Mission Improbable #2020

Mission Improbable J.J. Green Mission Improbable The galaxy is in crisis and Carrie Hatchett is the last person on Earth who should be fixing it Carrie is a low achieving daydreamer After providing a good home for her butt ugly dog and psychotic ca

  • Title: Mission Improbable
  • Author: J.J. Green
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 253
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  • Mission Improbable J.J. Green The galaxy is in crisis, and Carrie Hatchett is the last person on Earth who should be fixing it Carrie is a low achieving daydreamer After providing a good home for her butt ugly dog and psychotic cat, her biggest challenge in life is to avoid being fired, again But a strange green mist sucks her beneath her kitchen sink, and an unusual clerical error leads to an offeThe galaxy is in crisis, and Carrie Hatchett is the last person on Earth who should be fixing it Carrie is a low achieving daydreamer After providing a good home for her butt ugly dog and psychotic cat, her biggest challenge in life is to avoid being fired, again But a strange green mist sucks her beneath her kitchen sink, and an unusual clerical error leads to an offer she foolishly doesn t refuse The Transgalactic Council hire her to settle a conflict between the mechanical placktoids and the mysterious oootoon Carrie must overcome her personal weaknesses and, for the first time in her life, succeed in her job, to uncover a threat to the entire galaxy Mission Improbable is Book One in the light hearted, fast paced Carrie Hatchett Space Adventures series.
    Mission Improbable J.J. Green

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      253 J.J. Green
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    One thought on “Mission Improbable”

    1. You can read this and other reviews at Things I Find While ShelvingI received a free ARC via netgalleySometimes a little too annoying, but overall fun and entertaining.When Carrie Hatchett gets sucked under her sink by a glowing green light, she thinks she s just having a weird dream Which is why she plays along when the giant bug like alien offers her a job as, well, basically she ll be an Intergalactic mediator Except it wasn t a dream and she and a coworker at her new Terrestrial job wind up [...]

    2. The Galaxy is in trouble and so is Carrie Hatchett Only difference is that the Galaxy can t make things worse for Carrie Carrie has moved into a new house with her ugly very ugly dog and crazy very crazy cat She manages to get a job she s not qualified for and promised herself to keep THIS one so she can pay for rent And food And other luxuries.A glowing green mist under her sink has other plans a clerical snafu, some incompetent alternate dimensions and a gorgeous handbag sees Carrie and her Un [...]

    3. Carrie Hatchett is a fun main character She runs a ad in a dating site that reads like a ad to work for the Transgalactic Council She is one of those people who just seem to drift through life When she get sent on a real life mission to solve the problem between two very different species all kind of things happen.In spite of her lack of background she manages to see things that the other characters do not It is fun to watch what seems to be done wrong turn out to be just what is needed In this [...]

    4. As a big humorous fantasy sci fi fan I had to give this one a go I think I may not have been in the mood for this book to begin with I felt that Carrie was the most annoying, thoughtless, irritating woman and I wanted to give her a sharp rap over the head and tell her to belt up Then something happened to the cupboard under her sink and suddenly, things began to look up, and Carrie got interesting enough for me to forgive her.This is a pretty straightforward book, in many ways Less half tones an [...]

    5. I downloaded a free copy of this book for a review The following is my honest opinion on this book When a glowing green mist appears under the kitchen sink of Carrie Hatchett s new flat and sucks her into a place unknown she does what everyone else would do Accepts the job she is offered to be a Transgalactic Intercultural Community Crisis Liason Officer, after all the job comes with a stylish handbag and it s all part of a dream right I really love this book It s so silly that it had me laughin [...]

    6. Carrie Hatchett is a ditzy daydreamer, whose main goal in life is not to get fired, again She somehow ends up with a job as the Transgalactic Intercultural Community as a Crisis Liaison Officer and is task with settling a conflict between the mechanical placktoids and the mysterious oootoon.With scenes that are well crafted and descriptive this promises to be the start of a great new series A fun, fast, laugh out loud book with quirky characters that you will fall in love with I enjoyed every pa [...]

    7. LOVED IT What a great story so entertaining and incredibly creative I have never read a story like this, I am looking forward to reading from this author a definite must read

    8. So funny I wasn t really sure what to expect from Mission Improbable but it managed to surprise and delight me despite being quite different from my usual reads It s earned a place on my physical bookshelf Following Carrie as she is recruited as a Space Detective Carrie s choice of job title rather than the official one , the book takes the reader to an unnamed planet home to some of the most peculiar aliens you could ever encounter The author s imagination has certainly run wild with this one a [...]

    9. GENE pool, oogles, transgalactic transporters and rotten team mates, not to mention a large population of god and opportunistic space aliensa dog and and two new jobs absoliuytely no qualifications for and what do you end up with A certain Mz Carrie Hatchett.Have you ever interviewed for several positions yet never seemed to fit in completely Then out off the blue seems like the perfect position you ve been looking for and the interviewer neglects the you d being spring with BEMS resolving diplo [...]

    10. Did not like this book at all The protagonist never listens to anyone and constantly jumps to conclusions without having all the facts Despite this, she is somehow always proven right and most of the other characters like her despite the fact that she sexually harasses one of them pretty much immediately after meeting him and almost gets everyone killed on multiple occasions The one character who doesn t like her is a competent professional at the conflict zone mediator job who is portrayed as [...]

    11. PerfectI thought in my 68 years that I had read all the twist that I would see, this book found new one s It is to me a perfect book, I loved the heroine and was rooting for her from the first page All the other characters worked beautifully I have bought the rest of the series and will be looking at what else this author has written.

