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Offside Abbey Foxx Stephanie Brother Offside I can t get that enormous prick out of my head Penny Jasper Stone is massive in every respect He s a beast on the field an animal off it and just what we need to turn our season around Medal winner

  • Title: Offside
  • Author: Abbey Foxx Stephanie Brother
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  • Page: 122
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Offside Abbey Foxx Stephanie Brother I can t get that enormous prick out of my head Penny Jasper Stone is massive in every respect He s a beast on the field, an animal off it, and just what we need to turn our season around Medal winner, star athlete, one hundred percent alpha male at the top of his game The trouble is, it s the wrong one That s not the only thing either He s cocky, arrogant and constI can t get that enormous prick out of my head Penny Jasper Stone is massive in every respect He s a beast on the field, an animal off it, and just what we need to turn our season around Medal winner, star athlete, one hundred percent alpha male at the top of his game The trouble is, it s the wrong one That s not the only thing either He s cocky, arrogant and constantly in trouble, and that s when he manages to keep that thing in his pants I can t stand him, but unfortunately that doesn t matter right now, because apparently we don t have a choice If we want to survive for another year, we need Jasper Stone to help us do it It s a risk, but the potential reward is absolutely huge After all, staying up isn t something Jasper Stone seems to have any trouble with Nor is being big and strong Bad boy Brit, banned athlete, and bigger all over than I ve ever seen before, if there s one thing that Jasper knows how to do, it s win He ll stop at nothing to get what he wants Girls, medals, millions of dollars there s very little that can get in his way With him on our team, there s no way that we can lose, and right now Jasper Stone is a free agent I just didn t realize I was too Jasper Banned No rugby for a whole f cking year I wouldn t be here if I had the choice, but apparently, I don t The owners want me out of the way, and if I want to continue getting paid, I ve got to play ball Literally I don t even know how to play this game, but that doesn t seem to bother anyone The Tigers get me for free, Corsham get rid of their trouble maker and I keep earning money Everyone wins All I ve got to do is keep my head down, survive for a year and get the hell out of there when I m finally done Simple, right It is until I meet Penny Offside is a 75,000 word bad boy sports romance heavy on the steam and light on the sports For a limited time only, OFFSIDE comes with a FREE bonus novel, DONKEY A Stepbrother Sports Romance by Stephanie Brother.
    Offside Abbey Foxx Stephanie Brother

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      122 Abbey Foxx Stephanie Brother
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    One thought on “Offside”

    1. Who wouldn t fall for a hot British rugby player with a sexy accent I received an ARC of Offside by Abbey Foxx for an honest review This is the freshman book of a new author, and to be honest it showed though not as defined as other new authors I ve read But I d have to say that this author has potential With that saidJasper was a rugby hottie banned for a year for threatening to kill a member of the paparazzi Jasper loves two things rugby and women But with this ban looming over him, at least o [...]

    2. Jasper was a bad boy He was always in trouble If he was not getting drunk and sleeping with every available women then he was threating the media or running around town naked Yeah he was a nightmare to the ones that had to manage him So it should not of been a surprise when he was banned a year from playing Rugby.Penny was over her father s paper work for his football team the Moxlin Tigers She loved the sport and knew about it than most girls Penny s biggest problem was her poor taste in men S [...]

    3. Great storyuld of used an American sports dictionary but unlike Rhino, who was US athlete, this book was British athlete that had never played American football nor had visited the US before and was an English Rugby star I thought so much of the story as unique and interesting Penny seemed a tiny bit sluttish and also a doormat I think she was working on self esteem with therapy Jasper was likable because he was firm on no cheating and he was also growing as a person due to consequences of disci [...]

    4. what do you do with a bad boy athlete banned from playing for a year in his own country you ship him of to the US in hopes he behaves himself.jasper was fuming, he didn t agree with any of it but he had no other choice or he was risking his whole career as a rugby player and now they want him to play american football sorry footballe girl picking him up from the airport quickly squashes his high hopes of his stay in America he s not here to drink, chase woman and get in trouble he can manage tha [...]

    5. I got this free not directly from the author so I felt it appropriate to leave an honest review.First, this could have been better with careful editing Grammar and puncutation are my pet peeves and there are misuses of plural forms and apostrophes That s why this only gets 4 stars and not a solid 5.Second, I m not a fan of American football but Abbey Foxx made it work Though the note said there s of the hot sex than the sports, both are balanced well Maybe there aren t that much details on the [...]

