Cemetery Dance #2020

Cemetery Dance Douglas Preston Lincoln Child Cemetery Dance Aloysius X L Pendergast is an FBI special agent as enigmatic as his name In this case the stylish sleuth grapples with a culprit even singular than himself A Museum of Natural History archaeologist a

  • Title: Cemetery Dance
  • Author: Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
  • ISBN: 9781600242656
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Cemetery Dance Douglas Preston Lincoln Child Aloysius X.L Pendergast is an FBI special agent as enigmatic as his name In this case, the stylish sleuth grapples with a culprit even singular than himself A Museum of Natural History archaeologist and her husband have been savagely attacked in the Upper West Side apartment the assailant, identified by eyewitnesses and a security camera, is someone believed on inAloysius X.L Pendergast is an FBI special agent as enigmatic as his name In this case, the stylish sleuth grapples with a culprit even singular than himself A Museum of Natural History archaeologist and her husband have been savagely attacked in the Upper West Side apartment the assailant, identified by eyewitnesses and a security camera, is someone believed on incontestable evidence to be dead As the case proceeds, Pendergast, Detective Laura Hayward, and Lieutenant Vincent D Agosta begin to wonder whether they have a zombie monster on their hands
    Cemetery Dance Douglas Preston Lincoln Child

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      338 Douglas Preston Lincoln Child
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    One thought on “Cemetery Dance”

    1. Action packed mystery and suspense Another great Pendergast novel This one will have you guessing and second guessing the whole time.While this is a standalone story, it does have its place in the series after the Diogenes trilogy and enough references to the previous actions of the characters especially Thunderhead , that it would behoove you to read it in order.At first, I was not feeling this book as much as I was the others The plot felt forced and some of the characters felt like they were [...]

    2. Fantastic Really enjoyed this one It seemed to me a return to the form of the pre Diogenes books Great story, action almost from the very first page, a fascinating look at a different part of New York It was pretty creepy too Such a great series Join me on my campaign Pendergast for President

    3. Zombies VooDoo Animal sacrifices A violent cult Cemetery Dance, book 9 in the Agent Pendergast series, has a little bit of everything And once again it is a brilliantly creepy tale Two of Agent Pendergast s cohorts William Smithback and Nora Kelly are celebrating their anniversary when they are brutally attacked in their New York apartment Witnesses are able to identify the assailant The only problem is the suspect died three weeks before the attack Soon Pendergast and Lieutenant Vincent D Agost [...]

    4. Cemetery Dance is a return to form for Agent Pendergast It has an intriguing mystery, hints of the macabre and the return of some familiar characters Surprisingly, for a story set in New York, it is not focused on the Museum of Natural History And there is no Constance.The trademark subtle humour returns intertwined with a pretty serious plot The one negative for me were little changes in Pendergast s character.

    5. Wow, I just finished this book and it brought back the feeling I had when I first read Relic and met Agent Pendergast When I first heard that this book had been released I was a little hesitant as I did not enjoy The Wheel of Darkness as much as some of Preston s and Childs other books But the first 10 pages will blow your mind I could not believe how they started off the book and I have to admit I was a little devastated.That said I felt like after those first few pages you feel like you have a [...]

    6. Let me preface this that I picked up a copy and had it signed by Preston and Child themsevles at the very first stop of their book signing tour at a local Barnes and Noble If you have an opportunity to go see them, do so Very personable, open to questions and had a great time talking to the fans, signing the books and answering the questions They are working on another book and I did ask them if we ll ever see a sequel to Ice Limit which if you ll recall was mentioned in Still Life with Crowes a [...]

    7. Zombies in Upper Manhattan Hey, it s summer A relatively weak entry in the Agent Pendergast series, which is usually distinguished by its weirdly exuberant combination of police procedural structure and supernatural, The Thing That Lived In the Subways plotting This one has some interesting historical background on the Inwood neighborhood at the northern tip of Manhattan, an area I don t know at all despite have grown up in New York, but there s something enervated about the story and the writin [...]

    8. It seems that the longer many of my favorite series go, the tiresome they become I m afraid that Preston and Child s Pendergast series is doing just that The plot of this one revolves around a hybrid form of voodoo and a secret town hidden inside a park in the middle of NYC I won t go into the plot details here because it is irrelevant to my main beef with the work.Over the years I have enjoyed Pendergast He always seemed to be something of a modern age Sherlock Holmes He was at once mysterious [...]

    9. Although most, if not all, of the other GR reviews for this book contain a certain plot element without including a spoiler warning, I m a little uncertain about doing so I understand their likely reasoning it s revealed in the inner flap of the book and occurs in the first few pages, but the shock I felt when opening up the cover and reading the newspaper clipping printed there, William Smithback Jr a prominent New York Time reporter, was killed in a brutal attack last night in his Upper West S [...]

    10. By now the authors must think that it s pretty funny to toy with the reader s heart, I m a constant fan when it comes to the Perndergast books but putting the lives of all my favorite characters into some seriously creepy jeopardy is not funny I think by page 153 I was making disturbing sounds one night reading on the couch because I was asked what the heck was I reading and if I was all right yes thanks, just getting my internal organs rearranged Cemetery Dance is book number nine in the FBI ag [...]

