Step Aside, Pops #2020

Step Aside, Pops Kate Beaton Step Aside Pops Heathcliff Wonder Woman Feminists hunks Great men and women of history Step aside Kate Beaton is coming for you A combination of new material and classics from the smash hit Hark A Vagrant blog Kate

  • Title: Step Aside, Pops
  • Author: Kate Beaton
  • ISBN: 9781910702222
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Step Aside, Pops Kate Beaton Heathcliff Wonder Woman Feminists, hunks Great men and women of history Step aside Kate Beaton is coming for you.A combination of new material and classics from the smash hit Hark A Vagrant blog, Kate Beaton s new book showcases of a true pomposity deflator at work It is also one of the funniest and smartest collections of cartoons you will ever read.
    Step Aside, Pops Kate Beaton

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      Kate Beaton

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    1. Kate Beaton returns with a second collection of strips from her brilliant website, Hark A Vagrant , in Step Aside, Pops, and it s as funny and inspired as the first collection was Beaton s strips range from historical and literary references to superhero comics parodies, to random bits of comedy and riffs on old book magazine covers, posters and postcards Her version of Wuthering Heights is hysterical with permanently scowling lunatic Heathcliff and dim Cathy playing out their demented romance i [...]

    2. This evening, I had an epiphany.Most of my favorite comic book writers and artists are Canadian Why is Canada so awesome I mean, they have poutine and moose and Mounties and politeness and huge tracts of land Plus, they manage to get along with the Qu b cois, who are constantly rattling their sabers about seceding etc but they are still polite about it None of this Civil War bunkum They also have such national comic book treasures as Faith Erin Hicks, Jeff Lemire, and the author of my latest boo [...]

    3. I ve seen Kate Beaton s work online before and always thought it was very funny, so I was happy to get a collection of her comics as a Christmas present Naturally, I read the whole thing on Christmas day, while seated in the living room surrounded by my family.I really enjoyed the whole thing and I will definitely re read it I love Beaton s style and sense of humor The only reason I give four stars instead of five is honestly my fault I didn t understand like a third of the jokes because my his [...]

    4. I feel super bad about this review Kate Beaton deserves my best words, because she is a wonderful, smart, creative genius who produces such sassy and perfect art.But I super read this in the middle of the night during a Read a thon, and other than remembering that I laughed frequently, loudly, and obnoxiously, I remember NOTHING about this book I mean, the entirety of my oh so helpful review after reading was, This book wasn t long enough THANKS A BUNCH, ASHLEY.If you aren t familiar with Hark A [...]

    5. I love Kate Beaton Her comics, mostly about classic literature and history, are just so completely right up my alley that she would have to be pretty terrible for me to not like her work at least a little And she s very good I m reasonably sure that most if not all of these strips were originally available in her webcomic, but it was great to see some of my favorites again, and the format of this book is really nice.

    6. Oh Kate Beaton Unfortunately for me, this collection just wasn t as good as the previous one, Hark A Vagrant That s not to say that this is a bad collection, as there was plenty in here to love, but it just wasn t as laugh out loud as the first book, and my expectations were rather high.My favourite things about this were the comics about Wuthering Heights and straw feminism and pretty much any of the literature ones naturally However, some of the historical comics I couldn t really understand, [...]

    7. I tried reading this book a while back and couldn t get into it Very glad I gave it another try Some of the comics I don t get, and perhaps it s because I am not knowledgeable enough about history and literature and literary history For the most part these are quirky, delightful, fucked up fun.If there is a book you love or a man, woman, god, rebellion, author or novel you idealize, don t go looking to Kate Beaton to help you uphold your un acidified notions of progress, splendor and human nobil [...]

    8. You see me rollin up pops you step aside Let the above serve as notice everyone better get outta Kate Beaton s way.This book made me laugh on almost every page Beaton isn t just razor sharp she s a diamond tipped drill maybe kind of like the one in ARMAGEDDON A big, powerful one, anyways , mercilessly cutting through both the flawed politics of gender representation and the absurdities of Nancy Drew with equal wit You haven t lived until you ve read Straw Feminists Or Strong Female Characters Or [...]

    9. Definitely not as good as the collection that precedes it I adored the Chopin Liszt strips in the beginning, giggled at the Georges Danton and founding fathers ones, and of course I loved the Nemeses too But the rest of it just wasn t as funny as some of Beaton s other comics Some strips were so far off being funny that it was genuinely confusing like that bizarre Cinderella retelling I don t even know what the fuck that was.Good for a few giggles, but if you really want to laugh until your face [...]

