The Smuggler's Gambit #2020

The Smuggler's Gambit Sara Whitford The Smuggler s Gambit Port Beaufort North Carolina May When year old Adam Fletcher is forced into an apprenticeship he unwittingly becomes a pawn in a smuggling war Soon he s forced to make a tough decision Will

  • Title: The Smuggler's Gambit
  • Author: Sara Whitford
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Smuggler's Gambit Sara Whitford Port Beaufort, North Carolina May 1765 When 17 year old Adam Fletcher is forced into an apprenticeship, he unwittingly becomes a pawn in a smuggling war Soon, he s forced to make a tough decision Will he agree to become a spy performing a civic duty to the Crown Or will he risk everything possibly even putting his own family in danger to protect his new master SecrePort Beaufort, North Carolina May 1765 When 17 year old Adam Fletcher is forced into an apprenticeship, he unwittingly becomes a pawn in a smuggling war Soon, he s forced to make a tough decision Will he agree to become a spy performing a civic duty to the Crown Or will he risk everything possibly even putting his own family in danger to protect his new master Secrets will be revealed, loyalties will be questioned, betrayals will be uncovered, and a young man s character will be put to the test in The Smuggler s Gambit.
    The Smuggler's Gambit Sara Whitford

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      373 Sara Whitford
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    One thought on “The Smuggler's Gambit”

    1. I won a copy of this book through the First Reads program here at.I like historical fiction, so I was interested in this book when I saw it as a giveaway I thought the time period was intriguing, as not many stories are set in this period at least not that I am familiar with Smuggler s Gambit is a quick, easy read with plenty of interesting, well developed characters I would not have thought a book about an apprentice at a shipping company in pre Revolutionary War America would be a likely prota [...]

    2. I wanted to like this book Good historical fiction is a favorite genre of mine, and I m also always in the market for historically based books to read to my elementary aged kids This adventure of a 17 year old boy beginning his apprenticeship with a shipping company in pre revolutionary America had promise Indeed, it started out quite excitingly in what turned out to be a flash forward, our hero has been kidnapped and then stranded in an unknown location for reasons we can only imagine Unfortuna [...]

    3. I ll start off by saying I generally only read science fiction so this book was a change for me I read this during lunches at work and honestly, I really enjoyed The Smuggler s Gambit It gave me a feeling of reading a Mark Twain book where the character draws you in I started off reading the print book but purchased and switched to the kindle version This helped because sometimes there were terms from that time period I had never heard and needed to use the built in dictionary What I m trying to [...]

    4. Not one for me I am afraid The hero is a seventeen yr old boy and yet the story seems to be unsure who is the target audience In places the writing is childish and immature, and in others we read about prostitutes There are huge chunks of boring dialogue in the opening chapter which would put any budding reader and Adam comes across as very childish I can t see any 17 yr old boys enjoying this and the subject matter at the start is not really appropriate for 10 12 yr olds The account of his firs [...]

    5. The smugglers gambit by Sarah WhitfordThis book was sent to me for free by BookBub it is a book for YA s but it is well written for anyone Excelent story line the colonies before The revolution Smuggling to get around the high and disliked taxes of the crown and the exploits of young Adam fletcher apprentice to a local shipping merchant Gave this 4 stars

    6. This first installment of the Adam Fletcher Series was very good in my opinion Most of the characters were well developed, the plot was great, and the author left a really good hook at the end for book II I enjoyed the fact that this book tried to be historically accurate, even when dealing with sensitive issues such as slavery I was particularly impressed by the author s use of Writs of Assistance in her story These legal documents were used in the colonies, in many times against smugglers in o [...]

    7. Adam is your basic 17 yr old indentured servant in the days of pirates Adam stumbles into a smuggling scheme, which way are his loyalties Adam and the sea faring community he lives in is very polite The book is only 326 pages long and thank you was said over 40 times pfuut This book never grabbed my attention, I was almost immediately bored with the story and it never moved forward and got going I feel the story is sophomoric and the writing style was geared toward a much younger age group, pre [...]

    8. This was an easy enjoyable read Set in the colonies, it gives a different perspective of life during that time The story is centered around young Adam who becomes apprentice to a shipping company The characters and interactions are believable to a point I would classify this as a young adult story as it is not overly complex or detailed The action picks up and is fast paced in moving the story along There are some interesting references to taxation and pirating that help make the history of the [...]

    9. I very rarely read historical fiction, and even rarely read YA works, but this book can t be contained in either of those labels It truly has something for everyone I learned much about the colonial period of my home state, and enjoyed the way the story unfolded There s just enough mystery here to keep the reader engaged, but not so much as to be far fetched I m looking forward to the sequel

    10. A great read with a compelling story The characters are well developed and multi dimensional The author clearly did extensive research and is passionate about the subject More importantly she effortlessly draws the reader into mid Eighteenth Century Port Beaufort You can almost taste the salt in the air I can recommend this book for young adults, and for not so young adults who just want an easy, enjoyable read.

