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Dirty Past EmmaHart Dirty Past On the heels of Dirty Secret here is a sizzling hot romance featuring another Burke brother and the girl he can t resist from the New York Times bestselling author of the Game series Walking out on

  • Title: Dirty Past
  • Author: EmmaHart
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  • Page: 442
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dirty Past EmmaHart On the heels of Dirty Secret, here is a sizzling hot romance featuring another Burke brother and the girl he can t resist, from the New York Times bestselling author of the Game series.Walking out on my wedding wasn t my best idea.Neither was throwing my cell in the lake and taking a job as PA for Dirty B, America s favorite rock band, complete with every teen girl s dreamOn the heels of Dirty Secret, here is a sizzling hot romance featuring another Burke brother and the girl he can t resist, from the New York Times bestselling author of the Game series.Walking out on my wedding wasn t my best idea.Neither was throwing my cell in the lake and taking a job as PA for Dirty B, America s favorite rock band, complete with every teen girl s dream man, the eldest of the Burke brothers.Tate Burke is pure sex Women actually throw their panties at him during shows And Ella Dawson is the lucky little thing that gets to escort their fangirling butts out when he s done with them.Yay.He s a cocky son of a bitch, but there s to him than meets the eye Every now and then Ella gets a rare glimpse of the Tate behind the bad boy act, and it attracts her in the most annoying way The most annoying, heart thumping, panty wetting way.When her abusive ex turns up at the hotel room Ella and Tate are sharing, raging mad, she knows she ll need than just a little protection Tate sees red, and Ella can t help but lean on him, despite his bad boy ways.And now Now, he s in a whole lot of trouble.
    Dirty Past EmmaHart

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    One thought on “Dirty Past”

    1. ARC providers by publishers in exchange for an honest review The PAST Let s face it we all have something in our past that we all wished to forget and erase from our memories There are even times you wished you could be given a do over And there are times you wished you could just truly move on from your past and not let the past dictate and steal us from living in the moment But what if your past is so horrible So dirty So painful And what if your past has left you broken Can you truly forget a [...]

    2. RATING 3 He s the north to my south, the east to my west Hearts Dirty Past is my first book by Emma Hart, and I actually liked it, so it definitely won t be my last by her Its your typical NA, but its light and fast paced quality makes it exactly the sort of read to pick up when you don t want to think too much about what you are reading So, despite it being cliche, it worked for me as I was in the mood for this.Both Tate and Ella are not only likeable characters but are also a cute couple, and [...]

    3. I liked Conner in Dirty Secret but I have to say that Tate Burke is, by far, MY FAVORITE Burke man with his sexy, dirty mouth Ella Dawson made a decision that ultimately changed her life, and for that, I love her She had the strength to live again and not every woman that goes through what she did has that strength or gets a second chance She may not be aware of it, but taking the job to be the PA for the Burke Boys will absolutely change her life.I don t want to give away anything but my goodne [...]

    4. Okay, it had a nice little romance, but again with the alternating POV Too many of these current romances use this device I think it s just easier for some of the authors It s getting a little old.I was going to rate this two stars, but changed my mind and dropped it to one star The biggie that ruined this for me is not the attraction between Tate and Ella which developed way too fast her magical vagina that tames the bad boy I don t think that s too much of a spoiler the OTT baby, baby, you com [...]

    5. Ella Dawson is a runaway bride, jilting her abusive, both mental and physical, ex Now she is on the run and working for Dirty B as their PA Everyone seems cool except Tate the bassist seems that he both attracts her, something that she didn t expect, and also infuriates her, making the sassy girl come alive, something she lost while with her ex Tate doesn t do girlfriends, he doesn t do repeats but something about the new PA calls to him Soon he is wanting from her as much as he wants to piss [...]

    6. We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know about this book, go to the post in our website Dirty Past The Burke Brothers, 2 by Emma HartIf you are interested, you can visit our website The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan ClubThe Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club s Review Rate 4 starsReview Reading second books in series is always a high risk because you have expectations from the first book and the stakes are usually high Dirty Past surpassed all those expectations I had and even I wo [...]

    7. I was hoping to like and enjoy reading Dirty Past I wasn t expecting to be so impressed with the story and characters There were still parts I think could ve been handled better, but for the most part the book was perfect.Ella and Tate come from different backgrounds, but there s something in Ella that pulls Tate to her Ella will admit to herself about finding Tate attractive, but there s something in him that reminds her too much of the situation she s just left behind, so she s weary of him I [...]

    8. 3 Tate Ella StarsTate is a very different character to his brother Conner, who was the focus of the first book Tate is loud, cocky, arrogant, confident and will have sex with pretty much any groupie that throws herself at him Sometimes than one at a time Then he meets Ella , the band s new assistant, who just doesn t take his crap At all But , Ella is running from some horrific domestic abuse inflicted by her fiance and a complete lack of support disconnect from her family.I gave 3 Stars becaus [...]

    9. Stereotypes and no classI hate when authors and screenwriters stereotype southerners as stupid A drawl isn t synonymous with poor grammar Stereotypes are form of ignorance I had a hard time finishing the book because it was so classless and ridiculous I just really wanted to see Tate fall after experiencing him in dirty secret I don t have an issue with profanity just with making the appear to be completely trashyt rocker naughty but just disgustingd there just aren t words for how vile and over [...]

