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The Wages of Sin Kaite Welsh The Wages of Sin An irresistible mystery set in s Edinburgh Kaite Welsh s THE WAGES OF SIN features a female medical student turned detective and will thrill fans of Sarah Waters and Antonia Hodgson Sarah Gilchr

  • Title: The Wages of Sin
  • Author: Kaite Welsh
  • ISBN: 9781472239815
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Wages of Sin Kaite Welsh An irresistible mystery set in 1890s Edinburgh, Kaite Welsh s THE WAGES OF SIN features a female medical student turned detective, and will thrill fans of Sarah Waters and Antonia Hodgson.Sarah Gilchrist has fled from London to Edinburgh in disgrace and is determined to become a doctor, despite the misgivings of her family and society As part of the University of EdinburgAn irresistible mystery set in 1890s Edinburgh, Kaite Welsh s THE WAGES OF SIN features a female medical student turned detective, and will thrill fans of Sarah Waters and Antonia Hodgson.Sarah Gilchrist has fled from London to Edinburgh in disgrace and is determined to become a doctor, despite the misgivings of her family and society As part of the University of Edinburgh s first intake of female medical students, Sarah comes up against resistance from lecturers, her male contemporaries, and perhaps worst of all her fellow women, who will do anything to avoid being associated with a fallen womanWhen one of Sarah s patients turns up in the university dissecting room as a battered corpse, Sarah finds herself drawn into Edinburgh s dangerous underworld of bribery, brothels and body snatchers and a confrontation with her own past.
    The Wages of Sin Kaite Welsh

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      298 Kaite Welsh
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    1. Sarah Gilchrist knew the world could be cruel She wasn t the type of woman content to let it remain so People who were closest to Sarah turned on her at a time in her life when she needed them most Her parents had her placed in a sanatorium to cure her hysterical, melancholic behavior In 1882, given the type of wealthy family Sarah came from in London, if she was rapeda complete victime was a disgrace to her family Shame, blame, and sin would follow her The doctors at the sanatorium had promised [...]

    2. The Wages of Sin by Kaite Welsh is a 2017 Pegasus publication I love historical mysteries, especially those set in the Victorian era, so I m always on the lookout for a new series that fits that bill Thankfully, I stumbled across this little gem, which shows a great deal of promise Sarah Gilchrist is a character I instantly admired and respected She s suffered much as a woman in 1892 who has been cast out by her parents, who treat her as though she is the one who should be ashamed, and then is p [...]

    3. If the eyes are the windows of the soul, then certainly the hands may convey the strength of it.Ushering in the year of 1892, female hands were thought to solely engage in the rigid stitches around an embroidery frame and not clasped around the likes of a surgical scalpel.But then you haven t met Sarah Gilchrist.Sarah arrives in the upscale household of her aunt and uncle, the Buchanans, with a pleasing face and stature This is Edinburgh, Scotland Sarah has left behind a scandal upon the lips of [...]

    4. THE WAGES OF SIN is a historical fiction that has just the right ingredients for me We have a strong heroine with a past that haunts her, a murder mystery and just the right amount of romance, which for me is pretty little I love it when you can feel the chemistry between two characters and the author doesn t rush away with it instead builds it up slowly The book also deals with something that is very close to my heart, women s right to study Actually, it deals with than that, the book also dea [...]

    5. I have grown so bored with mysteries that torture women, terrorize them and basically make women appear to be helpless fools so when I saw the blurb feminist heroine, I was immediately intrigued The fact that the book was set in the Victorian Era only heightened my curiosity I was not disappointed at all The Wages of Sin is, unbelievably, the debut suspense novel by Kaite Welsh The heroine mentioned is Sarah Gilchrist, a former socialite with a past who is now is one of the first females attendi [...]

    6. The combination of 19th century, feminism, and Scotland gave me high hopes, but I became unhappy as I read The sleuthing aspect is minimal two thirds of the way through the novel, the protagonist still hasn t advanced beyond I had no real reason to think she was murdered, but I could not stop thinking about her Once things start to develop, the narrative flow is cut off at the knees when the backstory of the prime suspect emerges in a long explanation given while standing over the newly discove [...]

    7. A very atmospheric and detailed read about a young woman named Sarah Gilchrist who was allowed to study at The University of Edinburgh s medical school despite strong objections from her family who think her desires are lofty and fanciful After suffering an assault which left her devastated, Sarah begins to recover and put her life back together only to deal with humiliation and shame in her family s social circles and decides she wants to make something of her life and become a doctor There at [...]

    8. I feel like I can t say anything I m thinking without spoiling everything So everything is going to get a spoiler tag view spoiler The author made it a little obvious who she wanted us to think the killer was And then it felt a little sudden when he went from threatening Sarah to keep out of it, to telling her his whole backstory About half way through I realized he was going to be the romantic interest and I had a real problem reconciling that man to that new role Especially when he kept threat [...]

    9. Thanks Pegasus Books and netgalley for this ARC.Tantalizing first look at a new series that has everything I love in a historical mystery Intrigue, rebellion, love, murder with a girl power theme

    10. I don t know whether it is a case of every novel being timed perfectly to have the most meaning in today s political climate or a greater awareness of certain issues in general, but it does seem as if every novel I read lately is particularly important in illuminating the history behind current political viewpoints The Wages of Sin certainly fits that bill With its discussion of women, particularly poor women and their lack of choices when it comes to earning money, it covers women s rights or l [...]

    11. 3.75 starsHistorical crime mystery with a touch of m f romance The first 3 4s was compelling, but I didn t enjoy the resolution Apparently, this is the first of a series.

