Reckless Nights in Rome #2020

Reckless Nights in Rome C.C. MacKenzie Reckless Nights in Rome This is an alternate cover edition for B W ZEK A queen of romance USA Today Bestselling author CC MACKENZIE brings you the book that began it all a burnin hot story to set your ereader on fire No

  • Title: Reckless Nights in Rome
  • Author: C.C. MacKenzie
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 349
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Reckless Nights in Rome C.C. MacKenzie This is an alternate cover edition for B007W7ZEK0 A queen of romance, USA Today Bestselling author CC MACKENZIE, brings you the book that began it all a burnin hot story to set your ereader on fire No cliffhanger Hang on to your hats, ladies, we re going to Rome Meet Bronte Ludlow, the free spirited and smart mouthed pastry chef on a bold mission to save her belovedThis is an alternate cover edition for B007W7ZEK0 A queen of romance, USA Today Bestselling author CC MACKENZIE, brings you the book that began it all a burnin hot story to set your ereader on fire No cliffhanger Hang on to your hats, ladies, we re going to Rome Meet Bronte Ludlow, the free spirited and smart mouthed pastry chef on a bold mission to save her beloved family home Now meet Nico Ferranti, the gorgeous Italian hotel mogul determined to buy it out from under her They have nothing in common He s a street kid made good She s an aristocrat And when they meet, they have even less The one thing they DO have is chemistry An unquestionable, rip off my panties and take me now chemistry He wants her house and home She wants him GONE And so the story is set for an explosive romance Reckless Nights in Rome is the number one book in the Ludlow Hall Series of nine books, currently, with to come Each book is a standalone story.
    Reckless Nights in Rome C.C. MacKenzie

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    1. 11 1 I seem to be cursed to read only eBooks with editing problems, ranging from mediocre to glaring Reckless Nights in Rome is currently hovering around the mediocre area.Page 7 Built in the seventeenth century for a trade Baron, Ludlow Hall baron should only be capitalised when it s followed by the name of a baron, it s not necessary when you re talking about non specific barons.Page 8 It had taken time, but he d managed to sweet talk Alexander to carry out a spot inspection Sweet talk doesn t [...]

    2. Hi guys The Trouble With Coco Monroe has just gone live on today Trouble Monroe How exciting is this This book s been nominated for The Reader s Choice Indie Romance Convention 2013 If you d like to vote Here s the link indieromanceconventionspoRECKLESS NIGHTS IN ROME IS FREE ON iTUNES 291 4.7 REVIEWS SMASHWORDS, KOBO AND NOOKING SOON Book four of The Ludlow Hall Series, THE TROUBLE WITH COCO MONROE ccmackenzie the trouble wi.Coco Monroe is the apple of her wealthy father s eye But it s a love [...]

    3. This book is one fun, addictive, romantic read I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to forget about reality for a while, and get hooked by a delightfully complex heroine and dazzlingly exotic hero The plot moves right along with a couple big unexpected twists but not so fast that readers don t get to savor the budding relationship and romance Major adult content here I just couldn t put this one down The setting provided for additional enjoyment, also Looking forward to reading by CC MacKe [...]

    4. I found this to be an enjoyable, passionate read.The author s use of dual viewpoints means you can really get to know both Nico and Bronte and see the story from both angles I m always a fan of Latin heroes with dark, smouldering looks and machismo and I liked Bronte too There s something very appealing about an entrepreneurial baker The characters first meeting had me smiling not ideal to meet the man of your dreams while hanging out of a toilet window , and from that point on I found that I wa [...]

    5. This is a great debut novel I ve become a bit jaded when it comes to romances they all seem to follow the same formula But this was the book of the month for a discussion group I belong to, so I read it and was pleasantly surprised.This book stands out from other romances for several reasons One is the realistic character development The main characters have areas of their lives where they are quite confident, and others where they are not so secure Even the secondary characters are well develop [...]

    6. Nico sure can get my panties wet, he wasn t in the mood for this You were not spanked enough as a child, were you He can be so sweet when he wants to be, please, do not worry I should have made it clear the letter was an invitation and not another offer But I could not resist bringing the spark to your eyes You are quite beautiful when you are angry Bronte the girl sure knows how to make Nico speechless, are you any good at giving a woman a screaming orgasm He inhaled coffee and choked He s also [...]

    7. Nico is so hot I think my Nook left singe marks on my lap where it rested while I was reading this book Good thing e readers come with ubiquitous covers so the other mommy s at the gymnastics lessons couldn t tell the reason I was squirming in my seat and biting my hand was because I was on fire I loved how three dimensional the characters were in this story and the way that it grabbed you and dragged you kicking and screaming or in this case, hot, sweaty, and screaming through the entire book I [...]

    8. This UK based author is a professional in finance, fitness, interior design, construction and of course writer of romance filled with passion.Storyline Nico Ferranti, a business tycoon who has an empire of businesses in hospitality industry across Europe, acquires Ludlow Hall, a prime property belonging to the Ludlow family He partners with Alexander, a Ludlow family member wherein he comes across Bronte Ludlow, sister of Alexander Nico, a cut throat businessman, who grew from dust, aims at acqu [...]

    9. Reckless Night in Rome is book one in the Ludlow Hall series by CC Mackenzie It is an easy to read romance that does keep your interest I liked the book quite a bit Now to read the others Bronte Ludlow was regretting her blind date with Anthony He was getting drunk and being a jerk He had brought her to the restaurant now in Ludlow Hall, her family home, and she did not want to make a scene especially with her brother, Alexander, being the manager They were at odds already Alexander was her olde [...]

