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Golden Age Jane Smiley Golden Age From the Pulitzer Prize winner the much anticipated final volume of her magnificent best selling American trilogy which brings the beloved Langdon family into our present times and beyond A lot can

  • Title: Golden Age
  • Author: Jane Smiley
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  • Page: 167
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Golden Age Jane Smiley From the Pulitzer Prize winner the much anticipated final volume of her magnificent, best selling American trilogy, which brings the beloved Langdon family into our present times and beyond.A lot can happen in 100 years, as Jane Smiley has shown to dazzling effect in her astonishing, critically acclaimed Last Hundred Years Trilogy When Golden Age, its last installment, oFrom the Pulitzer Prize winner the much anticipated final volume of her magnificent, best selling American trilogy, which brings the beloved Langdon family into our present times and beyond.A lot can happen in 100 years, as Jane Smiley has shown to dazzling effect in her astonishing, critically acclaimed Last Hundred Years Trilogy When Golden Age, its last installment, opens in 1987, the next generation of the Langdon family is facing economic, social, cultural, and political challenges unlike anything their ancestors had encountered before Richie and Michael, the rivalrous twin sons of Frank, the golden son and World War II hero, have grown into men, and the wild antics of their youth slide seamlessly into a wilder adulthood in finance on Wall Street and in government in Washington, D.C Charlie, the mysterious young man we met in Early Warning who was revealed to be an unknown son of the Langdon clan, adds light and joy to the family, but gets caught up in the tragedy of the 9 11 attacks Meanwhile, back on the family s Iowa homestead, the rich soil, tilled since 1920 when patriarch Walter planted his corn and oats, has been eroded by decades of continuous farming and now is threatened by climate change Throughout the three decades that this novel comprises, with Smiley gazing into her crystal ball toward 2019 at its conclusion, we see how the Langdon children we ve come to know and love Frank, Joe, Lillian, Henry, and Claire make room as adults for their own children and grandchildren as they face an uncertain future Taking us through events monumental and quotidian, personal, national, and international, in a breathtaking mix of suspense and nostalgia, character and atmosphere, Golden Age brings an enduring portrait of a single remarkable family to a triumphant end, even as it raises a beloved American author to new heights.From the Hardcover edition.
    Golden Age Jane Smiley

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    1. I won a free copy of this book from the publisher through Thanks, PRH and I am conflicted about how to approach this novel I m a Jane Smiley fan and I loved the previous two books in the trilogy, Some Luck and Early Warning This trilogy is about a farming family, the Langdons, as they expand and spread across the U.S during the twentieth and twenty first centuries It covers the past hundred years of history and ends a few years in the future 2019 Smiley s writing is the kind that sneaks up on yo [...]

    2. Jane Smiley almost hits it out of the park with this one As a whole, this trilogy has been an examplar of the power of realistic fiction a saga of a family and its branches It s well written and observed without suffering from the self consciously clever MFA workshop overwriting that seems to be overwhelming younger literary fiction writers Irony, considering Smiley s own pedigree There are two things that make this last novel just short of a five star book As the expanding family trees on the e [...]

    3. I really liked the first book in this trilogy, which begins on an Iowa farm in the 1920s The second book, which begins in the 50s and runs through the late 80s was far less interesting to me It seemed that the focus switched from the characters themselves, to current events featuring them One joins a cult, one goes to Vietnam, one is gay and deals with AIDSiched and a bit Forrest Gump y But I wanted to give it one last chance, and unfortunately the third book is worse The characters who now seem [...]

    4. Golden Age is the third and final book in Jane Smiley s Last Hundred Years A Family Saga trilogy, which began with Some Luck The Langdon family has spread far and wide since the first chapter of Some Luck opened in 1920, but both books start in the same place the farm fields of Iowa The story has now reached 1987, but by the end of the book Golden Age transports readers into the future, through to 2019, to complete the 100 years promised in the series name Since family members are living all ove [...]

    5. Alas, the final installment of the trilogy was my least favorite There are a few reasons for this One is simply that I didn t like the third and fourth generation characters as much Another is that, with such a large family tree, you get lists of names and catch up sessions The intrusion of history is also overt I noted this in the 2011 chapter, especially, which mentions the Japanese earthquake, Ut ya and the Occupy movement One character dies on 9 11 another gets a flesh eating bacteria One [...]

