Pirate King #2020

Pirate King Jonathan Clements Pirate King This is the fantastic true story of the infamous pirate Coxinga who became king of Taiwan and was made a god twice

  • Title: Pirate King
  • Author: Jonathan Clements
  • ISBN: 9780750932691
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pirate King Jonathan Clements This is the fantastic true story of the infamous pirate Coxinga who became king of Taiwan and was made a god twice
    Pirate King Jonathan Clements

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      438 Jonathan Clements
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    One thought on “Pirate King”

    1. Koxinga, or Zheng Chenggong, is one of the strangest of lost cause champions born in Japan to a Chinese merchant and Japanese noblewoman, he was raised in China and excelled at Confucian scholarship enough to be promoted through the exam system to the position of a regional official However, when the Ming were over run and replaced by the Manchu, Koxinga remained loyal and fell back to the island of Taiwan, where he defeated and ejected the Dutch East India Company and then used the island as a [...]

    2. 3.5 really, rounded up.Everyone s favorite half Chinese half Japanese pirate loyalist s only that I know of biography in english Probably due to a scarcity in sources, about half of this book is really about the politics of the late Ming, the early Qing, and the bumbling and inept Dutch Empire vis a vis East Asia trade networks.

    3. Many books refer to Coxinga as one of the greatest pirates in history This is one of the best books available about him It culls the factual Coxinga from the fictional by using Chinese and European sources.

    4. I ve read it ages ago but was reshelving books and came across this and remembered how much I enjoyed reading about an era and personalit ies I was previously not familiar with A bit slim I tend to favor door stoppers when it comes to history , but still a worthwhole read.

    5. As someone who was born in Taiwan Koxinga s life and story is well ingrained into the very fabric of Taiwan s history For me having been brought up in Australia and not knowing much beyond the fact that he was a pirate and was half Japanese and half Chinese, I found insight into his life than my parents had ever told me Though perhaps not as thorough as I would normally like for a biography, it still offers a good insight into the history of Taiwan under Dutch occupation and the political clima [...]

    6. It s not often that you find a non fiction book about a half Japanese, half Chinese pirate overlord cum God engaged in a desperate, doomed struggle to save his nation from a ruthless force of foreign invaders Ming Dynsaty loyalist and pirate king Coxinga Zheng Chenggong is one of those improbably awesome characters that get mentioned as an aside in some history textbook or lecture, and never investigated further, much to the student s frustration This is a competently written journalistic book a [...]

    7. Very interesting book It shows how precarious the Manchus hold onto China in the years immediately preceding their conquest was The titular character certainly squandered his opportunity to retake Nanjing and possibly all of China for the Ming Unfortunately, possibly due to the paucity of available material, it is a very thin book.

    8. Jonathan Clements weaves a fascinating account of the rise and fall of the Zheng clan This is several histories in one that of a Chinese family, the rise and fall of empires, the colonization of Taiwan, the rise of Western colonialism, missionaries in China, and the economic history of the Pacific Rimreandsword 2007

    9. Decent introduction to the Ming loyalist pirate, though the author can read neither the Chinese or Japanese source materials, and has the irritating habit of translating reign names.

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