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Batman: Harley Quinn (1999) #1 Paul Dini Yvel Guichet Aaron Sowd Batman Harley Quinn Since Gotham s fall the Joker has been relatively quietbut that s about to change as former Arkham Asylum doctor Harleen Quinzel joins the Clown Prince of Crime to put him back on top But when their

  • Title: Batman: Harley Quinn (1999) #1
  • Author: Paul Dini Yvel Guichet Aaron Sowd
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 439
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Batman: Harley Quinn (1999) #1 Paul Dini Yvel Guichet Aaron Sowd Since Gotham s fall, the Joker has been relatively quietbut that s about to change as former Arkham Asylum doctor Harleen Quinzel joins the Clown Prince of Crime to put him back on top But when their unusual partnership leaves Harley a little worse for wear, she enlists Poison Ivy s help Now the Joker and Batman are going to learn that this souped up Harley s not goinSince Gotham s fall, the Joker has been relatively quietbut that s about to change as former Arkham Asylum doctor Harleen Quinzel joins the Clown Prince of Crime to put him back on top But when their unusual partnership leaves Harley a little worse for wear, she enlists Poison Ivy s help Now the Joker and Batman are going to learn that this souped up Harley s not going to be pushed around any.
    Batman: Harley Quinn (1999) #1 Paul Dini Yvel Guichet Aaron Sowd

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      Paul Dini Yvel Guichet Aaron Sowd

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    1. First canonical appearance of Harley in DC comic books Creative Team Writer Paul DiniIllustrator Yvel GuichetCover Alex RossNO WOMAN S JOKEHarley Quinn was around quite a bit in the media since her introduction in Batman The Animated Series and certainly she was been on the tie in comic title published by DC Comics, but that wasn t considered canon per se, until this special one shot was published during the Batman event known as No Man s Land.Being written by Paul Dini, one of Harley s dads , i [...]

    2. Harley Quinn is a fun character, totally insane yes, madly in love with Joker, oh yes This short comic gives us the back story of her meeting Poison Ivy, Joker and Batman It s a fun short read how totally dedicated she is to Joker, how she will do anything for him Breaking him out of the Arkham Asylum, fixing him a hiding place and taking sweet revenge on him when he tries to get rid of her because he is the Joker of course he doesn t do relationship and stuff so well Why only 3 stars Well, it w [...]

    3. Harley Quinn s official introduction into the mainline DCU, and naturally written by Paul Dini I like Dini, but this isn t exactly his best work There seems to be an expectation that everybody already knows everything about Harley, so there s a lot of shorthand in the storytelling Of course, everybody does know everything about Harley, but that doesn t help the story The art is also not at all my cup of tea It s the bastard child of the DCU Animated house style and a mainstream comics style, an [...]

    4. The I read about this character, the and I love her She is depicted as a zany clown and it s so easy to overlook the complexity of who she truly is These stories capture both the fun and frustration that comes with loving Harley Quinn and wishing she could truly be free of her abusive relationship.

    5. Well, I really like Harley Quinn especially the newer version without the red and black costume , so I decided to check out the comics As I understand, Harley is the character who first appeared in the animation series, but was so well liked that she got to enter the DC comic world.Her relationship with Joker is quite insane She obviously loves him, but I m not sure what he s all about I guess I ll keep reading and find out eventually.

    6. I am a HUGE fan of Harley Quinn and only just started reading comics again after a long hiatus Needless to say I had to have some Harley included in my new comic obsession.The artwork here is absolutely gorgeous The colors have a tendency to pop and the stories are kind of what I would expect from a villian based perspective.The first story takes place after Joker and Harley have one of their many breakups The dialogue between Harley and Poison Ivy tells the full story Here we get a full sense [...]

    7. Harley Quinn is a hard nut to crack created for the 90s television show, but built up in Batman comic in the 90s, the aughts, and beyond The darkness of Harley s character is inconsistent and the new 52 version is darker than the first incarnation, but both incarnations shows Harley Quinn and Batman s balance between angst, campiness, and noir While some of stories are slight, and perhaps too many recounting of origin stories, this is a good introduction to one of the few popular contemporary ad [...]

    8. I read this awhile ago but with Suicide Squad coming up I had to re read I love it I wish it went into a little detail on why Joker pushed her in the biohazard chemical.or pretty much whether he knew she d come out of it or he wanted her to die I just want Jokers love to be true and good, that can happen even if he s bad Hahaha

    9. What can I say exceptWOW This book was a real tour de force inside the lovable jester s chaotic mind and focuses on Harley Quinn as the protagonist Trust me, this gal can really hold her own she doesn t need her puddin to ensure she s centre stage With her gal pal, Poison Ivy, the two of them wreak comical havoc wherever they go, resulting in one huge headache for The Dark Knight As with all of Harley Quinn s stories, these are fast paced, full of humour and guaranteed to rouse a smile on even t [...]