    12. OK, OK, I get it Victorian women were repressed no matter which class they were from Men were mostly misogynistic bastards who wanted women for sex or breeding, and woe betide any woman who tried to climb out of the pit of ignorance This book veers between earnest musings on how women were repressed forever and hysterical drama I didn t much care for any of the characters, even my beloved Edinburgh seemed like a hell hole And the whodunnit in the end was so tremendously implausible that it actua [...]

    13. It is 1892 Sarah is a social pariah, sent away from her home in London to her family in Edinburgh, where she has joined the first class of female medical students Supplementing her official training with hands on work, she meets Lucy, and feels a strange connection with her, and this will change her life.The social and professional interactions between the genders including women women and students lecturers were well handled, and all the women themselves varied from the extreme to the moderate, [...]

    14. Wages of Sin follows the trials and tribulations of Sarah Gilchrist, an English medical student at the University of Edinburgh Kaite Welsh sets her scene with verve and passion, establishing the Auld Reekie atmosphere of Victorian Edinburgh with its dark and dingy closes, Cowgate squalor and apparent moral turpitude, contrasting the whorehouses and tenements of the Old Town with the refined life of the New Town It s a setting rich with possibility for a historical crime drama and she fills it w [...]

    15. I would like to thank Netgalley and Headline for a review copy of The Wages of Sin, a historical novel set in 1892, Edinburgh.Sarah Gilchrist has offended Victorian propriety and is ostracised by her family but they have allowed her heart s desire to be one of the first women to study medicine at Edinburgh University As a woman of dubious moral values she is encouraged by the aunt and uncle she is staying with to undertake Christian volunteer work which she does at a local hospital for the poor [...]

    16. This was a quick read, full of nice historical flair, and also was utterly enraging It seems as though most of what I ve read this year has, whether it was published this year or not, gained some added resonance This, a book about women and a woman trying to rebel in small ways against a society in which every possible choice is constricted, in which the whole of the thing is built to keep her quiet and still, well You know.

    17. This one s good Female lead training to be a doctor in the late 19th century and ends up trying to solve a murder Can we have a sequel please

    18. As I work in Edinburgh, it was really fun to read this novel and imagine what Sarah s streets were like, and how they differ to the ones I walk.This was a fascinating insight into the plight of female medical students, and the cast of characters was very well done I raced through the story in no time at all, and I can t wait to see what happens next Gripping read.

    19. I liked it, but there were times I became disinterested in it The problem for me was not enough mystery The case of the dead prostitute was overshadowed by the drama with fellow student, Julia, and constant subtle referencing to the heroine s own sordid past I d rather her past have been revealed asap than have a guessing game the entire novel So the prostitute and murder became pale next to all this and the ending came out of nowhere It was a WTF ending And while I love surprise, I also don t w [...]

    20. The wages of Sin tells the tale of Sarah Gilchrist, a society outcast as a result of an unwanted suitor Banished from London to Scotland to her Aunt Emily s.Sarah s purpose in Scotland is not solely familial, she has been accepted onto the first female medical course at the University as she follows her dreams of becoming a Doctor.She also volunteers at a charitable institution, keen to be seen to be doing something to help the local community away from her studies.The women on Sarah s course al [...]

    21. The best part about this book is its historical atmosphere and research It definitely takes you right into the world, and with great accuracy I saw in another review, someone commented on assumed historical inaccuracies, saying Bloomers had their heyday in the early 1850s and their resurgence several decades later doesn t count as being recently pioneered The first female medical students to take classes at the University of Edinburgh began in 1869 so why is the class of 1892 causing such an upr [...]

    22. First of all, a huge thank you to Tinder Press for approving my request on NetGalley to read this extraordinary novel in exchange for an honest review I saw Wages of Sin initially on Twitter and it ticked all the boxes for me as a reader It s a work of historical fiction tick , set in Edinburgh tick in the Victorian era tick that involves a strong female lead character tick dealing with a mysterious murder tick With so much going for it, there is always the anticipation that it might not be as g [...]

    23. Review originally posted on The Bibliophile Chronicles I loved this book from start to finish Sarah Gilchrist is such a fascinating character Forced to leave London in disgrace, Sarah is part of the first group of female medical students at Edinburgh University She s determined to become a doctor and help those in need However those around her are not so thrilled at the idea of having female doctors, and there are those in her family who would much prefer she let the idea of doctoring go and get [...]

    24. This is not a nice book We follow Sarah Gilchrist, who is studying medicine at the University of Edinburgh, having barely convinced her family that it was better to have a daughter studying medicine than to have a daughter permanently locked up in some upper class sanatorium , and then she ends up investigating the death of a prostitute from the slums The details we are gradually given about Sarah s backstory, the trap of her life even now, as well as her interactions with her fellow students an [...]

    25. I applaud this author for the research she obviously employed to write this piece of historical fiction, set in 1892 I appreciated the focus on the hardships faced when women tried to break into the male dominated medical school in Edinburgh, as well as the realistic horrors of poverty and unwanted pregnancies And at times there was exquisite use of language here I am not at all opposed to fiction that moves slowly, that is not full of constant action, when that slower pace is used to add layer [...]

    26. It s 1892 and Sarah Gilchrist is one of the first women to study medicine at Edinburgh University She s doubly scandalous because she was raped and this makes her a fallen woman When a body brought in for dissection is that of a young prostitute whom she treated in a nearby pauper hospital, Sarah begins investigating the circumstances of her death This leads her into all sorts of trouble that a young society lady should never get close to This was brilliant, so well written, but infuriating for [...]

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