Elements of Retrofit #2020

Elements of Retrofit N.R. Walker Elements of Retrofit Generation versus generation traditional versus contemporary these men are about to learn a lesson in architecture and love Can they prove that the old and new can be the perfect design A successful

  • Title: Elements of Retrofit
  • Author: N.R. Walker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Elements of Retrofit N.R. Walker Generation versus generation, traditional versus contemporary, these men are about to learn a lesson in architecture and love Can they prove that the old and new can be the perfect design A successful New York architect, Thomas Elkin almost has it all Coming out as gay and ending his marriage before his fortieth birthday, he needed to start living his life Now, four yeaGeneration versus generation, traditional versus contemporary, these men are about to learn a lesson in architecture and love Can they prove that the old and new can be the perfect design A successful New York architect, Thomas Elkin almost has it all Coming out as gay and ending his marriage before his fortieth birthday, he needed to start living his life Now, four years later, with his relationship with his son back on track, and after a few short lived romances, this esteemed traditional draftsman thinks he knows everything about architecture, about life.Cooper Jones, twenty two years old, is about to take the architect world by storm Talented, professional, driven and completely infuriating, Cooper is the definition of Generation Y.Starting an internship working with Thomas, Cooper is about to knock Tom s world off its axis Tom can teach Cooper about the architecture industry, but Cooper is about to teach Tom what it means to live.Publisher s Note This book was previously released under the same title It has been re edited for re release with Pride Publishing.
    Elements of Retrofit N.R. Walker

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      357 N.R. Walker
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    One thought on “Elements of Retrofit”

    1. 3.5 starsI love NR Walker books They re just so easy to read I never get caught thinking wait what just happened here or damn, I have a feeling something really bad is going to happen or ugh that pissed me off I usually can start one of her books, read straight through not wanting to put it down , and finish feeling satisfied, happy, and entertained.Elements of Retrofit is, yet again, a winner I typically don t love the May December romance trope, and the friend of my grown child thing squigs me [...]

    2. Re read June 2016 Just as spectacular as the first time and now I have all 3 books to read in a row, which I didn t before Excited to spend time with Tom and Cooper.Another yummy start to a new series from N.R Walker Yay I usually shy away from May December romances, but these obnoxiously adorable boys talked me into an acceptable level of comfort in their age difference by the end of the book I have confidence anyone with an age difference problem will be fine with it too.If you like office ro [...]

    3. 4.5 stars I had forgotten how amazing it is to read a NRW book and dam I missed it I ve read quite a few of her books but I ll always have a special love for her spencer series and I can feel this one is going to my second favorite I love this book Tom and Cooper were so dam adorable seeing how their relationship starts was the sweetest thing With the 22 year gap between Tom and Copper it made their relationships dynamic even interesting, especially when they would realize how different they we [...]

    4. Elements of Retrofit is the first book of the Thomas Elkin series.Thomas Elkin is an icon in the architecture world He is successful, uptight and very lonely He is expensive, polished and predictable But life is not predictable at all, and now it brings a delicious, mesmerizing surprise It s Cooper.Cooper Jones is a young, dedicated and very talented architect And he is seriously and irresistibly hitting on Tom Jesus I wasn t imagining things This kid was seriously flirting with me Fuck I should [...]

    5. There s not an NR Walker book I haven t not loved and most have been 5 star reads mainly because I always connect with every one of her MC s She just gets the chemistry and sexual tension right in her romances and that s the big plus for me This one I was a little wary of because I m not the greatest fan of older younger man pairings but get it right and I m a happy bunny And sigh Nic does gets this right, so after finishing I m hopping, smiling and chewing on a carrot Thomas is 44, Cooper 22 an [...]

    6. 4.5 Stars I absolutely adored Tom and Cooper and this introduction to them It was never supposed to be complicated It was never supposed to be anything I certainly was never supposed to be involved with a man I worked with, a man half my age I was never supposed to have feelings for him, or to enjoy every moment I spent with him.I loved how easy Tom and Cooper s evolution was Their age difference didn t bother me one bit Cooper was assertive, mature and ridiculously endearing Tom never stood a c [...]

