Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich #2020

Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich Norman Ohler Blitzed Drugs in the Third Reich A fast paced narrative that discovers a surprising perspective on World War II Nazi Germany s all consuming reliance on drugs The Nazi regime preached an ideology of physical mental and moral purity

  • Title: Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich
  • Author: Norman Ohler
  • ISBN: 9781504799195
  • Page: 300
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich Norman Ohler A fast paced narrative that discovers a surprising perspective on World War II Nazi Germany s all consuming reliance on drugs.The Nazi regime preached an ideology of physical, mental, and moral purity But as Norman Ohler reveals in this gripping new history, the Third Reich was saturated with drugs On the eve of World War II, Germany was a pharmaceutical powerhouse, andA fast paced narrative that discovers a surprising perspective on World War II Nazi Germany s all consuming reliance on drugs.The Nazi regime preached an ideology of physical, mental, and moral purity But as Norman Ohler reveals in this gripping new history, the Third Reich was saturated with drugs On the eve of World War II, Germany was a pharmaceutical powerhouse, and companies such as Merck and Bayer cooked up cocaine, opiates, and, most of all, methamphetamines, to be consumed by everyone from factory workers to housewives to millions of German soldiers In fact, troops regularly took rations of a form of crystal meth the elevated energy and feelings of invincibility associated with the high even help to explain certain German military victories Drugs seeped all the way up to the Nazi high command and, especially, to Hitler himself Over the course of the war, Hitler became increasingly dependent on injections of a cocktail of drugs including a form of heroin administered by his personal doctor While drugs alone cannot explain the Nazis toxic racial theories or the events of World War II, Ohler s investigation makes an overwhelming case that, if drugs are not taken into account, our understanding of the Third Reich is fundamentally incomplete Carefully researched and rivetingly readable, Blitzed throws surprising light on a history that, until now, has remained in the shadows.
    Blitzed: Drugs in the Third Reich Norman Ohler

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    1. Hitler was a meth head Seriously A genuine meth head.Not content with merely being a genocidal maniac, a rubbish tactician and the twentieth century s biggest asshole, the Fuhrer was also a methamphetamine and oxycodone addict, getting both drugs and sundry other dodgy chemicals regularly mainlined into his track marked arms by his personal doctor sycophant Theodor Morell.This addiction, and Nazi Germany s generalized abuse of powerful uppers and downers particularly uppers is the focus of Ohler [...]

    2. Hitler and the Third Reich From Teetotaller to JunkieWhat are the images we have of the German army from WWII Manic Blitzkrieg attacks rolling over neighboring countries For while the whole world thought they were a superior fighting force, as Hitler claimed The element was surprise shock and awe and a kind of audacity And what images do we have of the war time Hitler Ranting, raging, increasingly out of control, a dictator and a despot, possibly insanely evil But how is it these two sets of ima [...]

    3. Nowhere were the 1920s roaring than in Berlin cocaine and morphine were available over the counter and cheaper than alcohol, and everyone was escaping reality, particularly since life in the Weimar Republic, with its mass unemployment and hyperinflation, was such a nightmare Then these drugs started to be outlawed for obvious reasons physical mental health damage, addiction, death, etc and the Nazis came to power in 1933, supposedly ushering in an era of abstinence and sobriety, mirroring their [...]

    4. In this fascinating account of drug use in the Third Reich, author Norman Ohler takes us on a journey through the history of Germany and explains how, and why, it became a centre of pharmaceutical research Although the National Socialist Party presented themselves as clean cut, and Hitler praised abstinence, it is clear that much of the Nazi hierarchy including Hitler himself were very reliant on drugs and, indeed, that their use was widespread both in the armed forces and in civilian life Betwe [...]

    5. Sensational history with two premises first, that Adolf Hitler was addicted to the cocktail of drugs prescribed to him by his Doktor Feelgood, Theodor Morell This includes cocaine, oxycodone brand name Eukodal , and methamphetamines Pervitin Ohler posits that Hitler s addictions and withdrawal had military consequences Hitler s increasingly irrational decision making, for one It s an intriguing idea, but it seems as though Ohler is willing to explain almost everything, from Dunkirk to the Crimea [...]

    6. Guardian articleOpening Methamphetamine, the Volkesdroge 1933 1938 National Socialism was toxic, in the truest sense of the word It gave the world a chemical legacy that still affects us today a poison that refuses to disappear.How dirty one feels at the end of certain books, would love to be able to scrub my brain clean with a hard brush This is a very good rendition of the chemical factories, and how Hitler s rants were drug fueled affairs Blitzed is worth a read but it weighs in at slightly a [...]

