Tempting #2020

Tempting Alex Lucian Tempting His body climbing over mine My teeth biting his neck His scent on my skin My nails carving a path down his back His commands whispered in my ear All of my senses filled with him I knew it was bad But

  • Title: Tempting
  • Author: Alex Lucian
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Tempting Alex Lucian His body climbing over mine My teeth biting his neck His scent on my skin My nails carving a path down his back His commands whispered in my ear All of my senses filled with him I knew it was bad But I craved It had begun innocently enough, bumping into one another in a crowded Boston bar What followed that night had been anything but innocent Because I d knHis body climbing over mine My teeth biting his neck His scent on my skin My nails carving a path down his back His commands whispered in my ear All of my senses filled with him I knew it was bad But I craved It had begun innocently enough, bumping into one another in a crowded Boston bar What followed that night had been anything but innocent Because I d known, even as he d slid inside of me, that he was my professor I d pursued him, a predator stalking its prey And he didn t know I was his student But he would Author s note This isn t a jail bait student teacher novel with a butterflies in the belly kind of romance The characters portrayed in this novel are consenting adults with functioning brains If curse words, sex, and hard ass college professors with secrets offend you, move right along.
    Tempting Alex Lucian

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    One thought on “Tempting”

    1. So it s a little past midnight and I m lying awake thinking of this book No, not thinking, obsessing I m obsessing over what I just read Honestly, I ve said this a couple of times and I ll tell you, I had a full blown love affair with this novel I m in LOVE, LUST and EVERYTHING in between.When it comes to these characters, this authors writing, and this story, I am so blown away Lord, I want to marry this book LMAO Dramatic, I m sure, but I am over the MOON in love It s without a doubt going dow [...]

    2. DNF 13%Might as well give up here since I really couldn t connect with Adele or the story.I think there s a difference between sexually free and sexually aggressive that borders on creepy Adele was sexually aggressive, creepy and manipulative I love sexually independent heroines, heroines who own their sexuality But Adele just takes it to the next level It s just creepy especially when the guy said no and had to physically rebuff her advances which I m sure doesn t last long since as per the rev [...]

    3. 3,75 steamy not enough forbidden starsThis is the first book I have read from this author and I have to say I liked the book It didn t have too much of the tension and the booohooo atmosphere from dealing with the forbidden subject student teacher relationship It was subtle and it presented the side of their inner struggle while coping with the limits and labels of certain feelings growing from a one night fuck where the teacher didn t know she was his student BUT she knew who he was over the r [...]

    4. 4.5 STARSI loved this story so much I could not put it down last night and I had to read it to the very ending The whole student teacher affair story can be so fantastic if it s done right, and it s absolutely done right in this story There s was no insta love, and these two characters have actual stories, not just sex Nathan was a heart broken complicated man, who refused to let himself be happy ever again, until Adele was able to break down his defenses and let him see what living life could f [...]

    5. Why, oh why, did I wait so long to read this This is debut perfection Adele is a college student in a creative writing class with Nathan as her professor After a one night stand in which Nathan has no idea who he s getting involved with, Adele makes it her mission to win him over But Nathan has plenty of baggage and only took advantage of his one night with Add thinking he d never see her again When he realizes exactly who she is, the pull becomes stronger than his past Or at least it seems that [...]

    6. Seriously impressive debut for this author I fucking loved it The writing was crisp and emotional without being maudlin, the hotness was off the charts, and the characters themselves added a unique twist to the student teacher angle I m definitely reading Alex s next book

    7. 5 Gold StarsOh Alex, Alex, Alex Where did you come from Why did it take you this long to deliver us this masterpiece Yes A masterpiece This was not just a book about some of the hottest, sexiest, raw, animalistic sex that I ve ever had the pleasure of reading Ohhh no There is much, MUCH to Tempting There is a very compelling, emotional, perfectly plotted out story Beautifully heartbreaking at times So much depth, and detail It was like peeling layers off of my soul with each new chapter What I [...]

    8. It s books like this that bring me back to student teacher stories over and over again This book stands out amongst the others because the writing, the story and the characters were beautiful These two people lacking simple affection from the people supposed to love them the most There was a bit of push and pull, a lot of hot sex and no unnecessary love triangles All that produced a winner I loved it and I especially loved Nathaniel and the wall sex scene during the party Oh boy I think that hug [...]

    9. this was one of the best student professor stories that I have read Thanks to my book buddy Jan for recommending this one I devoured it it is not your normal fluffy student professor read The characters were strong, had functioning brains Nathan was a bad ass Professor who had secrets but he didnt consider he would love again until he met Adele An innocent encounter in a bar led to a night of hot memorable sexbut what Nathan didnt realize was that Adele was a student in his creative writing clas [...]

    10. 4.5 Stars It s been a while since I enjoyed reading a professor student story that much.Scorching hot and smut with a BIG PLUS a solid story line.Loved both MCs especially Adele Strong and determined, she didn t give up until she had the professor on his knees She was also quite funny and I caught myself LOLing with her a few times.Finally, despite the HEA, it appears a book 2 will come out.

    11. 3.5 3.75 stars A really good debut by the authorThis is about student teacher forbidden romance I generally don t read a lot of books with this themebut I went into this book after reading the blurb and I have to say that I really liked this bookAdele is Nathan s student Not knowing she is his student they have a one night stand The next day Nathan finds Adele in the creative writing class he teaches and realises the error he made He forbids any relationship between them and Adele starts to rele [...]