    7. Usually, I will be reluctant to read a May December romance And in here, not only Thomas and Cooper has 22 years age gap, but there is another icky factor for me, that Cooper is Thomas s son best friend and they are in same age However, there are some factors that contributed to my enjoying this story and gave it my 4 stars rating Sometimes I simply needed a light, fluff, sweet, no angst, no drama read This one fits the bill to the t Yes, Thomas worried about their age gap, and the fact that Coo [...]

    8. Let me first say, I don t know how this series hasn t come up on my newsfeed or radar before now I ve been enjoying Walker s books and came across this one I freaking loved it I m a huge fan of age gaps and this one pleases me These two are hot together and I love their relationship.On to book 2 We re like a retrofit project, making the older, classic style integrate with the modern When everything says we probably shouldn t gel, we just seem to work.

    9. 3.8 Stars an interesting 100 page romance about attraction at work and a lover who is twice as old as the young beautiful cheeky guy he feels drawn to.This was very tastefully told about the 44 year old architect Thomas Elkin s awakening attraction to a younger new man at the architect office It is the talented, promising and so delightfully charming Cooper who also happens to be an same age friend of Thomas 22 year old son Ryan This questionable topic with age difference is as made for a bit of [...]

    10. Pure Sweetness I loved the book What I Loved I love that danceoOohhh man that dance.was HOT I have a weakness for two men in suits, I love it, it so dang YUM I loved both MCs I loved both their persona s I loved the son and his I m gonna gag response, I LMAO on that one But most of all I love the sweetness of their relationship My Personal Pet a Peeve The age difference was a bit to far apart 20 years that s just my personal pet peeve demon.Nonetheless LOVED

    11. 4.5 stars Loved this So sweet The Red Dirt Heart series by N.R Walker is one of my favorites, and I thought this was just as good What stands out to me about her writing is that she has a talent for developing memorable characters She doesn t write a bunch of physical description filler, which is so common in romances The sex scenes were hot, but they were also romantic and intimate I actually even re read a couple of them pervy grin I m reading the next one now, so longer review to come for boo [...]

    12. Re read February 2017 Love this series and this couple This book was my read of choice on a recent trip from London to Lisbon, and well worth the wait As is usual for me with Nic s books, it s a total keeper 4.5 stars and Shortie review Thomas Elkin, a 40 s something architect meets up with his son who has brought a friend with him to dinner The friend Cooper turns out to be one of the interns that Tom is interviewing the following dayd Cooper won t let anything stand in his wayof his job or a r [...]

    13. I LOVED this super cute and fun read The characters were awesome and I loved them together I don t think the age difference mattered muchey re simply made for each other I was delighted to be apart of their growing relationship, from work the bedroom I will definitely be reading the others in this series Yes, Yes, I want dinner Yes, I want Once wasn t enough, I blurted out Once was never going to be enough What am I to you Mesmerising Confounding Amusing.

    14. I love both Tom and Cooper They are so good together Their banter is hilarious There s sweet moments and hot steamy times On to the next.

    15. 4.5 Stars This is my very first book by this author.I ve decided to venture here because I ve read a review a few days ago Gigi s where I found out that one of the guys Mr Elkin was a 44 year old.The other 22 whispering same age as Mr Elkin s son In fact, Cooper Jones the 22 year old boy, was a friend of Mr Elkin s son, from high school.I am a sucker for age gaps.I am going straight to 2Loved the author s voice.

    16. First read Sept 29, 2013 When will I finally learn it START A SERIES WHEN AT LEAST A FEW, IF NOT ALL BOOKS ARE OUT, STUPID Now I did it again I started this series how many will there be, btw 3 and I loved this book, yes, really This is what I call a romantic love story and the May Dec angle was an added plus It has a wonderful pacing of the story, from start to finish Yes, a bit fairy tale like but it totally fits the story line and the characters sigh This could have been quite some pages long [...]

    17. I m so happy Starting this book I was a bit reserved because I didn t like the last book I read by this author while everyone else loved it I had heard a lot of great things about the The Thomas Elkin Series from a lot of my GR friends so I was a bit worried that this could be a repeat of Imago for me.Instead, it was a repeat of Switched, which I loved This time I can honestly say that I agree with each and every one of my friends who said great things about this series For some it was even thei [...]