    7. With thousands upon thousands of books written about Nazi Germany and its Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, one wonders if there is a relevant area of research that has not been mined thoroughly The appearance of Norman Ohler s BLITZED DRUGS IN THE THIRD REICH provides an affirmative answer A regime that prided itself on its anti drug mantra was led by a man usually pumped full of drugs by his personal physician Dr Theodor Morell The premise of Ohler s work, first published in Germany in 2015, is that the N [...]

    8. Tot ln rau je p esn kniha, podle kter bych se cht l u it d jepis O druh sv tov u toho bylo naps no tolik, e by se to neve lo ani na t i obrovsk n kla ky, ale i p esto p ch z Norman Ohler v roce 2015 s objevn m t matem, kter dosud nebylo v decky dopodrobna rozebr no n ckov drogy.D le it fakt je, e se nejedn o fikci, ale o literaturu faktu Fakt Teda prej, ale j mu to v im Ohler popisuje svoj investigativn pr ci v archivech v N mecku a Americe, kde se brodil tis cema dopis , z pisk a v pov d , aby [...]

    9. Entertaining book filled with interesting premises Ohler s account of Hitler and his drug use is quite fascinating, and seems solid I didn t realize Hitler s addiction reached such levels, and given that it wouldn t be surprising if a variety of his health issues cropped up due to rampant drug use It gets tenuous as the book explores drug use further and further away from the inner power circle The documentation of use in the Wehrmacht is intriguing I just wonder how systematic and widespread t [...]

    10. World history told through a pharmalogical lens Ohler s extraordinary history of drugs in the Third Reich starts with a survey of Germany in the inter war period, tracing both the civilian and military usage of the newest pharmacological advancement Pervitin, aka crystal meth In a convenient capsule form, this chemical compound was advertised to help with every possible mental and physical ailment there s even an advert for meth infused chocolates for your sweetie This incredible chapter opens t [...]

    11. So many cites and refs and substantiated research It was a tour de force Revealing and important Read it Read every page Including the index.Roll names like Eukadol, Pervitin and Merck around in your mouths Wince as I did, at the gazillion mainlines and IM injections in the der Fuhrer s arms and behind Learn about the manufacture and use of narcotics that Germany sold to the world Understand the difference between an opioid and an opiate Raw materials close at hand than the Golden Triangle or t [...]

    12. Trochu bulv rn a kontroverzn t ma se vlastn postar o ve ker marketing, ale je toho v c, co stoj za zm nku Jist , v N mecku se v t dob lupaly pilule pervitinu ve velk m, ale m sto honby za senzac budete nakonec p em let srovn vat s dne kem d vat se na druhou sv tovou z jin ho hlu pohledu Skv l t te celou recenzi bit recenze totalni raus

    13. Jau tikrai seniai skai iau koki istorin knyg Ne tod l, kad nem gstu, o tiesiog nedaug toki knyg turiu O ir tikrai nedaug t man labai patinkan i knyg yra Geriausios iki iol skaitytos Svetlanos Aleksijevi ernobylio malda , Cinko berniukai bei Karo veidas nemoteri kas Tai n ra tos knygos berian ios datas ir faktus Tai gyvenim istorija publicistika, iki negal jimo skaud s ir atviri pokalbiai su mon mis patyrusiais karo prievart ir baisumus Kiekvien i i knyg skai iau net netaupydama a ar , o jomis la [...]

    14. This was a surprisingly fun read well, as fun as any book about Nazis and Hitler can be Ohler manages to break a lot of new ground in a well worn subject, and his argument is clear and convincing the blitzkrieg that so stunned Poland and France in 1939 40 was not the result of any fiendish Hitlerian plan, but the product of large amounts of meth Ohler also delves deeply into Hitler s medical records to document his increasing reliance on opioids, cocaine and eventually meth, and how the constant [...]

    15. review copyI admit that when I selected this book I had the expectation that it might be salacious and merely a fun, crazy read The first chapter left me unconvinced as to whether this research was to be taken seriously or not As I continued though I have to say that I gained confidence in the author s academic rigor.There are pages of notes at the end but that in itself isn t enough What convinced me was the depth of the archive diving that the author had done, and the way he pieced the informa [...]

    16. This is mostly a story about drugs used in the Third Reich mostly stimulants the most notorious of which is methamphetamine Also, a lot on Hitler s use of stimulants and his mental deterioration as the war went on and Nazi fortunes took a downward turn Drugs issues might have interested me at a different stage of life and the Nazis are a warning from history but despite clean living image they wanted to present they were depraved in drug use as well as ideology and cruelty.

