Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead #2020

Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead Livia J. Washburn Frankly My Dear I m Dead Delilah Dickinson who runs a literary travel agency in Atlanta finds her new business getting some bad press when an overnight stay at a plantation modeled after Tara from Gone with the Wind results

  • Title: Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead
  • Author: Livia J. Washburn
  • ISBN: 9780758225665
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead Livia J. Washburn Delilah Dickinson, who runs a literary travel agency in Atlanta, finds her new business getting some bad press when an overnight stay at a plantation modeled after Tara from Gone with the Wind results in murder when the actor playing the role of Rhett Butler turns up dead.
    Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead Livia J. Washburn

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      486 Livia J. Washburn
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    1. Summary Delilah Dickinson has set up a tour agency where people can come and explore the Atlanta of Gone with the Wind At a recreation of Tara, the actor playing Rhett Butler is killed Consequently everyone on the tour and all of the other actors are suspects unless Delilah can figure it out.Why I Read I really liked the title and I m still somewhat obsessed with mysteries so I requested it from the library.My Thoughts To start with, I did not figure out the murderer although I did figure out th [...]

    2. The books in this series are a fun, fast read They center around a lady, Delilah, who has started a literary travel agency She sets up tours to places of Southern writers This was Washburn s first in the series, and the setting is Atlanta and the plantation that has been remodeled to look like Tara from the movie Gone With the Wind The second, Huckleberry Finished was to Mark Twain s hometown.Perhaps these books have of an appeal for me because I taught American Literature for so long I do find [...]

    3. Quick, easy reading and likeable characters Good summer reading would also make a good Sunday night mystery movie Even though Delilah is described as having red hair, I really picture Delta Burke of Designing Women in this role Will read the rest of the series because I like the literary travel tours concept, but I don t think I will take the time to read any of the author s other works.

    4. I enjoy this cozy, I m not crazy for it, but the Gone With the Wind theme drew me in I will continue on with the series This was a very light read and is great for a quick weekend book.

    5. This is a fun read A murder mystery cast among the cast of Gone With The Wind at a plantation in Georgia.A new tour agent, Delilah Dickenson is running literary tours Her very first venture, since her divorce, is a three day tour of Margaret Mitchell home and life through the use of museums, restaurants, and the great ending, a tour, dinner, and ball at Tara, a cotton plantation that has actual actors reliving life in the famous novel.Delilah is a Southern woman and is thrilled that she can hire [...]

    6. Delilah Dickinson has started her own business after going through a nasty divorce A literary travel agency, she books her first tour The group heads to a plantation that is modeled after Tara from Gone With the Wind Unfortunately they all get than they bargained for when the actor who plays Rhett Butler is found dead with a knife in his chest and the 1 suspect is Delilah s son in law, Luke.I m not sure what it is about this author, but she creates some of the most unlikable main characters At [...]

    7. Have you ever been on vacation and taken a historic tour only to have it become the tour from Hell That is what happened to this group of literary tourists on Delilah Dickinson s Gone With the Wind literary tour in Livia J Washburn s new series set in Atlanta I like the idea of a literary tour cozy mystery series and I enjoyed the first in the series Washburn reminds me a little of Joan Ross of the Maggedy series fame I liked Delilah and her teenage nieces, son in law and daughter and the cast o [...]

    8. This was an interesting book because of all the Gone with the Wind trivia Delilah decides to start her own literary tour agency in Atlanta, GA The first tour is the Gone with the Wind tour Everything is going great until they visit the old plantation modeled after Tara During the evening event the guy playing Rhett is found dead out in the garden and no clue as to who killed him Also, everyone s cell phones are stolen along with other personal items When Delilah, her son in law and her nieces ar [...]

    9. There are things that should just never be said in a mystery novel I knew I should go tell the lieutenant, but I didn t Wait You know better and yet you still ran into the house with the manic killer wearing a hockey mask while wearing nothing but your really thin nightgown No That doesn t happen in this book, but really, a lot of Jason s victims in Friday the Thirteenth are just that stupid.Sometimes So is Delilah But, as she ll tell you repeatedly, she is stubborn Another book I wanted to like [...]

    10. Frankly My Dear, I m Dead by Livia J Washburn is the first book in the Delilah Dickinson Literary Tour Mystery series During the inaugural tour based on the life of Margaret Mitchell and her main novel, Gone With the Wind, the actor playing Rhett Butler is found stabbed to death The book was quite interesting to read with a lot of information about Margaret Mitchell imparted throughout The characters were likable and I enjoyed learning about Margaret Mitchell s south I liked the way the novel Go [...]

    11. This particular cozy mystery was not one of my favorites, however it did improve towards the end of the book I would also say that it is not as cozy as some others I have read Livia J Washburn is a good writer, I just felt that it needed details about the characters and the crime descriptions could have been a little less graphic By the cover of this book I expected it to be humorous than than it was I am however going to read the second book in this series as the premise is one that I thought [...]

