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The Accidental Wife Simi K. Rao The Accidental Wife From the author of Inconvenient Relations Simi K Rao If you enjoyed Inconvenient Relations you ll love The Accidental Wife a new contemporary romance from Simi K Rao Some accidents are meant to happ

  • Title: The Accidental Wife
  • Author: Simi K. Rao
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 457
  • Format: ebook
  • The Accidental Wife Simi K. Rao From the author of Inconvenient Relations Simi K Rao If you enjoyed Inconvenient Relations, you ll love The Accidental Wife, a new contemporary romance from Simi K Rao Some accidents are meant to happen Dr Rihaan Mehta is a brilliant young neurosurgeon who has no inclination for love or marriage According to him wives and girlfriends are annoying accessories that oneFrom the author of Inconvenient Relations Simi K Rao If you enjoyed Inconvenient Relations, you ll love The Accidental Wife, a new contemporary romance from Simi K Rao Some accidents are meant to happen Dr Rihaan Mehta is a brilliant young neurosurgeon who has no inclination for love or marriage According to him wives and girlfriends are annoying accessories that one can do without But when his mother dangles the sword over his head in classic Bollywood style, he succumbs, and sets out in search of a bride who would fit his requirements But can Rihaan deal with what he gets instead
    The Accidental Wife Simi K. Rao

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      Simi K. Rao

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    1. njkinnysblog 2015 04 bThe Accidental Wife had me hooked right from its title to the blurb I was intrigued and knew I had to read the book The cover is also good but it is the blurb that catches your attention.Being the first book by the author that I have read, I had no preconceived notions and expectations from her and so, was surprised when I started loving the story right from the start The prologue is beautifully arranged to give the reader an initial jolt and raise his interest level which [...]

    2. Interesting and different Seemed a bit like an Indian Harlequin romance It lost a bit of points for me because it lacked concreteness There was not a lot of description and some of the happenings were whackadooddle But there was an interesting medical issue in the second half which kept me entertained.

    3. BLOG TOUR athousandwordsamillionbooks.blOkay, confession time I m Indian, and Indians probably will understand this book better than anyone else, because it s the culture we grow up in The overbearing mother, the comparatively cooler father, the marriage that they re always talking about and the sibling that saves your ass no matter whatIt probably sounds similar to lots of American things, and in many ways, it is, but it many ways, it s not winks to Indian Friends And I m not saying it s happe [...]

    4. The Accidental Wife a beautiful tale of a beautiful couple Dr.Rihaan Naina They say Love is magical it gives you the strength to heal transform your pain this could be the best description to this amazing story Yes, Rihaan Naina s love is so magical I wonder when they discovered their love for eachother but no wonder its eternal Naina believes marriage is convergence of two hearts but Rihaan mocks saying its a puerile romantic crap its all biology but Naina made him eat his words He fell in love [...]

    5. Twists and turnsAlthough I enjoyed the story, there were times I didn t understand where the author was going An example would be an introduction to a character but no follow up on the story line for those who read the book, I m talking about the heroine s brother and the hero s best friend I was left feeling like So what happened but no answer was giving That s my only complaint I would recommend and I would purchase this author again because I liked the plot and the characters.

    6. The Accidental wife kept me hooked up from it s title to the end of the book Interesting and different A tale of two strangers Rihaan and Naina Two different persona with different prespective finds themselves in an accidental wedlock and both detest being with each other and decides to return back to their normal life Owing to circumstances and time they forced to keep up with the drama Eventually they fell for each other with twist and turns in their life with contemporary scenarios which made [...]

    7. Amorous A lovely tale of true love The author, Simi, has skillfully brought out the emotional feelings of two persons who simply love each other A wonderful story recommended for an escapade to a world of pure romance.

    8. Writer Simi K Rao has again written an wonderful story The accidental Wife which is totally different from her debut and previous novel An Incurable Insanity Inconvenient Relations book 1 The Accidental wife is the story of a neurosurgeon Rihaan and Naina, who has a doctorate degree in English literature and does wonder with her camera Rihaan was allergic to the idea of getting married and wanted to remain bachelor for all his life Though his mother managed to make him fall in her trap, Rihaan w [...]

    9. The Accidental Wife is the story of two strangers Naina and Rihaan, who agree to get married for reasons of their own Rihaan, a successful neurosurgeon and an incredibly attractive Harvard graduate, is sick of his dominating mother constantly badgering him to get married All Rihaan wants is to get his mother off his back and live his own life freely as a bachelor in New York Meanwhile, Naina, a stunning Delhiite, who teaches school kids and ardently pursues her passion of freelance photojournali [...]

    10. Most of the romantic stories start with love at a first sight and end as Happily ever after , But this story starts with an accidental marriage and ends with Happily ever after No, it s not a story of marriage, but a story of companionship which shows love and sacrifice of a couple walking you through their ups and downs Rihaan is a neuro surgeon in New york who wants to marry some girl who won t distract his busy work schedule and don t expect anything from him For him, marriage is just to esca [...]

