Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others #2020

Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others John C. Maxwell Jim Dornan Becoming a Person of Influence How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others Whatever your vocation or aspiration you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence

  • Title: Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others
  • Author: John C. Maxwell Jim Dornan
  • ISBN: 0020049071007
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others John C. Maxwell Jim Dornan Whatever your vocation or aspiration, you can increase your impact on others by Becoming a Person of Influence.
    Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others John C. Maxwell Jim Dornan

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      432 John C. Maxwell Jim Dornan
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    One thought on “Becoming a Person of Influence: How to Positively Impact the Lives of Others”

    1. The first chapter alone was worth the price of this book The rest of the book could have been blank pages with smiley faces along the top and I would still be happy.The first chapter of this book is about two things 1 The 1 key to influencing people which is trust2 How to gain trust which is being a person of integrity Great read and something I will re read throughout life.

    2. We all have a desire to make a difference in the world The book Becoming a Person of Influence focuses on using your writing and communication skills to motivate and influence others to achieve success.The book focuses on meeting people where they are and then developing them through various styles of communication The idea of the author is to identify the barriers to success and then challenge your audience to overcome them, with communication being your main tool A few great examples are liste [...]

    3. My first John Maxwell book It was really awesome It taught me that I can be a woman of influence wherever I am Also this helped me in learning how to lead my Life Group and how be a good leader to my disciples This book is best for church leaders, managers, supervisors, business men, and ordinary men women who are destined for greatness The book made me realize that I was born to influence, I am born to lead BornForThis

    4. Another priceless book Place this alongside the books How to Win Friends and Influence People , 7 Habits of Highly Effective People , and The Science Of Self Confidence , and you will be ready to change some lives This book expounds on the importance of being a leader.Most importantly, a leader is not just somebody who tells others to do, but they are a role model They are somebody that looks to make others succeed.An INFLUENCER is a person who Has I ntegrity N urturs others.Has F aith in others [...]

    5. Excellent book for anyone who wishes to understand how to become a person of influence I found this book in a storage box from several moves ago and inside the cover was a touching card from a good friend She was a smart lady of influence and knew what she was doing It brought a smile to my face to say the least, but I wish I had read this book back when I received it I ve read so many books of this genre that I don t recall if I actually read it then but reading it twice is not a bad idea.The b [...]

    6. What I enjoy the most about my profession, Human Resources, is seeing others succeed at work or in life It is especially gratifying when that success cascades and enhances the lives of others This is an inspirational read that can help you to develop the potential of others and yourself You may ask who are you influencing and the answer is that it could be any person at any time for almost any reason Each chapter provides a checklist of behaviors that will enhance your influencing skills This is [...]

    7. I read this with my Arbonne team, and it was a really worthwhile read Both interesting and inspiring, this is one of those rare books that I think everyone can gain something from, regardless of your industry or profession Whether or not we are aware of it, we all have influence over others are you using your influence to make an impact Is it the impact you want to be making

    8. We all influence people Want to have a greater influence This is a classic giving practical pointers on how to became someone who better interacts with people making it possible to influence them in a possitive way.

    9. Very good and compact book on leading and mentoring others, but was also a bit repetitive and didn t really say anything new.

    10. Pada dasarnya setiap orang punya pengaruh buat orang lain tidak harus melalui profesi maupun kedudukan Tiap pribadi bisa disebut orang yang berpengaruh jika mampu membina hubungan yang baik dengan orang lain, apapun yang dilakukannya selama itu baik, benar, positif dan bermanfaat bagi orang lain dan lingkungannya dengan selalu berpedoman pada Nya.Membaca buku ini membuatku menelusuri tahapan tahapan pengaruh yang ada pada diri manusia, karena tingkatan pengaruh tiap pribadi manusia terhadap oran [...]

    11. Well, here is another John Maxwell book This was a little interesting to do The really helps you become a good leader Integrity is big in this book Also, are you being a mentor That was hard for me to understand until I realized that this was people who influenced you in your life There it is againINFLUENCE Are you being a good or bad influence Your life shows alot You have to be a good listener This book sums it up real easy for you I Integrity with People N Nurtures Other People F Faith in Pe [...]

    12. So far, have only received positive feedback of this piece of work, and for sure is a good book.I believe that the most valuable lessons, without diminishing the others importance, would be the related to the first and fourth influence phases.In fact the last chapter summarises the principles pretty well of the whole book Also I think this book is better suited for a newcomer, not because to the experienced won t be able to teach anything, but first and foremost that it provides a factual, alre [...]

