Say What? #2020

Say What? Margaret Peterson Haddix James Bernardin Say What Wait what did you say Sukie is worried her parents are acting strange When she runs in the house her dad asks If all your friends jumped off a bridge would you jump off a bridge too When she eats

  • Title: Say What?
  • Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix James Bernardin
  • ISBN: 9780689862564
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Say What? Margaret Peterson Haddix James Bernardin Wait, what did you say Sukie is worried her parents are acting strange When she runs in the house, her dad asks, If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge too When she eats peas with her fingers, Mom yells, You ll put an eye out with that thing What is going on She and her older brothers decide to investigate And what they discover leaWait, what did you say Sukie is worried her parents are acting strange When she runs in the house, her dad asks, If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump off a bridge too When she eats peas with her fingers, Mom yells, You ll put an eye out with that thing What is going on She and her older brothers decide to investigate And what they discover leads to a kids against parents war
    Say What? Margaret Peterson Haddix James Bernardin

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      343 Margaret Peterson Haddix James Bernardin
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    One thought on “Say What?”

    1. Sukie was the first to notice her parents were not behaving normally When she s sneaking the glitter into her room, her dad doesn t scold her he asks if everyone jumped off a bridge, would she go to It takes some clever sleuthing and a few kid meetings for her brothers and her to come to the conclusion that their parents are trying to trick them into being good The three of them decide to wage war with their own strange behaviorThis is a cute story that is helpful in explaining why parents do th [...]

    2. I have read several books by Margaret Peterson Haddix, but this by far is my least favorite I liked the idea for the story, but it jumped points of view so much that I had a hard time keeping track of what was going on.

    3. Cute story I m reading it with a small group of kiddos They are really into the story and it s fun to listen to them guess and predict what will happen next

    4. This realistic fiction chapter book by Margaret Peterson Haddix introduces six year old Sukie, seven year old Reed, and nine year old Brian, three kids whose parents seem to have suddenly lost their minds Usually, when the kids do something wrong, they can predict the warning they will receive from their parents, but lately, Mom and Dad have been giving the wrong warnings for the wrong offenses When Sukie kicks Brian, Mom says, Waste not, want not and for running in the house, she gets asked, If [...]

    5. What is going on in the Robinson household Every time the kids do something wrong the responses they get are completely different from their actions What s going on with her mom and dad An example when Sukie is running through the house with glitter and falls and it goes everywhere her dad says, If all your friends were jumping off a bridge, would you Make any sense Sukie talks to her brother what they think about their parents weird behavior and they both come to the same conclusion, they have [...]

    6. Margaret Peterson Haddix is a favorite of mine, and this was the first time I had read a lower level elementary series book she had written In this lighthearted story, three siblings try to figure out why their parents are saying the wrong things at the wrong time to correct their children s behavior For instance, when Sukie spilled glitter all over the living room rug, her Dad said, Don t pick your nose That s gross Sukie, who is only five years old, decides to hold a meeting with her two broth [...]

    7. Sukie begins to notice that her parents are acting funny They begin saying random things to the children when they do something wrong like when Sukie spills glitter and they say, Sukie do not pick your nose That is a bad habit The kids have many meetings to try and figure out just what is wrong with their parents It s not until Sukie finds an article telling parents to do this to help their children behave The children begin to catch on and pretty soon the whole house is speaking gibberish I lo [...]

    8. Say What is a great, short chapter book I loved the simple black and white illustrations throughout the book although there were very few, showing the readers what the characters look like so the reader can actually imagine the characters throughout the book The family is very close, showing the importance of humor and in a sense working together as the children did to find out why their parents were acting so crazy It reminded me of something my parents would do when I was younger thank goodnes [...]

    9. At first it seems like a normal day Sukie is running through the living room with glitter tubes in her hand even though her mom and dad had told her at least 10 billion times not to Suddenly Sukie s dad rounds the corner Oh no, thinks Sukie I m busted Sukie waits for the inevitable No running in the house lecture, but instead her dad says If all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you jump off too Sukie is so shocked by this strange response, she spills the glitter all over the living room c [...]