    11. Painfully awful Preston and Child s ploy, I believe in every single novel, is to create some paranormal thing a monster, demon, apparition, homeschooled child and then at the end of the novel pretend it was not really paranormal There is a scientific explanation for everything, and at the end of each tome it unspools from Agent Pendergast s mouth Here, it s zombies Although they aren t satisfied with that spelling, it has to be zombiis Note, although this seems to be a book about voodoo, the aut [...]

    12. Cemetery Dance is the latest book in a series that started with Relic In this latest installment the setting is NYC and the story is centered on Voudou, zombiis, animal rights, greed, as well as the dance that is always played between people in relationships The relationship between the main characters, which the authors Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have developed into complex have invested us with deep interest.The people that populate this series are FBI agent Aloysius Prendergast, Lieute [...]

    13. Reporter Bill Smithback has just been attacked by a dead man walking Leave it to our favorite detectives to solve this mystery It was really only a matter of time before this series explored the world of zombies and voodoo However, this one fell a little short for me The story was less charming than others and I didn t really feel for the characters, though it s always sad when we lose a favorite throughout the series narrative Hopefully there isn t a trend of bad books with the rest of this ser [...]

    14. Laura, Vincent, William Smithback, Nora and of course Special Agent Pendergast all back for a new series of horrific murders Will miss William Smithback who was murdered in this book.

    15. This is my very first Preston Childs novel, besides Preston s The Monster Of Venice, which I thoroughly enjoyed I had been told these novels could stand alone, and it did Very fast paced, from the first page, it kept my attention to the last one Was it zombiis Was it not Who knew But with as smart a writing as this book has, I knew it wasn t just another band wagon genre basedvampires, no werewolves, no novel about the latest Fad in Writing THANK GOD I am SO tired of them all, I could just load [...]

    16. After the previous disappointing Pendergast novel, The Wheel of Darkness, I had decided to take a break from the series That one had sort of departed from the rest of the series and didn t include very many of the supporting characters I had come to know and love Part of what makes this series special for me are those other characters, many of them almost of a protagonist than agent Pendergast himself.Happily, this ninth novel is a very nice return to form Pendergast seems to have returned to h [...]

    17. Again torn between a 3 and a 4 here I finally settled on a 4 The books by that I mean the Pendergast novels are all fairly interesting if.I don t know, maybe the word, melodramatic fits I think it s Moss Hart to whom the quote there s nothing wrong with melodrama as long as it s good melodrama belongs not sure about that though Are these good melodrama Well, these are usually, pretty good Though the stories sometimes stray over into the land of oh come on now it would be hard for them not to, co [...]

    18. Really enjoyed this The opening of the story really grabbed my attention There were some far fetched, unrealistic elements but also some beautifully described settings It s the first book I ve read in this series but won t be the last

    19. This installment certainly redeems the series after the disappointment that was Wheel of Darkness This one had an excellently written creep factor, well done explanation of the case in the end, and some excellent character development in regards to flaws and weaknesses Not my favorite five star Pendergast book, even though this one had suspense in the who dun it realm, but still very worthy of all five stars This was an ARC copy.

    20. I am a big fan of the Lincoln Child Penderast novels They are always fun, full of action, and of course, they feature Agent Pendergast, who happens to be a favorite character of mine You can learn about Agent Pendergast here All that being said, I did enjoy this novel, but not as much as previous offerings from the authors.Cemetary Dance begins with an attack on a pair of familiar characters one of my favorite things about these guys, they are never afraid to do away with someone for the sake o [...]

    21. This novel starts off with William Smithback, a New York Times reporter, being murdered in his apartment by a man who had died a week earlier Adding to the fact that the murderer had the appearance of a zombie, it was easy to conclude that this was the work of a zombie Later, a zombified Smithback kills another reporter On the case is Pendergast, an FBI agent with a knack of tackling very bizarre cases, and Lieuntenant D Agosta, your typical gritty New York city cop All of this leads to a sinist [...]

    22. I m not a fan of zombies so this was not one of my favorites although it was still enjoyable to read.

    23. This was not as gripping as previous Pendergast novels I like zombies and all, but it fell short of being a page turner I am becoming annoyed with Preston and Child in these novels, specifically the way they never reveal anything to the reader They wait until the very end to reveal what is really going on I prefer novels in which the reader has a bit of a glimpse into the mystery before the protagonist does Books like this that do not give anything away make me want to skip over huge chunks of i [...]

    24. Agt Pendergast is back and wondering who do that voodoo so well This series has really lost its zip The plots feel tenuous and silly They killed off one of the interesting characters It just doesn t feel like their heart is in it as they crank the handle of this money making machine Too bad Another disappointment At this point they re just moving characters around like Action Figures They don t seem to be growing or developing.

    25. This being the 9th in the series featuring enigmatic Special FBI agent Pendergast, the reader is at once presented with a murder which has all the outward appearances of a venture into the world of the occult, in this case voodoo and Zombies The story is imaginative and creatively written so the reader is constantly needing to know, what happened next Plenty of intense moments throughout This book and perhaps this series would not do for the faint of heart Also contains some gruesome descriptive [...]

    26. Doesn t just invite a suspension of disbelief It requires you to send your disbelief away to summer camp with instructions not to call or write Which I guess is the idea I read it to the very end, if only to get the answer to this burning question Do zombies ride subways


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