Teach Yourself Stoicism and the Art of Happiness #2020

Teach Yourself Stoicism and the Art of Happiness Donald J. Robertson Teach Yourself Stoicism and the Art of Happiness This new guide to finding a happier way of life draws on the ancient wisdom of the stoics to reveal lasting truths and proven strategies for enhanced wellbeing By learning what stoicism is you can re

  • Title: Teach Yourself Stoicism and the Art of Happiness
  • Author: Donald J. Robertson
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  • Page: 269
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Teach Yourself Stoicism and the Art of Happiness Donald J. Robertson This new guide to finding a happier way of life draws on the ancient wisdom of the stoics to reveal lasting truths and proven strategies for enhanced wellbeing By learning what stoicism is, you can revolutionise your life, learning how to properly seize the day , how to cope in the face of adversity, and how to come to terms with whatever situation you re in.
    Teach Yourself Stoicism and the Art of Happiness Donald J. Robertson

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      269 Donald J. Robertson
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    One thought on “Teach Yourself Stoicism and the Art of Happiness”

    1. Much like William Irvine s book, this book, too, is of a self help book than a book on the actual philosophy Some aspects of Stoicism are covered in synopsis form, but a lot of it is simplified and, even so, a lot of the original Stoic principles leave me a bit baffled Why is rationality to be so prized Why are virtue and this exalted sense of happiness living in accordance to nature so valuable Why should anyone take a straw man concept like the Stoic Sage seriously These are just a couple of [...]

    2. Great breakdown My only complaint is that the book continually pushed CBT and got into the modern psychological implications of stoicism than how to actually live the stoic ideal However, that was only a minor nuisance compared to the overall text and the quality job it did in outlining stoic philosophy I did find the self examination sections at the beginning of each chapter to be excellent lead ins for the reading I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has experience with stoic phil [...]

    3. Excellent Introduction to StoicismI found myself highlighting something almost every page It took me a few years to read There is much to contemplate and practice, but even as a beginner it has brought increased peace to my life But all excellent things are as difficult as they are rare Spinoza, Ethica, 5.42n

    4. This book was so hard to read It is written from the perspective of picking it up and flipping to any section to read in short bursts Due to this, it is really repetitive.

    5. Kind of redundant I think the book could have been trimmed down to a 1 4 of its current size The author says things like The Stoics believed but doesn t necessarily give a logical argument for those beliefs.Overall a good read besides those two things.

    6. This is an excellent grounding in the ideas of the Stoics Lots of clear explanation of their ideas and translated into our modern situation I have also read William Irvine s A Guide to the Good Life The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy , which is also worth reading, but a bit interpretative of the original texts and less practical than this I am currently reading a lot about Stoic philosophy, along with translations of the original writing by Seneca, Epictetus, and Marcus Aurelius, and finding the comb [...]

    7. This was a surprisingly good read It presents stoic practice in a way that is simultaneously accessible and intellectually engaging From the title I had presumed that it would present stoicism in a way which is easily grasped by virtue of being given in an intellectually diminished way I was pleasantly surprised

    8. Understandable and readable introduction to Stoicism, seems to be pretty focused on faithfully representing ancient Stoicism, including full explanation of concepts represented by Greek words that don t easily translate to English.

    9. ExcellentI suffer from anxiety and stumbled across stoicism This book had a perfect balance of the stoic philosophy and practical exercises that I am starting to embed in my daily routine.

    10. Very good explanation if StoicismExcellent book I got this book as an introduction to Stoicism It has provided a nice modern take on an ancient philosophy.

    11. This is the BEST overall presentation that I ve read so far of stoic principles with practical advice and questions to ponder in order to implement these in one s everyday life Very well organized by relevant topics I love the textbook approach whereby each chapter starts with a bulleted list of main points, then has Remember this boxes to highlight important take aways and also Try it now boxes for useful exercises and techniques At the end of each chapter there is a clear and concise summary o [...]

    12. After discovering Stoicism and wanting to know this was the first book I purchased.If you are after a history of Stoicism, this is unfortunately not the book for you.It s a self help book than anything else If this is what you are looking for, the books offers exercises at the end of every chapter for the reader to follow Each chapter leads up to the exercises.I ve read a couple of self help books an the way this is presented is not my cup of tea.This is by no means a bad book, not at all It s [...]

    13. The table of content looks structured, but that s actually not the case when reading He repeats himself over and over again and gives the same definition over and over again It quickly becomes very tiresome to read What he should have done is to have definitions at the back or not define the same thing every other page In addition he basically shows some excerpts and talks a little bit about another I would have liked for him to provide structure and overview of stoicism not focus on excerpts an [...]