    10. This 740 Lexile book is a cute and quick read It is about Suki, Brian, and Reed Robinson whose parents have started to act very strange Whenever the kids do anything wrong, their parents say something completely unexpected For example, when Suki spills glitter all over the floor, her dad tells her, Don t pick your nose That s a gross habit The kids try to figure out what is going on, and are surprised by what they find I bought a copy for my son for Mrs Haddix to autograph when she visited our s [...]

    11. The book I read was called Say What There were five main characters which are Mom and Dad the two boys Brian and Reed and the youngest of them all little Sukie Out of all five characters my favorite is little Sukie Sukie is my favorite character because she you the youngest and you probably think since she is the youngest she gets everything and whatever she wants all the time, but guess what your wrong Since this book was so good I would like to read other books by this author too.

    12. Everyone who has ever been a kid in a family KNOWS the Parent sayings that go with t he actions, from don t chew with your open to If Joey jumped off the cliff, whould you jump off the cliff So what happens when those sayings get reshuffled This is afun anedfunny story of what some kids did when they found their parents sayings where all shuffled around, and how it made them feel The read was Good, and pleasant, with a Parenting idea that got off the ground and went running in a direction they d [...]

    13. When Sukie, Brian, and Reed s parents decide to say the wrong phrase at an inopportune time, they start to worry Were their parents taken away and replaced by robots Just when things have gotten totally out of control, Reed solves the mystery A magazine article suggests that parents should give kids a wrong command in hopes that they will shape up and be cooperativeuff like Mom saying, waste not, want not when Sukie kicks her brother Now, the kids get in on the act and the whole house is talkin [...]

    14. Suki and her two brothers notice that their parents say strange things to them when they misbehave What has gotten into them The kids discover that their parents are using a new parenting technique and they decide to use this same technique with their parents This leads to some interesting conversations I think that this book would appeal to younger readers who are just starting to read chapter books.

    15. Funny chapter book for kids in grades 2 4 The Robinson kids are than puzzled when their parents begin to give the wrong correction for every mistake the kids make When they drop food, mom says, What do you think this is A barn Close the door When the kids fight, Dad tells them to eat their vegetables Finally the kids figure out what is going on and how to get back at their parents

    16. Very funny book and I loved the whole idea of the experiment that the parents pull on the kids This is a good book to transition students from picture to chapter books It would also make a good read aloud for students and it could help teach them why having rules is important I would also keep this book in the classroom library for students.

    17. Sukie and her brothers don t know what to think when their parents begin to ignore the siblings misbehavior and instead spout parentisms like Eat your vegetables instead After the kids discover it is a parenting technique meant to confuse them into better behavior, Sukie and her brothers decide to turn the tables Not my favorite Haddix but an interesting premise.

    18. I wanted to check out this little book written by the author of the Shadow Children series I found it in the intermediate readers section of the library Since the premise was a war between the kids and the parents, I needed to know.Actually, it was pretty cute It would be a good discussion for middle aged kids 6 12ish about parenting and rules and obedience.

    19. This book is humorous and would be great for children just starting in chapter books It is about parents trying a new tactic on how to get their children to behave but it backfires I m sure that the children will be able to relate to it especially the parents always giving them the same orders.

    20. This book was for every young readers that are starting out reading chapter books It was a very cute book and pretty funny.It made you think about how kids act and if you truly understand why they act the way that they do It was a easy read and kept me wanting to read I wanted to know why the parents were acting the way that they were.

    21. Was looking for a simple read aloud for 1st 2nd graders Liked it Kids parents all of sudden say wrong comment to their bad behavior confusion and then realization and good behavior results in a funny quick read.

    22. Funny book,easy read for elementary students It could be used if discussing conflicts Sukie and her brothers are noticing odd things changing in their house with their parents discipline policy, so they are having a family conflict.

    23. So clever and funny for an early chapter book I d do this as a read aloud, but I know kids at this reading level would find the mixed up parents and kids hilarious Find out what happens when Mom and Dad take discipline advice from a parenting magazine.

    24. the say what book is awesome e parents used tricky ways to try and get the kids to clean up around the house but it failed, because of someone its a funny easy book to read have fun reading

    25. This Book is really good its about three kids and their parents are acting all weird cause they want their kids to be good so they followed what a parenting book sayse kids even thought the parents were robots or aliens cause they were acting so weird To find out read the book Say What

    26. This was a fun book Haddix really knows how children relate to one another in a family The characters were interesting and funny.

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