    6. OK So I finally finished this trilogy and am, overall, glad that I finished what I started.But was it great No.The first book, where we were introduced to what was then a family unit of a size we could get to know, was pretty good and made for an excellent book group discussion.I then decided to continue with the second book and now this final book Each book was disappointing than the one before.Yes, it s inevitable with a family saga that the cast of characters will grow as time passes and the [...]

    7. The third and final novel in the Last Hundred Years Trilogy, Golden Age treats us to the last chapter in the long, sprawling history of the Langdon family We first met them in 1918, right after WW1, and we have come to know the family, warts and all, in intimate detail The cast of characters is huge, requiring frequent glimpses at the genealogy chart found at the front of the book It is not surprising that many people die in this novel, considering we have been following them for so long Of cour [...]

    8. This will be a review of the last book as well as the series as a whole.I enjoyed the 100 year journey with the Langdons, however this story has almost no positive War, early death, disease, alcoholism, financial crisis, adultery, divorce, murder, environmental disaster etc etc etc are all found heavily throughout this series While these are all facts of life, I can confidently say and I even doubt that others who have read this would disagree that there is almost no hope at all in this story A [...]

    9. I m not sure this book was a 5 star book on its own terms, but the 5 stars come from how much I loved this series and how sad I am that it is over This is the third and final installment of Jane Smiley s 100 Years Saga and deals primarily with the grandchildren and great grandchildren of Walter and Rosanna Langdon, the young couple at the beginning of book 1 As this family tree mushrooms outwards, the intimacy of the first installment is lost, but the sadness I felt about that and confusion abou [...]

    10. I had paused in my reading of this third novel in the trilogy, and going back to it I realized why In 2006, we had to follow one of the second cousins into Iraq Not a fun place to be I finally got up the courage to pick it up again, and am very glad I did Just as amazing, albeit in a different way, as the first two in this classic trilogy The prose has such a wonderful, rhythm, deceptively simple Was it a Golden Age As Claire points out, l golden ages were discovered within No one would ever kno [...]

    11. This review contains spoilers out of spite.This novel is a huge disappointment I m a big cheerleader for the first two books Smiley should have stopped with the second, which ends with bastard Charlie uniting with his lost birth family The third book starts out strong with a family reunion, and it was fun seeing the whole gang back together Again, Charlie was the catalyst.But it soon becomes clear that Smiley has run out of things to say She has a couple of hobby horses climate change and actual [...]

    12. I breezed through the first two books of the trilogy enjoying them as a wonderfully written family saga Because each chapter takes place in a year, we see how major and not so major historical events touch various characters sometimes with a major impact, sometimes only glancingly Much the way events in the lather world effect us At times the books are a trifle tedious, at other times they soar The final book The Golden Age is problematic It s strength lies in the detailing of the ladder of yea [...]

    13. The final book in the Last Hundred Years trilogy Completely heartbreaking I know that in real life, things are never tied up in a nice tidy bow, but the ending to these books was especially devastating Of course as the older generations age, there are going to be deaths However, there are some especially shocking deaths that take place and not a lot of closure for me, as the reader The middle of the book dragged for me somewhat, as the author delved into politics, the war on terror and the stock [...]

    14. While I rate each of the three books in the triology a 4 read, I would probably give the series as a whole a 5 rating Why Because the triology is a family saga that experiences in some fashion most of the major historical events from 1920 through 2014 This is history as lived by those experiencing it This series demands to be read in order It seems the publisher, not the author, insisted on breaking it into 3 volumes Perhaps that made sense, as if the three books were put together, it would resu [...]

    15. Spanning five generations of the Langdon family and 100 years, Golden Age by Jane Smiley is the final book in the trilogy that began with Some Luck and Early Warning.Golden Age opens in 1987 and goes into the future, 2019 for the 100 years The previous two books in the trilogy covered 1920 1952 and 1953 1986 It must be made clear to anyone wanting to read this final book in the series that you really have to read the previous two novels first What that means, in all honesty, is that you must be [...]

    16. Two words describe Jane Smiley and her Last Hundred Years trilogy sheer genius I wavered after reading the first two books I liked them immensely but wasn t sure I could handle umpteen Langdons over another 33 year period I was wrong Golden Age convinced me that Smiley s effort was brilliant.The Langdons, in many ways Every Family, are impressively portrayed in thoughts and deeds, all touching something in us, whether admiration or aversion, connection or distance The most familiar characters a [...]

