Dark Moon #2020

Dark Moon Deborah Hawkins Dark Moon Legendary criminal defense attorney Sarah Knight has spent all of her forty six years hiding the unspeakable secrets of her past Now newly arrived in San Diego from New York she is appointed to re

  • Title: Dark Moon
  • Author: Deborah Hawkins
  • ISBN: 9780988934764
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dark Moon Deborah Hawkins Legendary criminal defense attorney, Sarah Knight, has spent all of her forty six years hiding the unspeakable secrets of her past Now, newly arrived in San Diego from New York, she is appointed to represent Alexa Reed, a former U.S Supreme Court clerk and the daughter in law of Supreme Court Justice Coleman Reed Alexa is arrested for the murders of her ex husband, attoLegendary criminal defense attorney, Sarah Knight, has spent all of her forty six years hiding the unspeakable secrets of her past Now, newly arrived in San Diego from New York, she is appointed to represent Alexa Reed, a former U.S Supreme Court clerk and the daughter in law of Supreme Court Justice Coleman Reed Alexa is arrested for the murders of her ex husband, attorney Michael Reed, and La Jolla psychologist, Ronald Brigman During bitter divorce proceedings, Brigman has declared Alexa s reports of Michael s domestic abuse false, has diagnosed her with borderline personality disorder, and has given Meggie and Sam, ages six and five, to their abusive father.All the evidence points to Alexa Her gun was the murder weapon and her cell phone places her at the scene of the murders Sarah is warned that doing anything than the minimum for her client will be professional suicide Coleman Reed wants Alexa sentenced to death without delay But Sarah and her investigator, ex FBI agent Jim Mitchell, refuse to be intimidated even after attempts on Sarah and Alexa s lives They discover Michael Reed s taste for high priced call girls and his entanglement in an extensive pattern of criminal financial dealings But when Coleman manipulates the trial judge to exclude Sarah s star witness on the eve of trial, she must risk discovery of her own terrible secret to save Alexa s life.
    Dark Moon Deborah Hawkins

    • [E-Book] â Dark Moon | By ✓ Deborah Hawkins
      478 Deborah Hawkins
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    One thought on “Dark Moon”

    1. I couldn t stop reading this even to sleep Top notch attorney Sarah Knight now lives in San Diego having moved from New York She says it is to avoid cold winters but it is obvious that there is much to it than that I admit I don t much like Sarah She is a drunk a good bit of the time and has sexual affairs with married men then lies to and threatens their wives when caught So she is, to me, a slutty drunk She is assigned a case to defend Alexa Reed, a top attorney until she made the mistake of [...]

    2. Not even remotely believableEven the cute Q A about domestic violence at the end isn t credible The whole book screams layman s bias.It s as if the author took every perverted twist from 2000 DV cases, threw in an entire huge city s criminal AND family courts, AND an entire state s bar association, AND all mental health evaluators for the courts to do what exactly Oh, that s right to punish one woman for supposedly murdering her husband, the psychopath son of a psychotic US SUPREME COURT JUSTICE [...]

    3. A haunted and scar faced beauty is searching for redemption when she is handed a lawyer s most challenging murder case The reader gets no hint until the end why the beautiful lawyer needs to free her client to gain the redemption I prefer Scott Pratt s books , but this author does pull a reader in quickly.Her short chapters keep the pages flowing with great plot hints The romance is touching without any X rated scenes which can be refreshing these days Don t read the last chapter first It s wort [...]

    4. Great legal thrillerLoved this book and couldn t read it fast enough Loved the surprise ending, didn t see it coming.When Sarah Knight moves from New York to San Diego to start her legal career again, she is assigned to a case to defend Alexa Reed, the daughter in law, of a Supreme Court judge, she is met with corruption of the legal system from day one Alexa is accused of killing her husband, the son of the judge Everyone is trying to convince Sarah to leave the case alone Lucky for her she mee [...]

    5. Good, but a bit beyond beliefIt had enough intensity and intrigue to be interesting The unbelievable aspects were that the almost entire legal system in a city the size of San Diego was completely dominated by one man, even a Supreme Court judge in Washington D.C not some one just across the near by border

    6. Since the days of Perry Mason, the most popular type of legal thriller has been the seemingly hopeless case variety in which the attorney for a criminal defendant tries to win a case in which all the cards are stacked against the client Deborah Hawkins Dark Moon follows that formula, both in the plotting and in the writing Plotwise, attorney Sarah Knight s client seems certain to be convicted of the murders of her ex husband and a psychologist And, in terms of writing, author Hawkins book seems [...]

