Along the Tracks #2020

Along the Tracks Tamar Bergman Michael Swirsky Along the Tracks Based on the true story of a Polish boy separated from his mother during the German invasion of Poland in World War II and left completely alone for four years

  • Title: Along the Tracks
  • Author: Tamar Bergman Michael Swirsky
  • ISBN: 9780395553282
  • Page: 355
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Along the Tracks Tamar Bergman Michael Swirsky Based on the true story of a Polish boy, separated from his mother during the German invasion of Poland in World War II, and left completely alone for four years.
    Along the Tracks Tamar Bergman Michael Swirsky

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      355 Tamar Bergman Michael Swirsky
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    One thought on “Along the Tracks”

    1. Some Jewish people saw the writing on the wall and were able to get out of Nazi occupied Europe before World War II began, or at least before the Nazis occupied their particular part of Europe Certainly they suffered, as all refugees do they had to flee their homes, often on short notice, often with almost nothing but the clothes on their backs, and start all over again in a strange land, and most of them were never able to return home Most times those people are still referred to as Holocaust s [...]

    2. Anne Zemba Adventure Along the Tracks is a fascinating story about Yankele and his Jewish family In order to escape the Germans in World War II, they are forced to leave their Polish homeland They decide to seek safety in Russia His parents have a hard decision to make They realize what their fate will most likely be if they stay They have to move quickly Yankele s adventure begins when he finds a pocket knife that belongs to a German soldier He knows he has to hide it, but is still fascinated w [...]

    3. WOW A far different story of how an entire family escaped from Lodz, Poland, went to Russia,seperated and not only survived the War but were reunited.Interesting twists and turns of fate and life told from the viewpoint of an Eight 8 year old in a strange Country and how he survives the World War two in throughout the Soviet Union.Great look at Cultures and an Inside look at Stalin Russia during the Great Patriotic War.

    4. Yankele has a loving family but it all splinters when the Germans begin exterminating Jews His family runs, but he is separated, and we learn his tale of loneliness, despair and desparation as he at first struggles to find his Mama he is only 8 years old then struggles just to survive.This is a true story, but was written for children, so it leaves out a lot of the true horror and nastiness of the German war machine, but it is still bad enough Recommended reading for anyone who has never liked h [...]

    5. It s crazy the state of the world at the time of this true story and how much we can learn about the horrid conditions and circumstances faced by people during WWII It s an amazingly heart warming story of survival and one that, as an example for our own young children who live lives of extreme comfort, is good for them to know exists It can imbue appreciation and wonder.

    6. As a history buff this was a very entertaining book that put a different spin on World War II Probably the strongest part of book was how much it focused on how much family meant to the main character Ideally I don t really like books that feature the same thing over again Each family member was described down to every little detail It made me think about my family and how lucky I am.

    7. This book was fairly good It takes place during World War II from the prospective of a young Polish boy named Yankele After he gets lost from the rest of his family, Yankele must survive on his own I wouldn t say this is the best book i have read, but i think it was interesting to see what the life of orphans on the street was like.

    8. This was a really touching book It talked about a boy in Russia and what abandonned kids did I ve read a lot of books about the holocaust, but I never really read one about Russia I think it was kind of forgotten I also realized of what polish jews did It s an inspiring story.

    9. Though nothing too special, this book was still a reasonably enjoyable read Fans of historical fiction will definitely enjoy it.

    10. Maybe a little less It is a young adult novel, and is written for very young adults, but the story is interesting.

    11. An amazing true story of a boy s survival amid the pogrom during WWII a stunning account of the will we have to live amid all obstacles.

    12. It was a very interesting book, but slightly confusing at times It was set in Poland and the U.S.S.R and was based around their culture It s a great book and an easy read.

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