    12. Delilah is hoping her literary tours succeed as a divorced woman employing her daughter and new son in law Luke, she needs the money But two of the men on her first Gone with the Wind tour seem determined to make trouble, and then the actor playing Clark Gable as Rhett Butler is stabbed as the group visits an historic plantation There are many people who disliked the womanizing actor, but the police seem ready to suspect Luke, so Delilah decides that she will have to investigate herself Charming [...]

    13. What a fun series I really enjoyed this first book and will definitely continue with the series Delilah is a delight and a really fun person to read about The idea of her southern literary tours is awesome and I would definitely sign up for one What a unique and interested plot where view spoiler someone gets murdered during her tour It s interesting that it was just happen stance that the tour group was there for it I definitely did not suspect the college students of murder and was surprised b [...]

    14. Meh The story had potential, but the writing was very poor This author might do better in third person, but as it stands, she mostly just told us about things There was no evocative descriptions, no real connection with the characters and it was very repetitive The mystery was so so, and to be honest, it felt in some ways like the main character and her son in law were taken right off the TV show REBA The saving grace was theY one with the Wind tie in It s great for fans of both the movie and th [...]

    15. Look at the cute title Look at the crazy cover This obviously it not serious literature It was what it presents itself to be an easy, light read I m not usually a cozy mystery reader, so this was a nice change The literary twist on the story was nice When it appeared that the mystery was solved, I didn t believe it for a minute the solution was too easy Therefore, the twist wasn t exactly shocking, but it was well thought out The book lived up to its expectations It s good for summer.

    16. This is a fun premise but it felt like it bogged down with the main characters thought processes as the night wore on Maybe that was a good writing technique to show how it took a little longer for things to click since she was tired but her brain wouldn t stop I am still opposed to the heroine going off by herself to apprehend the villians and nearly being injured or killed especially when she knows it is a dumb idea It s like they forget how smart they are to have figured out what happened.

    17. I would have gave this book 5 stars if it wasn t for some of the characters that I wasn t necessarily fond of But this book was actually very good I read it in two days I wasn t very fond of the twins but other than that the book was perfect I will definitely read the next ones in the series and I think other people should too If you like cozy mysteries and you like old literature this is perfect.

    18. Great concept, but fell a little flat for me Too much repetition back to the room, need to talk to Farraday, run into Will, Riley or Farraday, back to room and start all over again Did stump me until the end, which was a good thing and was why I wanted to finish it in the first place I did almost stop reading it, but another thing that keep pulling me back were the references to the movie Gone with the Wind Three stars at best

    19. I chose this book because I am a Gone with the Wind fanatic I liked the idea of each book being based on another literary classic It was a light, fun read Not too challenging It take a few fun and unexpected turns and I didn t figure out the end right away A good beach read or for when you want a book you and set down for awhile and pick it back up easily I do plan to try at least one in this series.

    20. First in the Literary Tour mystery series Delilah Dickerson is just starting a new tour business and the very first tour theme is Gone With The Wind , which happens to be one of my favorite books I picked this book because of the title It is a quick read and just a fun book.if you like murder and mystery Of course Delilah helps solve the murder I will try to find the other books in the series.Library Book

    21. A cute story with very little to it Worth the.25 spent on it at the library.Story begins with a divorcee who starts up her own literary travel business in Atlanta, GA The first tour is a Gone with the Wind travel experience at an antebellum mansion and a bunch of crazy actors Well wouldn t you know it, Rhett or at least the actor playing Rhett turns up dead in the garden and lots of folks seem to have a motive to do him in.

    22. Delilah certainly has plenty to keep her busy suddenly a murder victim is thrown into the mix.Recently divorced, a fledgling tour business, and twin nieces to watch over for the summer Delilah has her hands full and suddenly they are all caught up in a murder investigation, can they solve the case before the tour ends

    23. I thought this was a fun little cozy, especially for a Gone with the Wind fan not that you have to be one to read it I don t know that I loved it enough to read the rest of the series, since the other authors locations don t really interest me, but I might I liked Delilah and her family, so it s a possibility Fun, quick read

    24. Kudos to any author who can introduce a new series, a new protagonist, give relevant information, full character descriptions, a great premise, a believable ending, all in less than 150 pages I m so looking forward to reading the next book in this series

    25. This was a fun book to read and a must if you are a Gone with the Wind fan It is a fun premise of travel tours based around the book and I look forward to other books used for tours.

    26. I liked the characters in this book and think it has potential as a series The pace of this novel may be a little slow for some readers, but Delilah moves steadily toward discovering a solution to the murder.

    27. This book was okay The plot wasn t all that complicated and the sleuthing only took up the last third of the book I love the main character s voice, but I don t think it was given enough justice An interesting theme, but the book was just a bit too simple for my taste.

    28. First in the Delilah Dickinson s literary travel agency books She takes her group to where Gone with the Wind was written and someone is killed It s nice because you get a little taste of history as well as Gone with the Wind.

    29. My Rating System couldn t finish, wouldn t recommend, would recommend, would read again, have read again.I enjoyed the characters, and their world and hope I get the chance to read the story again and or to read within the series.

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