    12. Perfection.Yup, perfection Where did Alex Lucian come from Because holy balls, Alex is a word wizard Professor Easton,Please bend me over your desk and fuck me until it hurts.Sincerely, Adele MorelloSeriously, that s how this book opens Um, yes please And from there, this book is not just smut Oh hell no This book has depth And makes you uncomfortable And so turned on Good god I can t even begin to tell you how uncomfortable I was when I would be in the middle of some biting, scratching, kill me [...]

    13. DNF on holdI don t know about this one, it s not really for me i don t think The desperation from the heroine mixed with the over aggressiveness from the hero, wasn t working for me If i was the heroine and had a one night stand like that, i d probably scream rape.

    14. DNF at 26% Couldn t stand the stalking coed heroine Maybe she redeemed herself later but I didn t care to find out On to interesting reads.

    15. I love a student teacher story This reminded me in some ways of Unteachable in its style She s his student but she s sassy and has attitude, she s quite the predator at the start, but he can t resist her.The smut in this deserves a special mention, it s shit hot, fabulous crackling sexual tension and some angry, biting, snarling, feral sex I loved it.Complete story, although it continues in book 3 of this series, there s no cliffhanger Recommended.

    16. 4.25 starsThis is a taboo love story among a teacher and a student, Nathaniel and Adele.The story is well written and full of anticipation The plot has an emotional depth that touched me in an unexpected way Ms Lucian wrote a passionate, forbidden relationship full of emotion There were no surprises or twists that intensified the story but there weren t needed since they were so many emotions that did the work Adele is a strong young woman who is after her dream I like how she changed during the [...]

    17. Too much sex scenes, I need details, about their family and their interactions,I need about the teaching, the class, their lives outside their relationshipI need backgrounds.I like the emotions, I like the story just fine, but prefer if the heroine doesn t act too slutty and being a bitchy to her sister.

    18. Like many, I am an absolute sucker for teacher student romances You could possibly say that it s my favorite theme I have read a bunch, trust me Not many have kept my rapid attention, there s been a lot of eye rolling, and DNFing But Tempting completely hit the spot for me I literally finished it in less than a day, even waking up WAY early before work so I could keep reading Adele and Nathan s story.The book completely got me within the first chapter I knew right then I could not put it down Th [...]

    19. DNF 68%The female is too aggressive and didn t have self respect Beyond help Never gonna change Aside her strain relationship with her family, she s fucked up She lowered herself with chasing after someone so desperately because her one night stand was awesome Crap.The male is too weak and emotionally unstable For his age, he couldn t protect himself being harassed by his own student He s in denial in between want her or despise her I hated his passive aggressive attitude.Lord, help me So much [...]

    20. 4.5 StarsSaw the cover.h didn t grab me yes, I shamefully confess that I am a cover whore Read the blurb again and decided to give it a go.Shit, I m so pissed off at myself for putting off this reading I freaking loved it Tempting is one of the best student teacher hot romances I ve come across in a long time If you are a fan of the Gabriel series this is a must Once starting, I could not put it down until the bitter end, which was around 3m and I was all bleary eyed It s was worth the lack of s [...]

    21. Give me a student teacher story, and I ll put it to the top of my list.Give me this story, and it s deviation from the norm would have me captivated no less.Thoroughly loved this debut offering Strong story, with equally strong characters Adele completely grew on me, once I d become accustomed to her crazy Nathan was a wordsmith, who refurbished his tortured heart once he met Adele.Last chapter didn t completely close the door for me, but hey, there s another one to add to their story, along wit [...]

    22. 3.75 stars You don t see me and still, you hate me I smile and I laugh and I smirk and I bitch, you mean nothing, your silence means nothing But I look for something else to soften the steel, something and someone to give the bruises that will fade your silence I look for places you don t exist, finding a temporary, hollow pleasure in the men who want me This is a great NA book on a forbidden romance between professor and student A little less sex and a little creative writing by the MC such as [...]

    23. Teacher student and a 180 compared to other books I ve read in this field.Bloody hell I wasn t expecting that.Adele has an agenda and bows down to no one, she s the one in control baby Then along came Professor Easton and wham bam thank you ma am here we go I honestly didn t like Adele to begin with which was where I get my 180 from cuz you would think the H would have taken the popular cringe factor being olderyou with me For a gal who loves the damsel books I was refreshingly blown away

    24. I didn t like how desperate Adele acted in the beginning and how, sort of understandably , bad Nathan treated her But I really enjoyed the second half of the book view spoiler especially those emails from Nathan The feels hide spoiler

    25. Other than being short, this book had everything I was looking for A forbidden romance Hot hot sex.Tears.Minimal drama And wonderful writing Verdict Superb debut

    26. Hot for teacherThis book was amazing I just wish there was a little of them together in the end Maybe even another book to go along with this book This book was so well written that I was engrossed instantly This is a definite read

    27. This book was sexy, hot, compelling, and perfectly written I fell in love with these characters and their story and couldn t put it down Superb debut Full review to come.

    28. Professor Easton,Please bend me over your desk and fuck me until it hurts.Sincerely, Adele MorelloI was in a bit of funk after inhaling my last read, I still craved something hot, full of sex and a dirty talking alpha, hello Professor Easton This isn t just a Professor Student fuckfest well ok but there is also a solid plot line to go with the fuckfest This book had me gripped from the beginning, there are some well written teacher student romances and some really bad porn script DNF reads, but [...]

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