    18. 4.5 Stars Part 1 of a 3 part series of novellas following Cooper and Thomas I really enjoyed this series Book 1 Elements of Retrofit introduces us to Cooper and Thomas Thomas is a 44 year old, recently divorced architect As he approached his 40th birthday he finally decided to admit his sexuality His wife and 22 year old son weren t exactly thrilled But over the last 4 years, Thomas and Ryan s relationship has improved Cooper happens to be Ryan s old friend from college He s introduced to Thomas [...]

    19. What a wonderful older younger M M romance Thomas Tom, successful, famous Architect, is graying a bit and 44 He s 4 years divorced, from a woman, and exploring his new gay life Experience he has gotten, yes, but a true male boyfriend relationship, no.Cooper, his son s friend, is a new Intern at the firm,as his dream is to be an Architect Two suit and tie architect nerds who have so much in common, open up, free their lust, form a bond and make their lives happier Their differences really enhance [...]

    20. I picked it up today at ARe on sale for 0.993.5 N.R Walker wrote one of my favorite m nage stories Three s Company.I ve enjoyed all of her stories, and this one was no exception Thomas is a 44 year old successful architect He ended his marriage and came out a few years prior.He loves his son, his work and his life, but he feels something is missing.Enter stage left, Cooper Cooper is not only a very promising intern and half Tom s age, no he s even friends with his son.Yeahard.Except it s not, th [...]

    21. 4.5I was not expecting to like this as much as I did but boy did it ever work for me When Walker hits it right, it is out of the park and I cannot get enough There s a 22 year age difference between Tom and Cooper and I went into this with a semi cringe because it s not really a kink that I like to read about often Colour me surprised that it didn t bother me at all While the men are distinctly different in their outlooks, I found those differences really worked for me and I could see how they w [...]

    22. A lovely read and hopefully the beginning to a great series The age difference between the MCs worked for me I liked that Tom s son wasn t a big brat about his dad getting together with one of his friends Cooper was adorable, although I m not sure I got enough of Cooper and Tom together to truly root for their relationship I wanted on page action There was almost no sex on the page and very little angst this was the appetizer, if you will On to book 2.

    23. I don t usually like May December romances but this just works so well Tom and Cooper are amazing and have such great chemistry

    24. This story had great chemistry, wonderful sexual tension and internal dialogue I loved, witty banter, but way too short I have not read many stories with the May December trope, and it worked fine for me But when you throw in the friend of his son and my yuck factor goes up Not a lot mind you, but I can t help but try and picture it in real life and i get a yucky look on my face.Moving on from that i absolutely adored Thomas Elkins, OMG the man is swoon worthy Throw in the hot, energetic, adorab [...]

    25. Holy shit, holy shit, Ho.Ly.Shit.Why did I love this story so much Why I m kind of at a loss here because there s just something about this story that spoke to me Maybe it was the lack of melodrama I liked that there was a little bit of possessiveness, but it never went over the top Thomas and Cooper respect and trust each other through everything, and that is truly something special to witness I loved both of them separately, and as a couple, they were a force to be reckoned with The age dynami [...]

    26. This is another wonderful story by N.R Walker As always, there is romance, humor and hot sex Thomas Elkin is a 44 y o, successful NYC architect Four years after his divorce and coming out, Thomas has just gotten his relationship with his 22 y o son back on track, he has dated and had his share of one night stands, but no relationships of any length Cooper Jones is 22 y o, summer intern at Thomas architectural firm He is smart, passionate and just happens to be a high school friend of Thomas son [...]

    27. Elements of Retrofit is the first installment in this novella series.Thomas is a 44 year old successful architect Four years after his divorce and coming out as gay, he meets Cooper 22 year old, his son s friend from high school who became later Thomas s intern Despite their age difference they start a romantic relationship.Both characters are lovable Thomas is sweet and charming, Cooper is a talented, funny, sweet and dedicated.I liked how their love for architecture draw them together and how [...]

    28. Oh This one took me by surprise Yes, it was sweet and light, but it was also so very lovely A lovely, gentle read that took me to a happy place It also made me laugh the bantering was so well done, funny and not obnoxious And those kisses If there was a best written kiss award, this would be a top nominee Still smiling

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