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Delinquents MaryElizabeth SarahElizabeth Delinquents The innocent girl with a delinquent heart has to live with her bad choices Secret hope and hurt feel like falling while she learns how to breathe again but there s still freedom in trouble The runawa

  • Title: Delinquents
  • Author: MaryElizabeth SarahElizabeth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Delinquents MaryElizabeth SarahElizabeth The innocent girl with a delinquent heart has to live with her bad choices Secret hope and hurt feel like falling while she learns how to breathe again, but there s still freedom in trouble.The runaway with blacked out eyes is losing his grip Crushing two hearts in one fist, his addiction bends rules and breaks deals, but the boy born for bliss isn t going anywhere withoThe innocent girl with a delinquent heart has to live with her bad choices Secret hope and hurt feel like falling while she learns how to breathe again, but there s still freedom in trouble.The runaway with blacked out eyes is losing his grip Crushing two hearts in one fist, his addiction bends rules and breaks deals, but the boy born for bliss isn t going anywhere without a fight.Love is knowing they should stay away, but love is illogical at best.She s afraid to let go.He won t let her.This is how silliness and foolishness grow up.Here, forever is a lie.
    Delinquents MaryElizabeth SarahElizabeth

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      257 MaryElizabeth SarahElizabeth
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    1. 5 I can t believe it, but I m giving this 5 stars Love is fucked up, but love is all there is.I should have known what I was getting myself into After reading Dusty Innocents, there was a part of me that considered not reading the second installment The first was just too torturous, too raw, too heart wrenching But I couldn t stop myself I had to see what happened with Dusty and Bliss I am glad I did Delinquients was just as captivating, just as powerful, just as angsty and I loved it so much t [...]

    2. LIVE amzn 1sUmkcxDelinquents is a continuation of Innocents A couple things you should know about this series 1 This series is a collaboration of two authors who originally wrote Dusty as a fanfic The fans loved the fanfic and wanted a physical copy of the book Dusty was a huge book at 1229 pages so the authors came together and divided it into 2 parts Innocents and Delinquents 2 Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri inspired this series To enhance my reading experience I listened to this over and ov [...]

    3. 4,5 5 true liars and crazy love STARS There are some songs I can t listen to, but it s not because of the lyrics Certain specific combinations of beats, bass and guitars take me right back too clearly to summertimes that were too innocent and are still too raw.But the world is full of new music that s new to me, and I keep it going.I cry to it.I dance to it.I will never be the same after this book.I AM WRECKED ONCE AGAIN.It s been almost 2 weeks since that night I ve decided to just give into th [...]

    4. 3.75 stars There may be mini spoilers for those who have not read the first book Dusty Innocents Proceed at your own risk Nothing about love is easy Wow these two books are probably some of the most conflicting books I ve ever read Deliquents begins with Dusty having been gone for a long time, no one knowing where he went Upon his return Bliss accepts him back into her life the way things had always been between them Their relationship continues to be a secret, mostly because her parents wouldn [...]

    5. The most amount of stars I can give I don t think I ve ever read a book that has affected me quite like this one I have not stopped thinking about it since I finished And I don t have enough words to express how much I loved it How much it hurt me And how much I wanted it to go on forever Every single part of this got under my skin, through my veins and right into my heart.This isn t an easy read It s emotional It s intense It s stressful It s addictive It s heartbreaking and gut wrenching But o [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars Wow, what a ride this has been Destruction, dependence, obsession, addiction, it s all here and it did a number on me Dusty keeps running back to his mistress, Cocaine Bliss keeps waiting for him and lying to her girl and her family, hearts are broken and innocence is long past.Regarding the ending view spoiler The ending is such that you are left to ponder what might happen, I really hope they write something , I would love a conclusion other than the one that is in my head hide spoil [...]

    7. Little girl burdened with too big of a responsibility Desperately clinging on to the hope that the boy she fell in love with is still in there, behind the sunken cheeks, pale skin and empty, black eyes Not old enough to realize and understand how truly destructive their love is Too young to properly handle his addiction and the weight it carries, she accepts I don t care where he s been or what he s done I ll love bloody knuckles and a filthy conscience just as much as clear blue eyes and the wa [...]