    12. Good, Fun ReadThis book doesn t begin to take itself seriously, which is a good thing.It s a fun read and I enjoyed it I will be reading the next one.

    13. hilarious, lots of clich s, funny read, reminded me of The Doctor, quick read Yet, not really mine am not really a reader of comedy.

    14. As a free download on one site or another, I found Improbable Mission a very light and fun sci fi adventure, with a slightly misleading title The green mist under the sink was an interesting, if not juvenile, portal which sets the tone of a quirky duo attempt to save rather mediate between species The MCs include a recently broken up young female adult with a low attention span and her gay co worker I only mention it because there are no sexual undertones nor attractions Most likely no love tria [...]

    15. This is the first book I have ever read of J.J green this was upbeat enjoyable to read I do look forward to reading of this authors stories.

    16. A lighthearted, fun adventure, and only the second piece of writing I have read by JJ Green The first was Ice Dreamer in the excellent collection of Sci Fi stories, The Newcomer edited by Alasdair Shaw As a result, I purchased this book.Mission Improbable is a very easy read, full of giggles and groans You ll be frustrated at first as Carrie is a wee bit annoying but, like Roses, she grows on you JJ has a very imaginative mind, but you can be sure that I won t be looking in kitchen cupboards any [...]

    17. Good plot good story I enjoyed the idea of an intergalactic liaison to help warring parties negotiate peace However, Carrie was so irresponsible that the first half of the book was almost painful to read The second half and ending were much better

    18. koeur.wordpress 2015 12 2Publisher InfiniteBookPublishing Date November 2015ISBN 9781519505958Genre SciFiRating 3.6 5Publishers Description Carrie Hatchett is a low achieving daydreamer, and the last person on Earth who should be resolving disputes for the Transgalactic Council After providing a good home for her butt ugly dog and psychotic cat, her biggest challenge in life is to avoid being fired, again Review This was a fun read from start to finish Light reading at its finest The character d [...]

    19. When reading this book you have to suspend rational thinking The main character, Carrie Hatchett, is young about 20 and has failed at every job she has ever held Mainly because she doesn t listen or follow procedures and just wings it She places a personal ad which gets misinterpreted as a job application with an intergalactic space agency At the interview, she accepts the job offer simply because she wants the bag purse that the tools come in When she gets home, she leaves all the tools and uni [...]

    20. This was a very entertaining read A story that would be suitable for both young and old audience A young woman has just shifted to a new apartment and in unpacking she finds the cupboard under the sink is stuck There is a swirl of green mist and she is off on her first adventure During the reading of the story you will encounter various alien life forms The two in particular that dominate the tale, are the Placktoids who resemble over sized office equipment, and oootoon a community of intelligen [...]

    21. I will never view items in my office quite the same, oh yeah add custard to that list while you are at it OK I admit it Carrie was a very annoying bug in my rug at first I just wanted to reach out and touch her or so gently to knock some of those brain cells into a place where they might possibly get some use I mean after the first chapter I got why her boy friend dumped her But after she follows Gary into her assignment and gets going she actually turns it around I mean this is slapstick Doctor [...]

    22. Received this as e book through LibraryThing Member Giveaways.Be prepared to laugh your way through this sci fi farce Carrie is a ditz who floats through life without really paying attention Then, at the same time that she moves into a new flat and starts a new dead end job.e falls into the green light in the cupboards under the sink What follows next is another new job, a misunderstanding with a co worker, and a whole lot of alien adventure The book is short, and is sure to have several in the [...]

    23. A light, fun read with some great characters If there was ever a under qualified alien liaison officer in the entire universe than Carrie Hatchett I d be extremely surprised But somehow she manages to bumble her way through her first assignment This was an amusing adventure with some very peculiar aliens, some mini disasters and a major triumph for Carrie A great start to a series that I m now following I have the next two books and am looking forward to seeing what disaster Carrie manages to s [...]

    24. It s fun to read a book I really liked It takes me back to my roots in Sci Fi with a bang I liked the craziness of our reluctant heroine The author does quite well describing the actions, the characters, and most importantly, the moods The author shows her imagination with the worlds, the creatures, and the space travels There are some funny things in this book I smiled and almost giggled Take a chance on this book You will be glad you did

    25. WowThis is a seriously weird book, but it s also very good, with good pace and witty humor, I laught until I cried The description of the actions, the characters, and most importantly, the moods and the imagination with the worlds, the creatures, and the space travels you could almost be there.if you want to know grab your copy and your favorite drink and turn the world off for a little bit and enjoy I received a free copy for an honest review.

    26. Very humorous.An unlikely and accidental duo, Carrie and Dave embark on an intergalactic adventure, with no idea what they are doing.This is a very funny story with a lot of calamitous situations for our poor duo to find their way out of I really liked them both, I found them easy to connect with, even Gavin is a likeable character Fun for all ages, I think I m going to enjoy this series.

    27. Mission Improbable started with a woman who was a mess and extremely self centered But, don t let that deter you, when she does apply herself, she s quite inventive This book will take you to new galaxies to meet species that you think are Earth like Read the book you ll be amused and entertained

    28. I can t remember how I got this book whether it was from a giveaway I had entered, or free from the author, or I got it free in a Kindle deal It was just ok I guess I don t get this whole thing with the ditzy female lead and why she would be such a screw up, and then turn out to be the hero all along Not really my thing.

    29. This novel is not for me I m afraid.It did not hold my attention and I did not believe any of the characters.Perhaps I ll read it again in the future and it might make sense.I won a digital copy of this book from Librarything and the author J J Green in return for an honest unbiased review.

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