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Counting Stars David Almond Counting Stars David Almond s extraordinary novels have established him as an author of unique insight and skill These stories encapsulate his endless sense of mystery and wonderment as they weave a tangible tapest

  • Title: Counting Stars
  • Author: David Almond
  • ISBN: 9780440418269
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Counting Stars David Almond David Almond s extraordinary novels have established him as an author of unique insight and skill These stories encapsulate his endless sense of mystery and wonderment, as they weave a tangible tapestry of growing up in a large, loving family Here are the kernels of his novels joy and fear, darkness and light, the healing power of love and imagination in overcoming the wDavid Almond s extraordinary novels have established him as an author of unique insight and skill These stories encapsulate his endless sense of mystery and wonderment, as they weave a tangible tapestry of growing up in a large, loving family Here are the kernels of his novels joy and fear, darkness and light, the healing power of love and imagination in overcoming the wounds of ignorance and prejudice These stories merge memory and dream, the real and the imagined, in a collection of exquisite tenderness.From the Hardcover edition.
    Counting Stars David Almond

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    One thought on “Counting Stars”

    1. I opened the book just to take a peek I was already reading another book, after all David Almond drew me in and I dreamwalked episodes from his childhood in northeastern England with him There isn t really a storyline in this book The episodes come in no apparent sequence, floating into view, becoming sharper, fading out His little sister and his father have died in one chapter, but are alive again in the next He had a large Catholic family and woven through the stories are the insistent questio [...]

    2. An unmissable chance to discover the influences behind David Almond s compelling stories, enabling us to trace the birth of such characters as the beautiful, broken Skellig and others.There s warmth, light, darkness, fear and love here.

    3. this short story collection was so nostalgic and beautiful And Loosa Fine absolutely broke me I cannot stop thinking about the little girl Also I don t think many people who re reviewing this book seem to realise it s a short story collection, not a novel The titles are story tiles not chapter names

    4. This was certainly an unusual read, and very different to my usual intake It took me until about halfway through the book before I found somewhat of an enjoyment and engagement in it however, as a quick read, it didn t take too long to reach that point For a short book, it provides a lot of stories and provoking thoughts, and for that I give it its due credit.As someone who is still a teenager though, and has had an upbringing and childhood entirely different to that of the author, many of these [...]

    5. this book was amaazing and so poignant 3 the writing style is reallyunique.i love the tiny details, and the repetition, and the vivid yet brief descriptions all put together, they make for an amazing reading experience the characters were so realistic technically, the are real the book is a collection of short stories based off of the author s life but still i loved reading about all the characters and colin was one of my favourites they re so unpredictable and new like, in the time machine, my [...]

    6. Exceptional Certainly nothing for readers who prefer clear storylines and straightforward language, but I found it stunningly beautiful It makes me want to never write again because there is no way I could come anywhere close to David Almond s writing Even , however, it makes me want to write and write and write until I have found a voice of my own, until I can spin tales as captivating and magical as the ones told in this book.

    7. The fact that there is no storyline but only short snippets was not too enjoyable The writing style is fascinating I ll give David Almond s novels a try.

    8. Beautiful what can I say Loved this so much, although less than his story books as this was auto biographical Still enjoyable though and loved it as much as his other books.

    9. How do you classify this The book is listed as young adult, yet I think it s because the author writes for young adults While his stories are about young people, they re poignant, bittersweet at timesey re tiny time capsules recapturing moments in the authors youth, fictionalized only marginally You can hear the authors tears upon the pages sometimes Sometimes you feel too close when watching them, like you ve unknowingly intruded into the space of a stranger Other times you yearn to get closer [...]

    10. Well, I m not sure what to think about this one On one hand, I was really bored during most of it On the other, it was really well written in a somewhat dreamy sort of way and it seemed interesting enough I don t know if I m just in a phase right now because that s two books in a row that I should ve loved and I had trouble getting through both of them One problem I think was that the separate stories could ve been held together by a stronger thread or narrative arc I didn t feel it added up com [...]

    11. A memoir of the author s youth in Felling, England, as part of a large Catholic family Each chapter is a separate essay of a specific incident or person The memoir is like a recollection of scattered memories, the way as happens when you sit around ruminating this happened, then that happened The book is not in time order He mentions his father s death early on but later recalls events in which the father is present Sometimes confusing, very poetic, perhaps too logy and deep for the average you [...]

    12. J ALMONDSarah 4 starsThe book is a beautifully written collection of stories and emories from the author s childhood years, growing up in England The stories deal with death, of his father and younger sister, and also with religion, specifically Catholicism.The writing is lyrical and imaginative, sad but hopeful as the child author comes closer to an understanding of the role that dream and fanstasy play in his everyday life The imagery and crafting of each section is extraordinary, but might be [...]