    11. Good book Well written, great character development, and it moved at a good pace to keep my interest I m looking forward to reading of this series.

    12. A lightweight and implausible but at least cheerful YA novel set in eighteenth century Port Beaufort When 17 year old Adam Fletcher gets into a fight with the obnoxious son of the local customs officer, he finds himself apprenticed to a local shipping merchant to try to kick him into a respectable trade Needless to say, smuggling and skulduggery is rife, and Adam finds himself on the wrong side of danger far too often for his mother s liking The book was probably aiming for a classic adventure s [...]

    13. Historical novelA great story set on the eastern coast of north Carolina Adam learns about shipping as he aids in the solution of criminal affairs I wait for me to get the next installment, as he travels to Cuba.

    14. The Smuggler s Gambit by Sara Whitford is about seventeen year old Adam Fletcher and his journey from tavern server to shopping apprentice On his path, Adam discovers his small town is filled with intrigue and illegal activity than he could ever imagine With the help of his new master, Emmanuel Rogers and his new friends to navigate the treacherous line between good citizen of the Crown during pre Revolution America and smuggler When Rogers direct competition approaches Adam to act as his spy, [...]

    15. I won this book in a Giveaway Port Beaufort, North Carolina May 1765 I really enjoyed this book, especially after the postcard I was given showing me Beaufort, North Carolina This book was a great historical fiction to read and I am thankful for Sara in letting me read it The characters in this book were fresh, unique and exciting I wasn t sure what to expect from any of them which didn t lead the book to be boring I also loved the mystery and adventure present At the start, we are introduced to [...]

    16. The colonies My favorite era I picked this book up solely on that fact alone but I am glad I did This is the first in a planned series by a first time author and I was a little worried heading into the story The initial set up is good, with many wonderful characters and a wealth of knowledge on the era The author really has done her homework with this novel and it clearly shows She udnerstands the places, names, business aspects and all the little details that make you become immersed in the st [...]

    17. I love reading books based in the 18th century, and this book was one of the few that actually took me there Each character had its quirks which made them realistic, and the situations they were put in kept me turning the pages Although there were a couple predictable scenes, it didn t at all deter me from the story In fact, what really fascinated me were the little stories regarding Blackbeard I ve always been a sucker for pirates, and I love how this book so slyly eluded to them Overall, if yo [...]

    18. A very good coming of age adventure story in which young Adam Fletcher finds himself apprenticed to one master and becoming entangled in the machinations of an evil competitor It was well written, nicely paced, and peopled with likable characters It was a little predictable and the language was a little too modern for the time period, but I thoroughly enjoyed it all the same I would easily recommend it not only for YA but anybody who likes good, clean stories that are full of adventure and that [...]

    19. Perhaps written for much younger readers but if so, I m afraid it still lacked The patterns of speech were either stilted I guess a lack of contractions is supposed to convey history or else weirdly modern Adam is supposed to be 17 and it seems odd a boy that age raised in a tavern, no less would be so unworldly and childlike The story itself wasn t bad but the execution just wasn t terribly inspired Just kind of an odd one to find tucked into my daily ebook freebies This should maybe be aimed a [...]

    20. I really enjoyed The Smuggler s Gambit I enjoy to read historical fiction when it is well done This one was definitely well done The author didn t spend needless time explaining history to us The book moved along and kept moving, so it was able to keep my interest throughout the entire book I also appreciated that it was a good, clean read It wasn t filled with needless swearing or offensive material The author let the story be the story, without a lot of distractions.Overall this was a very enj [...]

    21. I got this simply because the title and the original cover appealed to me Turned out to be a really good historical fiction set in Colonial North Carolina The pirate connection was a bonus The hero has moments where he s really annoying, but he s seventeen, so I guess that s expected I d recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical fiction or grand adventure set in pre Revolutionary America.

    22. A fun historical inspired novelI liked this book for its historical background and kept me interested the entire time Adam Fletcher was fun to route for I am looking forward to reading about Adam in his next adventure I liked Sara Whitford s writing style which kept me engaged during the entire book.

    23. I really loved this book and would like to read I got very involved with the storyline and the characters were lifelike and well described The additional information in the story line about slavery and taxes made it an even better book and they did not ruin the novel I would like to read by Sara Whitford in the future.

    24. this is a really fun and interesting book, I love all the action and the dventures and I really, really enjoyed this book so much despite myself winning this book right here and worth reading again and again

    25. I really enjoyed this book The time period is fascinating to me and the author brought it alive with fascinating characters and a good story line I highly recommend this book to those that enjoy a great adventure tale and historical fiction at its finest

    26. This is an entertaining historical novel I m not sure if it is specifically targeted to young adults, but it is certainly suitable as it is without explicit sex, violence or profanity I enjoyed it.

    27. Good read.An interesting and suspense filled plot which kept my attention at its peak through to the climax even though this isn t the type of material I generally read.

    28. Good, clean adventureTypical teenage boy takes actions that puts him in hairy situations Becomes town hero.Easy reading Hard to put book down.

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