    10. Every time a blog I love a lot gets published in book form, I find myself wishing vehemently that a greater percentage of the published material was new, as in, not previously published online It s frustrating to pay 20 for a free webcomic That said, of course, Beaton s the best, Hark is awesome and everything is phenomenal My favorites are the Ida B Wells strips You are loud and say uncomfortable things and it is Victorian times

    11. I finished this last night, but I was too lazy to review it so I passed out Whoops.Anyways, I don t have any lovely comics to put up here because, again, I m too lazy Sue me Please don t This was absolutely hilarious, and just had the same humor as the first one It s literally right up my alley Historical humor and subtle jokes about things Even stuff I didn t quite get, I still laughed my ass off while reading, to the point where I almost cried.My definite favorite is the Nemesis skit I don t k [...]

    12. Kate Beaton is the best I LLOL d literally laughed out loud many times while reading this Also a while back I was complaining how there s way too many comics about angsty 20 something bi coastal urban hipsters, and hardly any comics about INTERESTING people Beaton is not guilty of this her comics are about literary characters, historical political figures, Ida B Wells, Alexander Pushkin mwah Also I loved the extended riff on the nasty boy from Janet s Jackson s Nasty St Jude s Home for the Nasty [...]

    13. Napoleon Bonaparte, Kate Beaton s proclaimed unofficial mascot, makes a brief appearance in Step Aside, Pops but the star is truly Tiny Hermione Yes, that Hermione Or perhaps Wonder Woman or Nancy Drew, and let s not forget Strong Female Characters and Straw Feminists There s a thread through all Beaton s comic strips the humour and wit, the commentary, the history, the classic literature and the contemporary pop culture there is something for everyone Beaton gets her inspiration from book cover [...]

    14. I have followed Kate Beaton s work since I first saw her comic Hark A Vagrant on LJ many moons ago I m still holding out hope that one day I can just marry her sense of humor.As is her wont, Beaton has combined major historical giants Napoleon, in a manner of speaking with much lesser known figures Average Medieval Peasants to round out this collection It s ALL good, but her Nancy Drew will always be my fave.

    15. I like Beaton s cartoons, especially the ones about literature She has a way to capture the essence of a story, or the author, and present it in a snarky but cute manner So I looked forward to seeing them in print But oh the pictures are so small They just don t have the impact they are supposed to have, and her scribbly text is so hard to read in this size I think I just keep checking them online.

    16. Kate Beaton is a national treasure Give her all the genius grants Give her the order of Canada Give her the order of Nova Scotia Give her the order of Cape Breton Give her this piece of my heart that I carved out to show my appreciation.

    17. Exactly as I expected, this was hilarious from start to finish Hark A Vagrant is easily my favourite webcomic, and this is an excellent collection I was worried the first collection would have used up all the best ones, but this was just as great If you re looking for a comic strip that makes use of history, literature, and pop culture in a brilliantly hilarious way, this is the comic for you It was everything I never knew I needed Step Aside, Pops is an excellent example of everything that make [...]

    18. I snort laughed through this book.And also I have a sneaking suspicion that Kate Beaton and Mallory Ortberg The Toast web site Texts from Jane Eyre And Other Conversations with Your Favorite Literary Characters share whatever part of the brain that s responsible for the comic reinterpretation of paintings, literature, and history.

    19. Kate Beaton s follow up volume to Hark A Vagrant, with the same type of humour Hey, why mess with a winning formula No Mystery Solving Teens this time around, though Only bad thing about this book It s over way too quickly

    20. She really missed the boat by not including Hamilton in her famous Alexander series, but otherwise I have nothing for love for Kate Beaton If for no other reason than she makes me google search a lot of historical people Also, duels Don t you ever just want to duel

    21. Kate Beaton makes me laugh even if I have no idea what the joke is about If you are geeky like me and like history, literature, pop culture, random geekyness, etc you need to read some Hark A Vagrant You can start here.

    22. I don t know enough about history to appreciate a lot of those jokes I m just not sure I gel with Beaton s comedy style I m a bit thick sometimes.

    23. My review for the first book Hark A Vagrant applies here as well Unfortunately, due to the over hype of these books, I had bought them as a set in my excitement, never once thinking I would not enjoy them so much I mean, it was bad enough reading one of those books, but reading this, it is exactly the same except different characters and events were inserted The humor gets pretty old and even stops being mildly amusing at this point.As mentioned in my first review I certainly don t think it dese [...]

    24. I love these, for serious The Brown Recluse Spider Man was probably my favorite But there are so many hidden gems I also wish I hadn t read this all in one sitting so that I could have spread out the enjoyment And so stuff had time to sink in In hind sight, a lot of this felt like a blur.

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