It Had to Be You #2020

It Had to Be You Ellie Adams It Had to Be You The worst break up ever Could be the best thing that has ever happened to her Lizzy Spellman has been dumped At a party While wearing a Henry VIII costume By the man she thought was The One Someone ev

  • Title: It Had to Be You
  • Author: Ellie Adams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It Had to Be You Ellie Adams The worst break up ever Could be the best thing that has ever happened to her.Lizzy Spellman has been dumped At a party.While wearing a Henry VIII costume By the man she thought was The One Someone even filmed it, so now she s a massive YouTube hit sensation too.Just when she thinks things can t get any worse, she meets the rudest, most cynical man in the world, aThe worst break up ever Could be the best thing that has ever happened to her.Lizzy Spellman has been dumped At a party.While wearing a Henry VIII costume By the man she thought was The One Someone even filmed it, so now she s a massive YouTube hit sensation too.Just when she thinks things can t get any worse, she meets the rudest, most cynical man in the world, and gets a new mission in life To prove him wrong.Love does exist, and she s going to find it .
    It Had to Be You Ellie Adams

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      457 Ellie Adams
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    1. Originally posted on This Chick Reads Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review If you re a hard core chick lit fan, you ve probably at least heard of Jo Carnegie if not read her novels This is also a book by Jo, but written under the pen name Ellie Adams To this day, though we follow each other on twitter, I have no idea what s the reason for writing under a different name when this book perfectly falls in the genre she was previously writing But anyway, could be some marketing s [...]

    2. It Had to Be You is a light and easy story, nothing too special and without major twists or extreme ups and downs It has a nice pace and is quite humorous sometimes.

    3. The story follows Lizzy Spellman from London, who attends a fancy dress birthday party where she gets dumped pretty nastily by her boyfriend Of course someone films it and Lizzy ends up being a massive hit on Youtube As if this wasn t bad enough, her job in a PR firm and their or less serious clients annoy the hell out of her as well As she is instructed to promote a horribly stupid product, she makes contact with cynical, grumpy Elliot She doesn t really like him at first, but as they exchange [...]

    4. It was a lovely journey in Lizzy s life A very long full of ups and dawns one too Literally the first half was a little bit boring , she will got wasted with her friends every night like 24 7 hangovers then go to her work first thing in the morning Is it even possible to do that Then her love interest come to her life and made my day They were so very cute together it was fun how things work good for all of the characters in the end Its a nice read for any chic lit fan

    5. Lizzy Spellman is one of the funniest chick lit girls I ve had the pleasure to accompany on her disastrous journey to happiness We clicked on the first page when Lizzy is in this aweful costume and is called on stage to sing karaoke in front of a horde of wedding guests and get dumped by her boyfriend And then a YouTube video of the whole scene goes viral What a terribly awkward start to the story Of course I was instantly hooked and couldn t wait to find out what else Ellie Adams had planned fo [...]

    6. Lizzy Spellman has been dumped At a party.While wearing a Henry VIII costume By the man she thought was The One Someone even filmed it, so now she s a massive YouTube hit sensation too doesn t that want you to read I can t imagine a worse scenario for me This is my favourite type of genre my go to books to enjoy a few hours I loved the characters in this book they are all so fun to read Lizzy is so well written and you really warm to her You meet her family, friends, colleagues and of course th [...]

    7. It Had to Be You is your typical, light hearted chick lit The lead character, Lizzy is your every day Bridget Jones who seems to experience dilemma after dilemma topped off with a huge amount of alcohol As with the majority of chick lit, you are taken on a journey through bad break ups, awkward dates and girly gossip but despite the cliche, it was an absolute pleasure This was an extremely easy read very fluffy, uplifting and funny and I was sad to see this is the only book Ellie Adams had writt [...]

