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Exit Strategy Colleen Cross Exit Strategy Fraud investigator Katerina Carter just doesn t know when to quit which lands her in some pretty messy and precarious situations Now that s she s out of work and running out of money Kat needs to g

  • Title: Exit Strategy
  • Author: Colleen Cross
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 421
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  • Exit Strategy Colleen Cross Fraud investigator, Katerina Carter just doesn t know when to quit, which lands her in some pretty messy and precarious situations Now that s she s out of work and running out of money, Kat needs to get clients, or she ll be forced to go crawling back to a cubicle at her previous firm And to Kat that s a fate worse than debt.So when Liberty Diamond Mines CEO Susan SFraud investigator, Katerina Carter just doesn t know when to quit, which lands her in some pretty messy and precarious situations Now that s she s out of work and running out of money, Kat needs to get clients, or she ll be forced to go crawling back to a cubicle at her previous firm And to Kat that s a fate worse than debt.So when Liberty Diamond Mines CEO Susan Sullivan hires Kat to find Liberty s missing CFO and a large sum of embezzled money, she s a little too eager to accept the job Abject poverty is a great motivator for taking hard cases, but her excitement soon turns to terror when two employees of the company are brutally murdered Kat realizes that this investigation might be dangerous than she expected.As if things weren t complicated enough, she uncovers a sinister connection between blood diamonds and organized crime All she has to do now is get proof and keep from getting killed before she exposes the real criminals With the help of her friends and an eccentric uncle, Kat had better tread carefully or her first case might also end up being her last.
    Exit Strategy Colleen Cross

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      Colleen Cross

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    1. Author, Colleen Cross introduces readers to a wonderful new protagonist, Katerina Carter The forensic account slightly reminds me of Kinsey Millhone Kat is broke, living in her office, and her ex boyfriend is in her life than she wants him to be She finally has a case Liberty Diamond Mines CFO has disappeared along with 5 Billion dollars She stumbles on a diamond laundering scheme at one of Liberty s mines, before a major stock holder is murdered and a former geologist refuses to speak to her a [...]

    2. I had no idea what a forensic accountant was until reading this novel Such an accountant tracks down missing money in cases of financial wrong doing I certainly had no idea that a story about a forensic accountant could be exciting, suspenseful, and scary.Forensic accountant Katarina Kat Carter is called in when five billion dollars goes missing from a Canadian corporation mining diamonds She can t figure out why they called her She s the least important investigator of her kind in town, and eve [...]

    3. An action packed thriller about dirty money and diamonds Katerina Carter is hired by Liberty Diamond Mines to find a large amount of money that is missing Just as she begins breaking the service of what happened, bad things start to happen Dead bodies begin showing up, someone is trying to kill Kat, and Kat finds herself in a race against time As Kat begins to get closer to the truth, the risky it gets Can she figure out where the money went and who is responsible before they can catch up with [...]

    4. I won this book via from firstreads in a giveaway, and am so glad I was picked as a winner I love thrillers and just came out of a book called Black Fridays that had to do with stock broker embezzlement and a heartfelt story behind it, and I have to say although I loved both books Exit Strategy went the extra mile with details on money laundering Coleen Cross has a niche for writing and can t wait to read of this fantastic writing style I am a person with many questions and go crazy if left una [...]

    5. Wow, wat een geweldig boek Vanaf het eerste moment wordt je meegesleurd in een spannend verhaal over diamantfraude Een echte aanrader

    6. Nooduitgang is een verhaal vol actie, theorie n waar hoofdpersonage Kat haar hoofd over breekt en duistere figuren Het verhaal begint gelijk in een gedetailleerd beschreven donkere sc ne, waarbij je als lezer direct in het verhaal gezogen wordt, steeds dieper in je stoel kruipt, en met razend tempo door wilt lezen hoe gaat dit verder Hoe is dit zo gekomen en vooral wie zit hierachter Het verhaal loopt na deze sc ne als een trein Er wordt veel uitgelegd over de gang van zaken en hoe het precies z [...]

    7. Exit Strategy A Rare Gem Rating 5 of 5Author Colleen CrossFormat Kindle, PaperbackIn massive amounts of debt and wondering why she ever decided to start her own the forensic accounting business, Katerina Kat Carter is forced to live in her office space after being evicted for not paying her rent As her world is about to completely unravel, Liberty Diamond Minds comes into the picture Someone has embezzled five billion dollars and before going public with the information, the CEO hopes Kat can tr [...]