    6. This is my first book by this author Our H is Jasper Stone, a bad boy Rugby player Our h is Penny Locke, the daughter or the owner coach of the Moxlin Tigers.Jasper has done it again He is in trouble and has been banned from Rugby for a year Penny lives and breathes Moxlin Tigers Her dad is the owner and coach of the team but they are literally on their last chance They need something to bring them out of this slump Penny sees everything that has happened to Jasper and makes a deal with his agen [...]

    7. I really enjoyed this story It s well written and the characters grabbed my attention from the get go Jasper is the British bad boy that has come to America to play football since he is on ban from playing Rugby anywhere Penny is the one that set up the deal for him to come play for their football team I loved their interactions and how it all goes Penny is a strong woman and so gets to know Jasper but doesn t let him just push her around I like that they build some friendship first before thing [...]

    8. Jasper Stone has caused one too many problems in England for his rugby club so they sell him to an NFL football team in Arkansas for one year He is shocked by the middle of nowhere town where he lands but is surprised by his driver, Penny, who picks him up from the airport Penny and her father, Harrison, own run the Moxlin Tigers but if they can t turn this upcoming season around, the team is going to disappear Penny makes a last ditch effort by negotiating to get Jasper for a season since his r [...]

    9. The story of Penny Jasper is a well written example of how the perceptions of the mind can change when one experiences the reality of the subject Penny had this preconceived idea of what Jasper was like a bad boy Brit, cocky, arrogant, a drunk hell raiser and skirt chaser off the field, constantly in trouble but a beast on the field, a star athlete Her team needed a beast on the field so she invited him to come to Arkansas to join the Tigers for a year Jasper is a Rugby Star that has been suspen [...]

    10. I had a lot of fun reading Offside I was smiling so much when I finally reached the end, too Unlike most sport romances I ve read, it had a good balance between actual sport references situations and romance I m not familiar with American football as it s not played in my region, but I felt the excitement of the game as I read.In the beginning, Jasper Penny don t seem like they could possibly have anything in common, much less have anything resembling a decent relationship Ms Foxx weaves a story [...]

    11. 4.5 I absolutely loved this book Jasper Stone bad boy with a sensitive sidePenny Locke sassy, independent treasurer of the Moxlin TigersI loved everything about this couple Although at first Penny is engaged to a total douche and Jasper likes her right off the bat but that doesn t stop him from ending up in someone s bed first night in America no specifics details of sexual activity but she s engaged right As soon as they break it off they get together The chemistry between them was combustible [...]

    12. I had a hard time with this read While the concept was good, it wasn t presented well in my opinion Jasper is an English rugby player He gets banned from rugby the reason isn t given to us until we re deep into the book despite being with him in the disciplinary hearing Penny s trying to save her NFL team in the US and convinces her dad the owner head coach to take a chance on Jasper Jasper s reputation as a dirty bad boy precedes him in the US, but he never quite pulled off that moniker Penny w [...]

    13. Received a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review This is the first time reading a novel by this author but not the last and I m looking to read from her The story covers a bad boy rugby player Jasper Stone, who is a womanizer and troublemaker for the Corsham Rugby team Harrison Locke, owner of the Moxlin Tiger along with his daughter Penny Locke, recruiter, PR and financial personnel had the worst football team there was Jasper attended his disciplinary hearing and was ban for 2 [...]

    14. ARC received in exchange for an honest reviewAbbey is a new author to me and right from the first page I knew I was going to really like this book I loved the idea of the prologue and how it gave a little insight to what happened to Jasper and how he became one of the players in America to begin with right from the start After reading the blurb I was excited to start the book, sport romances are one of my favourites at the moment It was a fun and entertaining read, I loved the author s writing a [...]

    15. Received an ARC for an honest reviewThis is the first book I ve read by Abbey Foxx but it won t be the last.Bad boy rugby star is ban for at least 1yr by his team in England His only option at the moment is to go to the U.S and play for an American Football team while he waits out his suspension Jasper Stone figures he ll play for the Tigers, continue his normal downtime behavior then get back to his life as a rugby player when everything settles down What he didn t expect was a strong, sassy PR [...]

    16. Received an Arc of Offside for an honest review Jasper is a bad boy Brit Rugby star who is put on probation by his team Penny is the daughter of the owner of a losing American football team She thinks Jasper has what it takes to help them get some wins so they don t lose their team Jasper falls for Penny immediately The only problem is she is engaged to the two timing quarterback who plays for her fathers team This book was wonderful It was a great love story as well I recommend this book as it [...]

