Down Home Cowboy #2020

Down Home Cowboy Maisey Yates Down Home Cowboy This Texas cowboy has come home to Copper Ridge to put down roots but will he risk his heart again Asked where he d be at this point in life Cain Donnelly would have said anywhere but Copper Ridge O

  • Title: Down Home Cowboy
  • Author: Maisey Yates
  • ISBN: 9780373801992
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Down Home Cowboy Maisey Yates This Texas cowboy has come home to Copper Ridge to put down roots but will he risk his heart again Asked where he d be at this point in life, Cain Donnelly would have said anywhere but Copper Ridge, Oregon, living with his estranged brothers But since his wife abandoned them, both he and his daughter, Violet, are in need of a fresh start, so he s back to claim his share oThis Texas cowboy has come home to Copper Ridge to put down roots but will he risk his heart again Asked where he d be at this point in life, Cain Donnelly would have said anywhere but Copper Ridge, Oregon, living with his estranged brothers But since his wife abandoned them, both he and his daughter, Violet, are in need of a fresh start, so he s back to claim his share of the family ranch Local baker Alison Davis is a delicious temptation, but she s also his daughter s mentor and new boss That makes her off limits until she offers a no strings deal that no red blooded cowboy could resist Alison has worked tirelessly to rebuild her life, and she won t jeopardize her hard won independence Especially if it also complicates Cain s relationship with Violet But with Cain offering a love she never thought was possible, Alison has to find the courage to let her past go or watch her future ride away for good.
    Down Home Cowboy Maisey Yates

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    1. I enjoy the Copper Ridger series, but this slight spin off series of the Donnelly brothers is hitting all my buttons Cain Donnelly is one hot cowboy He wears a Stetson, he has a beard, he wears tight black t shirts He knows how to charm the ladies by tipping his hat His wife abandoned him and his daughter and for the past four years he has been a single dad He hasn t even had sex Oh Cain He moved back to Copper Ridge to help his brothers run their family ranch And honestly because his sixteen ye [...]

    2. 3 5 flames on the flame meterI was coming off the heels of reading two serious toned books and needed a diversion Maisey Yates series is the perfect escape for when you need to shift reading gears.Cain Donnelly needed a fresh start his wife left him and his daughter to never return After four years of waiting for her he relocated from his home in Texas to Oregon much to the displeasure of his daughter, Violet leaving their ghost behind Alison Davis is a young divorcee who left an abusive marriag [...]

    3. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup live release day amzn 2pFvPneDown Home Cowboy all kinds of delicious fun A growly frazzled cowboy trying to raise a 16 year old and a bakery owner trying to reclaim her life Both very much set against ever falling in love again but rocking an intense need to see each other nekkid Mmhm Yall, these two were quite the mess of sexual tension, frustration, and a fear of anything romance Whew They d been pretty fucked over by life her with an abusive marriage, hi [...]

    4. snoopydoosbookreviews revi3 This is the 8th book in the Copper Ridge series but it can be easily read as a standalone I have not read any of the previous books and did not feel like I missed something Which is always good Most know, that I enjoy Cowboy books among Rockstar and Hockey books , when it comes to romance books, so it was really way to like this book This was the first book I read by Maisey Yates but I plan on reading of her books I liked the writing style it had a nice flow to it an [...]

    5. I have been enjoying this series from the beginning, so I m at the point where I don t even read who they re about I ve always liked Alison and I was excited to see that she got her own book She s a genuinely good person who needs a little good for herself Cain is stubborn and stoic and it s delightful to read him fall As always, the group of friends are fun Same for seeing Cain s brothers Plot wise, it was sort of what I expected a hefty portion of teenage drama with a side of adult drama They [...]

    6. Down Home Cowboy was an excellent romance with characters who learn to love again despite their heartbreaking pasts and I really enjoyed it Cain Donnelly never expected to return to Copper Ridge, but after his wife abandoned them, he and his daughter Violet are in need of a change So when Cain is attracted to his daughter s new boss, Alison Davis, he sets those feelings aside to focus on his relationship with Violet Alison has worked hard to rebuild her life after her disaster of a marriage and [...]

    7. Originally published at Reading RealityMaisey Yates Copper Ridge series has been a bit of a mixed bag for me I adored Last Chance Rebel, but let s just say that I did not feel much love for Slow Burn Cowboy On my other hand, my Guest Reviewer Amy clearly enjoyed Hold Me, Cowboy So we were two out of three coming into Down Home Cowboy.And we have another winner.Neither Cain Donnelly nor Alison Davis are looking for a relationship But they are both looking for sex Four years is a long dry spell fo [...]

