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Going All the Way Megan Ryder Going All the Way He s looking for redemption After destroying his reputation Jason Friar is desperate to make a comeback in Major League Baseball The only team who will have him is the perennial cellar dwellers the

  • Title: Going All the Way
  • Author: Megan Ryder
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  • Page: 498
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Going All the Way Megan Ryder He s looking for redemption.After destroying his reputation, Jason Friar is desperate to make a comeback in Major League Baseball The only team who will have him is the perennial cellar dwellers, the Georgia Knights, who are looking for a leader for their struggling team With the contract comes a leash, held by a sexy image consultant with whom he had a hot flingShe sHe s looking for redemption.After destroying his reputation, Jason Friar is desperate to make a comeback in Major League Baseball The only team who will have him is the perennial cellar dwellers, the Georgia Knights, who are looking for a leader for their struggling team With the contract comes a leash, held by a sexy image consultant with whom he had a hot flingShe s looking for respect.After being blamed for the collapse of a political candidate s campaign, Stacia Kendall needs a new opportunity to prove herself to her father, a prominent and powerful Senator Her one chance is to redeem the image of Jason Friar and not succumb to the heat simmering between them, a heat she knows so wellCan Stacia help Jason find the redemption he needs, while protecting her heart
    Going All the Way Megan Ryder

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    1. Stacia Kendall was just fired from her job as an image consultant on what became a losing political campaign with the blame falling onto her Feeling a bit down and not knowing what she ll be doing next Stacia finds herself flirting with an attractive man and thinking maybe a one night stand is just what she needs right now Sneaking off after her night of passion Stacia finds herself being sent to a new job consulting for a baseball player who s image needs work Out of the political arena Stacia [...]

    2. 3.5 starsGoing All the Way was a good read I enjoyed watching Stacia and Jason story unfold These two opposites were likable relatable, the chemistry was off the charts and I loved how hard they tried to put their feelings aside to work together and remain professional but failed lolOverall Going All The Way is a well written read with strong characters that will entertain you ARC was provided via Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.

    3. Although Going All The Way is the first in the Knights of Passion series, it is not the first of the books I have read Each is a standalone novel, though, so it s perfectly acceptable to pick and choose which ones you want to read although I would suggest reading them in order Having read the most recent of the books first book three I found it was nice to go back and read where the series started As the first book in the series, Going All The Way is a great introduction to the world Having read [...]

    4. Going all the way, really That is not how it felt while reading this book It is true that both characters went all in when it comes to sex, but what about their emotions Let me take you on Stacia and Jason journey Jason was an all star baseball player that had everything going on for him, until he hurt his shoulder At that moment, everything went south for him Stacia is an image consultant in the Political Arena and had made a professional misstep that left her job in jeopardy Her friend Sophie [...]

    5. 3.5 starsMegan Ryder s Going All the Way gets her new Knights of Passion series off to a respectable start A professional bad boy baseball player whose career is on the skids for multiple reasons must work with an image consultant in order to fulfill the only contract available to him, but the woman he recommends is someone whose own career is in transition and his reason for hiring her is purely selfish I always love a romance where a wild, crazy one night stand comes back to bite one or both p [...]

    6. I liked the idea of this book I love sports romance I love a heroine with drive and determination This book gives you both of those things But, I felt that both characters were static They seemed so flat and hard to relate to Jason is the cliche bad boy athlete Stacia is the girl determine to prove everyone wrong There is lots of heat between the two seriously they kind of use sex as an ice breaker but I didn t believe in the relationship Like, I kind of felt that if we were to check on them in [...]

    7. All the way for sex and anyway, anyplace, anytime What about the emotional investment There was good and bad There were highs and lows This duo has much to gain and lose with their coming together Its go all in or go down trying Jason had a problem and Stacia has one but she was going to use Jason to fix her problem While of course working on his problem They both had things to work through to make this sexy, passion filled romance than what it appeared to be from the outside.Megan Ryder gave m [...]