    17. this book highlights and examines the relationship of drugs in nazi Germany between the myth and reality Where the leader went from a teetotaller to a junkie with animal hormone injection with opiates and the army high on crystal meths which goes against which the general wisdom was about the German fighting machine.

    18. The book is all hype and a fraud Financial Times rightly said The book overstates its case Ohler has a habit of pushing things too far, eschewing nuance for headlines He proclaims Pervitin the favourite drug of Germans as much of a fixture as a cup of coffee , when it was only briefly available over the counter He proclaims Germany a land of drugs , when hard drugs were endemic elsewhere, too The amphetamine Benzedrine, for example, which barely features in his German centric account, was popula [...]

    19. Read it and thought was okay with some flaws so a 3 then I saw Richard Evans has issues with facts in book so knocked it down to a 2theguardian books 201Ohler s previous publications have been novels, and in the German edition of this book he points out that writing history is never just science, it s also always fiction So he employs a skewed perspective to recast our previous understanding of the F hrer s behaviour This involves massive exaggeration based on spurious interpretations of the evi [...]

    20. This was just showcasing the hypocrisy of the Third Reich even so it s interesting for historical information and personal curiosity I would recommend it for those who are interested in the Third Reich Hilter s personal life I don t see the drugs as any form of excuse for Hitler s behavior.

    21. En lugar del opio del pueblo y entre otras, la metanfetamina del pueblo la Volkesdroge G nero Ensayo.Lo que nos cuenta Con el subt tulo Las drogas en el III Reich, aproximaci n a las drogas en la Rep blica de Weimar y en la Alemania nazi pero con especial protagonismo de la metanfetamina, de su uso t ctico por parte de la Wehrmacht durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial y adem s, de forma concreta y como un hilo conductor de la obra, de la destacable politoxicoman a de Adolf Hitler y sus consecuencia [...]

    22. Norman Ohler has written a gripping summary of drug use in Nazi Germany In spite of the Hitler regime s obliteration of the free for all drug scene of the Weimar Republic, methampetamine was positioned as a beneficial cure all Meth is the drug that enabled factory workers to enjoy soulless munitions manufacture it gave the Nazis the capacity to prosecute blitzkrieg against Western Europe tank crews enjoyed panzerschokolade , chocolate laced with crystal methamphetamine and submarine crews used t [...]

    23. I am familiar with the narrative of World War II as I learned it in school Reading it through the lens of drug addiction by the Nazis added a whole new fascinating twist to the story Events are illuminated in a spectacular way when prefaced with the fact that Wehrmacht officers and troops were shooting up heroin or consuming crystal meth prior to and during combat Norman Ohler presents a psychopathography or psychological profile of Adolf Hitler and several figures surrounding him, through the l [...]

    24. 4 stars In short, in 1942 Hitler started getting regular injections of methamphetamine and became a full blown junkie But don t blame his actions on shooting up meth after all, that didn t turn JFK into mad man And it didn t Hitler, either Too many times drugs are blamed, when in fact if you ll do a little digging, you ll usually find their mind was jacked long before they touched any dope Such is the record with Hitler Though I m sure they didn t help All in all, BLITZED is an easy, extremely i [...]

    25. Generally I don t read reviews of books before the books themselves, in a vague attempt to form independent opinions There are definitely times when a review is necessary as a warning, though Don t tackle A Little Life without being at least partly spoiled so as to cushion the emotional trauma, for example In this case, however, I d read two very different reviews in the Guardian one positive and one negative I came across the latter having already reserved the book, then I decided to read it de [...]

    26. Very, very good fascinating and detailed, well written and translated The dry humor interspersed throughout the narrative is especially notable as enhancing, rather than diminishing, the narrative.

    27. This isn t a bad read,the reason I didn t rate it higher is that it isn t anything particularly new concerning Hitlers drug consumption.Dr Morrell, Hitlers personal doctor kept copious notes and these have long been available to researchers who have wrote books on the fragile health of Hitler and is increasing reliance on drugs to keep him going.One part I did take issue with is the author suggests the German Army only managed their early victories due to copious amounts of metamphetamine.I am n [...]

    28. This was a very fascinating and at times entertaining look at the drug usage in Germany and its military during WW2 It is a neglected part of history that needed to be told and I was absolutely amazed at the amount of drugs that Hitler used during the war and explains a lot of his irrational behavior and his crazy outburst of anger that he had with his subordinates I would recommend this to anyone who likes to read about WW2 German history.

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