    10. Tate and EllaWhew, Tate and Ella are my new favorites This book was emotional To watch bad boy Tate get turned to a wuss Ella really knows how to become a runaway bride, thank you and meet bad boy Tate Hilariouswho would have thunk it Loved this book.

    11. I liked book but Tate talking and baby talk of Mila were the bad points of reading this book in my opinion The story wasn t too bad.

    12. Ella Dawson has lived a glamorous lifestyle A life many would envy based on what they view What outsiders don t get to see is what really goes on behind the closed doors of the Manhattan high rise and Hampton summer home For two years, Ella has served as her fianc s personal punching bag Needing to finally be rid of the toxic man and abusive world, she escapes to become the personal assistant to Dirty B s flirty bassist His eyes blaze at my words And I know that, inadvertently, I just challenged [...]

    13. Absolutely loving this series Tate and Ella are perfect Love the change in Tate Love little Mila Ready for the next one

    14. Another good one Tate was already a favorite of mine, the man whore And Ella, with her past, was a winner from the start Really good

    15. 3.5What I didn t like 1.I didn t like Sofie.I didn t like her in the last book either I hated her Here s a link to my review of that book review show but this time, the reason is different.I didn t like that she was suddenly the go to person for relationship advice and oh so wise after her major fuck up in her own book.The author was trying too hard to make her seem important and mature It was so fake, forced and deliberate The effort was so transparent.Also, I didnt like her behavior The blushi [...]

    16. Regardless of how hard people try to escape their past, it still shapes and defines them It still overshadows their present and their future, especially if the nature of their past is dirty, dark, or destructive But the past can be thwartede past can be kept where it belongs if people are willing to create a new life in the presentmething entirely different than what their life was like before.In Dirty Past, Ella Dawson s final act of escaping her past led her to cut ties with her oblivious pare [...]

    17. You know that clich bad boy rocker e one who gets in all kinds of media trouble, has way sex than a porn star, is thrown panties at on stage and is worshiped by girls all over the world.well that is Tate Burke and I will admit I have drank the kool aid, want a Dirty B tshirt and would love to put him on my top list of fictional rockers that I would love to bed Yes he is filthy talker who knows he is good at what he is offering and there is something so confident in his swagger that it is a real [...]

    18. 4 1 2 Stars I now have a new favorite Burke Brother I didn t think I could love any of them than I loved Conner, but I can definitely say I love Tate Tate has been known as the bad boy of the Dirty B s and no one thinks anyone can tie him down for than one night When Sofie hires Ella to become the guys new assistant, Ella and Tate s personalities definitely collide.Ella is running from an abusive fiance and from her life in New York, she doesn t want the guys to really know why she agreed to t [...]

    19. TATETIMEOh my word I Love Tate I d been desperate for Dirty Past for MONTHS after being introduced to the Dirty B guys back at the end of last year Finally Tate Burke and all his arseholery ended up on my kindle I rejoiced Literally.I challenge someone to find something cuter and hotter than a sexy, tattooed asshole loving on a two year old girl You won t find it Ever Ella Dawson from the outside had a perfect life A privileged upbringing A loving family A doting fianc Her wedding was just aroun [...]

    20. I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Dirty Secret I was hoping that Emma would be able to deliver the same thrill and engaging read She sure did with this one Secrets and pasts always seem to catch up with us, at a time where we are most vulnerable This story is about Ella and her need to find herself while hiding from her abusive fiance Her mistrust and uncertainty is something that intrigues everyone.Tate is the playboy He will never settle He is the hit it and quit it man Until Emm [...]

    21. Dirty Past took me to the depth of Tate Burke s sexiness Another win in this going amazing series by Emma Hart From my first love Conner Burke to Tate Burke, Emma did not disappoint She offered me the same things I have expected ever since I started on this series.Dirty Secret made me cry so hard page by page Dirt Past made me sweat page by page Tate is one hot of a musician and his aggressiveness towards Ella never failed to give me hots.Ella, on the other hand, was another female character of [...]

    22. Out of all the brothers Tate I think takes home the naughty award, I was too busy staring at your a as you walked away from me to remember He smirks For what it s worth, you have a real effin nice a everything Ella does seems to turn this horny man on, darlin , you could call me Lord Effa D head if you wanted, and it d probably still be hot It s safe to say Tate is a panty man, this chick should not own a single effing item of clothing Except panties Panties are A OK I effing love panties Tate r [...]

    23. 4 StarsI have to say I enjoyed this book so much than I did the first I liked the characters a whole lot and the storyline was good Ella was running from her abusive ex and her parents who she knew wouldn t believe her My heart hurt for Ella, I felt so sad for the things she suffered and also for how alone she truly was I liked the fact that she bonded with Sofie so quickly, it was great to see her make friends Tate was a jerk, from the get go he was a total a I hated some of the things he did [...]

    24. Ella Dawson walked out on her wedding, tossed her cell phone and agreed to be a PA for Dirty B, America s favorite rock band 4 brothers make up the band, lead singer Conner has his girlfriend Sophie and daughter on tour with the band but his 3 brothers are pretty wild Tate Burke the oldest brother has been burning up the tabloids with one scandal or another Ella is supposed to help keep Tate on track but the attraction is almost instantaneous between them Both have a lot of dark secrets in their [...]

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