    10. harley was kicking the joker and the batman s ass, but all it takes is the joker say sorry and harley forgives him for using and manipulating her, ugh.

    11. I love Harley I love love love her She is crazy and delightful and fun This collection gives us a few different takes on Harley Quinn, but it s all still Harley at heart.

    12. I have always been fascinated by Harley Quinn I have seen plenty of cosplay in her likeness and snippets of comics with her and information about her on my Tumblr dash I wasn t sure where to start to become familiar with her story and character but when I saw this little anthology in a comic book store in Los Angeles on my vacation I decided it was as good a place as any It s a good introduction for sure with the first issue the aftermath of the Joker trying to blow her up and how she got her p [...]

    13. Ah canon is wonderful, it makes the world complete This is the introduction of Harley Quinn into DCU continuity and man does it every do it right World What can I say about this world, it s awesome, it s Gotham This actually takes place in the midst of 2000s No Man s Land story line, although the story can pretty much stand on it s own There is not a lot of world building here as most of the story is an origin story and a character study so yeah, the world is pre established and not really all t [...]

    14. Harley Quinn showcases the introduction of one of my favorite villains in the Batman series, not necessarily because she has a dark or deep storyline to her name, but because she s so lively and entertaining that it s hard to not laugh and like her at the same time This comic explores how she met the Joker, nearly swore revenge against him after he tried to kill her, and then ended up back up with him again and trading spaces with Batman and Poison Ivy in the mix I read this in less than an hour [...]

    15. Good grief, did I review anything in May Shesh Okay then, another little story I forgot to review for 2 and a half months.I realize that Harley Quinn is linked to the Joker I mean, she s one of the few comic characters that actually started off on television before she ever appeared in a comic Created for a very tiny bit part To jump out of a cake A cake the Joker had set up to surprise some people But I ve never particularly cared to read the stories that involve the Joker and Quinn For somewha [...]

    16. 3 stars I m so biased when it comes to Harley and I have no shame I adore her and all of her insanity This was a lot of fun and I always love a good Harley Joker origin so I really enjoyed that Also, the friendship of Harley and Ivy is my absolute favorite so that was a plus as well I think the only thing about this comic that didn t work for me was that the pacing was a bit off and the ending was rushed and anti climatic Though I did love Harley and Joker s fight, it was resolved quickly in a g [...]

    17. Growing up with the character of Batman, while I like that character, the most interesting characters I found were the villains that he faced Harley Quinn is one of those You just like the character design, the weird twisted relationship with her and the Joker and well, her personality Thanks to the cartoon and video games, it makes you want to read some of the comics with these characters Plus her character and costume design is also good This was a good read, the different art styles I kind of [...]

    18. El universo DC me esta atrapando de una manera sobrenatural, es tanta informaci n y tan poco tiempo para leer TODO , cada vez me siento m s necesitada de conocer todo el universo hay algo dentro de los personajes que me engancha, tienen unno s qu tan profundo y oscuro que no me deja salir Y si hablamos de las chicas del universo DC Esas chicas son dinamita pura Las voy amando de a poco, aunque las conozca por encima y Harley logr sacarme de quicio Por favor denme m s tiempo y recomendaciones par [...]

    19. The introduction of Harley Quinn is a quick, fun read Harley matches the Joker for insanity, and the technicolour campness of the villains is a nice counterpoint to Batman s brooding, almost humourless, determination The writing is workmanlike, and the art good if not spectacular bright and energetic with the focus as it should be on Harley, who is cute sexy and mad as a blue fish, the ultimate nightmare crazy girlfriend.

    20. Wow Just wow It was so interesting to learn about Harley She has such a complex mind with many terrifyingly real thoughts A villain with an incredible story My rational mind is in a pretty small box All tied up with a bow on it You can put anything in a box A game A conscience A thought Hate Love.

    21. I actually read the updated 100 page Spectacular I really liked this collection Including Batman Harley Quinn, Batman Adventures The Bet, Joker s Tales from Arkham Asylum II, and Batman Black and White These were a great collection that shows off the best of Harley s personality Highlights her fun spirit and black heart.

    22. Fun, varied collection of Harley Quinn vignettes, offering a nice sampling of artistic styles, guest stars including Batman, Poison Ivy, and of course, Joker , and aspects of the divine Miss Q Short, sweet, and easily digestible.

    23. Easily the best of the comics I ve been reading recently If the Joker has a soul mate, it is surely Harley Quinn aka Dr Quinzel, erstwhile intern at Arkham Asylum , and this is the spritely told tale of how she became his girl friend.

    24. Olaylar Ba lad , ba layacak derken cilt bitti_ Pek bir ey beklemeyin yani, introducing Harley Quinn gibi bir ey

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