Anne of Avonlea #2020

Anne of Avonlea L.M. Montgomery Scott McKowen Arthur Pober Anne of Avonlea A century ago with the publication of the classic book Anne of Green Gables one of the most appealing heroines in children s literature was born Of course fans wanted a sequel and here it is When

  • Title: Anne of Avonlea
  • Author: L.M. Montgomery Scott McKowen Arthur Pober
  • ISBN: 9781402754289
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Anne of Avonlea L.M. Montgomery Scott McKowen Arthur Pober A century ago, with the publication of the classic book Anne of Green Gables, one of the most appealing heroines in children s literature was born Of course, fans wanted a sequel, and here it is When twelve year old Anne Shirley came to Avonlea, she quickly won everyone s heart Now, she s five years older, almost a woman, and about to embark on a new adventure becomingA century ago, with the publication of the classic book Anne of Green Gables, one of the most appealing heroines in children s literature was born Of course, fans wanted a sequel, and here it is When twelve year old Anne Shirley came to Avonlea, she quickly won everyone s heart Now, she s five years older, almost a woman, and about to embark on a new adventure becoming the teacher in her old Avonlea school It s an exciting year as Anne struggles to win over all her students, welcomes two new members to her family, and feels the first stirrings of love.
    Anne of Avonlea L.M. Montgomery Scott McKowen Arthur Pober

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      293 L.M. Montgomery Scott McKowen Arthur Pober
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    One thought on “Anne of Avonlea”

    1. I LOVE ANNE SO MUCH.This book was a great continuation of her story and I love seeing Anne and her friends start to become adults while still keeping their fantastic personalities Gilbert is also my fave forever especially because he is WAITING FOR HER without expecting anything beyond friendship though he is still hopeful, he s concerned about being a man worthy of her while being her friend, not convincing her he s a nice guy.

    2. I was enchanted by this book the first time I read it More recently, I was put off by the description of the pair of twins Anne and Marilla adopt Davy and Dora.Davy is a handful, asking impossible questions, getting into trouble and so forth Dora is quiet and well behaved Anne and Marilla love Davy by their own words The idea is repeated three or four times Good little Dora is respectable, obedient, predictable and boring she just doesn t need as much attention and direction as Davy does, and [...]

    3. It s almost worse now that Anne and Gilbert are actually friends rubs fist over heart BUT.I will persevere

    4. Ahhhh This was exactly what I needed the long soak in a hot tub, the breath of fresh air, the perfect antidote to the hatred and venom spewed by the racist, rabid yam currently running for President Yes, after a week of watching a 70 year old toddler throw daily tantrums, it was so refreshing to pick up this book and escape to a world where you could stumble upon a stranger s house and be invited in for tea.This volume concentrates on Anne s two years spent teaching There are good days and bad [...]

    5. 3.5 stars The first book is one of my all time favorites and I have no idea why it s taken me so long to get to the sequels I really don t think I had too high of expectations, but am still pretty surprised by how neutral I was about this second one I was mostly just there for Anne s personality, all of the wonderful quotes scattered throughout, and Gilbert Blythe Otherwise, I didn t really care much about all of the random side stories especially with the twins and Miss Lavendar It felt like f [...]

    6. In the twilight Anne sauntered down to the Dryad s Bubble and saw Gilbert Blythe coming down through the dusky Haunted Wood She had a sudden realization that Gilbert was a schoolboy no longer And how manly he looked the tall, frank faced fellow, with the clear, straightforward eyes and the broad shoulders Anne thought Gilbert was a very handsome lad, even though he didn t look at all like her ideal man She and Diana had long ago decided what kind of a man they admired and their tastes seemed exa [...]

    7. I remember liking L.M Montgomery s Anne of Avonlea immensely when I first read it as a young teenager, and during my recent rereads, I still managed to enjoy most of the story most of the featured episodes as much as I did then, especially the anecdotes about the Avonlea Village Improvement Society AVIS But even than the AVIS anecdotes, I have been rather pleasantly surprised at how much I have loved reading about both Paul Irving and Lavendar Lewis two characters to whom I did not really feel [...]

