Waterworld #2020

Waterworld Max Allan Collins Waterworld In the future the polar ice caps have melted and the Earth is covered in water Survivors living on boats and man made islands have abandoned hope in the face of constant raids by a band of mauraudi

  • Title: Waterworld
  • Author: Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9780099638315
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Paperback
  • Waterworld Max Allan Collins In the future, the polar ice caps have melted and the Earth is covered in water Survivors, living on boats and man made islands, have abandoned hope in the face of constant raids by a band of maurauding pirates But a solitary hero, a courageous woman, and a mysterious little girl embark on a perilous quest in search of a forgotten place.
    Waterworld Max Allan Collins

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      116 Max Allan Collins
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    One thought on “Waterworld”

    1. I was so taken with the film that I immediately sought out the novelization which in fact did have of the story than made it to the screen Excellent book that allowed me to enter and expand on the visual experience of Waterworld through my minds eye Critics be damned one of my all time favorite films with characters and images that stay with me The novelization did it justice and .

    2. What could be better than the novelization of the greatest over budget scifi post apocalyptic blockbuster of the 90s Once you ve seen the movie, you owe it to yourself to read the book

    3. This book is impossible to grade It is so absolutely horrible that it does not even deserve a single star yet it is also so absolutely horrible that is serves as stellar entertainment landing it a dazzling 4 stars Lyt til podcasten En Verden af Vand for et godt grin.

    4. I found this novel adaptation to be very well done It lacked a few elements I would typically like to see in regards to a Dystopian future, particularly the gap from apocalypse to current events We got both but very little in between BUT, I thought they did a great job adapting and developing the characters AND modeling Homer s Odyssey into a modern Dystopian world I read this originally in Junior High and again recently, still held the same quality for me More so now that I m writing myself A S [...]

    5. Hey, say what you want about movie tie ins, they do have some advantages They are a lot like Star Trek books they are cotton candy for the brain They taste good, go down fast, and take no thinking That s not a bad thing You don t need the plot for this one you know it, or you should Main thing I liked is it did breathe life into the fighting sequences shooting and descriptive in this one than the film and it did add in some of the parts missing from the original film, although some of said pa [...]

    6. It has been a seriously long while since I have seen the movie and I know that it wasn t one of those classic hits that someone is going to remember in about a century unless they are a true fan But all in all it was a great one that allowed the introduction of green theories on how the world would end and how it would end up affecting the human race while at the same time capturing in great detail the classic human response to an emergency Unfortunately when you are trying to condense a movie i [...]

    7. Varios siglos despu s de nuestra era, el planeta Tierra se halla cubierto totalmente por los mares y oc anos como consecuencia de la licuaci n de los hielos polares Lo que queda de la Humanidad sobrevive precariamente aprovechando los destartalados restos de nuestra civilizaci n que se han convertido en preciosos tesoros en atolones artificiales que flotan aislados, sin m s comunicaci n que los navegantes vagabundos que se dedican al rescate de aquello que encuentran oculto bajo el mar y al true [...]

    8. Added 3 1 11.I did not read this book but watched the film which I borrowed as a DVD from our local library in 2009 Waterworld 1995 moviesflix WiMovie Watdb title tt0114898 In a future where the polar ice caps have melted and most of Earth is underwater, a mutated mariner fights starvation and outlaw smokers , and reluctantly helps a woman and a young girl try to find dry land Reviewer Roger Ebert wrote Waterworld is a decent futuristic action picture with some great sets, some intriguing ideas, [...]

    9. We loved the movie, now we can tell what everyone is thinking in the book It s not all stoic self reflection by our hero and pouting beauty by our heroine These are real people in a story that could really happen if we don t stop driving and using electricitymorrow Earth is flooded and it s a race to find landif there is any Very close to the book, but with plenty of new things that makes it than a rerun of a movie I ve seen about a half dozen times YesI ll watch it one time with you.

    10. I liked this, and chose to read it because I loved the film The writer s style wasn t always to my taste, I think I would have liked a little description with it, of the boat and it s hidden compartments, what it looked like inside, and how it felt being on board it Although having said that, the emphasis is on action in this novel, as is the film I could picture the actors playing the roles, and the characters did come to life for me So an enjoyable read

    11. absolutely a great book I heard that the movie wasn t super great, but I thought this book was real terrific.

    12. Clear and superb I admired the movie first and I knew that the book must have been better So I read it.

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