The Houdini Girl (Modern Erotic Classics) #2020

The Houdini Girl (Modern Erotic Classics) Martyn Bedford The Houdini Girl Modern Erotic Classics Fletcher Red Brandon is a conjurer an illusionist a master of deception who uses his talents to seduce wild impulsive Irish rose Rosa into his life with a simple sleight of hand But when Rosa is

  • Title: The Houdini Girl (Modern Erotic Classics)
  • Author: Martyn Bedford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 403
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Houdini Girl (Modern Erotic Classics) Martyn Bedford Fletcher Red Brandon is a conjurer, an illusionist, a master of deception who uses his talents to seduce wild, impulsive Irish rose, Rosa, into his life with a simple sleight of hand But when Rosa is killed, Red is pitched into a new world where betrayal, exploitation and violence are no act The deeper Red delves into the life and death of the woman with who he sharedFletcher Red Brandon is a conjurer, an illusionist, a master of deception who uses his talents to seduce wild, impulsive Irish rose, Rosa, into his life with a simple sleight of hand But when Rosa is killed, Red is pitched into a new world where betrayal, exploitation and violence are no act The deeper Red delves into the life and death of the woman with who he shared one sexy, freewheeling year, the closer he comes to a painful realization even the trickster can be tricked.
    The Houdini Girl (Modern Erotic Classics) Martyn Bedford

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      403 Martyn Bedford
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    One thought on “The Houdini Girl (Modern Erotic Classics)”

    1. In 3 words Lust, Lies, IllusionsIs the greatest hoax of all that we can ever really know another person Is love an illusion, a mere magic trick no, that s not from the back cover i made it up, but i think it sums up the book s theme well The age 25 to 30 ish characters in THE HOUDINI GIRL don t seem to have much on their minds besides sex, smoking, and different degrees of deceit But perhaps just maybe they have their reasons And then WHAM someone goes missing, and the plot takes a turn or two b [...]

    2. So seriously Was this book written by a 14 year old boy Because if you take out the references to fucking and smoking, the book would be about 10 pages long.I spent most of the book trying to decide who I hated the most The Red character had some interesting things to say about magic, but he was annoying and stupid There was no reason to love Rosa other than that he loved fucking her and then smoking with her The lovely Kim I wanted to punch her in the face She was all about fucking surprise And [...]

    3. Beautifully rendered thriller with themes of deception, distraction and despair at its core As the clues materialise the story of Rosa and Red unravels Bedford uses magic as metaphor with dazzling result and Rosa s tragic fate is revealed to be the beginning of a haunting journey taken when Red discovers that deception is a trick that can be performed by anyone The characters are crafted with care as are their motives with logic The pace is fast and the book is very hard to put down This is the [...]

    4. From the title I thought this book was actually going to be a historical mystery about Houdini I rarely read the backcopy on a book because I like to go into it totally fresh but it soon became clear that we re in the present ish day with a contemporary story.It s about a magician who investigates the suspicious death of his enigmatic girlfriend, so I did start to draw comparisons with Jonathan Creek one of my favourite shows , but unfortunately our hero, Red, doesn t want to tell us how his tri [...]

    5. After the mysterious death of his lover Rosa, stage magician Red begins asking questions He doesn t like the answers he s getting.Narrated from the protagonist of his profession, you d expect to learn something about magic You re just used to it, to reading the so called diary entries or narratives by stage magicians, but no, Red won t have any of this He only reveals that no, his assistant the Lovely Kim didn t die for this trick, but describes how you would have seen it if you had been part of [...]

    6. It took until about half way through the book for me to really get into the story but once it going I must admit I couldn t put it down Its a strong story line but not one for the faint hearted The imagery Martyn conjures no pun intended is very realistic, and his characters have a depth to them I would consider reading another of Bedford s books but not just yet.

    7. This was an interesting book to read, with a far difficult review to compose as there are so many levels to this story it is often difficult to make sense without spoilers First I will say, Martyn Bedford mastered the inclusion of multiple layers of depth in this story A murder mystery at first glance, but so rich with metaphor and emotion, that to pigeonhole it as simply that is doing both story and author a great disservice By the title, I initially thought that he book would focus on the ma [...]

    8. Bedford, Martyn THE HOUDINI GIRL 1998 I hadn t heard of this author before I picked up this copy at an AAUW book sale It turns out that this was his third novel, his first one, Acts of Revision having won several awards in England This novel explores the relationship between a magician, Fletcher Red Brandon and his girlfriend, Rosa Rosa is a flinty, hard mouthed Irish girl who helps Red pick her up in a bar after he does a quick magic trick with her He can t figure her out, but he knows that he [...]

