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Only We Know Simon Packham Only We Know What is the secret of Lauren s past Lauren s family have moved house very suddenly and she and her sister Tilda have to go to a new school Lauren s determined to reinvent herself but she s panic str

  • Title: Only We Know
  • Author: Simon Packham
  • ISBN: 9781848124271
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Only We Know Simon Packham What is the secret of Lauren s past Lauren s family have moved house very suddenly, and she and her sister Tilda have to go to a new school Lauren s determined to reinvent herself, but she s panic stricken when she sees Harry, who she knew a few years ago Luckily Harry doesn t recognise her, and she knows she has to make sure it stays like that Lauren, unlike Tilda, setWhat is the secret of Lauren s past Lauren s family have moved house very suddenly, and she and her sister Tilda have to go to a new school Lauren s determined to reinvent herself, but she s panic stricken when she sees Harry, who she knew a few years ago Luckily Harry doesn t recognise her, and she knows she has to make sure it stays like that Lauren, unlike Tilda, settles in well She makes friends, is helping to organise the school fashion show, and has boys asking her out But just as her life finally seems to be looking up she starts receiving macabre packages When she gets a message Isn t it time your new friends knew all about you she has to admit that someone knows her secret But who and what should she do
    Only We Know Simon Packham

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    1. The best way of keeping a secret is to pretend there isn t one Margaret Atwood, a Canadian authorSimon Packham, an English YA author, pens his latest YA book, Only We Know, that traces the story of a young teenage girl named Lauren, who moves to a new town with her parents and her younger sister, the only slight problem is that the whole family is trying to run as well as hide away from Lauren s little secret, so they all have to maintain a very low profile to not to attract any undue attention [...]

    2. The reason I gave this 1 star is due to not liking the story Harry was so lovely and probably my favourite character I did not like the ending when Lauren gets in the car next to her prom date and we find out who it is Just so weird I did find this book easy to read and would like to read another book by this author to see if I enjoy that one better I m sure there are people that love it but I just didn t like the story

    3. 3.4 StarsWow That book surprised me in many ways From the looks of the cover it seems all happy nope damn not what I expected Also on how it surprised me, that ending SHIT FAM I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING I had to reread to make sense of what was happening My jaw literally dropped and stayed dropped The majority of the book was quite average until it became gruesome Would I recommend This is the type of book that if you are looking for plot twists and mystery then this is for you, but the middle a [...]

    4. I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewRead this review and other reviews like it on my blog Little Miss ReaderOnly We Know is a very mysterious story about Lauren who has a big secret you don t really know what s actually going on until the end and that s probably what I disliked the most about this story.You know those books where there is this big secret you don t know anything about Either you love those stories or you don t and sometimes the ending, the big rev [...]

    5. pagetostagereviews 201The protagonist is a teenager by the name of Lauren, who is starting at a new school after something bad has happened at her previous one What exactly this is and whether she was the victim or cause of the reason both she and her sister were forced to make a new start is not revealed until the end of the novel and this cloud of mystery, which hangs over her past, added an intriguing element to what was already a hugely compelling book.From the opening pages, I felt invested [...]

    6. Only We Know was such a wonderful and surprising read and I had no idea what to expect when going into the book There is a mystery surrounding Lauren and the reason why her family had to move All we know is that an incident took place, and it meant that Lauren and her family had to move away from their old life, and start over somewhere new But we don t know whether Lauren was to blame or not or how much she was involved in the reasons for why they are moving.This story sees a person from her pa [...]

    7. Unfortunately I didn t particularly like this book I thought I was picking up a teen thriller with a slightly unusual cover and while it is trying to be a teen thriller, that s not what this book is I wish this book wasn t written in the way it was at all, hiding what the book is really about in order to do a shocking reveal in those last few pages Even the elements of mental illness were kept under wraps like being LGBT or a mental illness are things to be deeply ashamed I knew from the first f [...]

    8. I m still having mixed feelings about this book and it s only been an hour since I ve finished it I was waiting for something to happen because my little sister told me a huge spoiler and it got be really worried so that that affect the way I rate the book should it Well it s the first book I ve read on this subject and I m not sure I m going to carry on because of the picture it paints of Maybe it s a little young for me, the writing is fast paced only 230 pages and I disapproved of the ending [...]

    9. 4.5 I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewIS BOOK WOW LOVED IT I can t really say much about it or I would spoil the big reveal, but I didn t see it coming at all but LOVED it I d say this is the best book Hot Key Books sent me so far.

    10. I was hooked by the mysterious story.The book itself was amazing, the storyline was very interesting.I could not wait until Lauren s secret was revealed and wanted to read the book quicker.I finished it in one afternoon.I absolutely loved this novel and recommend it to all mature teens.A book I couldn t put down D

    11. Only We Know is a book revolving around a secret When we join Lauren, our protagonist, she s preparing for her first day at her new school, where she s moved because of something mysterious in her past Her sister, Tilda, is irritated that they ve had to move, because she s left all of her friends Lauren s parents are both paranoid about her settling in, telling her to fly under the radar and not to draw any attention to herself.Based off of the blurb What is the secret of Lauren s past Lauren s [...]

