The Orpheum Miracle #2020

The Orpheum Miracle Pat Henshaw The Orpheum Miracle Christmas joy is a matter of perspective For some it s the happiest time of the year For others not so much Twenty nine year old Mick the son of crack addicts isn t exactly a dyed in the wool Scro

  • Title: The Orpheum Miracle
  • Author: Pat Henshaw
  • ISBN: 9781635331660
  • Page: 391
  • Format: ebook
  • The Orpheum Miracle Pat Henshaw Christmas joy is a matter of perspective For some, it s the happiest time of the year For others, not so much.Twenty nine year old Mick, the son of crack addicts, isn t exactly a dyed in the wool Scrooge Mick s been on his own from childhood As a teen, he lived in a shelter where for a short time he had a boyfriend After the boyfriend left, Mick moved to the Orpheum TChristmas joy is a matter of perspective For some, it s the happiest time of the year For others, not so much.Twenty nine year old Mick, the son of crack addicts, isn t exactly a dyed in the wool Scrooge Mick s been on his own from childhood As a teen, he lived in a shelter where for a short time he had a boyfriend After the boyfriend left, Mick moved to the Orpheum Theater While squatting there and taking care of the grand old building, Mick watched others celebrate the holidays from a distance, never able to share in their joy.Only his Technicolor dreams liven his dull, mechanical life until one day the world around him begins to change Mick is surprised when a man named Jim buys the vintage Orpheum and plans to restore it Something about Jim makes Mick think they ve met before In fact, Jim rekindles Mick s longing for a better life and a little holiday magic for himself.
    The Orpheum Miracle Pat Henshaw

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    One thought on “The Orpheum Miracle”

    1. This was lovely Very short but it packed a punch.The tone of The Orpheum Miracle is on the melancholy side In just a few pages we get the full story of Mick, who grew up in a shelter, and now, at twenty nine, he s squatting the Orpheum Theater Until the new owner arrives.Truth be told, I saw from a mile away who the mystery man was and I think you will too, but I didn t mind I liked Jim and I found his contradictory reactions to Mick pretty adorable My niggle is that the characters get together [...]

    2. Click in the Jizzmas picture to see the unicorns reviews of this week s releases from the Bah Humbug 2016 Advent Calendar stories 3 heartsThis one started out OK I was intrigued by Mick s character and liked his back story I was hoping for a nice Christmas miracle for him seeing as how he had a pretty shitty past That did happen, but it was so sudden and yet so expected that I really didn t feel it I liked each individual character, Mick had real substance and Jim was very cute how he floundered [...]

    3. Orpheum Miracle focuses on a special kind of Bah Humbug in this year s Advent Calendar the kind where there was just never any reason to celebrate Christmas in the first place My heart went out to Mick, who grew up without his drug addicted parents, spent his teenage years in a shelter, and has managed to survive by working and secretly living in the Orpheum theater He is now twenty eight and has never had a happy Christmas, or anyone to care for him except another boy at the shelter for a short [...]

    4. If you re looking for a little sweet, gentle holiday read, this is a good choice It s warm hearted and has the overall feel of taking a big bite out of a delicious holiday sugar cookie.Mick, the homeless jack of all trades employee and resident of the Orpheum Theater doesn t believe in Christmas cheer He hasn t had a lot of reason to But he s still a dreamer, and somehow he manages to keep his hope alive even with all he s been through I liked Mick very much as a narrator Right away, he had me h [...]

    5. Mick is a worker at the Orpheum Theater and also happens to live there, unbeknownst to the current management When the theater is sold and the new owner arrives, Mick is a little worried and a little attracted His parents were crack addicts and he s never had much, much less a Christmas, so he s really scared he s going to lose his place The new owner, Jim, is a kind, loyal man who wants the Orpheum to be restored to its former glory He takes Mick s ideas very seriously and treats the theater as [...]

    6. FOUR STAR REVIEW Judging a Book by it s Cover Each book in this bundle features the same general cover with a cute and fun digital illustration of a man in sleep gown and cap, but very modern underwear Very cute and catchy Looking Deeper First person POV Mick s perspective.To say Mick had a hard upbringing would be an understatement The product of an addict mother and absent father led him to living at a shelter until he tucked away into the Orpheum theater, a place he felt comfort and safety, a [...]