    17. I loved this trilogy it was one of the most soulful and enjoyable reading experiences I ve had in years There is something very rare and special about following a group of characters a family at such a slow pace over such a long period of time To experience so many characters from their own perspective being born and living a full life and then passing away makes you feel like you are one with them there s nothing else like it Smiley also has a way with language that every once in a while just t [...]

    18. I loved this book I loved the entire series Thinking about people and events evolving through time, some good, some bad, some a mixture and I m talking about the people and events certainly something to ponder Just as I was starting to question the title of this book, Claire explained it and I totally get it, having recently experienced a surprise party in honor of a new decade for me the same weekend as the awful terrorist attack in Paris The Golden Age is personal it is the joy experienced wit [...]

    19. I was surprised not to enjoy this one I guess I wasn t as invested in the new family members as I was in some of the originals who obviously are starting to be few and far between at this point in the story Smiley extends the story into the future and I actually found it distracting to figure out what what was going on in her future world politically and environmentally, etc Mostly I think was just unsatisfied with the way several of the story lines ended Not happy endings and they didn t feel [...]

    20. Worth every page and thank goodness for the family tree in the front, because I used it many a time.

    21. If you want to read this Jame Smiley trilogy, the Last Hundred Years trilogy, you d better hunker down and get read for a long story None of the book are short And you d better bookmark the family tree pages.They really should be read in order Some trilogies have second or third books that can stand on their own without reading the previous book s but this is not such a story It builds on the others to an extent that you would lose much of the importance of this book without the others.The serie [...]

    22. There ought to be a word probably a German one, like schadenfreude to describe the bittersweet feeling of being both happy and sad that something is ending I d use that word to describe reading Golden Age , the last novel in the, Last Hundred Years Trilogy , by Jane Smiley I was both hungry to read about the Langdon family, but sad to know that this is the last installment The trilogy follows the family from 1919 to 2019, and can be easily classed as both an historical novel and a family saga I [...]

    23. Are we living in a golden age This series does not have a traditional narrative and, at times, you may find yourself wanting to follow a particular character or know about a specific event in time, but not everything lasts and it s not possible to know all Not all events that occur can be remembered forever Some events that seem like a big deal now will not be a big deal twenty years later this is ultimately what I had to learn from this book My reviews of Some Luck and Early Warning If you hav [...]

    24. Well, I knew it would be hard to keep track of the characters in this third installment, and it was I do not recommend reading this as an e book too hard to keep flipping back to the family tree.Reading all three volumes of this trilogy has been like eavesdropping on family gossip, Christmas letters, reintroductions at family reunions and funerals, occasional emails and phone calls, or sorting through boxes of old family letters and photos There is no plot per se, no tension, climax and denoueme [...]

    25. How incredibly disappointing After enjoying the first two books of the trilogy, Golden Age let us all down.All the newer characters are static, one dimensional and unlikable None are well developed and each sub section feels garbled and unfinished The worst is the new character Riley, who isn t even a character even though there are pages and pages devoted to her Riley a plot device the author uses to arrive at her dystopian future three years from now mind you and to rail against Monsanto.The b [...]

    26. I received a copy from Netgalley, and was so so excited I loved this and thought it was a worthy finale to a fascinating trilogy Because of its sprawling cast of characters, sometimes it was a little hard to keep track of who was who but many of these characters were vivid and alive on the page I thought the choice to go beyond the present day up to 2019 was an interesting one, and felt like the last few chapters suddenly shaded into the beginnings of a dystopian novel but I think that was part [...]

    27. I m giving this four stars out of loyalty to the trilogy on the whole, but I really didn t like the ending Also some characters just dropped out, not even showing up at funerals Several of the younger characters felt phony, except for Felicity I m also a little weary of Jane Smiley s horses But all in all I was totally absorbed by these stories and this family and will miss reading about them

    28. Sigh I didn t want it to end And it wasn t necessarily a happy ending, except for Andy And Frank I was curious how Jane would handle the 2016 election near the end of the book She called it perfectly.

    29. Well done, Jane Smiley I think about the Langdon clan now like they are distant members of my family and I m wondering what happened to them.

    30. The third book in Jane Smiley s one hundred year trilogy takes the reader from 1987 to 2018, again a chapter devoted to each year, unpacking the lives of the Langdon family, now into the fifth generation With the exception of Jesse and Jen Langdon, the remaining family members have flung themselves far away from the farm in Denby, Iowa, light years away from weather worries, the cost of endless repairs, the price of seed and fertilizer, and the relentless, back breaking work The Langdon family r [...]

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