    8. Forensic accountant Katerina Kat Carter has her own new practice, but business is slow and she s so broke that she is forced to live in her office When she s hired to find Liberty Diamond Mines missing 5 billion and its CFO, she takes the job, despite a couple of red flags and an impossibly short deadline In Kat s profession, little is what it seems at first glance This time, the paper trail leads straight into physical danger.Exit Strategy is a riveting story about what happens when greed mixes [...]

    9. This was an enjoyable financial thriller with a clever plot, a heroine you could really root for and some nice twists and turns The real bonus, however, was the information you pick up on margin calls, conflict diamonds and the corporate governance process of listed companies in general The author displays the kind of comfort in these areas you only get from either being an industry insider or through in depth research Both a thrilling and educational read, therefore and am looking forward to ne [...]

    10. In Exit Strategy, Colleen Cross weaves a gripping tale of international intrigue that links the world of high finance to diamond smuggling Her story takes us on a wild ride as Kat, her witty and feisty investigator, races against the clock to recover billions of stolen dollars while evading the wrath of organized crime This well crafted thriller with nonstop action keeps you flipping the pages to the very end to find out what happens next

    11. In Exit Strategy the reader follows forensic accountant Kat Carter on a international 5 billion fraud ivestigation Cross pulls you into the story as Kat is immersed in the intriguing and dangerous world of blood diamond laundering Once she has drawn you in, Colleen Cross keeps keeps you flipping pages in this a fast paced adventure by introducing many plot twists that will keep you guessing until the very end.

    12. I didn t think it could happen but, by the time I finished reading EXIT STATEGY, I felt I understood the world of money laundering, big corporations and the role of forensic accountants in following the money Five stars for EXIT STRATEGY and I m looking forward to the next Kat Carter adventure Gloria Ferris, author of CHEAT THE HANGMAN

    13. Exit Strategy was one of those books that pulled me in but then had me re reading paragraphs because it droned on and on I already had time invested in reading, so I knew I had to finish The story line overall was intriguing The facts, or need to explain in detail what was happening with the stock exchange, margins, company stocks etc were kind of boring I didn t need all that info for me to get the picture The characters were interesting Kat was a walking contradiction I liked her strategies, e [...]

    14. Interesting and fairly involved characters, financial intrigue a topic of interest and fairly well paced plot notwithstanding, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend this book There were a number of inconsistencies that irritated, but most irritating were the opportunities for the main character to die due to her stubborn stupidity and the surprising ways she managed to avoid death Talk about 9 lives This woman has at least that.I ve been collecting eBook reader novels that are offered at free or nea [...]

    15. Who is the murderer This book is full of surprises Paul Bryant has disappeared and so has 5 billion dollars of Liberty s money Kat is hired to find the missing money but before she can two people involved with Liberty are murdered One event after another to keep the book rolling Who is the guilty party Read till the end to find out the exciting conclusion.

    16. I like the premise of an overextended new employee finding out that there is fraud being commited and she might lose her job, her house and her boyfriend There was a couple of superfluous individuals thrown into the mix just to throw you off the track, that was interesting All in all a good book Characters could have been developed a little .

    17. Fast paced book well worth readingI enjoyed the book but since I m a former police officer I had a hard time believing kat would go jogging alone after several attempts on her life.

    18. Exit StrategyI enjoyed the book especially the financial strategies shorting the stock and knocking down 5 billion Talk about having some dreams thinking about all the good you could do with that kind of money, wow.

    19. Diamonds are not a girl s best friendEntertaining whodunit with a nice international twist Well written with a misguided do good heroine who just doesn t know when to stop Just as well as it makes for a great page Turner.

    20. A race to see what happens next I never realised that forensic accountants had to be so tough This has blown the grey suit theory as the hero faces death threats, abduction and the frustrating stupidity of those who surround her It was a good story though

    21. Wonderful fraud detective thrillerHow to make an accountant interesting Just write a book like this Great characters, fast moving plot Perils of Pauline What could you ask for

    22. Great readThis is a fast paced crime novel, without any gore The main character is a forensic accountant, who falls upon a much bigger web of crime than she expects to.

    23. FairI tried to hold interest in story but just could not stay interested No fault of the author just my likes.

    24. Good readQuick and engaging from start to finish Loved the twists and turns I would read another book from this author.

    25. Really enjoyed this Well written, a good plot and all the threads nicely tied up Blood diamonds, South American crooks and stock manipulation

    26. Good financial mystery with lots of action, which is not what I expected from a thriller about a forensic accountant I will likely read in the series.

    27. Great readGreat story about diamond smuggling and the mafia The accountant that figure out what was going on and had her friend the under cover cop arrest the perpetrators.

    28. Really No Mystery Only gave it a 2 , because I finished it Wish I didn t a waste of time Way too far fetched.

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