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Magical Probi T.S. Paul Magical Probi Probitionary FBI Agent Agatha Black has just finished three grueling years at the FBI Academy at Quantico She mastered every skill and task they laid before her She now begins an Internship of sorts w

  • Title: Magical Probi
  • Author: T.S. Paul
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 369
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Magical Probi T.S. Paul Probitionary FBI Agent Agatha Black has just finished three grueling years at the FBI Academy at Quantico She mastered every skill and task they laid before her She now begins an Internship of sorts working for the Magical Crimes Division Assassination, Murder, and Betrayal await her How will she do in the real world Will her Magick be enough to save her
    Magical Probi T.S. Paul

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      369 T.S. Paul
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    One thought on “Magical Probi”

    1. Ratings are based on this being unarguably just a fun action series full of stereotypes and tropes and having no pretense of being anything but The author and have it with Teen and Young Adult although doesn t reflect that yet.Enjoyable read, the first book was a tad better for me although I will continue with this series.

    2. 2.5 Stars Unfortunately, this author, while very inventive and repeatedly creating promising story concepts and fictional worlds, has a tendency to devolve into overly elaborate and intricate world wide conspiracies and political cabals His characters, especially his antagonists and side characters are typically flat, oftentimes incompetent and uniformly marked by grotesque arrogance Despite his somewhat stronger initial novels, T.S Paul s stories inevitably slide into unreadable wish fulfillmen [...]

    3. Good bookGreat sequel to the federal witch book, a little short for my taste but still quite good I would recommend it to those who read the other books.

    4. Nice Urban Sorcery Paranormal Law Enforcement StoryT S Paul s second book in this series is actually much better than the first and it was very good Our protagonist is a Witch, the first witch working for the FBI Paul has created a parallel United States, where magical beings came out of the shadows long ago Many of the magical beings now live on reservations worse conditions than even the Native Americans Our hero, Agatha, is a probationary FBI agent after finishing the training at Quantico As [...]

    5. This was disappointing on many levels I m a fan of the genre, so I m willing to forgive some things for a fun story Unfortunately this isn t a coherent story, but three so so stories connected by a thin frame The dialogue is too full of exclamations and sentences twisted by irritating structure The book is filled with unnecessary and boring details, and, I m positive, every scrap of research done for the project I m taking a pass on from this writer This was disappointing on so many levels I m [...]

    6. So disappointingSo much potential and so much fail Not only does this author need an editor, she also needs a proofreader So many mistakes could be avoided She could flesh out her characters better and delve deeper into the overall story The storyline is intriguing Apparently the heroine is a Mary Sue she can do no wrong and she s basically untouchable While she s late teens early twenties, she s still immature and has no real growth as a character Sure, her cases are resolved, but it s of an O [...]

    7. Second in the SeriesThe first book is a great intro and this one takes place at the 4th year mark It is a succession of cases, which was a nice addition to the unique story line The characters are realistic, intelligent, and interesting There is a subplot that will be interesting to see developed I gave it four stars only because it needs some minor editing The character s last name has a few changes in the first few chapters and is confusing Blackthorn Black there are also missing or added word [...]

    8. Awesome adventures of witch FBI prob I and Fergus, of course.Hahaha graduates from Quantico and is a part of Magic Criminal Investigation Unit as a prob I She travels along helping solve magical crimes with her usual flair We meet interesting characters beside the characters from previous book Fergus the micro unicorn is developing personality and magic in his own right.Again highly recommended Can t wait for the next book in this series Thank you for this hilarious, fascinating, and charming [...]

    9. I m enjoying this seriesThe stories in this series so far, I m only on book two , are well written, with a good combination of investigative procedure, paranormal characters interesting mysteries.There is an interesting thread running through the series that promises some interesting revelations about the main character in the future I m looking forward to reading the rest of the series to find out what it will be.

    10. Great PremiseI am looking forward to the next installment I enjoyed the series a lot so far, it just keeps getting better I read it in one sitting and found myself smiling or laughing out loud through a lot of the book Fergus deserves pizza again, and I am really curious as to what will happen with the Jackalopes Great characters and creatures Thank you T S Paul for a great New series to follow.

    11. Enjoyed tremendouslyThe book, and so far the series, is a fun read.I do have an issue with punctuation But I am a Grammar Nazi If the commas are incorrectly used, it can slow the read, as sometimes it s difficult to understand the true meaning of a sentence or paragraph.Otherwise, a truly fun alternative history, blending the Paranormal and Mundane worlds.

    12. Too many errorsI read the first two books in the series The stories are great,but the author appears to have no concept about phrasing and the use of commas It seems to me that he either does not have a copy editor, or that person is not very good at the job That, coupled with the other errors, will keep me from reading his other books.

    13. I really like the characters and the creative world building The plot is fun and the future looks bright for this series There are annoying things about the story that I am choosing to overlook like everyone shooting for no reason.The writing needs help, though I would suggest an editor and an 8th grade English teacher.

    14. Great readI love this series The characters are great and I love reading about Agathas experiences and growth I wish Fergus had been in this book a bit but I still loved it.

    15. Great charactersI really enjoyed Agatha Black as a realistic character who happens to be witch The story was engaging, like brief mystery episodes I will continue with the series.

    16. Real life adventureI rates this book 5 stars because it had just enough of normal life intertwined with fantasy It came across as very believable I think anyone into urban fantasy will enjoy the series Got to go buy the their book now.

    17. In this second book Agatha is a probationary agent working with a non magical FBI agent who investigate magic related problems This book felt a little too episodic and doesn t get into the issue of distrust of witches as much as the first book.

    18. A must readI was enthralled the entire book.I wasn t sure if I would like it but decided to try it.Well worth the time.Am anxious to read in this series.Take a FBI school, mix in Magical beings, you have a wondrous ride through their world.

    19. WowooowThis book dug a deeper note than the last, but was no less well written Mirroring some of our own history it touched a chord of ancestors, and made me sad in one way, but glad people are opening their eyes

    20. EditingThis story was better than the 1st, however the author needs a better editor I am able to give it one star than I did the first book, but poor editing will prevent a better rating.

    21. Must readA great kick off for the after college events Really enjoyed Agatha and Jack There is not much interaction with her pack but am looking forward.

    22. Great MysteryI enjoyed this book so much The characters are wonderful and the story keeps you on the edge of your seat to the end It has lots of magic and mystery.

    23. Still goodThis book was an interesting mismatch of current events and supernatural You get Abbie by herself with a new partner I like the lead in to the next book

    24. Even better than the first Moves well, engaging, with gradual reveals of various backstory elements.Recommended.

    25. WitchesHave just read 1 2 both are really good I would encourage anyone who like paranormal read them Young readers and older both will enjoy

    26. Engaging heroineThe storyline and special effects were great Love Fergus One big problem for me was all of the grammatical errors, especially your s Not a word.

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