    11. Note A Review of this book is posted Readers MuseHaving read An Incurable Insanity by the same author I pretty much knew I could expect a solid and intense romance which would leave me wanting for .Our protagonist Dr.Rihaan is an accomplished Neuro Surgeon whose occupation hardly leaves him the free time for women Like every other typical Indian family his mother pushes him to marry, the result of which initially turns out to be hilarious As the story progresses, Rihaan finally falls in love Wit [...]

    12. Dr Rihaan Mehta is a second generation American Indian He is a neurosurgeon who is completely dedicated to his work and has no time or inclination for love or marriage But Rihaan s mother, like most Indian mothers, has plans and dreams for his marriage She even has some appropriate proposals ready at hand for him When she finally entraps Rihaan to agree to get married, Rihaan puts up a condition that he would be the one to choose his future wife After some thoughts and research, Rihaan finds Dee [...]

    13. I rarely write reviews but in this case I had to The beginning of the story where the two protagonists meet and tension grows smells of almost rape to me I found the writing to be very disturbing that he was going to take what was his right and she was scared and writhing away and he was very angry He let it go that she beguiled him and later on, seemingly not afraid any she remembered he was handsome This romanticizes a very VIOLENT and not good situation I was so disturbed as I read waiting f [...]

    14. Can I just start by saying I enjoyed this story I enjoy watching Bollywood movies so when the opportunity came to review this book, I had to grab it.Rihaan has been put on a quest to find a wife by his mother According to his mother his wife has to be Just be sure she can walk, and isn t a deaf mute And she should be Indian Don t you just love Indian mothers LOL So Rihaan sets about looking for a young, college educated, agreeable woman He finds Deepika and the wedding is all set up But come his [...]

    15. The accidental wife is the story about a guy Rehaan , who doesn t believe in marriage commitment, but forced for it for the sake of his mother But fate had its own twist and turn His expected wife eloped with her lover and bought her friend Naina in place of her in the maandap Thus Rehaan found his accidental wife.The story is amazing and will definitely take you to their world This book has strong plot as well as story line and it has kept its place as one of my favorite book The author s writi [...]

    16. I loved the title of the book and was sure that book would be good too Now to be frank I didn t like the first half of the book much There was too much use of the Hindi words and in brackets translation was also given It was a bit irritating for me and that s why I couldn t enjoy the book much in starting But as the story progressed, I started loving it The best part of the book is that moment you would feel that story is going to end now Something would happen and the story would get a new twis [...]

    17. A traditional love story in a non traditional setting I loved it It had all the markings of a romance boy meets girl, boy does something stupid and loses girl, boy comes to his senses, problems happen, boy gets girl But nothing else follows pattern The story takes a nationality that often has arranged marriages and turns it on its head The Indian culture is fascinating and this story takes all that is best and mixes it in It is the perfect read for romance I give this story 5 out of 5 clouds.

    18. THIS STORY IS SHEER PERFECTION Simi K Rao has done it again by writing another masterpiece The characters in this story are so real and you feel and go through the emotions they re feeling Finished this book in 2 days, just couldn t put it down If you ve read Simi s Incurable Insanity then you re definitely not gonna want to miss this one For all those who haven t read Simi s first book I highly reccommend both.

    19. This a great read for anyone who wants a small insight into the Indian life But the heart of the story is about the human spirit and the power of love It s impossible not to fall in love with the characters even the minor ones who make an appearance once You are swept into this world of Rihaan and Naina their pull and push and their fight to come together They will make you angry, they will make you laugh and they will surely make you cry Another great book by Simi.

    20. Snow in New York, some love and hate romance, an intelligent Indian couple and a twist in the story If you re familiar with or like any of these, you ll like the book too Simi K Rao seems to weave her novels effortlessly, if you follow her books closely I ve read her earlier one, and liked it much, which made me pick up this one with much anticipation.Read the full review here oneandahalfminutes 2015 04

    21. The Accidental Wife is fabulous book to read.It is a realistic kind of story where all the emotions of the lead characters are penned in a real way.No faking boss With a willy mother Shobha , Simi has brought out Rihaan s true emotions towards Naina in a magical way.I do recommend every one to read.5 kisses for this book Do read this book for Dr.Rihaan Mehta and his emotional journey in finding his own identity.I thank Simi for sharing this piece of work with me.

    22. I enjoyed this book but the ending left quite a few loose ends Overall, I think the book was okay I enjoyed the beginning than the latter part of the book mostly because there were many unanswered questions I don t want to spoil anything so I won t write what the loose ends are but suffice it to say that characters are introduced but then you don t hear about them again.

    23. A beautiful concept Wonderful narration, A good humor along with sweet Romance I loved to read this book A perfect book for a Bollywood movie Strongly recommended Full Review himanipassion book rev

    24. This is another wonderful, easy read by author, Ms Rao This book is about the beauty of love that develops between an unlikely couple and how despite many obstacles and opposite personalities true love is possible Can t wait for books by this author

    25. An amazing tale of a beautiful accident with a desi twist, well done Simi yet again, couldn t look away until the very last word

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