    10. I love this book Reckless Nights In Rome is book 1 in the Ludlow series It has romance, humor, a touch of suspense, a bit of action, some drama and HOT passionate chemistry I love Bronte s spunk Who better to handle a certain alpha male by the name of Nico, right This book kept me well entertained from start to finish Highly recommended

    11. This was the first one of your books I read and it won t be the last I loved it Nico sounds like just about the sexiest Italian man you would ever want to meet and Bronte was a spitfire I loved the story and will recommend to friends It really was a good read

    12. BrilliantIt had me laughing and crying A good book I really enjoyed it Definitely for the adult reader Well written

    13. Lots of action and drama with really good main and secondary characters Rosie, Bronte s best friend is one of those good, fun secondary people There are several stories going on inside the main one, which is good without being confusing Bronte literally HATES the ground that Nico walks on and she hadn t even met him yet But she has encountered some of his ideas that she is vehemently against It has to do with how it impacts her family heritage It doesn t help that her brother Alexander praises h [...]

    14. Could have been a 5 stars but hated the heroineThis author is all black and white with heroines No grey area It s so annoying It s either they re very sweet or very furious So after a nice sweet loving moment, the heroine decides to misinterpret the simplest thing and starts glaring, screaming, hissing and slapping all in one GOPLETELY RUINING the moment This was constant up till about the last 20% of the book.This is the third book I ve read by this author and the heroine s have been the same T [...]

    15. This was a free kindle download that I liked than I thought I would It is a contemporary romance between a worldly Italian man Nico love that name and a not as worldly English woman Bronte who has had some tragedy in her life recently Nico wants to buy Bronte s home and she does not want to sell it, but she is definitely interested in giving him something, if you know what I mean There are 2 3 racy love scenes and quite a bit of romance Romances like this are not really my favorite genre, but I [...]

    16. Had my attention from start to finish the story line was grate was well worth missing sleep over.Yes I choose my rating because not often u get a good romance book to keep your entertain where u must read it until the end I love it so my five stars review was given

    17. Love at 1st sightThese two characters will make you laugh and cry They both say they don t want a commitment or love but who are they kidding Can they find happiness and love together

    18. Bronte must find a way to keep her home and her business but when a man wants to take it from her what will she do

    19. I have to start by saying that I m not totally sure whether I liked this story or not I can say that I wasn t a fan of the robotic talking all the characters seemed to do I couldn t really stand Bronte s character She has no issue wearing the thin material, let it all out, dress but then has boob issues Why does that not seem likely Or the fact that it takes her so long to realize believe that Nico likes cares about her I think Bronte just annoyed me too much Questions Comments If Bronte s dress [...]

    20. What is there not to LOVE about a Hot Italian Man Ok I admit it, I have a thing for Italian s The Men, The Food, The Language Etc Seriously, what woman wouldn t love to have a man speak italian to her while making love And this is one Hot story Nico has struggled most of his life and has made a name for himself He has purchased Ludlow Hall, but he is focused on The Dower House and he always wins Standing in his way is Bronte, and she is not willing to sell at any cost She has been hurt in the pa [...]

    21. I have been having very good luck with some new authors lately C.C.MacKenzie s Reckless Nights in Rome is the first book I have read by this author This is an intense love story about Nico and Bronte Though the name of her celebration and wedding cake business is up in lights, Bronte Ludlow doesn t care for the trappings of success All that matters to her is her company, her independence and her heritage, The Dower House Home to her ancestors since the seventeenth century, no way will she part w [...]

    22. 3.5 out of 5 starsI liked this book, but since Rome was mentioned in the title, I really wanted of the book to be set there I liked the characters Rosie was my fave , and I thought the story picked up once it moved to Rome While I thought the scenes in England gave a good sense of place, I was disappointed in some of the Rome sequence because I didn t quite feel like I was there There were some good scenes during that part that redeemed it though More attention to setting would have made this b [...]

    23. If there s one thing that MacKenzie s great at, is the creation of tension between two characters Whatever faulty plotlines may arise, or any issues with unnecessary parts, the tension between the characters is always believable and there s a lot of fun to be had while reading about it Such is the case for Bronte and Nico I had to warm up to her a bit, I didn t like her much And at times I couldn t understand Nico s behavior it felt a bit forced But it was a good read, and again, whatever faults [...]

    24. This was an enjoyable, quick read I know it is good when I get so caught up in the story that I can t put it down The characters were very easy to like There was a good storyline and plenty of romance I liked the relationship between Bronte and Nico They had an immediate attraction They gave each other what they were needing in a relationship, sex and no commitment Somewhere into their short affair their feelings changed and they both secretly wanted forever with each other Add in some interesti [...]

    25. Hot blooded Italian meets cool British lady and indignation mounts as sparks fly Reckless Nights in Rome is mostly set in England but does take you on a trip to Rome.Bronte Ludlow is still grieving for the parents she lost in a car crash She cannot believe that her brother sold their ancestral home to a hotel chain And plans to cling on to her Dower House at all costs She bakes wedding cakes for a living but has sworn off love and marriage after a bad break up Nico is visiting Ludlow Hall for a [...]

    26. I m not a big romance reader, but I wanted to read one of get an better idea of the genre and the expectations I was impressed There s a continual, plausible disruption to Nico and Bronte s relationship and Rosie is a great source of comedy The ending was a twist I wasn t expecting It was getting down to the last part of the book and I was wondering how things were going to get tied up neatly, but they do The book s a good overall package, part quest, part life story, and played out between two [...]

    27. Pretty good read, I must say I thought it was going to be dull but it had a little bit of action, it was towards the end, but you get the sense that something is going to happen throughout the book Little things here and there I would have liked the author to expand a little on Nico s relationship with his family At first I didn t really identify with Bronte s character, I felt she was to insecure and because of those insecurities she acted like a immature, confused teenager She proved herself [...]

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