    7. Mick, of The Orpheum Miracle by Pat Henshaw, has been homeless most of his life He is fortunate enough to get a job at the old Orpheum theatre Since the Orpheum is the closest thing he has to a home, Mick tries his best to keep the place looking as well as he can It s getting near Christmas time and what should be a happy time, it isn t one for Mick who has no money and no family to have Christmas with As sad as this time of year is for him, he can still think back to a few good memories One inv [...]

    8. Author Pat Henshaw offers up a short holiday story full of whimsy and hope with the latest release, The Orpheum Miracle Focusing on a young man who has been dealt a rough life that included a childhood with a drug addicted mother, and then bouncing in and out of a local shelter, needless to say Mick doesn t believe in much and definitely not Christmas good will For him, it s an over inflated time of greed, and he d rather not get his hopes up when they have so regularly been trampled on and dism [...]

    9. This story was short but it packed a punch.Mick stole my heart right from the very beginning I have a little bit of a weakness for the underdog character that s doing everything he can to make his life better but just can t seem to get ahead of the curve He was genuine and hard working despite being placed in many situations that could have shaped him to react differently He remained honest and true to himself in times when it was extremely difficult to do so Mick was a strong, well rounded char [...]

    10. 4.5 Hearts Boy oh boy was this one good It had me at go and tugged at my hopeless romantic heart I fell hard for Mick as we learn about his awful childhood, his time in shelters and learning about his love for The Orpheum Theater It was heartbreaking but oh so relatable as he told us about his mind movies at night and his version of romance was so very much me Sigh I loved learning about his friend Randy and how much they meant to one another and how it just tore Mick apart when Randy disappeare [...]

    11. Originally reviewed for Love Bytes Reviews Rated 4.5 out of 5.0 Love Bytes I really liked this one It tugged at the heartstrings in places Especially one section You forgot that not everyone was a child of kindness and wealth You forgot that Christmas is just a season of too much buying and too little love You forgot that some of us aren t worthy of love You forgot that a child s wonder doesn t get to happen to every child, just select ones Don t those lines just make you put it in perspective T [...]

    12. Original review on Molly LollyFour stars his was a sweet holiday short I liked Mick and his boss together It was obvious at first who he was But the reveal was still sweet and nice to read I liked getting to see Mick transforming from someone that dislikes the season to someone that loves it That slow melting of his opinion is wonderful There was just enough story here you could get a sense of Mick and get invested in his happy ending Mick and his guy are wonderful together and you can tell they [...]

    13. A sweet story about a homeless guy who lives in an old movie theatre and is also sort of the caretaker Someone buys the theatre and wants to restore it and offers him the job of manager The new owner looks familiar Years ago when a teen he had a boyfriend who disappeared There were conflicting stories from him being murdered to getting adopted by someone rich Seems the latter was true and he came back looking for Mick I liked that Mick didn t hold grudges against the world or the circumstances t [...]

    14. Light at the end of the tunnelThis short story is lovely Mick was raised by a druggie mother till he was saved by a shelter where he met his first love before he disappeared.He now works and lives in the theatre he s worked at since he was a teen.He meets the new owner and there s a connection he can t explain, this is such a lovely story I love the other guy Jim so endearing and sweet.If you want a quick seasonal read I d thoroughly suggest this.

    15. Short, narrative style story delivering Scrooge Mick, fairy godfather Jim, christmas trees and a happy ending just like the films they want to show.No surprise who Jim is when he turns up just takes Mick a while to catch on.

    16. This is a sweet story of things being lost and of life being hard But Mick is working his way out and up When he realizes who Jim is life suddenly looks much brighter.

    17. This was a Christmas miracle story that I could believe It s honest and down to earth The beginning was quite heart wrenching, but Mick s life did get better to the point of HEA.

    18. Mick doesn t really get into the holiday season The children of drug addicts, Mick was abused before apparently running away and finding refuge in a shelter His only good memories of his childhood are the times that he spent with Randy, another kid in the shelter, who disappeared without word long ago Now, over ten years later, Mick is working for minimum wage in the Orpheum Theater and secretly sleeping in the building at night When yet another new owner, Jim, takes over, Mick expects of the s [...]

    19. Very sweet but I really wish it was longer, there were issues there that definitely needed exploring, and skipping the intimacy like that is taking away from a story that s supposed to show us how the protagonists reconnect I didn t need graphic descriptions, but I needed to see how they react to each other now.

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