A Mate for Griffin #2020

A Mate for Griffin Charlene Hartnady A Mate for Griffin Vampire Novel Human women required Must be enthusiastic about interactions with vampires Must be willing to undergo a stringent medical exam Must be prepared to sign a contractual agreement which woul

  • Title: A Mate for Griffin
  • Author: Charlene Hartnady
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Mate for Griffin Charlene Hartnady Vampire Novel Human women required Must be enthusiastic about interactions with vampires Must be willing to undergo a stringent medical exam Must be prepared to sign a contractual agreement which would include a nondisclosure clause Limited positions available Griffin intends to find his misunderstood, heartbroken friend a mate He is sure that if Lance met the rightVampire Novel Human women required Must be enthusiastic about interactions with vampires Must be willing to undergo a stringent medical exam Must be prepared to sign a contractual agreement which would include a nondisclosure clause Limited positions available Griffin intends to find his misunderstood, heartbroken friend a mate He is sure that if Lance met the right female if he found love that he would be able to move on To live again Right now, the male is just going through the motions, a mere husk of his former self In a fit of insanity, a human female puts herself in danger trying to protect Griffin during a sparring session As if What chance does a human stand against a vampire Sarah is courageous Someone with honor and integrity Not only that, she s an absolute stunner An angel Perfect for his friend Perfect for any male, for that matter Even though her gaze has never strayed from Lance since the start of The Program, he must first convince her that his friend is worth the effort Then, he must convince Lance that, not only does he need a mate, but that Sarah is the female for him Most importantly, Griffin needs to prevent himself from falling for Sarah whilst playing matchmaker This book can be read as a standalone but would be best enjoyed as a part of the series No cliffhanger The story contains strong sexual themes language and is not intended for readers under the age of 18.
    A Mate for Griffin Charlene Hartnady

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      270 Charlene Hartnady
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    One thought on “A Mate for Griffin”

    1. 1 generous starStupid.Stupid.Stupid.Stupid was the plot.Stupid were the characters.Stupid was me reading this and thinking it was going to be sweet.Such a bad fucking story I cannot even remotely get into all the things I hated If you have any triggers at all about OW or OM drama, just do not bother If you read the previous book and think that she is over Lance after he used her for a quick fuck and going to have a sweet story with Griffin, DO NOT BOTHER If you need to like either of the MCs DO [...]

    2. Writing and all was good but sarah slept with Lance first and he was horrible to her afterwards and I couldn t get past that Griffin was a wonderful hero and two stars for that Unfortunately this series is not for me.

    3. I liked this one Yay for being entertained Will read the rest when the come out, but not my faves or anything.

    4. Now we are finally getting somewhere This is kind of a love triangle, kind of not Damnit Lance You almost fucked it up.Out of all the vampire elite, Griffin is the youngest and has died than 18 times A record for sure He s such a sweetheart and a total dunce But I love him, he s my baby deep voice DON T FUCK WITH MY BABY

    5. I will try to keep it short and sweet Why did I like this book I found it quite fun by the end and quite unbelievable because of how far people could go for friendship and how matchmaker just bite you back Griffin was awesome, and amazing This story felt just a tad different from the other ones More enlightening and also with mind masterplan going so wrong or good Sure I had an idea of who would be with whom but a book that made you doubt and being right just make you feel good There were unexpe [...]

    6. DELICIOUSLY CUTE AND DELIGHTFULLY ENTERTAINING Title A Mate for GriffinSeries The ProgramDesignation Book Four of Series, Standalone Novel, NO CliffhangerGenre Paranormal Vampire RomanceAuthor Charlene HartnadyReading Platform Kindle UnlimitedMy Rating FIVE DELICIOUSLY CUTE STARS It s no secret that I m a huge Charlene Hartnady fan and love everything she writes but she has really outdone herself AGAIN Hartnady has dazzled us yet again with A Mate for Griffin, the fourth release in her captivati [...]

    7. A Mate for Griffin is a testament to friendship and clumsiness I laughed and shook my head many times.A man does not choose a woman for a friend nor a vampire, for the matter.Griffin discovers his plan is not so sound as he first imagined it to be.He has fixed himself a rule as if the vampires had not enough lores to bother their long lives.His stupid rule is bound to destroy the chance of love of his life.Too sweet and caring for his own good, Griffin can t see the woods for the tree.And the tr [...]

    8. Kinda, sorta Cyrano de Bergerac with a twist and a lot of cussingGood natured and recently dead, elite vampire Griffin believes he can fix his broken friend Lance by setting him up with a human female to mate Griffin knows that Lance behaved poorly in the first heat of The Program by bedding every able bodied human female willing to be used Most importantly, he knows he has already rutted Sarah, the potential mate victim he wants to set Lance up with Lance also killed GriffinSarah fell for Lance [...]

