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Ice Blues Richard Stevenson Ice Blues Someone s left a man s body in Donald Strachey s car the grandson of Albany s most connected political fixer A letter from the deceased asks Strachey to dismantle his grandfather s party machine Like

  • Title: Ice Blues
  • Author: Richard Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9781560236559
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ice Blues Richard Stevenson Someone s left a man s body in Donald Strachey s car the grandson of Albany s most connected political fixer A letter from the deceased asks Strachey to dismantle his grandfather s party machine Like a chess master, Strachey moves ten suitcases, an army of colorful pawns all of whom think they re king , and 2.5 million across the continent and around Albany One ofSomeone s left a man s body in Donald Strachey s car the grandson of Albany s most connected political fixer A letter from the deceased asks Strachey to dismantle his grandfather s party machine Like a chess master, Strachey moves ten suitcases, an army of colorful pawns all of whom think they re king , and 2.5 million across the continent and around Albany One of the funniest in the series Filmed for release by HereTV in 2008 originally published 1986.
    Ice Blues Richard Stevenson

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      348 Richard Stevenson
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    1. The third instalment of Donald Strachey Mystery was considering the mystery probably the most complicated tricky one comparing to the first two books There were suspects and persons who were not necessarily suspected but who were directly or indirectly involved in that case and that made a whole story a bit overcrowded for me.The fact that I couldn t read it in one sitting RL interruptions in combination with a lot of participants made me scroll back to the previous pages to remind myself of WH [...]

    2. Richard Stevenson does not disappoint This is one tightly packed mystery with my favorite gay private detective Stevenson keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire way, tossing bits of new information here and there, along with excellent sleuthing to keep serious mystery lovers guessing As usually, I love the banter between Strachey and his partner, who are so opposite each other yet their relationship works and is wonderful so real and not the main feature of the story.Though the book writt [...]

    3. Solid entry in the Strachey series It s pretty much got the same strengths and weaknesses as the previous two books if you liked them you ll like this one, if you didn t, this isn t going to win you over.Strengths Strachey is as solid a character as ever, and his dry, acrebic wit keeps the story entertaining Timmy has to do here and is less of a piece of set decoration, but he s still a bit too Mary Sue I get that he s meant to be Strachey s moral compass and the yin to his yang, but I still do [...]

    4. I m a little disappointed, because Ice Blues is one of the humorous novels of the series, but it is also has the most outrageous and out of character development ever Ice Blues deals with politic intrigue heavy handed than Strachey s Folly and it was sort of impossible for me to suspend belief in order to accept Donald s actions and what drove him or any of the character s acceptance of them So in Ice Blues, I couldn t find Donald s actions and motive believable and in Strachey s Folly I could [...]

    5. This is the in the Donald Strachey mysteries and we find our intrepid PI trying to stay warm in the cold Albany winter.Donald hates the cold, a complaint that Tim is tired of hearing.If tbat s not enough,Donald car is towed and while paying the fine,Donald goes to check his car he finds a body in the back seat.Checking the pockets of the stiff,he recognizes the name of the man in his wallet.The man was badly beaten and Donald calls the homophobic homicide detective he s dealt with in the past to [...]

    6. Ah, glorious Northeast winters I understand Don s dismal attitude He should really follow his daydreams about fleeing south and stay there.It s interesting to track Don s progress through the 80s I m enjoying his colorful commentary.I am thoroughly enjoying these books Assuming they continue on as they have been going good humor, strong mysteries, fun characters I feel like they re the kind of books that I ll largely score with 4.25 and 4.5 but the overall series will end up a 5.And view spoiler [...]

    7. Snappy dialogue keeps this story engaging.In the midst of a cold and very snowy winter, when Strachey goes to pick up his impounded car, he discovers someone has dumped a body in the back seat Who did it How did the dead man come to have 2 1 2 million And how do politics, drugs and family come together and fly apart This is not the deepest swimming hole in the river I never had a particularly strong sense of place or character There are a million ways this book gets across how unpleasant and unw [...]

    8. Another great book in the series, it hits you hard in the beginning There s a dead body in the trunk And then has you flipping pages quickly until the end.It seems to be standard in these books, at least in 1, 2 and now 3, that there will be too many sub characters and the wrap up won t make a lot of sense After reading book 2 I watched the movie version and they cleared that up, I expect the same will happen here when I watch this movie.An extra bonus was reading this in the summer humidity The [...]

    9. 4.0 of 5 stars Improved on an Already Entertaining Series.I love gay mysteries and romances, and Richard Stevenson does a good job of combining both in one of the entertaining such series I liked this for the same reasons I liked each in the series This third entry was even better than its predecessors and continued to build the story With crisp, witty writing, it s a good mystery, set in the energized post Stonewall early AIDS era, and brought to life by a colorful, hard boiled yet likable PI, [...]