    12. Check out my review over on my blog here Going into this novel, I did not know much about the plot or the author I thought the novel was going to be a quick, easy and fun read that I would enjoy but that would not leave a lasting impression on me How I was wrong The novel centers around our protagonist Lauren s secret A secret so dark and life threatening that her family had to move house and never speak about it directly One of the things about this novel that I found most interesting to read a [...]

    13. Originally posted on lauraslittlebookblog.I saw the cover of this book a little while ago along with the synopsis so when I got the opportunity to read it, I couldn t wait to start.Only We Know immediately sucks you in with some brilliant writing from Simon Packman Lauren is the main focus of this story She and her family have suddenly had to move away because of something that Lauren did It isn t clear exactly what, but Lauren is very keen to reinvent herself and make sure that no one remembers [...]

    14. I ve read all of Packham s YA fiction, and love each one great talking points for teenagers covering important and engaging subjects at the heart of adolescent life I think Packham each time manages to convey a realistic young person s viewpoint and make them readable.Only We Know was intriguing from the start I love stories that ask you to guess the secret, and this one was a dinger I didn t guess what was at the heart of Lauren s story Lauren and her sister Tilda are starting at a new school a [...]

    15. I was lucky enough to receive this book in a giveaway and although I didn t know anything about it when I entered the giveaway I m so glad I took the time to apply for this book This story follows a girl called Lauren and her family as they move to a new town to start life over due to a mysterious event surrounding Lauren that led to them needing to escape from their previous life As Lauren tries to re enter life at school after this unknown event we see her struggling to stay invisible as she m [...]

    16. 3 starsThis was a fun, quick read however it had a few problems that I disliked The pacing for one thing though the story was interesting overall, it was so slow The story only began to pick up it s pace in the last few chapters, but before that the reader only got snippets of Lauren s past, of the bad thing she did, which view spoiler was nothing bad at all She is transgender Yep, that was the big baaaad thing Lauren was sent to an effing mental institute for I thought she committed a murder or [...]

    17. Also posted on Eva Lucias blogLauren fors ger som s mange andre unge at finde sin plads Ved at starte p en ny skole, f r hun lov til at blive en ny Lauren, og vise de andre elever, hvad hun gerne vil have dem til at se Hun f r hurtigt venner og bliver engageret i skoleprojekter, men helt s rligt bliver det, da hun m der Harry Det eneste problem er, at hun har set ham f r Fire somre f r, men Harry husker tilsyneladende intet, og forelskelsen bobler rundt i kroppen.L s en mere detaljeret anmeldels [...]

    18. For full review, please click hereIt got off to a sluggish start which I think was mainly to do with the rather blunt delivery but the story soon picked up Packham forms an air of mystery and keeps you guessing what Lauren s secret is until the very end although when you discover it, you ll wonder how you ever missed it.The setting and world building is definitely worth five stars as it is probably the most believable world a book has ever taken me to With detailed description of places Packham [...]

    19. Lauren s family have just moved house A new home means a new school for sisters Lauren and Tilda St Thomas Community College isn t exactly the fashion capital of Europe The teachers seem to have rather unusual names Mr Catchpole is the Student Welfare guy And Lauren is put into class 11CH with teacher Miss Hoolyhan Katherine, Lauren s new friend introduces Lauren to Harry Lauren can t speak she met Harry four summers ago But Lauren pretends not to recognize him As for Harry, Lauren or less mana [...]

    20. I d rate this like a 4.5 because I really enjoyed it but it isn t quite up to other 5 star reads.With that said, this book is truly amazing Like seriously, I did not see that coming and I ve realised how sinister my mind actually is I would definitely recommend this short read and would say it tackles many different subjects that could be challenging Honestly, read this book and it will truly open your eyes to others and what they may be going through

    21. I would have rated this higher, but the ending felt quite rushed and also really disconnected from the rest of the story The last two or so chapters seemed like they d come from a completely different book I m still glad I picked this one up, and I did enjoy it for the most part A quick and easy read

    22. I think this has honestly been the only book that has ever made me gobsmacked with a twist One of the best, original and inspiring YA books ever 5 5Yeah, sorry for the absolutely massive and detailed review It s just one of them books that leave you speechless and ones you know no matter what you write it will not do it justice Plus, spoilers

    23. A young girl starts a new school but has a secret to hide.Not a bad story but the pace was too slow for me, I couldn t engage with the characters and the final reveal wasn t dramatic enough for me.

    24. Oh wow I DEFINITELY wasn t expecting that ending I had mixed feelings about the epilogue but this was quite a good read Tough to get into at first and the writing style wasn t my favourite Still a pretty good read.

    25. Won this book free in the giveaway.It was a good read, Simon Packham writes convincingly as an english teenager, and I didn t see the end coming at all Worth a read, makes you have a think afterwards.

    26. Well, that was unexpected But not really impactful But still a great read actually I m kinda confused, just like Lauren I don t know how I feel, I don t really love it but I don t hate it But I love the writing, so there s that.

    27. Good book, I liked that we were kept in the dark about Lauren s secret for the majority of the book but I did find my mind wandering a bit.

    28. Super fast paced, I ve never read a book on this topic before It was actually quite suspenseful I literally had no idea what the big reveal was going to be and was pleasantly surprised

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