    8. After the first book about Anne, I was a bit late to read this one That s mostly due to the fact that at first it completely failed to draw me in I felt like it s just filler up to like a third of the book in Where s all the fun Where did Anne s spunkiness go But thankfully, the book picked up, and by the end I can say I enjoyed it almost as much as the first one I ll certainly be reading on I ve decided to give you 5 reasons to read about Anne, so here we go If you want to read this with proper [...]

    9. Anne of Avonlea drinking game Take a drink of your tea soda plum wine every time Anne s grey eyes are mentioned Marilla is sarcastic Paul Irving says you know Paul Iriving refers to his little mother Diana s weight is mentioned Anne or Marilla express their preference for Davy speak unkindly of Dora because she s too good The character of Davy just about ruined this book for me I kind of hated him His sister, Dora, is a sweet, mild mannered, overall good kid And so Davy takes great joy in tormen [...]

    10. OH Marilla Anne s back She older and wiser and beautiful than that gangly red headed girl that first came to Avonlea This book walks us through Anne as a older teenager, she s back as a schoolteacher at the local school with difficult pupils, she refuses to rule by corporal punishment, but simply to treat her students with kindness Marilla ends up adopting two twins who are orphaned Dora Davy and little Davy just stole my heart in this story My other favorite was Miss Lavender and her story Ano [...]

    11. This sequel was just as good as the first one Anne of Green Gables It was nice, comfortable, endearing and at times hilarious In this book, we get to follow Anne as she grows up to become a woman, and the new set of characters as well as the well known ones from the first book are great Montgomery has managed to create a world which can only bring a smile to your face, and so I m obviously excited to get back to it whenever I decide to pick up the third book.

    12. I didn t like this one as much as the first book there s just not enough Gilbert, am I right but I definitely enjoyed continuing this adventure with Anne There are so many new characters in this one but, unfortunately, I didn t seem to love all of them The writing stays just as beautiful as it was in the first book Also, that last paragraph Be still my beating heart Can t wait to start Anne of the Island

    13. I enjoyed Anne of Avonlea but I did not find it as engaging as Anne of Green Gables Here s why Anne of Green Gables gave the reader lots to look forward to Will Marilla let Anne stay When will Anne meet Diana Will she ever forgive Gilbert While reading Anne of Avonlea, I didn t find myself asking any such questions or looking forward to anything The book didn t seem to be leading up to anything as far as Anne was concerned It read like a series of situations involving Anne while the actual stor [...]

    14. Why did Anne have to grow up so fast The first book was fabulous Lots of fun mischief but the second has her at 16 already Where did those four years go Laura Ingalls Wilder didn t skimp out on the childhood.I enjoyed this book seeing Anne blossom into a young school teacher aside Why did everyone get such great jobs out of high school Same with Laura Ingalls Wilder They just handed out jobs to anyone who would take them A pet peeve of mine was really played upon All kids are precocious angels Y [...]

    15. Don t you know that it is only very foolish folk who talk sense all the time Another Series of Letters.Manchester, A woman picked a leaf out of my hair on the bus today true story it s very windy and I don t brush my hair there are a lot of trees near me Also, I m pretty sure One Direction and their fan girls were on the same bus this morning Brits you ll understand my pain Everyone else, you don t want to knowI promise you Also, the postman didn t knock on the door and just shoved one of those [...]

    16. One thing I really like about the Anne of Green Gables series is the characters, of course _ You grow to love all of them, old and new ones alike As for some of the new, I liked Paul Irving, one of Anne s students at the Avonlea school He was such a sweet and kind little boy I also enjoyed Davy s character He was one of the twins that Anne and Marilla took in after their mother had died He was such a trip P Davy was always getting into trouble or caught eating the jam preserves Marilla had made [...]