    8. 3 Heart shattering Stars I don t think I will be reviewing this book Why Because if I do, it will end in a HUGE rant which I don t even want to get into So, all I will say is, I enjoyed the first book and enjoyed this book as well, for the most part A few parts did drag on a bit I haven t read the fan fiction, so I didn t know what to expect Yesere was angst A LOT of it Maybe a litle too much for my liking The last part of the book broke my heart Shattered it completely I teared up for them It j [...]

    9. I Don t Know Stars We re two kids who fell hopelessly in love silence clock ticking crickets chirping clear throat Sois bookwhy did I do this to myself Seriously Why the fuck Rag Lets start with the ending,I lasted through the whole hell and they gave me that as my ending.Talk about total frustration don t know what to say Even the fucking sex was so thick The writing is incredible no doubt about that, but man this book made me feel, the words went under my skin, through my veins and ri [...]

    10. I lift my own hood from the sweater love gave me years ago The cotton is worn thin, and Castor is faded on the back, but it doesn t mean any less to me And when I m in bed and Thomas is out doing whatever it is that he does, it s all I have to remind myself that he wasn t always this way There was a time when we were innocent and genuine, and young, stupid in love.I know I have made many people jealous by getting to read this ARC and I m happy to tell you that the wait is almost over Just a few [...]

    11. 4 s There s two things that kept me going with this series1 I kept hoping for some type of time jump and 2 I kept hoping Thomas would get some help Seriouslyhis parents knew something was going on and they did nothing And so it goes does get a little frustrating but the good thing is that both Thomas and Leigh are getting older and their romance has stepped up a notch or two Butbut it was really hard reading his POV To read about his addiction and the sexat was hard And I thought how much worse [...]

    12. I HAVE NO WORDS TO DISCRIBE THIS BOOK MY GIFS SHALL SPEAK FOR ME ENJOY i just saw this i am so excited and yet the wait july for 1st book oct for 2nd i might die and dammitafter all dusty killed me i am still davastated from reading it i havent found a new book to love since so i guess i shall be here just waiting for my heartbreakalso ladies if you need someone to read these books for you ya know just to make sure they are good i am here

    13. FREE on US today 3 1 2015 Book 1 is FREE on Smashwords and only 99 cents on US.BLURB The innocent girl with a delinquent heart has to live with her bad choices Secret hope and hurt feel like falling while she learns how to breathe again, but there s still freedom in trouble.The runaway with blacked out eyes is losing his grip Crushing two hearts in one fist, his addiction bends rules and breaks deals, but the boy born for bliss isn t going anywhere without a fight.Love is knowing they should sta [...]

    14. 5 Three joints are better than one STARS We kiss with our eyes open, and hers tell the story of us dependence, lies, and misery Es una de las historias de amor mas retorcidas, enfermizas y tristes que he le do Drogas, alcohol, rought sex, mentiras, secretos, y estamos hablando de adolescentes Al terminar de leer el primer libro Innocents tenia muchos sentimientos a flote y aunque me mor a por saber la continuaci n, mi coraz n no estaba listo para afrontarlo, as que me espere unos meses hasta ten [...]

    15. I am very conflicted in how to rate this story.There were so many times I went mad with thebe my girlfriend be my boyfriend thingy Moments where Dusty wanted to put out their secret and she wanted to wait Others, it was the other way around She wanted to lay all the shit out and he wanted to hold it.There was also the BF issue that really annoyed me How can you keep a secret that big from your supposed best friend A friend who you spend time with than your own parents, going for sleep overs for [...]

    16. Delinquents, book 2 Is there sush a thing as loving too much too young Addictive, heartbreaking, emotional draining but oh so epic We re two kids who fell hopelessly in love Dusty was a disappointment, compared to the original version so I really wasn t expecting much from Delinquents But this was a much needed happy surprise Maybe it s because this was brand new materiel, I don t know, either way, I was hooked I than loved it I almost got that magical feeling it gave me when I read Dusty for t [...]

    17. This is a story about a boy and a girl Dusty and Bliss Their love was powerful and all consuming Unhealthy, intense and painful It was real, emotional, and addicting It fucking gutted me Gutted me.Love, terrified and unbelieving, I m the one asking now Love Love, his pulse vows as sincerely as a prisoner can Love.But I hear it.In between every stifled beat of my name, I hear Dusty s heart telling him to let us go.Thomas Dusty Trouble Heart buster Knockout.My favorite fucked up and broken boy He [...]