    8. Oh my I will never listen to the library s clerk s recommendations again I DON T like chick lit and I don t like predictable stories, and this was both of them Average, fat girl is dumped by her boyfriend but finds love again and, of course, he s a rich, gorgeous looking man The cover of the book is misleading, though The story has nothing to do with what it promises you ll find inside.I finished it because it was a rainy Sunday and I had nothing else to read And I m being very generous when I g [...]

    9. Love it love it love it A very funny book with the right amount of romance and friendship Looking forward to the author s next works

    10. It s been a long time since I ve read a lot of chick lit, and I m disappointed that every title I pick up is either average or terrible It Had to Be You is the former It s repetitive, with the first half of the book dedicated to Lizzy getting over her break up and constantly getting drunk with friends I felt as though I was getting liver damage just from reading There s only a certain amount of wine drinking that I can stomach reading.Ideally, this book should have been less than 300 pages, so I [...]

    11. It made me laugh SO hard Seriously At the beginning it was a bit slow I saw not development who goes out and drinks every single night with their friends , but kept reading cause it was hilarious It didn t disappoint me at all in the end If you are looking for a good laugh and sexiness too, this is a must Oh, and it definetley reminded me of Bridget Jones, which cannot be a bad thing.

    12. I laughed snorted out loud on the train a few times whilst reading this A perfect hopeless love story.

    13. This is my third time reading this book and it gets better each time, I m still yet to find a modern day chick lit romance novel that is better than it Most definitely deserves a read

    14. Jo Carnegie is now writing as Ellie Adams But never mind under what name, I totally love her books I have immensely enjoyed Party Games , to only mention the last book written as Jo and although I have heard that It Had To Be You should be totally different to the previous books, I was desperate to give this novel a go And I fell in love after the first few words Enter Lizzy She s twenty something PR living in London, right now clothed as Henry VIII and she s just being dumped by her boyfriend o [...]

    15. There are some books you just know are going to be fantastic as soon as you read the opening chapter It Had to be You is one of those books and dare I say it, it is possibly the funniest book I have read so far this year Yes it is chick lit but this is chick lit at its very best, I loved practically everything about this book and I found very little to fault with it Previously writing as Jo Carnegie this is the first book from Ellie Adams and I hope it won t be the last If she continues writing [...]

    16. Imagine being dumped in public At a fancy dress party In front of all of your mutual friends Whilst you are wearing a Henry VIII costume.Now imagine a video of said dumping being uploaded to YouTube That nightmare actually becomes Lizzy Spellman s reality after she is dumped by the delectable Justin who is concerned that the two of them want very different things in life Things go from bad to even worse when the YouTube views skyrocket and she is featured in the Daily Mail s sidebar of shame for [...]

    17. When I heard about It Had To Be You, I thought it sounded liked SUCH an interesting read, and I was even excited when I knew who had written it none other than popular author Jo Carnegie who I ve never read myself, but who is super popular The novel is actually being published under the pseudonym of Ellie Adams as it s different to her Churchminster series I ve never read any of Jo s books, so I was quite excited to start with It Had To Be You, with it s fantastic strap line, Has love walked pa [...]

    18. I have read Jo Carnegie novels before and her writing is easy to read and characters easily identifiable with This book is another by Jo Carnegie, writing under the name of Ellie Adams We begin with meeting Lizzy the main character who has been unceremoniously dumped by her boyfriend Justin at a fancy dress birthday party where the only costume she could get was Henry VIII and to top it all someone has videoed the whole thing and put it on YouTube adding to her humiliation and embarrassment Lizz [...]

    19. Posted originally reviewedthebook 2014 From the moment I first heard about It Had to Be You, I was really excited to read it When I look forward to a book that much, I m always a little nervous it s going to let me down but from page one, I knew I had nothing at all to be worried about here I loved the cover, the plot and frankly absolutely everything about this fab chick lit book It was mad and outrageous and it s true that maybe at times I was thinking, that would never happen Of course, I cou [...]