    9. This is book 4 of the Program And Sarah is still in love with Lance and he didn t pick her to be his woman Griffin picks her instead because he thinks she would be perfect for his best friend He has one week to convince Lance that Sarah is for him and he convinces Sarah to go along with it Along the way, Sarah starts to realize that Griffin is right Lance really isn t a bad guy but just not her guy but like most females doesn t state the fact to Griffin I loved it

    10. Love this series A whole different take on Vampires If your looking for a paranormal read You need to read this series Highly recommend starting at the beginning This book has it all, fast pace, hot sex scene and drama Love it

    11. Finding Unexpected LoveGreat how a friend tried to fix his buddy up with his view, of a perfect mate and it backfires on him Knight to the rescue, but it seems princess ends up doing the rescue Great story and I look forward to the next story of this series

    12. Series book 4Love reading this series can t put the books down You have action,love, emotions from both sides Story line is wonderful Can t wait for book 5 to read.

    13. Another good one I liked this one in the series also Griffin and Sarah were both really sweet Lance turned out to be cool also Looking forward to reading his story.

    14. Five stars I like this series, it has a lot of the same characters as the chosen series The ongoing stories are entertaining, and the sex scenes are hot

    15. An interesting book, although you could always see where this was going to end up going It was a given that despite Griffin choosing Sarah for lance, because he thought that they would make a lovely couple, that he would fall for her himself But it was the journey that they had to take to get there that holds your attention It s a lovely gentle story as they slowly fall for each other, neither of them wanting to admit it to themselves or each other as they both think that the other doesn t want [...]

    16. I loved the hell out of this book It wasn t instant anything, which is what most of the books are This was a creative way to get two people together I loved Sarah and Griffin They are a great couple and I actually found myself liking lance a lot in this story There was no pregnancies which was a nice change since this series has been a lot about that The cabin scene was so brilliantly written The healing, the sex, the everything had me both worried out of my mind and thrilled at the same time I [...]

    17. Sweet GriffinThis was not the total romance found in the program series or other books of this vampire collection Usually, the vampires are drawn to their mates instinctively which is normally the best thing because all of us romanticize love at first sight In this instance, neither Griffin nor Sarah really noticed the other existed However, the story was still good and everything turned out okay A pet peeve of mine was the boob comment Being a small chested woman, I found it offensive that a wo [...]

    18. This was a very sweet book, a bit predictable, but sweet nonetheless Charlene always knows how to write a good story, and it is full of hot, hunky men and passion I loved Sarah She reminded me so much of myself, smart but stubborn I love how she continues not to listen to the males and softens those around her I love her in this story Griffin is also pretty awesome but a little dense, but so is Lance sometimes There are parts that are pretty intense and it is an overall good read I really like t [...]

    19. It just keeps getting better and better I love how this whole series of books exist in the same time line I love the connectedness of the characters and the setting that keeps the reader in the action and branches off to new character pairs while still including all of the previous characters Sarah and Griffin are both sweet and wholesome types and Lance is the perfect broken bad good guy The action that flows through this storyline attached to the hate group keeps escalating and I wonder how bo [...]

    20. Excellent mess these two have got themselves into This story is spiced up with some major action thriller sequences Loved that Xavier made an appearance after so long, along with a lead up to hopefully a new story Poor Griffin can t seem to figure out what he s really feeling because he is hell bent on getting Lance and Sarah together But as danger unfolds, he begins to realize that he s been doing everything wrong And now he s going to do everything in his power to make it rightC provided in ex [...]

    21. Wonderful series Awesome author Kindle Unlimited standalone book in vampire series.a few wolves too, in other books Do not need to be read in order but I think it will make story better She s about to leave but steps in to save him He believes she s perfect for his friend After spending time together, they realize there is than friendship there but are both to stubborn to say anything Not my favorite in series but a good 3 1 2 4 star read.

    22. I received this book in exchange for an honest review I just loved this book, there were so many good parts I think, my favorite was, when Lance proved he had some brains behind all of his muscles and admitted to trying to get Sarah and Griffin together, the whole time It was nice to see him show some good qualities, for a change I also appreciated how many of the questions, that I hadn t even really thought to ask, were answered in this story Thank you, Ms Hartnady.

    23. I adore this series and I seriously in love with this Elite bunch This story has it all paranormal, adventure, hot sex, friendships, danger, death all rolled into a delicious package Griffin Sarah are great characters even if lacking in communication skills This page turning story will keep troubled to your kindle so be prepared to go the full stretch I shall certainly be making a note to read the rest of the series too Each one a standalone but great series.

    24. 3.5 starsSo this was a nice change from the previous books in this series, but still kind of annoying.However, with that being said, I couldn t help from getting so annoyed at Sarah and Griffin for beating around the bush with their feelings I get that Griffin was trying to help Lance, but after being kidnapped, almost killed, and Sarah saving his life they both still walked away from their feelings On the plus side, Sarah wasn t whinny like the previous females in the series

    25. Loved GriffinI loved this slow burning love story, Griffin is so sweet and is trying to help Lance find a mate In doing so he falls for Sarah, who he is trying matchmake with Lance The book has a few dark scenes, when Sarah is kidnapped, but her strong character gets her though it and she fights to save Griffins life Definitely worth reading Part of Kindle Unlimited.

    26. very goodLance was right these two are moronic idiots i understand why she never said anything but he could have said something anything i really hated lance for a while i have decided maybe he isnt too bad Sarah really does need to speak up Griffen is sweet and awesome loved it.

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