    8. His kiss was like oxygen As if she had been drowning for years and this was her first sip of salvation It woke her up.I ve read every book in Maisey Yates Copper Ridge series even the spin off titles , and there s a reason I keep coming back to this small coastal town aside from the sexy cowboys, that is Maisey Yates is a smart writer Her books have heart and humor two very important elements when it comes to romance and they also manage to delve into some pretty touchy subjects in a way that do [...]

    9. I have been following the people at the Copper Ridge since the beginning and enjoyed the visit there They have always been entertaining, steamy, and fun reads with charming characters finding their destinies I am at the point that when I see Copper Ridge I get excited Both Cain and Allison have appeared in previous stories, so I was super excited to see them finding their happily forever after with each other, those two really deserve it, if anyone I just didn t expect them to break my heart in [...]

    10. Never having it as a little boy, Cain Donnelly longed for family and stability After he got a girl pregnant at twenty two, he did the right thing and married her, but they weren t in love and it became and awkward over the years He still took it hard when she walked out on him and their daughter It s been four years, and Cain is tired of being alone, but that doesn t mean he s ready to find love again He s a little jaded and doesn t realize that he built a wall around his heart He s trying his [...]

    11. 2.5 This series is starting to get repetitive insta lust attraction, couple decides to engage in sex only relationship both halves of the couple fall in love, but only one is willing to admit it accept it rejection of a meaningful relationship a quick turn about and acceptance that the relationship is for the long haul This one features Cain Donnelly, a 38 year old man with a 16 year old daughter whose wife mother left them three years ago Cain falls in insta lust with Allison, the daughter s b [...]

    12. A wonderful installment of Maisey Yates Coopers Ridge series which I wanted to so desperately finish in one sitting Caine Donnelly has a fair bit on his good looking shoulders His family The Donnelly Brothers moving ranches from Texas to Oregon his 16 year old daughter Violet, as well Violet s boss, the first woman he s actually been attracted to in a looooooong time, Alison Davis.With the incredible skill of making me hooked before I knew it, I was in a world of love, laughter, pain, warmth and [...]

    13. It doesn t matter how many of the Copper Ridge books I read I enjoy every single one of them In Down Home Cowboy, we have Cain left by his wife, living in a new place with brothers he hardly knows, and trying to raise his teenager daughter who never seems to talk to him And then there s Alison also a divorcee, heroically employing women in her pie shop to empower them and move them into other jobs, make their lives better I love Alison When the two make an agreement to embark on a physical relat [...]

    14. Down Home Cowboy talks frankly about abuse and how the victim of abuse in a marriage leaves and recovers It also looks at another serious problem in our society today what happens when teens try to kill themselves For all that it looks at two serious problems it is not a depressing book All of that is wrapped up in a very nice love story between two people who do not trust and try to make the attraction they feel about just the physical Cain, his daughter Violet and Alison are really great chara [...]

    15. 4.5 starsThis is kind of a tricky review to write because I have so many thoughts about it that I don t even know where to begin First off ever since I learned about a year ago that Alison was getting a bookI was so excited and couldn t wait for her book to be released My anticipation for this book was huge I mean beyond huge So my expectations were a little high to say the least It was really going to be hard to meet my expectations and even surpassing them because I anticipated this for so lon [...]

    16. This is my first book by Maisey Yates and I am thrilled to say I ve found a new author Down Home Cowboy was fun, sweet and sexy without being cliche or cheesy I am fast reader I could have easily finished this in one sitting but I was enjoying the characters so much I found myself slowing down and really delving into the story rather than rushing to find where the plot would go The characters conflicts and relationships are layered and complex and the descriptions have just the right mix of expl [...]

    17. This wasn t her healing, no It was the evidence that she had already healed What a sweet story I really enjoyed both MCs here Cain, that hottie, yes stereotypical cowboy and the damaged and healing Alison I hadn t read any previous books in this series so I came in completely blind to either character s past I liked that actually It was a refreshing change to come at a character like Alison, a woman who escaped a brutal marriage, but had already progressed so far as to be firmly healed in her mi [...]

    18. Cain Donnelly has moved back to Copper Ridge with his daughter for a fresh start after his wife left them However, he s finding it very hard to get along with his daughter when she resents him for making the move away from her friends and everything familiar Determined to re connect with Violet, he asks her new boss, Alison Davis for help Will they together uncover what s going on with his daughter and hopefully have their own chance at a happy ending This is the first book I ve read by Ms Yates [...]

