Ice #2020

Ice M.S. Watson Ice She won t melt Everything was perfect With a future career in surfing and an ocean front home Iris Glass is one teenager who thinks she is in paradise Her dad is the head of the police department he

  • Title: Ice
  • Author: M.S. Watson
  • ISBN: 9781311144300
  • Page: 239
  • Format: ebook
  • Ice M.S. Watson She won t melt.Everything was perfect.With a future career in surfing and an ocean front home, Iris Glass is one teenager who thinks she is in paradise Her dad is the head of the police department, her mother a successful business woman Her twin sister is a spoilt brat, but what family doesn t have one Then their 18th birthday comes around Nothing will be the same againShe won t melt.Everything was perfect.With a future career in surfing and an ocean front home, Iris Glass is one teenager who thinks she is in paradise Her dad is the head of the police department, her mother a successful business woman Her twin sister is a spoilt brat, but what family doesn t have one Then their 18th birthday comes around Nothing will be the same again.
    Ice M.S. Watson

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      M.S. Watson

    One thought on “Ice”

    1. My first impressions of Ice were not particularly favourable Having studied Classics, I found the characterisation of the Greek gods to be lacking, especially when the mighty Poseidon forgot to change his clothes and needed to hide in the bushes to avoid detection.The storyline was interesting enough that I read on to see what would happen, but ultimately, the writing style had me less immersed in the story as bemused about the odd wording and inconsistencies especially chronological ones For ex [...]

    2. This was an okay ish read I felt that maybe should of happened in it I liked Iris however her sister was another story It got old really fast at how attached she was to that guy and it was obvious he didn t feel the same I do plan on reading the next book so clearly this wasn t too bad of a read.

    3. This book had great potential, but that wasn t enough to save it from its many shortcomings.For one, I feel as though the characters are very one dimensional, and are not given enough time to flourish Secondly, the plot seems to grow haphazardly, without any explanation Their powers seemed to appear out of nowhere, leaving the reader with a lack of understanding of how they learned to harness their powers or understand why the Davies wanted to help perfect strangers I feel as though much is left [...]

    4. Actual rating 2.75This wasn t an awful read, but I can t say it was one I really enjoyed After a while, it really started to struggle to keep my interest, and I felt quite bored in places because of it It dragged slightly too, and the book felt a lot longer than what it was Don t think I ll bother with the rest of the series.

    5. This is book 1 in the Poseidon s Girls series.I didn t enjoy this book as much as I hoped I couldn t bring myself to like either of the twin sisters, Iris or Lainie, and I got tired of them both Although I thought the story line was really good.

    6. This was a horrible book It s like the authour just had really good ideas but just skimmed over them all This was a waste if time and I most definitely do not recommended it

    7. I wanted to love this book so much but I just couldn t get into it as much as I wanted to I liked the plot, it was quick most of the time The beginning lacked something to keep me entertained I think it lacked a little something.I enjoyed thesis character She was fun and pretty smart I hated her twin sister though I wish their relationship was better and she acted her age They never seemed like sisters, they were too distant from each other The author only wrote about her sometimes so I felt lik [...]

    8. Wow This book really surprised me.The prologue was so cool It really did make me want to know about the story.I did not like the beginning of the story I think that everything happened too quickly and that it lacked some details or conversations or things like that.The rest of the story was surprisingly nice and fast paced and I really loved it, although the beginning was quite weird, in my opinion.I just hated Lainie so much She s so shallow and manipulative and I just couldn t stand her Thoug [...]

    9. Pretty good story line, spelling error on pajamas but other than that I enjoyed the book I would like to correct my previous statement above about the pajama spelling After a note from the Author she said it was based on the Austrailian spelling I am grateful she clarified that for me as I did not know.

    10. This book had so much potential And instead of reading things crucial to the storyline and plot and developments, I was reading stupid, pointless details that were way too drawn out Both girls were so dang over dramatic There s no explanation for anything or why they miraculously turn into mermaids or why the heck these strangers want to help them.