    8. I enjoyed this fun story and the fight within to do the right thing to stay true to yourself Stacia is let go from a job, so she and her bestie hit a bar, where she picks up Jason They have a great one night stand, and then run into each other the following day at Stacia s new job While they had some ups and down, I would have liked to had a stronger connection between them I enjoyed the sports angle of the story, even though I am not a baseball fan.I received a free copy in exchange for an hone [...]

    9. He s a recovered from injury baseball player trying to get back into the game She s a political image maker trying to get out of it They combine for a sexy, unusal duo as she tries to rescue his image while not damaging her own It s a really fun read that will keep you guessing until the very end.

    10. 3 starsThis was an okay read but the ending was rushed and there wasn t so much a love story as jumping into sex Jason is an all star major league baseball player until he suffers and injury to his shoulder Now, he s struggling to find a spot on a team because the season is already underway and no one is in need of a first baseman, especially one who has a reputation for being a bit out of control Stacia works in politics as an image consultant and when she makes a mistake her boss, who also hap [...]

    11. I love sports themed romances and Megan Ryder doesn t disappoint with the first of a new series This story is for those who like a lot of sexy spice with their romance Jason is a cocky jock who is getting one last shot to save his career Stacia, a woman he had a one nighter with, is an image consultant who needs to prove that she can handle her job The sparks fly between them hot and heavy, but they both need to stay focused And that proves to be a lot harder than either thought.The story is hot [...]

    12. Read review for a honest opinion for TuleGoing all the Way by Megan Ryder.A New to be author that I will for sure be checking out books by.I enjoyed this book, It had great characters and the dialogue just pulled me in I m looking forward to checking out books by this author.

    13. Bright lights and big dreams lead to broken hearts With success on their minds and hope in their hearts, Jason and Stacia set out to follow dreams, but in hindsight the reality proved harder to take than the fantasy Sports stories are not usually my forte However, I am becoming enad of them with every chance that I take on one Going All The Way is than just a sports story It s a journey of faith, redemption and love I enjoyed Stacia s strength of character and determination The perfect female [...]

    14. Jason Friar and Stacia Kendall came to the Georgia Knights baseball team and not only found an opportunity to further their careers but romance too in Going All the Way Jason is an older, very sexy baseball player with a bad shoulder, bad reputation and bad attitude Stacia is an image consultant hired by the team to fix that and help him get good press and stay out of trouble She is also working to get out from under the influence of her father a US Senator that is interested in politics than i [...]

    15. 4.5 StarsJason Friar doesn t have many options when it comes to returning to the game he loves, but he s desperate enough that he ll accept the offer from the Georgia Knights baseball team However, certain conditions come with him signing on the dotted line, which is having an image consultant to help with his tarnished reputation After failing her latest client in keeping his image clean, Stacia Kendall has nothing to lose Having a one night stand might be a bad idea, but she doesn t care, it s [...]

    16. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads I love diving into a new series and one about baseball players yum Given the series title I am guessing that we are going to be with the Knights for a while, and that suits me just fine This had a decent storyline, with a pretty large cast of side characters and we get to understand a fair amount about why Stacia and Jason are the people they are today The parallels between politics and sport at lest in the sense of them bot [...]

    17. When a one night stand becomes a little complicated.Stacia has been under her fathers foot for her whole life So when she realizes just how much her father favors politics to his own blood she is destroyed emotionally But she refuses to let her fathers betrayal keep her from her job So she decides to have one wild night of being the complete opposite of herself and then get back to the real world in which she now has a job with a baseball team.Jason is finally getting his life back on track alth [...]

    18. I enjoyed this one The writing is good, the characters were interesting, and it had a nice flow It s a light easy read that was very entertaining.Both the MC are working to redeem themselves in their respective careers Jason Friar is working on resurrecting his baseball career after landing with the Georgia Knights He s struggling though, for the first time he is the old guy and needs to be a leader on the team He s not exactly sure how to do this.After being part of a losing political campaign, [...]