    18. got book 2, delinquents, as an ARC this story is the type that s basically impossible to put down even when you want to, because it s so intense and even painful to read about these mutually destructive teenagers, you can t you have to see how things will go down.when it s romantic, it s lush and gorgeous but when it s bad oh man it s bad dusty s not the only addict in this story, and while bliss drug of choice involves just dusty and her obsessive love for him, she s just as strung out as he is [...]

    19. Loved this duology so much Such beautiful writing and relatable characters I ll be looking for her future works.Excellent writing Loved this duology Does have underage drinking, drug use and sex I think its new adult not young adult like I thought initially.

    20. I wasn t going to review this book s , but I feel like I have to not because they were so fantastic that I can t stop thinking about them but because I don t know, I just have to I feel like there should be a whole new category for this kind of books Not quite YA but like f cked up YA FUYA this could also be read as f ck you YA which I m pretty sure a lot of readers feel exactly that way about YA, so there you have it This review will be about both books in the Dusty series which are Innocents [...]

    21. I feel totally lost all over again Dusty and Bliss will never not kill me.This story is not for the faint hearted It s not the kind of story you can read a chapter of and then go on with your day like nothing happened It s not the kind of story you finish and think That was great, and then move onto the next book and forget about it I can t remember exactly when the final chapter of this story was posted, but I remember what I was doing when I got the notification and I remember exactly how I fe [...]

    22. Well, love was kind for a timeNow just aches and it makes me blindThis mirror holds my eyes too brightI can t see the others in my lifeWere we too young Our heads too strong To bear the weight of these lover s eyes Cause I feel numb, beneath your tongueBeneath the curse of these lover s eyes.But do not ask the price I paid,I must live with my quiet rage,Tame the ghosts in my head,That run wild and wish me dead.Should you shake my ash to the windLord, forget all of my sinsOh, let me die where I l [...]

    23. Okay No This is not just a good book This is the best f ing book I ve read in a decade, and mind you, I ve read a lot of books.Genres, schmenres Young adult, new adult who cares and who the hell knows From where I stand, there s no scouring for comparisons or boxes to stuff these reads into, because there simply are none The poetic, yet thumb on the pulse of the characters language made me swoon and die I was always there with them, in the midst of their love, their anguish, and their despair.Ho [...]

    24. Delinquents was a great conclusion to Dusty and Bliss story I didn t love it as much as the first book I thought addiction and love was captured so flawlessly through the characters It s been awhile since I ve been so frustrated with characters as I was with Bliss and Dusty I know they were young but I would ve love to see some growth throughout this story They didn t learn from their mistakes I know and understand they were too involved, addicted to each other and to drugs to make those life ch [...]

    25. This is going down as one of my all time favorite series and tied with its counterpart for best book I ve read all year I am in love with this story and can t stop thinking about it This is a feat in itself I read a few books a week, but I m an out of sight out of mind reader Even the books I really enjoy can drift from my memory in a matter of weeks, but every now and then a book comes along that really sticks and I can remember every word and feeling The Dusty series is one of those.Deliquents [...]

    26. I m so emotionally drained I don t think I ve ever cried so much while reading a book I cried the majority of an entire chapter at one point Writing a chapter from the heart s POV GENIUS I don t even know what to write There s no words for Leighlee and Thomas love story No way to explain why I wanted Leighlee to let him go, but all the while praying their love can weather the storm, that their love could somehow be repaired This book makes you ask yourself, what would you be willing to endure an [...]

    27. I received an ARC of this book for an honest review.Maybe spoiler alert.I had the nerve to finish this book this morning on my way to work Needless to say that my dad had to see me lose it over the written word for the 1st time in his life He knows I do it, he just hadn t seen it happen I cried And I cried because I was moved And I was moved because I fell in love with the characters not in the blinded way when you accept everything they do or think they re perfect, but in the way you fall in lo [...]

    28. Spoiler alert for this one because I m getting ready to rantIt took me TWO WEEKS to read this thing and I m actually surprised it didn t take longer It was agony I would compare it to being a child and not being able to get up from the table until I finished all my green peas I loathe green peas Every time I put my Kindle down, I would dread picking it back up and resuming reading about a group of the most detestable people Not one person in this crowd is good Not one you could hang your hat on [...]

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