    9. I read this mainly on a train, and from start to finish it took me four days not the journey, reading the book Therefore it is an easy read, but a fairly gripping page turner Its interesting as both the main charactors have flaws, and are perhaps not nice people to have a relationship with, rather than the conventional portrayal that you expect at the beginning with a Mister Nice Guy being the injured party cliche A mystery A murder who dunnit A love story A life story A grim portrayal of how l [...]

    10. I read the Dutch version of the book Het Houdini meisje.Leuk detective verhaal waarin niemand is die die zegt te zijn en niets is wat het lijkt Dat is ook logisch natuurlijk bij een goochelaar.Leuk om Amsterdam beschreven te zien door de ogen van een buitenlandse auteur Zijn research is grondig geweest en volgens zeggen is hij niet in Amsterdam geweest, dus mooi geloofwaardig gedaan.Ook heeft de auteur zich goed ingeleefd in de wereld van goochelaars Goed voor wat uurtjes leesplezier.

    11. I found this in a charity shop, took it to the beach hut to read, brought it back home to finish so although I have read it at intervals rather than straight through I think that suited this novel The plot and narrative is in small chunks and like the professional magician who is chief narrator, the novel depends upon deceiving us in a delightfully complicated plot The content and descriptions are not for the narrow minded, but the story is about a world most of us don t or would rather not know [...]

    12. Using magic as a metaphor, Martyn Bedford has written a clever tale full of mystery, drama, humour and love A tragic relationship that could have and should have been so much if the characters weren t broken and had of been open I loved that they were flawed and wished for them a better ending but of course, the tragedy gives us a much better story Beautifully written, great pace.

    13. Piuttosto interessante, fino a met poi si perde Personaggi poco profondi e troppo cool sesso e volgarit a go go per un po ci pu stare ma a lungo andare stonano e annoiano Ok creare la cornice, ma cos diventa macchiettistico sigaretta, ripensa a lei metre facevano sesso, litigio, volgarit , sigaretta, e cos via, altro giro Trama debole, Amsterdam vista da turista medio, occasionale cornice magica, che sarebbe anche interessante se trattata in modo meno superficiale Bah.

    14. This book was a little bit out of the ordinary enjoyed the magic theme and descriptions of Fletcher s magic tricks although he rarely revealed the deception This book and the book I read before this are really about people dealing with the death of a loved one in this case Fletcher discovers he didn t really know Rosa at all Enjoyed reading it.

    15. About a magician whose girlfriend dies in a train accident Or suicide Or, wait, murder But why Told in flashbacks, including approximately a third of the story from her point of view Really intriguing, since she turns out to be a much better illusionist than he is, and scrupled in spite of because of her rather ugly past.

    16. A wonderful tale about the nature of deceit, love and grief, told through the medium of crime thriller Any detailed review will give too much away, sadly.And ignore the modern erotic classic tag on , it s not an erotic book at all although there are a couple of sex scenes, they re neither graphic nor kinky.

    17. This book is like nothing I ve ever read before I was captivated by the story and brutal honesty of the narrator and could never predict what was going to happen next I stayed up well past my bed time than once just to read one chapter I thoroughly enjoyed this book.

    18. This book is amazing I never meet enough people who have read it It is one of the most cleverly constructed novels I have ever read, as well as being charismatic and original Definitely recommend NB there are some graphic scenes when the novel moves to Amsterdam

    19. This was a good book, with some unpredictable twists tossed in to a pretty basic story line boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy tries to figure it all out I liked the style, and the characters were a little shallow, but fun and easy to relate to.

    20. Writing doesn t blow you away but something about the tone and story got me emotional Worth rereading too Katie Holmes at one point suppose to play main heroine in film adaptation.

    21. Excellent couldn t put it down Wanted to know what happened, but didn t want to finish Can t wait to read his other stuff.

    22. I was young when I read this book, and it was very graphic I remember being absolutely fascinated, like I knew things no one else did.

    23. An interesting, unusual story about a couple living together for a year the woman dies mysteriously and the man, a magician, seeks to find out why Good slice of life kind of story.

    24. So gripping Feels like my first thriller PG 16 SNLV thoughLoved the multi layer theme and felt so sad for the couple at the end And then so angry.

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