    10. Okay, so this is a difficult one to rate.I accidentally started with this one instead of book 1, but from my experience and from what I read you can pretty much start anywhere in this series.The mystery was solid and interesting, the detective work nice and old school, so the book did score on this part It didn t quite grip me though I wanted to see it solved, but I wasn t in a state where I couldn t put it down.Now my main problem with this book and also with another of the series I ve started [...]

    11. After 20 pages I had to concede defeat, but I didn t want to After 30 pages I was so bored I started reading my crappy old CSS hand outs instead.There are 200 pages And half a dozen books in this series Unheard of of me, I started with the third, because people agreed it focussed most on the relationship between Donald and Timothy except what there is is so little, and not written like two distinct voices or anything.Still hoping though It picked up a bit when boyfriend Timmy and Kyle Toot were [...]

    12. I was watching part of this movie on Logo the other night, and I found the rest of it on Netflix, which I have yet to finish, so when I saw the book was only 5 on Kindle I thought I d try it not that I need to explain why I read a book but I already typed this out so whatever My main complaint was the cheap ebook, huge sections were in italics for no reason, and there were really basic spelling errors from the transition, which was very annoying Overall, it was a decent story, the atmosphere of [...]

    13. Read in 2009, reread for a challenge in January 2016 In the third book of the series the mystery is even convoluted, the banter between Don and Tim is as good as usual, the writing still excellent An extra MC is the winter in Albany, which is also the pretext for many caustic puns and some whining from Don.I feel very melancholic thinking about Jack Lenihan and his plan for view spoiler reforming Albany s corrupted political life hide spoiler I admit one might need a suspension of disbelief to [...]

    14. I m going thru the series rapidly Everybody s looking for the money, Jack Lenihan, supposedly wanted to give to the political candidate that would go along his view of change 2 millions dollars is a lot of money to travel in suitcases When Lenihan is found murdered in Donald Strachey s car, the chase for the killer, the money and where the money came from starts Fun, a little slow to get going with the plot but it does pay off in the ends Third book in the series.

    15. Re read this one yesterday because I was hoping it would make me feel better about the terrible winter we re having It did a little, I think I really love these books, and I wish the film adaptations had been faithful they re so funny and specific , whereas the films are just generic I don t think there was anything left of this one in the film And Timmy is great Also fascinating to see the huge impact of the AIDS crisis in something where that s not the main theme.

    16. This is a very good gay detective book ,it like of his books touch on a lot of social issues and even though the times have change many social injustices still need addressing Richard Stevenson s writing matures with each book and his unique sense of style becomes apparent,which sets him aside from so many other detective writers.I am defiantly going to continue through this series and I would absolutely recommend this to any one who likes a good detective book

    17. Richard Stevenson s Ice Blues, the third of the Donald Stratchey PI novels set in Albany, NY It s the dead of winter no pun intended , and a corpse turns up in Stratchey s car the grandson of Albany s political machine and 2.5 million is missing It s a breezy read, the dialogue a tad too bitchy in places, but entertaining fluff.

    18. Snarky, good humoured and boasting an entertaining cast of characters, Ice Blues, the 3rd Don Strachey mystery is also the most successful entry thus far in Stevenson s mystery cum dark comedy series Indeed, distracted by the engaging camaraderie between Don Timmy and Don Dt Bowman the murder mystery is almost beside the point.

    19. I am slowly making my way through this series This was the best so far It had a mystery that kept unravelling, but did so slowly and with just the right amount of tension It was also very humorous with Don s dry wit and detective escapades Also i really liked Timmy as the unwilling but loyal side kick.

    20. One of the earliest series to feature an openly gay detective Stevenson s Donald Strachey mysteries have enjoyed a mild resurgence in popularity after TV movies have been made of a few of them Strachey and his lover these pre date the use of partner to indicate one s romantic companion sort of fit into the Nick Nora mold of a previous generation.

    21. Solid entry in the Strachey series, which generally gets better with each book Don himself is much less of a philandering twat in this one than he usually is, though that is only because, by his own admission, he s afraid of catching AIDS In conclusion, the 80s were shit and I will punch anyone who honestly longs for the good old days.

    22. This is the third book in the Donald Strachey series, and I enjoyed it about as much as the first two They re not page turner thrillers, but still pretty good detective stories I plan to continue reading the series.

    23. I love a good mystery Donald and Timmy are a lovely pair Also the movie was released in Canada and I wanted to refresh my memory

    24. The new MLR Press editions, at least the ebook versions, have a disappointing number of typographical problems, both minor and major.

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