    13. If becoming a better leader is your goal, I highly recommend this book Just because you are in a leadership role does not mean you are a person of positive influence A leader continues to grow and John Jim truly outline key steps, give in depth analogies, and provide real world examples of how to be a leader of positive influence I learned a great deal from this book I plan to read other John Maxwell books His easy going style and intricate details and steps agree with my learning style.

    14. I loved this book Maxwell and Dornan write in a folksy, easy to understand way, and I gained a lot from it I digested wonderful stuff about the importance believing in others, being a listener first, empowering others, the importance of integrity, and Best of all, on almost every page there are wonderful quotes or a story illustrating what is being explained A must read for anyone in a position of authority and or wanting to make a difference in life Not preachy at all but rather solid advice.

    15. I recommend this book for managers and people who want to develop their leadership skills This book was easy to read when I made the time to read it and I thought it gave a lot of great examples The questions at the end of each chapter helped me with developing personal development goals and with discussions with co workers also reading the book This book is very inspirational and makes me want to be a better leader, friend, future parent.on.

    16. A Leader is one who sees than others see, who sees farther than others see and who sees before others do Leroy EimsA quick learning guide to being able to influence people positively and help them grow into leaders Covers topics on mantaining integrity with people, nurturing them, having faith in them, listening to them, understanding and enlarging them, navigating for them, connecting with them, empowering them which ultimately helps to reproduce influencers.

    17. Influence is an important element of leadership In this book John C Maxwell talks about the principles that need to be practiced in order to develop influence and hence become a great leader Influence is not about position but really about behaviour He also talks about how an important part of influence is building the members of your team.For anybody in leadership this is a great tool to improve yourself and others.

    18. Their philosophy is grounding and necessary.Most importantly, I think it makes you realize that all that you learn in this book is applicable to your everyday life as much as in a business situation The book includes a few very interesting examples that will make you think what you would have done in a similar situation which person would you be how would you behave and what will you gain from that It is also as much about influence as it is about communication.

    19. One of maxwells best books A adaptive translation of the pop 80 s book How to Win Friends and Influence People Common practices like believing in others, having integrity, being of sound judgement are some of the many concepts explained However, I put this book down for a minute and then never picked it up again which tells me it s not a MUST READ More like good to read but okay if you don t

    20. I m actually leading an in person class on this book in January It is not rocket science, but it is all that you need to really shift some things around in your life for the better If you re interested in attending the in person class or would like for me to do it online phone conference, let me know.It is powerful.You can see the webpage for the class here wynngodbold becoming a per

    21. Another Maxwell classic I ve made a point of either reading a new John Maxwell book or re reading a favorite at least 1 time every quarter His thinking, teaching and philosophy are grounding in really focusing on what s important in the life I live This would fall into that category Many great stories and insights about who you are in the world and the impact that can have on so many people around you Definitely worth a read.

    22. Pretty good book, but so practical that it s a little boring Some stories are interesting, but a lot of it is common sense I listened to it on Audiobook with both of the authors reading it, and one them has a boring voice I m sure I picked up some tips that are helpful in the way I relate to other people, but as I write this I can t really think of something specific that I learned.

    23. Person of influence means to positively impact the life of other Influencer mean I integrity ,N nurture people , F faith that that your team can , l listing to people , U understanding them , E enlarges them , N navigating them C connecting with them, E empowerment them to, R reproduce leaders I wish I had said that

    24. John C Maxwell is one of my personal favorites when it comes to great business and personal development material This was one of the first books of his that I read and I got hooked Doesn t matter whether you are working in corporate America, a non profit, a ministry or as a domestic engineer Everybody influences somebody, in fact many somebodies.

    25. This book is one that communicates about how to talk, share and most important influence others does not need to be at work or at home this can be in the airport, hotel lobby, or anywhere one can be seen talking with others, interacting with others, or assembled with others It is like, big brother is watching only big brother is others 365 days a year we can help others great book

    26. Excellent read What I liked most about this book is how John and Jim place the focus on who you are than where you are in life Anyone can be a person of influence without needing a high position Reading this book has inspired me to be intentional and focused with my wife, kids, in ministry, and business.

    27. I hesitate to add this book to my list, as it does carry the weight and sound of a self help book Maybe it is, whatever From what I remember it has some great information that could be of value to anyone who cares about other peoples perspectives I havnt read it in a number of years and probably need to read it again If you have read it tell me what you thought.

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