Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast #2020

Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast Megan Marshall Elizabeth Bishop A Miracle for Breakfast From a Pulitzer Prize winning author a brilliantly rendered life of one of our most admired American poets Since her death in Elizabeth Bishop who published only one hundred poems in her lifet

  • Title: Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast
  • Author: Megan Marshall
  • ISBN: 9780544617308
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast Megan Marshall From a Pulitzer Prize winning author, a brilliantly rendered life of one of our most admired American poets.Since her death in 1979, Elizabeth Bishop, who published only one hundred poems in her lifetime, has become one of America s most revered poets And yet painfully shy and living out of public view in far flung locations like Key West and Brazil she has never been seeFrom a Pulitzer Prize winning author, a brilliantly rendered life of one of our most admired American poets.Since her death in 1979, Elizabeth Bishop, who published only one hundred poems in her lifetime, has become one of America s most revered poets And yet painfully shy and living out of public view in far flung locations like Key West and Brazil she has never been seen so fully as a woman and artist Megan Marshall makes incisive and moving use of a newly discovered cache of Bishop s letters to her psychiatrist and to three of her lovers to reveal a much darker childhood than has been known, a secret affair, and the last chapter of her passionate romance with Brazilian modernist designer Lota de Macedo Soares.These elements of Bishop s life, along with her friendships with fellow poets Marianne Moore and Robert Lowell, both important champions of her work, are brought to life with novelistic intensity And by alternating the narrative line of biography with brief passages of memoir, Megan Marshall, who studied with Bishop in her storied 1970s poetry workshop at Harvard, offers the reader an original and compelling glimpse of the ways poetry and biography, subject and biographer, are entwined.
    Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast Megan Marshall

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      152 Megan Marshall
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    One thought on “Elizabeth Bishop: A Miracle for Breakfast”

    1. Megan Marshall s biography of Bishop is wonderful Marshall fits in an enormous amount of detail concerning Bishops private and professional life yet the text flows without feeling rushed She s deft at fitting key key snippets of each poem seldom including the entire work but enough to illustrate the point she s highlighting I did feel drawn to consulting my ecopy of Bishop s Poems in but only for the pleasure of reading rather than there not being enough included in this biography.Bishop s upbr [...]

    2. Megan Marshall has written a beautiful combination of personal memoir and biography of Elizabeth Bishop She was a student of Bishop s during the time of her lecturing at Harvard and also studied under Bishop s close friend Robert Lowell as well as Robert Fitzgerald, lovingly recollected here She was unsuccessful in Bishop s course and turned away from poetry to eventually become an accomplished biographer, evidenced by her earlier Pulitzer Prize winning Margaret Fuller A New American Life and th [...]

    3. Really absorbing account of Bishop s life, with effective, attentive references to her poems I m not completely convinced that the author s own biographical info all belongs here, and the title does not feel representative of the work, though I really admire the bio s overall sestina structure an elegant, innovative choice.

    4. An excellent biography about a difficult person who wrote deeply personal but simultaneously guarded poems that won her the Pulitzer and many other accolades.I greatly admired biographer Megan Marshall s work here, but after her subject s second infidelity to her long time partner, I realized I didn t like Elizabeth herself much She seemed to me so selfish, and when I looked back in the book for instances of generosity, I couldn t find any She was always looking for others to take care of her, a [...]

    5. Although the story of Elisabeth Bishop is a tragic one on many levels, this is a fun read because of the detail of her emotional and sexual relationships with women something we rarely have a chance to read about Despite drinking away much of her life, she was repeatedly able to find women lovers to take care of her rich when necessary, and young when she had enough money devoted enough to organize their lives around her, and to self destruct in reaction to her.The author cites very little of he [...]

    6. Megan Marshall the author of Elizabeth Bishop a miracle for breakfast had been a Bishop student for a brief time, and had discovered some new letters Bishop had written to her psychiatrist and her female lovers,which had opted her to write a new biography on her But unfortunately she has, or less, only recycled all the materials written ever since on Bishop, and by Bishop herself I expected and preferred a deeper study and focus on Bishop s works as an artist.Actually I do not care how many fem [...]

    7. A phenomenal biography of Elizabeth Bishop, written by one of the best biographers writing today Margaret Marshall tells Bishop s story using a wealth of resources, including recently released letters from lovers and a psychiatrist, and interleaves her subject s story with her own growth as a woman and a scholar The book uses the six words that end the lines of Bishop s sestina, A Miracle for Breakfast, as its organizing principle, to marvelous effect An absolutely fantastic book.

    8. Image of Elizabeth Bishop A Miracle for BreakfastAuthor s Megan MarshallRelease Date February 6, 2017Publisher Imprint Houghton Mifflin HarcourtPages 384Buy on Reviewed by Larry Smith a delight as well as a revelation Elizabeth Bishop 1911 1979 , winner of the Pulitzer Prize, National Book Award, Consultant for Poetry for the Library of Congress what became Poet Laureate and other poetry honors, is presented here by one of her former students, author Megan Marshall, in this fresh and most full p [...]

    9. Every bio I ve ever read about Bishop has left me angrywhy didn t she write , drink less as she promised so many intimate partners and friends Upon finishing Miracle for Breakfast, I am satisfied Elizabeth Bishop produced as much as she was meant to expertly exercising her craft with discretion and discernment Megan Marshall has written a book that gives new emotional insights into the Bishop canon, linking it to the poet s painful childhood as an orphan and her adult search for enduring if at t [...]