    19. A man and a woman lock eyes across a crowded bar room The electricity and attraction is immediate Man and woman waste time trying to ignore said attraction Man and woman give into said attraction but try to deny it s anything than physical while falling madly in love That s the skeleton of Down Home Cowboy and it s very familiar to readers of modern romance novels being the basis for probably 80% of them that aren t friends to lovers or enemies to lovers stories But what makes Down Home Cowboy [...]

    20. Disclaimer I received a complimentary copy of this book Two broken hearts find healing together.Cain has his hands full raising his teenage daughter and trying to convert an old barn into a suitable home for the two of them Having been abandoned by his wife, he isn t quick to rush back into another relationship But he can t deny the sexual side of him still craves the touch of a woman And Alison butters his biscuit like no other.Alison is a busy bee, herself Running a bakery and training all of [...]

    21. Maisey Yates delivers another hot sexy cowboy romance in Down Home Cowboy While it can easily be read as a standalone, Down Home Cowboy is part of Yates Copper Ridge Series, each of which features swoon worthy cowboys and the ladies they love I ve not had a chance to read them all yet, but I have read several, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed In Down Home Cowboy, we meet Cain Donnelly, one of the Donnelly brothers He and his daughter Violet have moved back to Copper Ridge from Texas, after [...]

    22. 4.5 starsIn romance novels, as in real life, sex scenes are so much better when they are also fun Maisey Yates never fails to give me fun I ve been sitting in many waiting rooms, as of late, being the primary caregiver of a sick relative More than once a laugh escaped my lips in an otherwise quiet room full of sick or worried people Sure I felt sheepish, but I also reveled in the levity that I really have been needing in my life right now.This story deals with some very serious issues Abuse, aba [...]

    23. Second in the Copper Ridge series, we get to know Cain Donnelly, who is getting to know his estranged brothers even as he tries to make a new home for his 16 year old daughter after her mother has left them both The divorce has made Cain bitter and angry, but he needs a fresh start, so he takes on renovating a barn into a home he and Violet can move into If only he can finish it.Local baker, Alison Davis, looks good when Cain sees her at a local bar, but he s not into women Not any, and she s de [...]

    24. I have been on pins and needles waiting for Allison s story She has held a piece of my heart for a very long time Since we first met her in Part time cowboy At that point I want to shoot her now ex husbands most personal parts off for being such an ass And from that moment on I felt the Allison deserved a very happily ever after I will say that I admire the fact that she tries to mentor woman who were in similar situations or just need a boost of confidence by hiring them on at her bakery I was [...]

    25. 4.5 starsDaring to accept a second chance at love Down Home Cowboy by Maisey Yates is an adult contemporary cowboy romance story that is part of the Copper Ridge Novel series This story beautifully combines the challenges of single parenting with the complications of fitting into an extended family that is based on dysfunctional relationships and adding in a new relationship that is fraught with its own baggage I cheered for the way the heroine has rebuilt her life and had no problem understandi [...]

    26. Maisey Yates has outdone herself with this tale of second chances We re familiar with the characters from previous books in the Copper Ridge series, and watching Cain Alison overcome their own issues to finally meet in the middle is giving us all the feels Single dad Cain Donnelly can t seem to get through to his snarky teenage daughter Violet He knows she s unhappy, but he thought this fresh start in Copper Ridge would be a positive move for them They both were drowning in memories of the wife [...]

    27. Both Alison and Cain are familiar to regular Copper Ridge readers but I don t think you d need to have read the whole series to dive into this book Alison was introduced as having been helped out of an abusive relationship by some of our previous H H in the series In subsequent books, we learned about her opening a bakery and reaching out to help other women in similar circumstances This time, she s helping out the daughter of one of the Donnelly brothers Violet s mother left her and Cain withou [...]

    28. Meme Chanell Book Corner Maisey Yates does it again I love this book Cain a single father to a 16 year old daughter Violet who knew he was this hot His teenage daughter is giving him hell but you are thinking if only they communicate they can work things out but I totally understand why his wife abandoned him and his daughter with no word at all to start over again Allison was abused in her last relationship and is now happy with running her own bakery and helping other women in situations like [...]

    29. I want to move to Copper Ridge Alison has been our friend for a few books now and every book she is a little stronger Her bakery is not only up and running but it is used as a springboard to change women s lives Now it is time to take control of her own life and come out of the shadows she cowered in for so long Cain finally gave up on his ranch back in Texas, and on the ex wife who left without a trace He moved back home, with his daughter, to find a new life Everything is changing Violet has a [...]

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