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Thief of Songs M.C.A. Hogarth Thief of Songs The lowland conquerers have taken everything from him or so the composer Amet Emendexte ilye was taught prestige autonomy wealth and most importantly magic But when one of them steals his fiancee

  • Title: Thief of Songs
  • Author: M.C.A. Hogarth
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Thief of Songs M.C.A. Hogarth The lowland conquerers have taken everything from him, or so the composer Amet Emendexte ilye was taught prestige, autonomy, wealth, and most importantly, magic But when one of them steals his fiancee, Amet avenges himself on them all by writing music and giving it away in defiance of the lowland laws It is a very satisfactory vengeance, or so he thinks, until he discovThe lowland conquerers have taken everything from him, or so the composer Amet Emendexte ilye was taught prestige, autonomy, wealth, and most importantly, magic But when one of them steals his fiancee, Amet avenges himself on them all by writing music and giving it away in defiance of the lowland laws It is a very satisfactory vengeance, or so he thinks, until he discovers the kingdom s royal composer is planning to debut Amet s work as folk music So he s riding east to set the record straight But he has no idea how compelling a decadent lowland hermaphrodite can be And before it s over, this thief of songs may be stealing than his music A lyrical romance, set in a second world fantasy Leave the world behind today Heat Level not explicit, some sensual thoughts Relationship Hermaphrodite male with poly asexual neuter third Length Novel
    Thief of Songs M.C.A. Hogarth

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      M.C.A. Hogarth

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    1. I expected along the lines of her Earthrise trilogy, which I liked very much The tone is similar, but this reminds me of the romantic fantasy of Grace Draven.An interesting romance of conquered west meeting magically advanced east and a romance between a man, an hermaphrodite and a neuter Yep, three people It works, too Hogarth also plays with different cultures and societal norms and throws in some entertaining insights into the workings of the minds of musicians.The story is pretty mellow an [...]

    2. Aww, yay It s been a little while since I ve read Hogarth s writing, but every time I come back to it is like meeting an old friend after a long time apart And while I m not usually one for romance, I m glad I tried this one, because Thief is a lot of fun.If you re familiar with the author s previous work, this one has all the usual hallmarks interesting worldbuilding, lush descriptions, gentle humor, and wonderfully human characters But that last one is perhaps on display here than ever, since [...]

    3. DISCLAIMER The backmatter does include a link to one of my works If I didn t like the book at the 3 5 star level, the cross link wouldn t be there But lo, there it is, and I m not going to hide it, because, sheesh, it s not hard to find Hopefully the following will be useful enough anyway to make a determination about whether I m ultra biased for the wrong reasons As always, sample before purchase, etc I do not find the tone to be uneven, so if you like the Read Inside sample, it seems probable [...]

    4. Thief of Songs by MCA HogarthThief of Songs is about music, and it feels lyrical The writing is sumptuous and flows forth with detail that never feels strained It s been a while since I ve read a story that bursts on the page, but Thief of Songs did that for me The two main characters, Amet and Dancer, are musicians and composers They meet when Amet, a Western patriot, goes East to confront Dancer about how she stole his music, which he gave away as revenge against his ex lover, who broke their [...]

    5. Just lovely Reminds me of The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula LeGuin, which is one of my favourite books of all time Non binary people, asexual people, this is one for you Full review here

    6. A unique, lyrical fantasy romance, focused on cultures different forms of loveThis is my first book by M.C.A Hogarth, but it won t be my last Part of why I enjoy reading sf f is the way it opens my mind to what ifs large and small The world of the twin kingdoms is one where it is accepted that there are four sexes, the third hermaphrodite and fourth neuter having been created from and connected to the magic that flows and pools in the land especially in the east, where its powerful gifts have le [...]

    7. This book is a lyrical gift for the senses It is sumptuous, beautiful, musical and enjoyable, with romance and history, friendships and challenges all thrown in to help it flow It s not your typical romance, or fantasy tale, since it involves non binary gender, poly and asexual romance as well as rebellious tendencies and friction between conquered kingdom and conquerers, all with magic and music, which all combined into a real feast for the senses.Into all of this walks Amet, a proud highlander [...]

    8. I waffled a bit here I think I d actually like to give this one 4.5 stars, but alas, that s not an option, so I m going with 4.I will fully admit that I m pretty sure I m not this book s target audience cough Author, you know of which I speak I hate things that are neat and tidy I am all about the complicated, messy, realisms of life, and I love the Pelted universe beyond reason because it allows me to delve into the depths and come up with new unknowns.As a romance novel, this book is probably [...]

    9. I didn t even know this was possible I ll go into why this book hit me so hard in a minute, but good god Go read it, and then come back after the cut for spoilers.I m still having a hard time with the level of vulnerability I was left in at the completion of this novel, but I m going to do my best to put ink to digital paper for this one, because it deserves it This story demands to be told and then shared in the same way that the music within demands to be written, and then sung for all to hear [...]

    10. Thief of Songs is genre busting in ways that I predictably loved it s a book about art, where the spark of connection between the lovers is based in their shared creative dynamic and deep love of creating music It s a book about the baggage of history, and how that can inform your view of yourself even when many people around you don t see it similarly I was super sympathetic to the hero on that one I know what it s like to have a cultural identity that you re very attached to, and for most of t [...]

    11. I may take some heat for this review I liked the book but it would be a select group of people I could recommend it to and not because of the content Let me start off be saying all the things I liked about the book I like that it challenges Genre stereotypes I love that the characters are NOT cookie cutter I love the underlying story of the musicians, I really do.The language was obviously crafted with love by an expert wordsmith Hogarth has an amazing talent for stringing along words in a lyric [...]

    12. I am most decidedly not a regular romance reader, but M.C.A Hogarth is now officially on my automatic buy list, and I have enjoyed so many of her books that I am willing to venture into the most unusual of territories.I loved Thief of Songs It s written with the understated grace and loveliness that I ve come to expect, and strikes the perfect balance for me, as someone not so much into the hot and heavy of sensuality and restraint And I love that the characters face challenges to their relation [...]

    13. BeautifulBeautifully written, filled with nuggets of wisdom, this is a work of art Two very different composers meet under the worst of conditions, and find love The man from the western highlands opens up, dropping erroneous beliefs, and discovering what is love as opposed to what is not love This fantasy world is different containing four sexes male, female, hermaphrodite and neuter Each has a special role to play for harmony And seeing as the story is about music, harmony is what must be achi [...]

    14. I don t normally read romance novels, but I enjoy Hogarth s work, so I gave this one a try and I m glad I did Aside from the 3 way partly ace romance that I expected, I was surprised and delighted by the cultural differences, treatment of the third and fourth genders, and the ramifications of an uneven distribution of magic The copyright right to play music that the title references was also neat The hints of the world beyond Where Magic Lives left me looking forward to books in this universe.

    15. I read this one twice It s about musicians in a 4 gendered society, and the first time I had trouble following the en and ens the author used in place of he and she The second time it made perfect sense and proved to be an absolutely delighful romance between Dancer, a court musician composer, and Amet, a disgruntled rebel composer who accused her of stealing his work, and her Fourth, Always Falling I plan to read of M.C.A Hogarth s works.

    16. A poly asexual primary relationship anchors a worldview shifting romance Four genders, cultural conflict, and non explicit romance I m so glad hogarth is prolific, because I want of these characters their world.

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