    7. Ridiculous Conclusion s Tacked Onto A Series of Reality Challenged SituationsOn the positive side, the writing style was fairly engaging the 3 main good guy characters were likeable, invoking the reader s interest in wanting a happy ending for all And the book did deliver such a resolution, with several surprise punches However, in arriving there , the reader is asked to buy into what become a few several too many reality stretches At first, caught up in the storyline, you don t really notice th [...]

    8. Oh my I wasn t even half way through the first chapter before I began to think What a stilted conversation this is The author seemed to be trying to use conversation between two strangers to fill us in on everything under the sun We have the main characters whole back story in a nutshell and the major plot line all wrapped up in a bow Then the strangers move forward as work partners like they know each other so well and she has to keep herself from falling for him to the point where she continue [...]

    9. My rating is accurately a 3.5 This is a quick read and a true page turner I enjoy legal thrillers and this was one worth reading I thought the characters were fairly well developed and while the plot seemed to have separate themes all converge at the end it was interesting to explore our judicial system and the effects of domestic violence in society I d recommend it

    10. I don t read a lot of courtroom type books, because I don t follow a lot of the laws they have to work with But, Deborah Hawkins spelled things out pretty well, and I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it as well as I did.The judge, DA, and Supreme Court Justice Coleman Reed make Sarah jump through a lot of hoops But she is one determined lady.Another big recommendation for this one.

    11. It was readable, but I got really annoyed at all the love bits Too many emotional turmoils going on It got confusing as to whether it was a murder mystery, court room drama or a romantic novel sometimes I think the writer should have stuck with one genre and not tried to fit so much into the one.

    12. WOWThis is the second book I ve read by Ms Hawkins, and I couldn t wait to start The first one Mirror, Mirror was a masterpiece, and Dark Moon did not disappoint Great characters, brilliant plot, and what an ending no spoiler alerts from me, ever You ll be thrilled pun intended to read this book, and then rush to find others Brava, Ms Hawkins

    13. Loved The SuspenseGreat Book Excellent character development Couldn t put the book down as I needed to find out how it ended I never would have guessed the ending Did a good job keeping me entertained with her characters.

    14. ExcitingI really loved the two main characters I thought they did a great job defending their client Not just another boring courtroom book Lots of action and a little love too Most everyone will enjoy this story.

    15. I was completely blown away by the surprise ending The book was RobThe book was riveting and very enjoyable and I look forward to reading other books by this author She writes like an attorney I should know as I used to be a legal secretary.

    16. ExcellentA good read Keeps your attention and keeps you reading to find out what happens Well written with character development You find yourself rooting for some characters and hating others and hoping it comes out right, with some good twists and turns.

    17. A real thrilling read surprising twists and turns that keep you from putting the book down.This was a real page turner and I would ke to read by this author.what other books has she written

    18. Great readIt does not take twenty words to describe this book when only two words describe it accurately and it is a great read It has twists and turns all the way through the book with a unexpected ending A great read.

    19. Mirror MirrorGreat read Thanks I really enjoyed the way the story skipped along and changed I really did not see the changes at the end, though they did make sense when you look at the whole tale.

    20. As much a story of Domestic ViolenceThe abuse which takes place within an intimate relationship, I believe, is the most violent and vile of all the mistreatment of human beings Read DARK MOON and see what I mean.

    21. This was totally a thrilling shocking legal storyI enjoyed the way the author put together all the information and pretrade each character in the role in the book This was a story you couldn t put down and had a great ending that really surprised me

    22. SURPRISE.I sped through the last 4 chapters, literally could not digest the words fast enough Such a wonderful, captivating read Too bad it shows how our legal system really is.

    23. Whom can you trust An excellent story with unexpected twists and turns The story of corruption within police departments, prosecutors offices, and the judiciary seems like it is ripped from today s headlines It makes you wonder if any criminal defendant can get a fair trial.

    24. Loved this book I could not out it down Plot and tension kept me turning pages Ill definitely I felt read this author again.

    25. Review dark moonI enjoyed the characters and the plot was very real and kept me not wanting to put the book down I loved the ending with the twists unraveling quickly.

    26. Awesome amazing I finished the book in st 8 hours I have no words to explain how thrilling n engaging the book was.

    27. A Good BookI really enjoyed this book This was the first book written by Ms Hawkins that I have read It won t be the last.

    28. Legal thrills.Excellent read Mysterious secrets hint there s than one true story unveiling The verdict was surprisingly reached and the few mysteries revealed.

    29. Not done yet, but I don t believe for one second that no one would watch the video in full as soon as it was in their possession It just doesn t make logical sense.

    30. ExcellentThe good story teller Making every plot to the point.Suspens till the end.Breath taking events take place with perfection

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