    19. A sports romance that actually had some terrific baseball played The suspense during close games was wonderful and demonstrated the author s gift for a type of writing that grabs your attention and doesn t let go The close game scenes were some of the best I ve read in a very long time I truly enjoyed Jason and Stacia s conflicted story from beginning to end Their characters were well developed, with quite the personalitiesquirks and all I m glad to see that the series continues, I feel invested [...]

    20. This was an interesting story Stacia is in charge of trying to reform Jason s image from a wreckless playboy to something family friendly Jason just wants to play baseball, and doesn t think he needs the interference But Stacia and Jason have a ton of chemistry Although Jason does do everything in his power to scare her away, sometimes a stubborn woman is what it takes to put a guy like Jason in his place.

    21. The book starts slow with Stacia working at a political campaign headquarters and picks up when she is hired to clean up the image of a baseball player who she had happened to have a one night stand with just the night before, and she had no idea who he was The book has a sweet ending I was given an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

    22. Going all the Way by Megan Ryder was a good sports romance The first I have read of it s kind It s a great beginning to the story, and it just takes off from there It was well written with great rounded characters and a great setting Loved all about it.

    23. For the most part I found this an enjoyable read, mixing romance and baseball, with a bit of redemption thrown in for good measure The characters are interesting, the plot held my interest and it was a good read, but it didn t blow me away.Which is a shame, because I liked Stacia She s a woman who has had to work very hard to get where she is, despite her father s influence Or, rather, mostly because of her father s influence and his habit of manipulating everyone around him and valuing them onl [...]

    24. I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review.This is the first book I have read by Megan Ryder and I thoroughly enjoyed this story and plan on reading of her books Stacia Kendall has lost all her confidence because her father is constantly belittling her and trying to control her life For once, she decides to make her own decisions about her career and finds herself babysitting a professional baseball player and wondering if she made the right decision Stacia is an image cons [...]

    25. I really enjoyed this book and loved the chemistry between Jason and Stacia I loved that we watch as Jason moves from a closed off loner to a mentor to the younger players on the team Stacia also moves from obeying her father to standing up for herself, so she learns from Jason and he learns from her.I loved that way that Stacia was able to get around the problems that the media were giving Jason and kind of beat them at their own tricks Since this is a romance, I enjoyed that the focus was on t [...]

    26. This was a good read The writing flowed fairly well, and I thought that the characters were good together Even though you get some of the back story as to why Jason is they way he is, I felt like he didn t really change until the last possible moment He didn t give Stacia any chance to defend herself, and automatically went back to being a jerk I would have liked her father to get a little karma as well I m glad that Jason and Stacia made up, I think there was potential there I would have liked [...]

    27. I love Jason and StaciaStacia is an image consultant who just got fired by her dad off a political campaign Jason is a bad boy baseball player looking to come back from an injury They meet in a bar and hook up Thinking it s a one night stand they meet again at Stacia s new assignment Can she reform the bad boy image while keeping her feelings to herself These two are a trip I love this book This was my first Megan Ryder book but it won t be my last.

    28. I enjoyed this new series starter from an author I hadn t read before The nearly washed up baseball player trying to recover and mentoring younger players reminded me of Bull Durham There was some good chemistry between Jason and Stacia both heat and emotion I think Jason was a little too forceful in his rejection of her for her to want him back so easily Overall the story could have been better but I d read the next as well.

    29. Opposites do attract When a political image consultant take a job to clean up the image of a baseball player at the end of his career, they could never guess how their futures would unfold This wonderful story had pain, sorrow, regret, distrust, hot sex and love Jason and Stadia gave me a look into the unseen dark side of politics, baseball and the media and how careers and lives can be made and destroyed I volunteered to read and review this arc copy and loved it.

    30. Hero in needing of redemption, heroine in needing of emancipation from the demands of her overshadowing father.The execution of the story was good, the characters grew quite well and the ending was good, if not quite what I d expected.There are books in this series, and from what I got from the excerpts there is quite variation to the themes, they are only loosely held together by the team.

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