    17. Jasper and Penny are steamy as hell together Cocky English rugby player, turned NFL player because he s been banned from playing in his home country Penny is the team manager s daughter and engaged to the douchbag quarterback Sparks fly the minute they meet and things get interesting from there Their banter and comebacks are great I was drawn in and didn t put my kindle down until I was finished I really look forward to reading from Abbey.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

    18. An English rugby player ends up on an NFL team after a suspension and winds up finding the place he was meant to be Jasper is the bad boy of rugby sent to Arkansas to play football with a joke of a team the Moxlin Tigers where he meets Penny, the owner s daughter Penny pushes to get Jasper to try and save the team she grew up around, not realizing how much his arrival would change her life forever Jasper and Penny are great together, after some dead weight is removed from the equation I enjoyed [...]

    19. Arc for honest reviewPenny s dad runs an american footie team and she s been dating topher the quarterback for 3 yes Jasper is a rugby player that has been banned and sent to the states to learn american football The attraction between penny and jasper is instant the banter between them is also fabter topher is caughtong cheating again penny decides enough is enough and then the attraction between her n jasper can t be denied any.This book is a fablous read once started couldn t stop til finishe [...]

    20. This book had many things, love, betrayal, learning when to walk away and learning to grow up We read about everyone finding the path they need to take whether it learning to leave and unhealthy relationship, taking a chance on a relationship that you know might lead to nowhere Growing up and learning to take others into consideration and find what makes you happy and going for it You find yourself felling angry, sad and elated throughout the book I would recommend this book.

    21. ARC for honest review.I really enjoyed this story Love the characters and storyline Jasper is drool worthy, and knows exactly what he wants and goes for it The only issue i had with the story, the conversations between the characters needed some direction Many times i had to re read certain parts to try and figure out who said what If that was clearer then this book would be a solid 5 from me Would recommend.

    22. If you know anything about football, this book is not going to be an easy read I couldn t finish it I thought the concept was good, rugby player having to learn American football But the terminology used was clearly not for American football club, boots, sportsman, docking points, etc I m sure some people can get past that, but I love football, and that kind of thing made me want yell at my kindle I m not going to give it a rating because I didn t finish the whole book.

    23. In the early part of the book there were pages of conversation that I had to reread a couple of times to work out who was saying what, it wasn t that clear Also the thing I enjoy most about a book is the character interaction I found that at about 60% of the story there seemed to be less interaction and internal reflection which made it a bit slow going for me It was still an enjoyable story and the end left a smile on my face.

    24. Huge fan of Jasper As a rugby player her was the best of the best When trouble lands him banned from the sport for a year, he joins an American football team struggling to win When Jasper meets Penny, he knows he wants her Can Penny resist him Does she want to Will Jasper ever commit to football and Penny or is this just to keep him busy until he can play Rugby I enjoyed this story of determination, passion and the strength to love.

    25. Reading this story is not only get to be involved in lots of football games and team dramas, but the most interesting and entertaining thing is to follow the romantic flirting sexy tug of war between Penny and Jasper Jasper, the bad boy, did his job well and his unstoppable charm won himself a good but quite naughty girl to share the future with How sweet and surprisingly good I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    26. Bad British boy makes a really good read.I liked the bad boy be it right from the start The h s stupid fiancee is a big ole jerk from the start I didn t like him as soon as he was brought into the story and then he got worse The book had a good balance of romance and football I highly recommend this book as a good read SQ

    27. I have received this book as a Insta Freebie and in return, I m leaving a review a humorist and erotically hot book I was was instantly turned on by Jasper, and entertained throughout the entire book a true must read

    28. Loved this hot bad boy Gets himself in trouble and has to do something else for a year Exciting and keeps your attention I recommend it Fun to see what these hot bad boys do I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

    29. Wow, what a hot feel good story Jasper knew he had feeling for Penny right away, he just had to wait for her to see the light about Topher what a jerk I love how they found their way to each other and stayed together when the going got rough I received an arc in exchange for a honest review.

    30. This is my first book by Abbey Foxx and won t be my last Ms Foxx knows how to steam up the pages If you re looking for a hot book that is good, steamy, romantic, with some naughty thrown in, Offside is the book for you.I received an ARC for an honest review.

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