    14. This book is a great way to learn about stoicism The author manages to summarize the important points of the philosophy in an easy to digest way so that the modern reader can properly apply it to their lives It is filled with exercises you can practice, highlights the important ideas for eventual additional readings, and also provides a summary of each chapter if you need a reminder If I could only recommend one book on stoicism to someone, this is what I would choose.

    15. A great book on how to live Stoicism practically, with lots of thought stimulating exercises to practice along the way An excellent list of further reading will also be appreciated by anyone wanting to delve deeper The e version I read the hard copy has an extra appendix on the Stoic contemplation of death The book will be one I will be happy to go back to in sections, re read and contemplate further.

    16. Detailed introduction to Stoic concepts and practices Several aspects are good for study and retention but will be annoying if you just want an overview Meditation guides chapter summaries case studies frequent repetition of ideas.

    17. The content seemed very repetitive that was my primary reaction to this book I also disagree with much of the advice the book provides The author makes frequent references to psychology s Cognitive Behavioral Therapy as if that should lend some credibility to this work, but it is my understanding from a couple of therapists that CBT is not for everyone and can be easily misapplied even by therapists who theoretically know what they re doing Hence, CBT is not something to DIY The author advocates [...]

    18. A well done outline of the principles and concepts surrounding Stoicism and how they relate to our lives and pursuit of happiness For me philosophy is never an easy read as concepts can get far flung and are often esoteric in nature Robertson in this book makes it easier as he shows us in an easy to follow stepped process how to understand and integrate these abstract ideas.I, like most, who have heard of Stoicism have a stereotypic picture of who and what the Stoic is about The book goes to exp [...]

    19. Donald Robertson has published an excellent overview of Stoic ethics and interpreted it for the modern reader without losing much authenticity in the process He not only quotes Seneca, Epictetus, Marcus Aurelius, etc but new popularisers such as William Irvine, and also describes how the Stoic philosophy relates to CBT Any myths about stoicism like not being emotional were carefully argued against, and Robertson was moderated in his rhetoric instead of making you feel inadequate like a lot of se [...]

    20. A true Stoic would count graphic design, layout, font size, etc, as a preferred indifferent , or maybe not even preferred And yet, the layout of this book was a little maddening same points repeated in the main text, but then also in pull boxes labelled key idea and remember this The content is useful, offering a focused, straight forward introduction to Stoic ethics, and taking issue with some other exponents of the Stoic revival along the way for example, W.B Irving, The Guide to the Good Life [...]

    21. This book was recommended by Ryan Holiday at the Daily Stoic At first, I was dismayed that it read just like a first year textbook, with little activities in boxes throughout each chapter But this is hardly fair As my reading of the book progressed, and the activities became a little complex or at least, reflective, and some of these I will no doubt take up , I was learning In terms of an overview of Stoicism and Stoic literature, this book provides an easy introduction, though it does tend to [...]

    22. This book is perhaps one of the most important books I have ever read The fact all the founders of modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT found their inspiration from Stoicism lends to its effectiveness and credibility Its presented like a practical textbook, the pages have small type so although it is the size of a paperback, its packed with information The concepts and principles are in an easy to read format, with plenty of analogies and examples so that no concept is so complicated that you [...]

    23. Wonerfully pragmatic look at adopting Stoicism in your daily life Whilst this is a straightforward read, and surely aimed at a wide audience, perhaps even those who ve never even heard of Stoicism before I d personally recommend drinking from the source first.Try some of the eminently readable ancient stoic writers first Epictetus The Enchiridion, Marcus Aurelius Meditations, and Seneca s Letters From A Stoic, are all good places to start all of them especially the last two as I say are easily d [...]

    24. This is hands down the best book I ve ever read on the subject of Stoicism Donald J Robertson gathers information from all around into one concise and profoundly moving book The book is probably helpful than the writing people had access to back in the Greek and Roman days, since the knowledge from different authors was difficult to get access to and often impossible ignoring the lucky ones who had physical access to original Stoic teachers Read it and you won t regret I intend to read it once [...]

    25. Excellent introduction and overview of Stoic philosophy I ve been an amateur student of Stoicism for years and still learned a great deal from this book But this book is than just an academic study, it is a practical handbook on how to use ancient Stoicism to make your life better Stoicism was an influence on modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy CBT and this book shows how, even in its original form, Stoicism was basically therapeutic training if our thoughts.

    26. If you re looking for practical ways to start implementing Stoicism into your life this book is great It s meant to be read slowly and returned to over and over The concepts of Stoicism are pretty brief and concise so this work gets repetitive if read fast.

    27. To date this is the one and only book about Stoicism I have read The book is accessible and easy to follow with numerous summaries, and practical exercises, and is a good introduction to Stoicism.

    28. The fact that this book is presented as a self help book is in perfect keeping with the Roman Stoics Robertson has done an excellent job reinvigorating an ancient philosophy that had always been a means to help folks pursue a virtuous life.

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