Dead I thought What I really asked for was From Here To Eternity Very pleased with a lot of Jones work, This included

    21. I think two stars is generous This huge book could ve been four or five interesting novels instead it was a mishmash I didn t enjoy it at all.

    22. read the short movie version at least 30 years ago This original edition takes the reader deeper into the story.

    23. I read it every summer I find this the best war book by far Clearly written and smooth going, but still gives you creeps and warmth and terror and hope.

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