    20. Review first posted on my blog spoonfulofhappyendingsspoLizzy Spellman is having the worst night of her life While she is expecting an exciting surprise from her boyfriend Justin him asking her to move in with him or maybe even a proposal, who knows , she ends up being dumped at a fancy dress party while wearing an uncomfortable Henry VIII costume And to make matters worse, someone decided to film it all and put the video up on Youtube It feels like Lizzy s life is one big mess and her job at a [...]

    21. Lizzy Spelman becomes an internet hit when her boy friend dumps her in the middle of a Karaoke evening while she is wearing a Henry VIII costume She head butts him before she s even considered her actions and someone videos the scene Lizzy works in PR but she soon finds out that bad publicity isn t necessarily better than no publicity Then she encounters grumpy news journalist Elliot Anderson and they keep somehow bumping into each other sometimes literally.Lizzy s two best friends, Nic high pow [...]

    22. Lizzy Spellman is mortified when she is dumped by her boyfriend, Justin Not only is it completely unexpected, it is in a room full of people and one of those people happen to be recording the dumping on their phone With the footage uploaded to YouTube, Lizzy becomes famous overnight Trying to shed herself of her woman dumped on YouTube persona, Lizzy attempts to move on from Justin and find love again.I was really looking forward to reading It Had To Be You as I was immediately drawn to the vibr [...]

    23. Okay, this book is not one of those books that you start reading and instantly fall in love with well at least it wasn t like that for me But, fret not This is not a review where I m going to admit all of its fault I mean I gave it 5 stars people And I m pretty careful with my ratings So when I started reading this book I was a bit exhausted with Lizzy, I mean I liked her but really she was getting black out drunk with her friends every second page I mean thats hardly healthy or realisticc mon A [...]

    24. Lizzy Spellman becomes an internet sensation for all the wrong reasons Her boyfriend dumps her in front of a huge crowd, while she s dressed in a Henry VIII costume I adored this book I loved reading about Lizzy Spellman and her mad life She was an absolutely fantastic character who was hilarious, playful lovable Some of the things that happened to her had me laughing like a complete maniac Her two best friends Nic Poppet were equally as awesome.Nic was a very strong character who wasn t afraid [...]

    25. I sometimes wonder how much people earn for writing cover summaries that make us actually buy a book Whoever wrote this summery should be paid well I fell for it And I m really annoyed What a waste of reading time.The heroine is clumsy and giggling and farts and calls her brother hey MC Robo and of course she s got two BFFs she s constantly hanging out with of course at their favorite Italian restaurant where the owner knows and loves them and of course she s working in an office where the femal [...]

    26. Having previously loved Jo Carnegie s books, I was curious to see what she was going to do under her new pen name of Ellie Adams, and I was not disappointed I loved It Had To Be You Any book that starts with the main character Lizzy Spellman, getting dumped publicly in front of a huge crowd, while wearing a Henry VIII costume, and has the video of it going viral on YouTube, is bound to be a sure fire fab chick lit book I can assure you the rest does not disappoint.Lizzy works for a PR company sp [...]

    27. This book is good and when I say good I mean a nutty, hilarious, fluttery, Eeep type of good all wrapped in a duck print onsie I wasn t expecting to love it so much as I do struggle with books written in the third person but the writing is just so good you forget about it in the end And oh my this book is worth it for page 317 I mean what are you trying to do to woman kind Jo Carnegie this is just raising my expections far to high and it only gets better from there on out This is a book that wil [...]

    28. It Had to Be You is a great example of the very best type of Brit Chick Lit Lizzy s story is a full and many dimensioned one This is no obvious, straight forward romance It s a book about life friends, family, work, and yes, love Okay so some days I just want to escape into a love story, but some days I want something with a bit depth to it, and that s what I got in It Had to Be You Lizzy is a great character funny, strong, brave and real Her supporting cast are full of life too, a joy to read [...]

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