    13. I m almost sort of mad at myself tat I didn t finis this book because I feel as if I could really appreciate it when it was done, but I could not see myself reading the rest of this story The biggest reason was because it was very vague almost, and written in a weird, ambiguous way I couldn t fully understand what was going on half the time, and the plot jumped around often so it was kind of one giant book of confusion that just never ended That is not to say I hated this nook, it just wasn t fo [...]

    14. Counting Stars is a book about David Almond and his childhood stories He was raised in a big, loving Catholic family and had many stories to tell In this book there were some dark stories and some made you feel happy There were some parts that I didn t get and the other parts were just disturbing Sometimes I read the book and it made me happy There were just a lot of emotions in this book It goes through every type of emotion It left me confushed and some of the time I didn t know what I was rea [...]

    15. David Almond writes so beautifully that everything else disappears and you find yourself completely absorbed in the story he weaves This is a lyrical memoir giving insight into his influences and the memories he draws upon in his writing It is probably best to know his style and have read some of his other books, such as the amazing Skellig, before diving into this in order to fully appreciate it It will seem disjointed if you are unfamiliar with Almond Like any memoir, it doesn t mean as much i [...]

    16. Pretty much the same things apply as in my review of Kit s Wilderness Less of the magical realism, as this is a collection of autobiographical short stories about the author s childhood, but the elements are still there I particularly like the way the stories skip around chronologically but within a fairly confined period , which makes the reader focus on the events of the short story and less on what happens next in the author s life.

    17. This is a memoir that has alot of details related to the suthor s childhood, growing up in a lare Catholic family but for me and maybe this is because I lost a brother as a child this was about the experience of growing up first having, then losing a sibling, and seeing that first as a child, and then as an adult, and trying to make sense of the loss There are some hilarious scenes, some sad scenes, and some reflective scenes as well The voice of the author is genuinely childlike and well done.

    18. David Almond is a good author The book Counting Stars was really interesting to read In some parts of the book author really grabs you in and makes you read David Almond has you wanting at the end of the book The ending has a very awesome touch to entertain and grab the reader I personally think Counting Stars deserves a three on rates because I liked most of the book Overall the book has a lot of feeling to it and I would recommend it to someone who likes to read books with feeling.

    19. I really wanted to like this book I adored Skellig, but didn t enjoy My Name is Mina as much and this far less I m not usually a big autobiography fan so maybe that s why I didn t like it Almond s signature style is there, but without much cohesion or story line exactly I found this difficult to read and was very eager to finish just so I could be done It won t put me off reading from David Almond though.

    20. David Almond racconta in modo sparso di quando era un ragazzino in un piccolo paese inglese, alla fine degli anni Sessanta, con svariate sorelle e un fratello Una vita tra preghiere e scuola, tra la casa e la strada, tra un picnic e il ricordo di chi se n andato troppo presto Malinconio, ho ritrovato la stessa atmosfera di Skellig e quando racconta della sua mamma con l artritegh

    21. Counting Stars by David Almond is one of my favorite books that i have read so far This book has many different stories about this boy and his childhood All of these stories are either sad, humorous, have memories and dreams When I read this book it was really depressing I would recommend this book to anyone who likes humorous, and sad books.

    22. Have tissues at the ready This book contains real life snippets of the author s life in short stories It can be read chronologically, but each story is a story on its own, and each pulls at the heart strings I can t say I can completely relate to the events, yet I found that almost every story was meaningful in some way We have all lost someone and we all have to keep on living.

    23. I enjoyed the short stories format and taking little tidbits of life at a time and yet, some of them had the same theme or info that carried through and added a little magic to the stories I didn t, however, really particularly like any of the stories None of them really grabbed me and made me keep reading I just sort of kept going just waiting for the finish.

    24. Shields has a beautiful writing style Every word is like poetry, and each story is both profound and poignant in equal measure Definitely a collection I will continue to peruse every now and again in the future, and a great inspiration for writing non fiction creatively.

    25. i read this book a few years ago it is a wonderful book i would classify as Catholic lit Made me cry and wonder Also gave voice to Catholic experiences like mine, which maybe are not so crazy after all just Catholic.

    26. I loved his first book Skelig, but this was a bit of a let down The stories were interesting, and many of them showed just how damaging the Catholic church was to children growing up in the 60 s.

    27. Interesting collection of short stories based on experiences of Almond s childhood in the North East England You can see the early genesis of some his ideas here.

    28. A magical book,That made me feel like damn Why didn t I have a childhood as crazy and interesting as this.

    29. A wonderful world to escape to, David takes us on a enchanting journey through his childhood My favorite sale rack find.

    30. This book perfectly evokes what it was like growing up in a northern town as part of a large Catholic family I love reading biographies of childhood, especially when siblings are involved.

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