    11. Very intriguing story I definitely recommend this book as it has a great way of mixing the mermaids with Greek mythology figures I couldn t put this book down I just had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next I m excited to read the rest of the set

    12. New take I have read many mythology books but this one had a while new take on the same old subject This book was funny, magical and full of adventure I can t wait to read the next book

    13. DifferentI ve read many books about merpeople, which of course intrigued me, and this one of course was no different The theories played well on Greek mythology, but there were some parts where I didn t understand Even so, it was a good read.

    14. I m surprised this was titled Ice since there was little to no references to ice in this novel, so that was misleading Yes, I know what the author was hinting at but I don t think it was significant enough to warrant a title, maybe so for the next few books when the plot has developed further Anyway, I was glad to see that despite the protagonist being a twin, the story wasn t a heavy twin drama kind of book, a little cliche, but what did you expect when twins are involved It started well, I mea [...]

    15. DisappointingWill not be continuing trilogy Characters were painful to follow I love a good meeting story but high school 2 dimensional characters and a rushed storyline feel really flat to me.

    16. I was a little unsure of what to make of this book, I mean the concepts behind it are lovely but possibly not conveyed in the right way.To me the characters seemed very stereotypical a true girly girl and an eccentric hobbyist In some ways it felt like something I had read before but with a magical twist I don t know but somehow it didn t seem to work for me The girls are basically what I would view to be mermaids both taking this differently, it is a lovely narrative but somethings about this b [...]

    17. I could not get into this because it did not feel like I was reading a final draft There were random inconsistencies that drove me crazy like when Isabella crashed at their house after the birthday party, causing Lanine to freak out.but then Iris sees her days later back at school, bandaged up and head shaven she didn t seem physically capable of partying over the weekend There were other abrupt things about this story that were just frustrating but the idea is so amazing Just wasn t executed we [...]

    18. I could not finish this book The prologue worried me in its cliched dialogue and characters before I reached the main part of the story The idea was intriguing enough, but the language skills were clumsy and poor Incomplete sentences, changes in tense from one paragraph to the next and cliched teenage tantrums left me bored and annoyed There is very little development and lots of one dimensional characters.Fine tuning and a good editor could really help The cover is gorgeous and the central idea [...]

    19. It was an ok read I found the reinterpretation of the Greek gods a bit weak And could not stand the fact that the main character adjusted to her powers so quickly And Xanthias character made no sense too many times for my comfort I try to finish any series I start reading, so eventually I would try and read the second book Hopefully, the author would deliver a better book on the second installment It was a quick read and entertaining enough that I still think many readers will like it.

    20. This had a lot of promising potential, but it fell quite flat I was looking forward to a story about Iris and Lainie exploring the fact they suddenly had a tail and fins upon entering water, not the action plot, I suppose you could call it, involving the gods I don t have the desire to continue the series to see what happens with that plot I don t recommend this book I m glad it was free on.

    21. Meh unfortunately the writing was a little clunky with this one I found myself being confused as the characters motivations changed so much from chapter to chapter I didn t really connect to any of them.

    22. It was Ok not my favorite I guess I was excited when I read the information but I was a little disappointed on how slow things got started with this book, but I wasn t bad it just is not my favorite.

    23. It was an amazing read that included greek mythology I loved it and I can t wait to read the nest one

    24. I really liked the story line however I felt that the supporting characters were a bit watered down and lacked any real depth.

    25. AwesomeGreat book I couldn t put it down for anything If you love Greek mythology I would definitely recommend reading this book.

    26. I forced myself through fifty percent of the book and couldn t do it any longer It started well but then it became extremely tedious to read.

    27. Easy book to readA pretty decent book Not too difficult Great mix of mermaids and Greek mythology Good storyline, excited to read the rest of the trilogy.

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