    10. A clunky, underwhelming biography by an author whose failure at poetry was only the first hint of her genuine inability to craft subtle and insightful writing Inserting oneself into another person s biography requires craft and skill, neither of which Marshall displays Her approach is middling, her research is at best circumstantial and at worst little than rhetorical questions and her absurd unwillingness to paint any other people in Bishop s life as three dimensional does her a massive disser [...]

    11. A 2017 fascinating biography of the great poet Bishop written bya former college student who attended her writing course at Harvard.A lot of the information has already been covered, but this accountwas a very intimate view of the poet s adventurous life and career.I was enchanted by her reserve as well as her passions Recommend.

    12. I didn t want this biography to end Such a compelling and endearingly flawed poet is Miss Bishop While the story of the author s relationship with her teacher seemed tangential, by the end she brings the two parts to an interesting resolution.I wanted to have the books of poems torefer to while reading this, and my next order is to have them Miss Bishop s life is a life of art, of love, and of loss, and it s at the intersection of these gifts that creates the poetry.

    13. Hit all the right notes for me I was completely absorbed Marshall is an adept biographer I was as amazed with her writing and depth of research as I was with Elizabeth s rich ljfe.

    14. I wasn t particularly interested in 20th century poetry before I picked this up, but I was fascinated and even deeply moved by Marshall s two earlier biographies of 19th century women involved in New England s Transcendentalist movement, so I hoped I would enjoy this one too I did I found Elizabeth Bishop A Miracle for Breakfast just as compelling as Marshall s books on Margaret Fuller and the Peabody sisters, and as an added bonus it s given me an unexpected newfound love of poetry The poem ref [...]

    15. Bishop s remarkable life is a fascinating and frequently sad tale The telling here is punctuated with frequent quotes from letters, making Bishop present I find the inclusion of brief autobiographical chapters by the author disappointing and distracting By bringing in her own brief connection to Bishop, the author adds a tone to the biography that is gossipy and or self indulgent.

    16. Very much enjoyed this biography of a poet I love so much How did I not know she was gay Enjoyed the author s story, even as I wasn t sure it worked in overlay with Bishop s, despite the connections Loved this coterie of brilliant, crazed women of the twentieth century how did they drink so much Helped me understand Bishop s poetry a bit it has always drawn me without being able to understand why Left the book with so many questions despite enjoying it How did she write her poetry we learn how [...]

    17. Marshall s work of creative non fiction takes the readers on the significance of American poet Elizabeth Bishop Bishop s life is not only reflected in her poetry, as Marshall establishes, but also in her life through her relationships with the artistic, literary, and social community I read this book as one of the 2017 new releases for my library s summer reading incentive program This book was an enticing read As an undergraduate, I read Bishop s poetry, especially The Moose, which was the cent [...]

    18. The we get to know Elizabeth Bishop through this empathetic and carefully edited biography, the human she becomes Her best poems which are the majority of them needed the perspective of age, loss, and repeated heartbreak If you re looking for a wholly sympathetic protagonist, you ll find her elsewhere Bishop was busy losing continents, cheating on lovers, and falling down drunk The newer conventional wisdom is that the genius creates despite hardships rather than because of them These days we [...]

    19. So refreshing to read about a woman who considered herself a person and a poet first To steadfastly hold onto that identity while on collage campuses during the 60 s and 70 s, while the feminist movement gained traction, could not have been easy I enjoyed reading about her writing process and the exquisite poems she fashioned The life and adventures she chose, esp as a single woman, required bravery and I m sure inspired admiration from many of her contemporaries Marshall has done a remarkable j [...]

    20. I thoroughly enjoyed this biography that fleshes out the complicated life of the poet Elizabeth Bishop Bishop was raised between two worlds an upper class New England household and the simple world of her Nova Scotia grandparents The author has done a great job in her choice of quotes that bring Bishop to life I especially like the way that Marshall explains the challenge of living as a Lesbian during a period of history when same sex relationships were taboo Highly recommend.

    21. Reading Elizabeth Bishop s poetry has been on my list to do for many years now, but thanks to Megan Marshall I have now found a key to entering EB s extraordinary poetic world The bio, with its unusual interleaving of Marshall s own experience, brought Bishop, with all her sorrows, loves, and genius, very much to life I referred to the poems whenever they were mentioned in the bio To add the poems to the reading of the bio deepened the experience and has led me to Bishop s collected prose, the l [...]

    22. Really excellent The biography itself is fascinating, but the interludes in which the author describes her undergraduate experience with Elizabeth Bishop as a professor are even interesting and better written.

    23. A satisfying biography of Bishop At times, it felt like Marshall was glossing over some of the intense and intensely interesting moments in Bishop s life, particularly Lota s suicide Nonetheless, I would recommend to anyone who enjoys Bishop s poetry and or biographies of writers.

    24. Solid biography of my favorite poet I did think the poetic analysis was thin and reductive, though Much better on the life than the poetry.

    25. I really liked this book by Marshall an excellent in depth picture of one of American s great poets and how both women overlapped in life.

    26. Little Miracles Again and Again That s What Her Poems Are This is a charming biography with a personal touch that grows on you until in the end it all comes nicely together Elizabeth Bishop is the one poet from her era who endures and endures because of her scrupulous ever honest particularity Megan Marshall s biography tracking her own life ever so gently is a wonderful way to move into this poetry unique and true to itself.

    27. The parts about Elizabeth Bishop s biography and poetry are far interesting than the parts about Megan Marshall s.

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