    17. Non bello quanto il primo a mio parere, ma mi piaciuto vedere Anna pi adulta e tutte le strambe vicende in cui stata coinvolta Il finale mi ha fatto scendere la lacrimuccia, sono felice, proprio felice Devo leggere il terzo che prevedo feels a non finire

    18. I just realized I never really did anything with this book, but I decided to dnf it I listened to about half and realized I had fallen out of love with Anne Shirley She was such a beautiful creative unique child, but as a grown up she s lost a lot of her charm and i just wasn t digging what I had listened to.I will sadly be dnfing the series but the first book will always be dear to me.

    19. I remember reading this book at 12 or 13 and being underwhelmed by it And then re reading it two or three years later and just wanting to skip ahead to book 3 because it did not have enough of the romance between Gilbert and Anne that book 3 has.But upon slow re read now, I realize that this book is fantastic on its own Anne at ages 16 to 18 is wonderful She doesn t chatter so much as she did when she was younger but instead her stories are elegant and lovely and I love how romantic she still i [...]

    20. When I was younger, my mother and I would watch reruns of Dennis the Menace Truth be told, the only enjoyment I got out of these sessions was spending time with my mother You see, Dennis was, to me, exactly what the title proclaims him to be a menace Since I was very young I ve had a strong aversion to any one who causes trouble for others or keeps getting into scrapes, be they intentional or not.As anyone who s read Anne s first installment can imagine, this made it a bit difficult for me to ta [...]

    21. When I began my re read of this, I thought that I would end up giving it 3 stars In my memory, the book was a string of episodes with a much too poetically precocious Paul But Montgomery brings meaning to these episodes and shows how Anne grows and how Avonlea changes during Anne s two years as schoolmarm Paul is still too much for my tastes and I do wish Montgomery had given Dora some personality I m sure she wanted to contrast her against Davy, but that doesn t meant that poor Dora has to be a [...]

    22. I m torn between rating this four or five stars On one hand, I loved itmuchbetter than I remembered, but on the other hand, I still don t adore it like some of Lucy Maud Montgomery s other books So four stars it is I m going to be awful pessimistic today and start with what I didn t like s first Don t ask me why What I did not like 1 Anne,I still love her but she s just not the SAME and it always breaks my heart a little Of course, she s still ANNE she does talk to herself and think up whimsical [...]

    23. This isn t as good as the first, in my opinion I was hoping for interaction with Anne and Gilbert Though they are both members of the Avonlea Village Improvement Society, the two of them actually do not have many scenes together since he teaches at a school that is further away and is only home on weekends I think and during summer break.The addition of the troublemaking orphan Davy to the story nearly ruined this book for me He has a twin sister named Dora who is a total angel, but Anne plainl [...]

    24. Continuing on with my reread It s beenI don t even know how long since I read this series, but I d guess at least ten or fifteen years And it s just as wonderful and enchanting as I remembered.

    25. I came to this second installment in the Anne of Green Gables series with no clear memory of having read it as a child, although I m fairly sure that I did This means that I lack the strong emotional attachment to the book and to the series as a whole which I know is felt by many readers When I recently listened to the audiobook of Anne of Green Gables for the first time since my childhood, I felt engaged by the characters and by the setting I especially responded to Marilla as she came to recog [...]

    26. about 3.5 starsI ve read this several times already, the first as a young teen This sequel to Anne of Green Gables covers two years, which is Anne ages 16 18 while she is the local school teacher.Montgomery does a good job at making everyday life interesting I tend to avoid everyday life in books because I get enough of it in everyday life Still, some of the longer descriptions about nature got dull.As a classic, it s nice to see 19th century people acting like people of that time I still have t [...]

    27. My ten year old and I just finished Anne of Avonlea tonight I asked her if she preferred it to Green Gables She couldn t decide While I love this book, Green Gables still has my heart I have to admit to crying a few times during this one I tried to explain to my daughter that it s the sweetness that gets to me I mean sweetness in the best way, no saccharine at all I can t help wish that this world was a little like Anne s world.

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